Getting ideas for advertising: TOP recommendations

Getting ideas for advertising: TOP recommendations

Surely each of you has heard such an expression as advertising is the engine of progress. And these are not empty words, but reality. Practice shows that it is from advertising that users learn information about new products and services that appear on the market, get acquainted with the features of a particular product, thereby determining for themselves the need to purchase it. But in order for your video or message to interest the audience and motivate people to make a purchase or any other targeted action, it is important to think through everything to the smallest detail. Already from the very beginning it is necessary to understand that only effective advertising is capable achieve your goal and justify the money, time, and effort invested in it.

But how to put all this into practice? You can't do without creativity here. But what seems to us in theory quite simple and easy to implement, in practice raises many questions and difficulties. Not always advertisers will have enough rich imagination and extensive practical experience. Sometimes they will need one small hint to form several ideas in their head, which in the future will be enough to simply formulate into one concept.

Now let’s look in more detail at what criteria can be used to judge the effectiveness of advertising. Thanks to this, you will be able to understand which direction to move in order to get a product that can interest the audience and cause a backlash from them in the form of placing orders, goods, and services. We will also tell you where you can find interesting ideas for creating your own product. We will help you implement everything correctly in practice, avoid bans and other restrictions.

Indicators of effective advertising

To understand how to properly develop an advertising strategy, first of all, you should understand what effect you would like to get in practice. That is, it is necessary to be well versed in those parameters that are characteristic of good and effective advertising. In practice, we often encounter a situation where a really cool area is launched, for the creation of which a considerable amount of money was spent, but the desired effect was not achieved. That is, the first rule of advertising — this is compliance with the marketing goals of the company for which it is created and ensuring good results for business development, which will largely be associated with increased sales and income.

That is, in order to create effective and working advertising, regardless of what type it is planned and what audience it is aimed at, you need to focus on the following parameters:

  1. Clear goal setting. There should be no vagueness or ambiguity here. For advertising to work, you must understand what you want to get from it and this goal must be measurable, specific and achievable. And all this should be invested within a certain time frame.
  2. Relevance and timeliness. Everything is logical here: you won’t be able to interest people with products that they don’t need. This means that advertising must meet consumer needs when there is a need for it. Alternatively, the launch of sunscreen advertising should begin on the eve of the summer holidays, and New Year's products can be advertised as early as November.
  3. Target audience. Where there must be an exact hit on the target, otherwise you will not get the desired effect. That is, it is important to understand what kind of people your potential buyers are, what age they are, what interests they have, and income level. If you know what people are looking for, you can satisfy their needs.
  4. Originality and persuasiveness. To attract people's attention, more than just an advertising message is needed. It is also important to design it in an original and unusual way, to make it attract attention and evoke response emotions.

If you can combine all these features in your advertising, you will take a serious step towards its success. But alas, you won’t be able to determine effectiveness before launch. That is, we initially create, then write down key indicators (KPIs), launch them and then monitor them. Important criteria that you should pay special attention to include click-through rate, conversion rate, payback rate, and a number of other parameters. But still, if you don’t set the right goal and can’t use the available information as efficiently as possible, your advertising campaign cannot be called successful.

Cover the entire market with one advertisement — will not work. Yes, by and large this is not necessary; successful advertising is always focused on interested buyers. Therefore, you need to think about what exactly you can do to attract them, what you can offer. And here it is very important to navigate the public mood and take into account the portrait of the target audience.

In practice, the maximum effect can be obtained from advertising that contains audio and video, graphic content and other visual design that will attract potential buyers.

A small life hack for advertisers. Regardless of what project you're working on, if you see original creative somewhere, even if it doesn't fit the current theme, keep it for yourself. Take screenshots, add notes, indicating what exactly caught your attention. During subsequent work, if you again need to search for original solutions, you can look in your folder and there is a high probability that you will find several ideas for inspiration.

Now let’s move on directly to where to look for creatives to develop an advertising strategy.

