Get to know the Prism AIO sneaker bot

Meet the Prism AIO sneaker bot

The modern market offers users a huge variety of bots  designed to significantly simplify work with certain services, online stores, platforms, tools. They are used everywhere in various fields, as in practice they have repeatedly shown their high efficiency and ease of use. And now we’ll take a closer look at the AIO bot, with which you can create a selection of sneakers from different sites. We are talking about a solution like Prism AIO. This bot can be called “All in one”, since you no longer have to use different services in order to navigate the market offers and choose for yourself those sneakers that best suit your wishes.

Prism AIO works with a huge number of the world's leading sites specializing in the supply of sneakers and other footwear. Such a solution will be indispensable for those who sell this category of goods. That is, with its help you can purchase original branded shoes with maximum profit for the purpose of subsequent resale and making a good profit. Let us immediately make a reservation that this is far from the only solution presented on the market today in this segment. But if we talk about functionality, reliability, stability and ease of use, then there will be no analogues to Prism AIO. It can rightfully be called one of the most advertised, but at the same time effectively working solutions. It is suitable for absolutely any type of installation, and is characterized by increased simplicity and convenience, which will be appreciated not only by experienced users, but by those who are just starting their journey in resale of sneakers. Everyone can easily set it up and put it to work.

In this review, we will get to know what the Prism AIO sneaker bot is. Let's highlight its main functionality, advantages and disadvantages, and talk about the price. We will also tell you which proxy server options are suitable for working with this software product and tell you how to correctly perform all the necessary settings.

What is Prism AIO?

Prism AIO — one of the most popular bots on the market today from the “All in one” category. Users praised its reliability, functionality, stability and high performance. With its help, you can literally in a few seconds get a selection of exclusive sneakers presented in limited edition on literally several specialized sites. This means that it will help you gain access to exclusive solutions that are guaranteed to be in high demand among the consumer market. And if you can satisfy it, you will make a pretty good profit. Moreover, such solutions are constantly launched by manufacturers, which will ultimately allow you to organize an effective business, win the attention of the consumer audience and constantly retain it.

The Prism AIO bot has a simple and intuitive interface, professional support, and regular updates. Its high efficiency is indicated by the fact that it is in consistently high demand on the Shopify platform. There are no such indicators in any other service. And this is all taking into account the fact that in the modern market measures are constantly being strengthened to combat bots that connect to certain sites. It also provides compatibility with other automated shopping solutions, in particular YeezySupply, Foot Locker, Finish Line and a number of others.

Like other similar bots, Prism AIO faces one key task — send online requests to a large number of sites where sneakers and other related shoes are on sale, as well as create an instant selection of options to suit the user’s own requests. But this service can also automate the ordering process: it will be generated in a matter of seconds. This means that your competitors will be left behind and the desired items will end up in your package. Such functionality was achieved here through the use of various techniques, ranging from constant monitoring of specialized services to captcha processing, which allows you to automatically place an order for the necessary items even before they are visible to many other buyers.

The results that Prism AIO has already shown during its work on the market allow us to confidently say that this is one of the best sneaker bots that exists today. It is at the peak of its popularity and allows you to find those sneakers that are presented at the top of the most popular and advertised releases. So that you can finally be convinced that Prism AIO — This is one of the best solutions for providing instant access to a selection of top sneaker models. We invite you to learn more about the features and functionality of this sneaker bot.

Features and functionality of Prism AIO

Prism AIO — This is one of the most powerful bots on the market today. If you analyze the statistics presented on the official website of this company, you can see that today over 1 million top-end sneakers have already been sold with its help. And at the same time, if we take into account the number of users of the service, we get an average of 300 collections for each person. As you can see, the numbers are more than impressive. How did this sneaker bot manage to achieve such results? All this — thanks to a number of more than impressive features and functionality:

