Lamina 1: a new trend in the cryptocurrency market

Lamina 1: a new trend in the cryptocurrency market

Today, the market for cryptographic currencies is developing at an accelerated pace. New coins appear every day: some of them have a chance to become quite promising, while others simply get lost in the abundance of other tokens that have not managed to fall into the category of popular ones and get good capitalization. Many people today are sure that the purchase and sale of — this is the only possible way to make money on cryptocurrencies. But this is far from true. Deep knowledge in this area, the presence of certain experience in working with virtual currency allow you to get quite good rewards for your work. And even before the new token enters the market.

So, now let's focus on a new crypto project called Lamina 1. We'll tell you how to make money on the early activity of the project. We will show you how to organize the most efficient and secure work using a product such as mobile proxies.

Getting to know the Lamina 1 project

According to the developers of Lamina 1 — it is a full-fledged level 1 blockchain created to extend the functionality of the open metaverse. Surely, experts in this field understand what is at stake, but we will present information for those who are just starting their acquaintance with the world of virtual currency. So, first things first.

The first thing we want to draw your attention to is the levels of the blockchain. There are two of them: Layer 1 and Layer 2. Layer 1 is directly the blockchain itself, designed to create their data storage. The representative of this category is the well-known Bitcoin. It is used to store and transfer digital currency, as well as record financial transactions. Layer 2 is built on top of the first layer anyway. Its main task – scaling and optimization. The representative of this category is the equally well-known Ethereum blockchain. It turns out that in his work he uses the Layer 1 blockchain in order to create and maintain smart contracts and decentralized applications. But Layer 2 already allows you to optimize and scale them.

Yes, now that you understand what blockchains of the first and second levels are, you can proceed to a direct acquaintance with the Lamina 1 project. The main task that the developers set themselves was to form a full-fledged blockchain capable of processing and covering absolutely all needs meta universes in the future for 5-7 years. Now we will not go into what technical resources the developers plan to use to achieve their goal. This is a rather highly specialized task, which makes no sense for an ordinary user to solve. The only thing worth understanding is that the Lamina 1 project contains advanced modern technologies, developments that rightfully belong to the science fiction section, which is becoming a reality before our eyes.

What about the financial component of Lamina 1?

It's no secret that the success of the project and the trust of the target audience in it is directly related to what investments were made in it. If we talk about Lamina 1, then here the indicator is at a fairly high level. To make sure that this solution is reliable and promising, we only note that one of the main investors in this cryptocurrency was the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, namely Joseph Lubin. But is this person to be trusted? Judge for yourself: at one time he worked on Wall Street, specialized in programming in a number of companies whose activities were aimed at integrating blockchain technology into various business areas.

Another big name here is a group of investors— This is Reid Hoffman. If anyone does not know, then this is the co-founder of the linkedin social network. If you wish, you can study the full list of investors (it can be freely accessed on the website of the corresponding project). We are sure you will find other well-known names in it.

How to participate in the Lamina 1 project and get a reward?

Today, the Lamina 1 cryptographic currency has not yet been launched on the market, that is, you will not be able to find it at the auction. But this does not mean that it is impossible to earn money on this project. The first thing we want to draw your attention to is the node. This means that Testnet, that is, you have a chance to raise your node, using it as a support for the test network. If you missed the current set, there is no reason to be upset. Such events are held regularly, that is, in about a month (mostly in the first days of the next month), a new set will be launched into the project.

The requirements for technical parameters for renting a server that you will have to work with to raise a node are as follows:

  • quad-core processor;
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM;
  • 200 gigabyte drive to store files.

Information on how to install a node on the server is given on the official website of the project. Just want to pay attention to the average cost of renting a server. A car with similar technical parameters will cost you approximately $10 to $40 per month. Decide for yourself which option to choose to launch the Lamina 1 node. Everything here is directly related to which provider you choose.

Is it worth focusing your efforts on the implementation of this project? No one will give you a definite answer. But the fact that dozens of investors who are well acquainted with the cryptographic currency market believed in it speaks in itself about the prospects of the project. And the technologies that developers use in practice are quite impressive. And this means that with a high degree of probability the project will still shoot in the market. In addition, you do not have to spend a lot of money to run a node. The only waste— this is a server rental with the appropriate technical parameters, that is, a matter of a couple of tens of dollars. Well, yes, you will have to sit at a computer for a couple of hours to understand the nuances of renting such a server and installing a new project on it. But on the other hand, there is a high probability that in the future you can get quite a good profit.

Summing up

Receiving rewards for activities with cryptocurrency projects even before the release of tokens on the market — this is a fairly popular solution today, which allows you to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a good scenario with minimal investment of money and time. If interested, we invite you to get acquainted with how activities were carried out with the crypt Aptos. But now we are not talking about it, but about Lamina 1. Are there any chances that this project will bring you a good profit in case of interaction?

Today, Lamina 1 has no competitors. So far, there are no separate blockchains for the simple and quick launch of all kinds of metaverses with the possibility of scaling them. Most of these metaverses are built on the Ethereum blockchain, but in this case it will take a lot of time and effort to implement the idea. And here, Lamina 1 has a tangible advantage: the developers are determined to create a unique and one-of-a-kind blockchain exclusively for the metaverses.

Many of you have already seen that the metaverses work and bring good profits. Millions of people around the world have created their virtual avatars in them and spend several hours in a row inside the network. And here everything is logical, because the more opportunities the metaverse is ready to offer users, the more people will interact with it. The figure shows a clear example of the capitalization of this vector. Just pay attention to how many projects there are now.

Lamina 1 token capitalization

Some of the most striking examples of the — Decentraland and Axie Infinity. Their total capitalization has exceeded 2.2 billion dollars, and according to many experts, this is just the beginning. Their prospects are very bright. Now decide for yourself whether it is worth taking advantage of the Lamina 1 offers and becoming an early tester of a truly unique cryptocurrency project. Make the right choice and consciously.

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