Aptos cryptocurrency: a new level of income with mobile proxies

Aptos Cryptocurrency: A new level of income with mobile proxies

Aptos – it is a virtual ecosystem that is unique in many respects and entered the world market only in the summer of 2022. Thanks to a large-scale marketing campaign that was launched by the platform even before the official start of the sale of tokens, the interested circle of people already knew about it well. Literally in the first days of the sale, the price per coin was a couple of thousand dollars, but after such a sharp jump, the situation stabilized. Today, the Aptos crypt can be bought for an average of 7-8 dollars. USA. At the very beginning, the platform launched a global testnet, which consisted only of checking the functionality and installing the node. Many users used it and were able to earn thousands of dollars.

When creating a new virtual currency, the developers pursued the goal of a detailed account of user requests and needs. That is why the maximum emphasis here is placed on the security and speed of transactions. All this allowed the crypt to become quite popular in a short period of time. As a result, there were a lot of branches running on the same blockchain. And if you didn’t manage to get your bearings and get income from activities with the Aptos cryptocurrency, then you still have a chance to get a good income from Aptoswap. This is a decentralized exchange that claims to be the key system in transactions with Aptos. And while it is being tested, you can earn some good money.

Now we will talk about how to make money on Aptoswap, consider ways that will increase your income. Let's dwell on what can be done with test tokens and how to sell them. We will also consider the issue of scaling earnings on the Aptos cryptocurrency using mobile proxies. If you are interested in other options for making money on the crypt, we recommend that you find out how to get AirDrop from Starknet cryptocurrency.

How to make money on Aptoswap?

This project was created specifically for users of the – platforms where you can get some test tokens completely free of charge and exchange them for others. Carrying out simple manipulations, you get a chance to be rewarded. Test tokens can be sold and get real money for them. On average, for 1000 such moments you will receive about $ 2.

In order to start earning test coins, you need to perform a number of actions. Let's describe everything in relation to the Google Chrome browser:

  1. Download the Martian Aptos Wallet extension from the app store. We first click on the program icon (a black square with a kind of white snowflake), and then – on the Return button.
  2. A new page opens, from which you need to start creating a new cryptographic wallet. Be sure to come up with a password and a special passphrase with which you can access the wallet if there are difficulties and you need to restore it. We leave the next two windows unattended, simply by clicking on the "Continue" button. On the last one, click the "Finish" button. That's it, you've created your own Aptoswap wallet.
  3. Open the program again, enter your login and access password to enter your account.
  4. Click on the "Aptos Mainnet 1" button and select the "Aptos Testnet" option from the drop-down list.
  5. Click on the Airdrop button. After that, a new page will open in front of you. Here, first click on the "Sign in" button, and then log in in a convenient way.
  6. After you click on the Connect Wallet button, you will need to click on the "Martian Wallet" button in the new block. This will open another window in which you should click on the "Approve" button.
  7. Our final action – pressing the button "Activate Faucet" and captcha solution. We click on the same button again and all – 10 test tokens at your disposal.

These actions could be done indefinitely, earning money literally from scratch, if not for the presence of restrictions. In particular, the possible earnings from one IP-address (if you want to check your IP-address, you can do it here absolutely free) cannot exceed 100 test coins. But this is not a problem, because such restrictions can be easily bypassed by additional use of mobile proxies.

Features of joint work of mobile proxies and cryptocurrency sites

Mobile proxies can be used when working with various virtual coins, including the Aptos cryptocurrency. They provide the replacement of the real technical data of your device with your own. Thanks to this, your access to the network and to crypto sites, in particular, will be carried out from different IP-addresses and geolocations. That is, the binding to your device is removed and new opportunities for working on the network open up. So, using mobile proxies you can:

  • hide your device data, which ensures both the anonymity of the connection and a high level of protection against any unauthorized access;
  • enjoy high connection speed thanks to data caching, as well as the use of the technical capabilities of cellular network operators;
  • get access to any sites from all over the world, including those blocked in your country: you just need to select the appropriate geolocation;
  • work with a huge number of accounts at the same time (multi-accounting) without fear of getting banned.

Last minute and will allow you to get as many test coins as you want, regardless of the limit of 100 tokens per IP-address. But in work it is worth using reliable private mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. So you will ensure the most stable and efficient work. Each user gets a private channel with unlimited traffic. He will be able to set up an automatic change of IP address (on a timer in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour) or use a permanently forced change of address through a link from his personal account. The latter option will be more convenient when working with the Aptos cryptocurrency, in particular with Aptoswap. Earn your 100 tokens – changed address and continued to work. And so on ad infinitum, because there are about 1 million unique IP-addresses in the arsenal of MobileProxy.Space.

For more information about the functionality of mobile proxies, you can get acquainted with the direct link https://mobileproxy.space/en/user.html?buyproxy. It is also possible to take advantage of a free 2-hour test to make sure that this is the best solution that the modern market offers.

A couple more lifehacks. First, automate captcha solving. Thanks to mobile proxies, you can use automated services unnoticed by anti-fraud systems, including those that provide independent and fast captcha recognition. Similar extensions can be found in the Google app store. We also recommend using antidetect browsers in your work, which replace your real digital fingerprints with others. In combination with mobile proxies, they will help to form a completely different personality for working on the Internet. For anti-fraud systems, it will look quite real, but they will not be able to connect it with you. As a recommendation, we advise you to pay attention to the antidetect browser Ultimate Orb. And this means that you can safely collect bonuses without any restrictions.

But what about test tokens?

Now we have looked at how to earn Aptoswap virtual coins. Now let's pay attention to how to turn them into real dollars. Unfortunately, you cannot sell these moments on the official market, because they have not yet received material value. But users are actively buying them in order to take part in the testnet. You can find buyers on specialized sites, as an option, in Telegram.

But you don't have to sell them. You can use the full trading volume on your own to participate in the testnet. Based on its results, you will be able to receive more than a substantial reward from the project. Why not try? Moreover, now you know how to provide yourself with a platform for efficient and secure work with the Aptos cryptocurrency and its offshoot Aptoswap. The key to success is simple: some free time + mobile proxies + antidetect browser. And that's it!

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