  • Regular and very frequent updates. In this segment, Prism AIO developers show truly impressive results. If we analyze the frequency of updates observed in this sneaker bot, we can identify cases when the team released 3 updates in one day. This is an indicator that the developers really work on their product and want to make it as efficient, reliable and user-friendly as possible. And this is one of the key secrets of success. This frequency of updates helps combat the strict measures that Shopify has put in place to combat bots. It was this factor that largely became the reason for its popularity among the user audience.
  • Support for leading services, in particular Shopify and Footsites. Prism AIO can rightfully be called one of the serious competitors of the same Shopify. It literally destroys this platform step by step, surpassing it in key parameters, including performance. Due to its versatility, it also supports Footsites and Supreme, although the efficiency here does not cause any “wow effect”, although the work is quite stable. Recently, developers have begun to pay attention to expanding the number of supported stores. More and more Footsites are appearing here every day.
  • Detailed user interface. Even people who are not familiar with such products will be able to use this sneaker bot. The main panel looks very presentable, original, but at the same time it is logically built and understandable on an intuitive level. All this greatly simplifies the perception and work with the service as a whole. Literally a few clicks — and you can customize the bot’s work for you. Everything here is done so that a person who is faced with such decisions for the first time does not experience any problems or difficulties.
  • The ability to evade anti-bot checks. In its work, Prism AIO imitates real human actions on sites dedicated to the sale of shoes, in particular sneakers. This means that the system sees all this work as natural as possible and it has no doubt that the actions are carried out by real people. Moreover, it provides the ability to bypass all kinds of anti-bot checks. That is, nothing will stop you from resisting various restrictions and purchasing the sneakers you want.
  • Availability of a release calendar. This is what will prevent you from missing out on the most desirable lots. There is a built-in release calendar, so you will always be aware of the release of a particular new product to the market. You set up the main tasks yourself, in particular, indicate those sites that interest you most and certain product items. Next, you will track their appearance on the market directly from the calendar, which is also located on the main page of the bot. This is something that will ultimately save you a few clicks, which in some cases can be decisive when buying sneakers. This function will be especially useful for those who plan to buy more than one pair of shoes, and from different sites.
  • The presence of a group and statistics collection. In this case, we are talking about the fact that the Prism AIO bot is able to group different parameters. So, you can create separate groups for different tasks, profiles, type of shoes, sneaker sizes and much more. There are very, very many options here and the majority of users claim that the developers of this service really “messed up” with it. over the group. And in order for you to perceive all this information as easily and effectively as possible, statistics are provided separately that will be collected for each of these groups. As a result, you will be able to perceive information literally on an intuitive level, quickly analyze and respond.
  • Availability of technical support service. Despite the fact that the Prism AIO sneaker bot has a very simple and logically designed interface, many users still have difficulties while working with it. And to solve problems that arise, a technical support service is provided. It is implemented through special dedicated Discord group channels. Responses are provided as quickly as possible. Moreover, there is an impressive collection of manuals that will help you get started with the service and conduct it as efficiently as possible. These manuals contain a large number of pictures that clearly demonstrate step-by-step actions and allow you to quickly find the source of the problem and fix it immediately.
  • Cross-platform. The Prism AIO sneaker bot can be used by the user of any device, regardless of whether it runs on the Windows operating system or macOS. At the same time, the bot’s high performance is maintained. That is, you are guaranteed full compatibility, instant and stable access.

As you can see, the features and functionality of this bot, which allows you to purchase sneakers even before they hit the market, are quite impressive. This means that this solution should be used by everyone who works with shoes and would like to offer their customers new items as quickly as possible and with minimal time and effort. But we would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that this product is paid. Moreover, purchasing it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

What about the cost of the Prism AIO sneaker bot?

Price — This is one of the rather important questions for every buyer, regardless of what categories of goods they plan to purchase. This is relevant in the case of our bot, especially considering the fact that the cost here is not particularly small. So, if we talk about the retail price, it is about $400. But at the same time, you will need to regularly renew the purchased package every 3 months, paying an additional $150 each time.

Alternatively, you can try to purchase it through specialized services, but here it depends on your luck, since such a solution appears quite rarely. That is, in principle, you can try to catch it, but no one will give you a guarantee that you will still be able to purchase it.

Another option for finding a bot to buy Prism AIO — This is the secondary market. There are quite a lot of people here who want to, let’s say, “share” something. with you with its service, but, of course, for a fee and here the average price is approximately $2000. But we want to draw your attention to the fact that the cost here is not fixed. It’s enough just to monitor the secondary market in order to catch the most suitable option for yourself in price. So, if you analyze the statistics on the secondary market over the past year, you can see that prices fluctuated very seriously. There was a rise to more than $6000 and a decline to $50-100. That is, the chance to purchase this bot for yourself at a good price is quite real.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Prism AIO sneaker bot

We have already said that today there are several sneaker bots on the market designed for automated purchases of sneakers. But Prism AIO stands out from its analogues due to a number of more than significant advantages. Here are the main points to consider:

  • Instant work. With this decision, you will not miss the opportunity to purchase the model you like with the greatest benefit and convenience for yourself. In addition, the functionality here is wider than most of its analogues.
  • The interface is extremely simple and thought out to the smallest detail. It was developed for those who plan to work with the service literally from scratch, that is, do not have any skills or knowledge. Here you can easily customize the work for yourself by completing basic settings with a few clicks.
  • Stability and ease of use on devices based on different operating systems. You should not look at the configuration of your computer or laptop to determine for yourself the possibility of using this sneaker bot.

But still, along with the advantages, it is also worth highlighting the main disadvantages characteristic of this service. In particular — this is the price. Both in retail and on the secondary market, the cost of a bot is quite high. If you don’t rush too much, if you take the time to monitor the market, collect information and systematically compare prices, then there is a high probability that there will be suitable solutions just for you, including price. In addition, the ability to purchase a bot from retailers — This is quite a difficult task, because here they are presented in very, very limited quantities. That is, often they simply do not exist. This means that buying on the secondary market — This is the only possible option available. We also want to warn you from the beginning that the number of stores here is still limited. That is, if you initially focus on Footsites, you should understand that not all of them are supported. Many, but not all. But otherwise, you shouldn’t have any problems or difficulties when working with this colorful bot.

