How to get AirDrop from Starknet cryptocurrency with mobile proxies

How to get AirDrop from Starknet cryptocurrency with mobile proxies

Today, the cryptographic currency market attracts the attention of many potential investors. Some invest in virtual coins that have been on the market for a long time and have already proven their stability. Others, on the contrary, are looking for new promising solutions that allow them to earn money not only on buying and selling, but also on interesting offers from crypto developers. One of these solutions can be called the Starknet cryptocurrency from the Israeli creators, StarkWare.

Now let's focus on how to get a chance to win an AirDrop on the Starknet project. Recently, this site has finally left the testing phase, opening up the opportunity for users to exchange cryptographic currency. Yes, its functionality is still partially at the testing stage. And this is just a unique opportunity to earn not on the virtual currency itself, but simply to receive rewards. What is required from users? Conduct transactions on this project and get rewarded for it. Let's make a reservation right away that all the activities that we will talk about today – paid. That is, you will have to initially invest a certain amount of money in order to drive it across bridges (small commission fees are possible), buy tokens, and provide liquidity. We also invite you to get acquainted with what opportunities for earning are provided by Optimism cryptocurrency. Well, now – more about everything.

The nuances of working with the Argent-X wallet

Immediately, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Argent-X wallet is already initially provided in the Starknet network. And this means that all operations that will be carried out with it will be immediately counted as activity with the platform itself. What need to do? We perform the following actions:

  1. Initially, we go to the Chrome App Store and download Argent-X to our device. Run the program and click on the "Create new wallet" button on the work window. A new window will open in front of you, in which you need to check the boxes in both items and come up with a personal access password for yourself.
  2. Replenishing the wallet. The easiest way to do this – use the Starkgate bridge. This is just one of the solutions offered by the Starknet cryptocurrency platform. After replenishment, you can go to the Argent-X program and switch to the mainnet.
  3. Click on "Connect wallet". Now we connect Metamask one by one, and after it - Starknet wallet.
    Starknet enable Starknet wallet
  4. The corresponding line indicates the number of coins Ethereum that you wanted to transfer to the Starknet wallet and then click on the "Transfer" button. Just a couple of seconds – and the transaction is completed. For the exchange of one coin, a commission of approximately 50 rubles is charged. On such an amount – this is a trifle.
  5. Once the money is in your Argent-X wallet, the preliminary preparatory work is completed. Now you can go directly to interacting with bridges that work through the Starknet cryptocurrency platform.

Working with bridges

Let's consider the three most worthy options:

  1. 10kSwap.
  2. mySwap.
  3. NFT Aspect.


To use the first bridge, we need to do the following:

  1. We find the "Connect wallet" button in the upper right corner; and in the small window that opens, connect the wallet. Here we need to specify how many Ethereum coins you want to exchange and, in fact, for which currency. Click on the "Swap" button, and then – confirm the currency exchange by clicking on the "Confirm" button.
  2. Click on the "Approve" button. A couple of seconds of waiting, and the transaction is completed. The new currency will be transferred to your wallet. Tip: you can exchange Ether for different currencies: a little bit of different ones. But what options to choose and in what proportion to distribute funds – this is an individual matter.
  3. The last step that will allow you to fulfill all the conditions within the selected – provide liquidity. We are talking about funds that will stay inside the Starknet network until you receive AirDrop (assuming you do earn it). To do this, we need to go to the "Pool" section, click on the "+ New Position" button. Now indicate the amount that you are interested in (in equivalent) and click on "Deposit". After that, your liquidity will be displayed in the "my pools" block.

That's it, that's all your actions with the 10kSwap bridge are completed.

NFT Aspect

Work with this bridge will initially be done from the myswap service. We perform actions in the following sequence:

  1. Connect the wallet. To do this, click on the appropriate button and select Argent-X from the drop-down box. With all the rights that the system will offer you, we agree and then we confirm the financial transaction.
  2. The subsequent actions will be quite similar to those that we described in the first option. We need to buy other tokens for Ethereum. Here also we will not give recommendations – choose options from the proposed list.
  3. Adding liquidity. To do this, go to the "Pools" section. and do the ethereum conversion again.

This completes the NFT Aspect bridge.

NFT Aspect

This activity involves the purchase of NFT Aspect. Here, significant material investments will not have to be made. It will be enough to buy a couple of coins at a price of about $ 0.5, and then sell them (you can also have one). To connect the Argent-X wallet, use the service. After connecting, go to the "Buy" section, and in it click on the "Aspect" icon. Scroll down the page and here click on the "low to high" filter. Now we buy tokens. Choose the option that suits you and click on the "Buy now" button. A new window will open asking you to confirm the transaction. Now you need to sell the token. To do this, go from the section «Buy» to the "Sell" section, click on the corresponding picture, and then – on the "List for sale" button. Enter the price, confirm the operation. Everything, this work is completed.

Simple and effective solutions for scaling Starknet cryptocurrency activities

We have considered all the activities that the Starknet cryptocurrency provides today as an alternative income. By the way, if you decide to withdraw the currency back, you can use the 10kSwap bridge. We do all the steps that we described above, but only in reverse order. But, the likelihood that you will receive AirDrop for these three activities is, to tell the truth, not very high. There are many who want to take such a reward, but the limit of the presents themselves – not very significant. But if you decide to perform all these actions from several accounts, then the probability of being included in the group of winners will increase significantly. But how to implement all this?

The Starknet cryptocurrency platform, as well as other sites, carefully monitors user actions. And if multi-accounting is noticed, then not only will you not receive AirDrop, but you also risk getting a ban on each personal page. And the simplest solution that will ensure stable operation on the site from several profiles at the same time – anonymization of actions. To implement this will help:

  1. Proxy servers, optimal – mobile proxies. This is a tool that should definitely be at the disposal of anyone who plans to get started with cryptographic currencies. Mobile proxies will dynamically change your IP address, making all accounts on the network unique. It will seem that they all belong to different people. Which option to choose? One of the best – mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. They work simultaneously with HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, support automatic (by timer) and forced (by link) change of IP addresses, rotation by geolocation, mobile network operators, etc. get acquainted via the link
  2. Substitution of digital fingerprints. Anti-detect browsers will effectively cope with this task. They hide both the IP address of the user device and its individual parameters (type of operating system, browser, time, language, unique hard drive number, etc. Here you can get acquainted with the best antidetect browsers on the market today and choose the best one for your work.
  3. Connection to the work of several wallets of virtual currencies. If all transactions are carried out through one wallet, then the system will immediately suspect something is wrong. And it does not matter that your actions will be carried out from different accounts. Therefore, in parallel with additional personal pages, we also create unique wallets. In particular, the Starknet cryptocurrency provides for the possibility of using up to 20 wallets.

That's all. Now you have enough information to get AirDrop from Starknet cryptocurrency with minimal hassle and material investment. It's time to put knowledge into practice.

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