TOP places to look for advertising ideas

We said that in advertising you can’t always rely on your own creativity and creative approach. Any enthusiasm subsides over time, and inspiration comes and goes. Unfortunately, the customer will not wait for the next time brilliant ideas come to you. He needs a solution to the task at hand here and now. And if you find yourself in a situation where you need creativity, but there are no special ideas, then you can resort to help:

  1. Movies, TV series, cartoons.
  2. Social networks.
  3. Pinterest sites.
  4. Sites of competing advertising agencies.
  5. All kinds of competitions and festivals dedicated to advertising.
  6. Contemplation of the world in which your potential clients live.

Let's look at all these ideas in more detail.

Searching for ideas for advertising in cinema

Here, as a source for advertising ideas, you can use everything that belongs to the category of cinema. These can be films, TV series, cartoons, and sitcoms. That is, everything that interests the audience: Familiar plots, characters, favorite scenes — this is something that will cause an association and will definitely attract attention. You just need to find an extraordinary, original scene and adapt it to the product or service that you supply to the market. And the more popular the film you choose, the higher will be people’s passion and, the result — evoked emotions.

But in this case you should be extremely careful. It is necessary to see the line that will separate positive and negative emotions. If you spoil some fragment from a film or cartoon with your advertising, you will certainly cause a negative reaction from the audience. To prevent this from happening, try to convey in your advertising the same emotions that the movie characters experienced.

As an option, you can also take as a basis not a cut from the film, but the storyline itself, that is, the events that the characters experienced. In order for the audience to form an association, you can use some popular phrase, the clothes of the main characters, recognizable locations and everything that will remind people of the plot of the original film.

Which movie should I choose? Here you need to understand what audience you are targeting. If these are older people, then it is quite possible to use films and cartoons from Soviet times. It will be possible to attract the attention of young people with plots from modern, discussed films, those that cause controversy and ambiguous opinions. The more conversations there are about a particular movie, the better the effect in practice will be from launching advertising based on it. Look at the rating statistics and you will definitely find an interesting solution for yourself.

Searching for ideas for advertising on social networks

It’s probably not worth mentioning once again that social networks — it’s just a storehouse of ideas for any occasion, including advertising. Here you can find many stories with which they managed to attract public attention. You can safely choose one of the most discussed topics and create advertising videos based on it.

How not to miss viral stories? Constantly monitor social networks. First you need to subscribe to active communities and see what topics they discuss. If you see that the audience’s attention is focused on the same question for at least a couple of days — you can safely take it as a basis. But here it is very important not to miss the moment. You won't have several weeks to develop a detailed strategy. In some cases, even a couple of days — this is a lot, because all the hype will subside and will no longer arouse interest. But if you manage to immediately find an interesting story and literally put it into advertising in a matter of hours, then success is guaranteed.

Also while exploring social networks, pay attention to memes. So, when there was a shortage of eggs in the country, social networks very actively raised this topic. A huge number of creatives have appeared on such a popular topic. And if you had launched your advertising at this time for this problem, you would probably have attracted the attention of the audience.

To avoid missing out on interesting solutions, just be an active user of social networks. Surely this way you won’t miss new trends because they will appear like an avalanche.

Along with popular topics and memes, you can also pay attention to the advertising that has been launched on social networks today. Follow the business accounts of your closest competitors or well-known advertising agencies. It is clear that in this case you will not be able to use everything literally one to one, but you can still find a couple of interesting features.

A little recommendation: check if you have AdBlock. If this is so, then the most interesting advertising will pass you by.

Finding ideas for advertising on Pinterest

If we talk about all the platforms where you can find certain creative ideas, then the leader among all this diversity will be Pinterest. This is a platform where millions of all kinds of ideas are collected in any direction: creativity, dishes and recipes, floristry, education, puzzles, riddles, stylistic combinations, clothing and much more. Even just looking through an image without reference to any topic, you, as an advertiser, will probably find several ideas for inspiration. Along with this, you can also use search for specific queries. Enter phrases such as “advertising”, “creative ideas”, “creative advertising” in the search bar. and the like to get a selection of options worthy of attention.