But, no matter how effective this sneaker bot is, you will be able to fully use it only if you simultaneously connect high-quality proxy servers. Without this, the system will instantly calculate your multi-threaded actions and all your attempts to purchase the sneakers you need with its help will be literally reduced to zero. And this is clearly not what you expect when you buy the bot itself for several thousand dollars. So which proxy servers are suitable when working with Prism AIO? Let's look at this in more detail.

Proxy server options for working with Prism AIO

We repeat once again that the proxy server for the Prism AIO bot — this is what will provide you with the opportunity to work with it in principle and will allow you to avoid a ban from the system for automated actions. But here you should choose exclusively new, reliable and stable proxies. Free servers, which are presented on the market today in a fairly wide range – this is not what you need for stable work. The fact is that they are presented on the Internet in the public domain. In addition, their infrastructure is very weak and cannot handle resource-intensive drops. Problems with IP addresses are also often observed here. In particular, many of the addresses that allocate free servers to users are already blacklisted by search engines. This means that attempts to log in from them will be immediately detected by the system and blocked.

Therefore, a more reasonable and reasonable solution for working with Prism AIO would still be to purchase private proxy servers. There are several options here:

  1. Static. They are provided to users by Internet service providers. One of the most significant advantages here — high speed. But, due to the fact that the addresses here will be permanent, the system can easily identify and block them at the first violations. In addition, providers often issue such proxies from a common pool of addresses, that is, you get a solution that has already been used in practice, has its own history, and is far from always ideal. There is a risk that you may be banned for “sins” the one who used this IP address before you.
  2. Resident. The advantage of this solution is that the IP addresses of such proxy servers belong to real people. Those who rent out their own IPs for other people to use. The system rarely blocks such addresses. In addition, there is the opportunity to choose the most suitable solutions for yourself in terms of geolocation, down to regions. This is a good chance to take advantage of regional discounts. But in this case, you must understand that another link has appeared in your chain of interaction with the target server. This means that the speed of work here will be much lower than you would like.
  3. Mobile. In this case, the work of the proxy server is organized through cellular network operators. Here, the work uses the same addresses that are allocated to ordinary users of smartphones and tablets. The system physically cannot identify the end user, since hundreds or even thousands of people often work at one address. Such IP addresses are absolutely not blocked by the system, because eventually other users will also be subject to restrictions. It also provides a convenient and quick change of both IP-addresses and geolocation, either forcibly or automatically by timer at any interval convenient for you. Yes, their price will be higher than their server and resident counterparts, but you will only need one address to ensure maximum functional work on the network without any risks or restrictions.

As you can see, the most attractive solution to use is — These are mobile proxies, as an option from the service. Here you will have over 2.3 million IP addresses, hundreds of geolocations from more than 30 countries at your disposal. The work here is organized simultaneously using the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which allows for maximum stability and functionality in operation. You can change technical parameters as often as you need in your work process. You get confidentiality, protection from any unauthorized access, effective bypass of regional restrictions, access to absolutely any site from any country in the world. And with their help, you can set up stable and functional work with the Prism AIO sneaker bot. Follow the link to personally experience all the functions, features and current tariffs.

Now that you have at your disposal some of the best proxy servers for working with the Prism AIO sneaker bot, the only thing left to do is small — connect them correctly to work. We will tell you how to do this below.

Sequence of actions for setting up mobile proxies in Prism AIO

The process of setting up mobile proxies in a sneaker bot is quite simple and does not require any complex actions, knowledge or skills from you. It will be enough to follow the instructions we have given step by step:

  1. Install the sneaker bot Prism AIO on your device and launch it. A working window will open in front of you with a small vertical menu on the left side. Here we select the Proxy List option.
  2. For greater convenience, set the name of your proxy. This will be especially true if you use different solutions in your work. There are no recommendations here, the main thing is that you can easily identify the appropriate option.
  3. In the next column, where you see the inscription “Proxies” you enter the technical parameters of your proxy server. In this case, we are talking about IP-address, port, as well as login and access password. All these indicators are indicated on one line and separated by a colon. You can find this information in your personal account after purchasing a proxy server.
  4. Click the Save button to save all the changes that you specified here.
  5. Immediately after this, a new profile will open in front of you, where the new IP-address will already be highlighted. Now you can go to the “Select site” block. in order to select the site with which you will use this proxy. If you click on the “Test” button, you can try how everything works.

This completes the configuration of mobile proxies in the Prism AIO sneaker bot. This means that you can immediately start working, including those related to managing multiple accounts, without any risks or restrictions.

To summarize

As you can see, the Prism AIO bot — This is a solution that is characterized by high functionality, stability and ease of use. If you also connect a mobile proxy to it, you can avoid any problems with both access and automation of your actions on the network. But again, it is important not to take risks and not opt for cheap, or even free, services. From using them you will not get the desired functionality, but only problems that will require knowledge and time to solve.

But why take the risk if you have at your disposal the best mobile proxies that the modern market offers, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. If in this case difficulties arise in your work, or you need additional advice and assistance in choosing, contact the technical support service, which works around the clock. Your difficulties with mobile proxies will be resolved as quickly as possible, and you can return to automated sneaker purchases.

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