How to work effectively with Instagram accounts: simple but effective tips


Instagram is one of the most popular and in-demand social networks today. It is used by individuals to share stories, communicate with friends and just like-minded people, search for informative or entertaining information. But Instagram is also a great platform for developing your own business, promoting pages, bringing new products and services to the market. If you have decided to give a new start to your business with the help of this social network, then you need to know how to build the work correctly in order to avoid blocking and not to nullify all efforts. We offer you to get acquainted with a set of simple recommendations that will help you avoid various sanctions and prolong the work of your personal page.

Instagram ban is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences

Blocking for multiaccounting, masslaying, massfollowing, the use of automated software when promoting a page on the web are only the most common phenomena that those who use Instagram for business purposes. This social network has a whole set of rules, on the basis of which the identification and ban of the user's personal pages is carried out. So, Instagram bots carefully filter and check the personal data in each questionnaire. Those pages, when working with which all the rules are observed, belong to the category of "clean" and the ban does not apply to them, there is nothing to block.

And which accounts are being blocked? Instagram, as well as all other social networks, uses a special algorithm to identify and ban offending pages. As an example, the fight against spammers is actively underway. The bot checks both text links and links in the form of images. Have you already encountered a situation where you could not add a picture or a video file just because the bots "saw" violations in them, including spam? It happened, but you don't know why? But because their description was not unique. It seems to be a trifle, but if such actions are repeated often, your account will fall into the category of suspicious and in the future will be checked more carefully and blocked in case of violation. And there are a lot of such examples.

If you don't want to risk your with an Instagram account , then when creating and promoting a page, use the following recommendations:

  1. Don't get too active at work. Anti-fraud social media systems control all accounts. And if they notice that your page is gaining popularity too actively, they will apply sanctions to it. That is, do not rush with the promotion, especially with the involvement of tools such as massfollowing and masslaying. Instagram has its own limits and rules. It is within this framework that you need to work. Otherwise, you risk getting banned in the first few days. Give the bots time to identify your page as "clean".
  2. Do not connect your personal page to multiple devices with different IP addresses at the same time if you plan to use special applications and services for automatic promotion. This can also cause a ban. The fact is that when you access your page from different devices, you will confirm that it is you, and not someone else - this is provided in the system settings of the social network. After such confirmation, you can safely log in to your account without worrying that you will get banned. But automatic promotion programs and services that work through different addresses will not be able to confirm your identity and will be banned for suspicious actions. To avoid this, use one, maximum two services for automatic promotion and take small pauses before switching from one to the other. This way you won't attract the attention of bots.
  3. Do not use purchased profiles. The fact is that their registration is carried out massively, from a single device, which is easily identified by the real IP address. Practice shows that such an account will have a very short life. It is much more reliable and efficient to create profiles yourself. But at the same time, it is important to observe the existing restrictions on the number of registrations from one address. It is optimal to tie up no more than three personal pages per IP. In addition, you should link a separate phone number to each of them. If the system detects several questionnaires with the same numbers, they will be blocked.

It is not always the first violation that will result in instant blocking. Instagram anti-fraud systems are intelligent bots that will "observe" you, record the detected deviations from the rules, summarize them. First, you can get a temporary lock, and then, if the violations continue, then a permanent one, without the possibility of restoring the page. The best way to prevent this from happening is not to attract the attention of bots. You have committed a suspicious action – don't be quiet for a while, only do «clean» work with the page. This way you will minimize the chance of getting blocked.

TOP 3 rules for working on Instagram

If we talk about the rules of working with Instagram, and not about recommendations, then it is necessary to highlight three key points:

  • Strictly observe the intellectual property. For publishing other people's photos, posting pictures taken from the web, you are guaranteed to fall under such a ban as copyright infringement.
  • Spam comments. The social network is not something that does not prohibit, but on the contrary, welcomes comments. But if they are the same phrases, especially with the content of the addresses of the pages for the transition, discount coupons, then it will be immediately identified and attributed to violations.
  • Mass placement of likes and subscriptions. Do not get too carried away with this, because overly active promotion of accounts will also cause increased attention of anti-fraud systems and may cause blocking of a personal page. It is necessary to act within the allocated limits.

Instagram Rules

Instagram, like any other social network, has its own rules for users. And we have already mentioned this more than once. If you conduct actions within their framework, you will be able to keep your account in the "clean" category. Here are the limits that every user of the network should follow:

  1. The allowed number of likes: 1 for every 30-40 seconds and no more than 800 for one visit to the social network. Calculated based on the time it will take a person to read the post and note its usefulness. After mass actions, it's worth taking a break for a day.
  2. Allowed number of subscriptions: no more than one every 30-40 seconds, 150 per hour and 800 per day. As in the previous version, when the daily limit is reached, it is necessary to suspend such actions for 24 hours.
  3. The allowed number of unsubscriptions. It can be performed at intervals of 15 to 25 seconds and not exceed 900 per day. And it does not matter whether we are talking about mutual or non-reciprocal subscriptions. After such actions, it is necessary to take a break from work for at least 16 hours.
  4. The allowed number of mentions. A maximum of 4 unique characters can be allowed in one message. We take a break for up to 8 minutes.
  5. Allowed number of comments. For an hour of work, it is recommended to leave no more than 10-15 comments, just as in the case of mentions, withstanding up to 8 minutes of delay.
  6. The allowed number of uploaded photos. For new accounts, the recommended number of added snapshots is 1-2 per day, for accounts that have been working for a long time, up to 7-10.

Actions within these limits will not arouse any suspicion from anti-fraud systems. But if you exceed them, it will already be recorded as spam and will immediately get into your "piggy bank of violations". It is optimal not to reach the norms specified in the rules by literally a few positions in order to be guaranteed not to get into the field of view of social network bots.

What do I need to know about blocking on Instagram?

Instagram users can run into both temporary locks and a ban, which implies the complete deletion of the profile. Thus, those who abuse the placement of likes and comments most often fall under temporary blocking. If such actions are applied to you, then when you try to like or comment, you will receive an appropriate notification. This will be evidence that you are prohibited from doing such actions for a while. Blocking for subscriptions, unsubscribes mainly occurs when you do them very often, including simultaneously from different devices, that is, you use methods of active cheating. If violations are serious and frequent, then there is a high probability of getting banned. According to the Instagram policy, it is not possible to restore a deleted profile.

So what if you have already received a lock? How to prevent a complete ban? The first thing to do is to completely remove the activity in the social network. Don't write anything, don't like, don't add friends for a few hours, about 3-4. After this time, try to like some post. If it doesn't work out, you should try again in 1-3 days. Violations that Instagram will attribute to malicious ones can cause a week-long block. If such actions are repeated, then they will already be banned.

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