Do you want to slightly narrow the scope of the material for review? You can initially choose a topic that suits you. So, for example, if you are doing advertising for a beauty salon, you can immediately sort the relevant material. This way you will significantly reduce the time it takes to process it and you will be able to select the most accurate solutions. If you like Pins from a particular creator, you can follow them, receiving notifications every time they release new material. And if it is something interesting, save it in a useful folder for the future.

A little recommendation: experiment with queries to find an interesting solution. Here you can set all those words and phrases that correspond to your professional activity, related to the goods or services that you plan to advertise. Even successful associations will be enough to form an interesting idea for a future campaign in your head.

We find ideas for advertising on advertisers’ websites

In the struggle for the attention of the user audience, various tools and techniques can be used. The main thing here is to do everything correctly and wisely so as not to end up in a lawsuit. With the right approach, advertising agency websites could be a real boon for you. Study the cases that they provide on their pages. Pay special attention to the Blog section, if it is on the site. This way, you will be able to delve more deeply into the creative ideas and ideas of your competitors, understand what principles they adhered to when choosing a particular strategy, whether there were any difficulties at the stage of its implementation, what decisions were made in order to obtain the maximum effect without risk and in tight deadlines.

Moreover, by studying ready-made cases of your competitors, you can understand how well you know your own audience. And such materials often contain the most important parameter for you — effectiveness of the advertising campaign. That is, if this indicator is high and if you take note of it, then with a high degree of probability we can say that you will get really good advertising that can attract the attention of the audience. In addition, material and time costs for testing it before launching it on the market will be significantly reduced.

But again, you need to do everything so that your competitors don’t get the impression that you stole their idea. That is, it is important here to identify the key direction for yourself, but to play with it in your own way. Attention should be paid not only to the plot itself, but also to the general design of the advertisement, the pictures used, and color combinations. In many ways, the success of an idea is hidden in the details. This is what can attract the attention of the audience, which will be the key to the effectiveness of advertising.

Where can I find decent advertising agencies to follow? Along with the closest competitors that you know everything about, you can also find them through the search engine. It will be enough to set in the browser phrases such as “rating of advertising agencies”, “best advertisers in Russia” and something similar, so that the system gives you a selection of relevant sites. Next, you will simply need to systematically go to their websites, study examples, ready-made cases, general materials given in blogs.

We find ideas for advertising at specialized festivals and competitions

Competitions, festivals dedicated to advertising — this is something that will introduce you to the latest innovations in this direction, current trends, and will also allow you to find a huge variety of ideas for dozens, or even hundreds of projects in the future. This means that if you come across an announcement of such an event, you should not neglect the opportunities that open up. Attend this event and you definitely won't regret it. What is not presented here: original ideas, advertising masterpieces, examples, viral advertising and much more. And this is not surprising, because usually at such events advertisers find new clients, which means that they will offer the audience the best, the most extraordinary. If there are speakers at the exhibition, then it is worth listening to their speeches, since here you can learn a lot of interesting things about the features of certain projects, about the effectiveness of advertising achieved with the help of certain tools.

If visiting certain festivals or competitions is not available to you for a number of reasons, you can find similar solutions presented online. To attract the attention of the audience, the organizers of such events, for the most part, post links to the events themselves on their official websites, exhibit the work of the participants, and talk about the winners. Along with this, a description of what is happening is also often prepared, the key features of a particular project are highlighted, and professional conclusions are made.

To select suitable forums and competitions, it will be enough to use a search engine. You can simply write down phrases such as “international advertising festivals”, “Russian advertising competitions”, “new advertising forums” etc. Also on the Internet today there are several sites that often provide information about planned events, and also make reference to the organizers of these events. Among such portals are:

  • Workspace;
  • Alladvertising;
  • FRAME;
  • Advertology;
  • The first site about social advertising in Russia.

When researching advertising, pay attention not only to the key idea, but also to what message a particular solution conveys to the audience. You must understand what effects and approaches were used in this or that case, in order to subsequently use all this in practice, increasing the creativity of advertising and its effectiveness.

Finding ideas for advertising in our environment

If you take a little break from the daily bustle, if you look around, you can probably see a lot of interesting and educational things. Life itself inspires creative and imaginative ideas. Moreover, when you look at your target audience from the outside, you will most likely be able to see those moments that may interest them, including in advertising.

Walk to the places where your audience usually is. These could be parks and squares, shopping centers, public transport, cafes, various public institutions, and sporting events. In some cases, even an ordinary walk will be enough to see unobvious things.

Just watch how your target audience behaves in everyday life, what points they pay attention to when choosing certain products, notice the words and phrases that are used. Remember your communication style. It is also important to evaluate the general appearance of the people you consider to be your target audience. Use the information you receive to create an image in your advertising that is very similar to what you saw. This will allow people to intuitively build associations and trust the information presented in advertising more.

Such recommendations should be followed by absolutely every advertiser, regardless of how long he has been working in the market, what products and audience he is dealing with. Excessive creativity — this is something that only big brands can afford. Those that have been working on the market for a long time and have already proven themselves to be excellent. When introducing the audience to new products or their services, they can experiment as much as possible, being confident that this will not have any negative impact on their image. But allowing this to happen to brands that are just starting to enter the market — overly risky. And this is true even for those situations when the advertisement will really reach the audience and attract attention. But it will not evoke a personal association, nor will it evoke a desire to make a purchase. Intuitive trust will not be developed here.

That is, when working with young brands, it is important to choose a story that would be closest to your target audience. One that they could “try on” to myself. And this is one of the most important aspects of high-quality and effective advertising.

Yes, creating such creative — a very difficult task. So it’s difficult to immediately find the most suitable solution. And this is true even for advertisers, whom everyone considers brilliant. The point here is absolutely not about extraordinary abilities, but about an integrated and painstaking approach to solving each task. When developing an advertising concept, a lot of knowledge, skills, practical experience, and many years of observation of the world around us are used, but from a professional point of view. That is, if you see your future in advertising, then begin to observe the world around you more carefully, take appropriate notes, which will definitely be useful to you in the future. Over time, you will definitely learn to see what you need when performing a particular professional task.

To summarize

Yes, the job of an advertising specialist — This is something that requires a person to have an extraordinary approach and creative thinking. But it is also painstaking daily work. This is the only way to find original ideas for each project. Those that will really hook the audience, attract attention, and cause a backlash from them.

But it takes a lot of time and effort to work through all this. It is clearly impossible to do without automated actions and access to a huge amount of resources, including from other countries of the world. And you won’t be able to achieve this without a tool such as mobile proxies. Using an intermediary server in practice, you can replace your real IP-address and geolocation with the parameters that you need in your work at a given moment in time. This means that with their help you can:

  • bypass any regional restrictions by accessing resources from different countries and regions of the world;
  • ensure complete confidentiality of your work on the Internet: your IP-address will be securely hidden from strangers;
  • high level of protection against any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks;
  • the ability to organize multi-threaded work with various social networks, a large number of accounts without the risk of running into a ban from anti-fraud systems;
  • unlimited use of services that allow you to automate the collection of data on the Internet, as well as other similar and routine work.

This is more than enough to ensure that all your actions on the network are as effective, functional as possible and do not cause any negative reactions from search engines. But in this case, it is important to choose exclusively reliable and time-tested mobile proxies. Free solutions, which today are presented on the Internet in a fairly wide variety, in practice will not give you the desired functionality. Perhaps they can be used by ordinary users to perform some single actions. But if you need stability and functionality, then the best solution here would be mobile proxies from the service.

You get a personal channel with unlimited traffic, access to more than two million pool of IP addresses. Available geolocations and addresses are constantly replenished and expanded. New countries and regions are included. You yourself can set up an address change using a timer, or use the link from your personal account each time as needed. You can also change your geolocation yourself every 10 minutes.

Follow the link to evaluate what you receive when purchasing mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. Pay attention to the current tariffs for your region, a large selection of additional services that simplify your work on the network, as well as the availability of free two-hour testing and 24-hour technical support. This is what will make your work on the Internet as convenient as possible, including when selecting ideas for developing an advertising concept.

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