Mobile proxies for stable work with the Amazon marketplace

Mobile proxies for stable work with the Amazon marketplace

The online sales market is developing very actively today. Every day more and more users choose this method of purchasing goods or services. And this is quite reasonable, because this way we can save our time and money, buy the necessary products without leaving home. The lion's share of the online sales market today is occupied by marketplaces. And one of the most popular and promoted platforms today — This is the American Amazon. According to statistics, it accounts for almost half of online sales in the United States, namely 49%. A distinctive feature of this site is that people from all countries of the world can sell and buy products on it. But at the same time, the process of working with Amazon, from access, registration and right up to making the purchase itself or creating your own online presence on the platform, is rightfully considered one of the most difficult.

Another problem that many sellers or buyers may encounter when working with this platform — Access limitation. And here we come to the main topic of our review, namely organizing access to the Amazon site using a tool such as mobile proxy. We have already repeatedly raised the topic of using this technical product to solve various problems facing specialists or ordinary network users. In this case, mobile proxies will become an indispensable assistant both for lovers of online shopping and for all those who would like to use the Amazon platform to sell their goods without being tied to a specific location. In addition, they will ensure the protection of personal information from the hands of fraudsters and ensure the confidentiality and security of your network activities. So, let's get started!

A little about Amazon

Amazon — This is the largest and most famous online store in America today. It offers its customers a simple and profitable shopping experience. On the site you can find any goods for people, pets, for the home, all kinds of gadgets, electronics, food, toys at really low prices. During the sales period, it is quite possible to take advantage of discounts, the size of which reaches 30-50%.

But on this site you can not only buy, but also sell your goods to millions of users from different countries of the world. We have already talked about the fact that Amazon — This is a marketplace. That is, it acts not only as an independent company, but also as a platform for the sale of various goods and services. The site puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the level of service satisfies the needs of the consumer market and motivates people to make purchases. Thus, Amazon guarantees the completion of the transaction, performs a multi-level verification of sellers before registration, and monitors the supplier’s fulfillment of all obligations, including the return of goods within the time limits prescribed by law.

All the efforts that the platform puts into its own development have led to the fact that today there is practically no fraud on this site, because illegal schemes are impossible to implement. But still, there are also a number of restrictions and rather controversial issues for both sellers and buyers:

  • not all products are delivered to certain countries of the world: when placing an order, you may encounter that the site does not deliver the item you have chosen to your country;
  • attractive offers good discounts may not apply to all regions: Amazon easily determines the real location of the user, thereby opening or, conversely, closing access to attractive offers;
  • access to placing goods or services on the Amazon site is limited for representatives of a number of countries: this means that not everyone can place their store on this site.

As you can see, most of the restrictions are related precisely to the fact that the system identifies the user’s IP address and geolocation. This means that such problems can be easily solved by replacing these parameters with those that are not currently prohibited by the system. This is exactly what mobile proxies allow you to implement in practice.

Why do you need mobile proxies when working with Amazon

Using a proxy server, you can purchase goods and services without restrictions at the best prices, keep track of all promotions and special offers, and buy products that are currently available in your region. Mobile proxies will also be an excellent solution for protecting personal data, including bank details, logins and passwords, electronic wallets from scammers, etc.

But these are not all the possibilities that mobile proxies open up for you when working with the Amazon platform. With their help you can also:

  1. Perform scraping sites. This is necessary so that you can receive reliable data about goods, prices available on the site, and their fluctuations in real time. To perform these actions, you would need to send thousands of requests to the site every day from the same IP address. The system identifies such actions very easily, perceiving them simply as a hacker attack. This means that the system will simply block your access as soon as it detects such actions, thereby preventing a potential threat to itself. But if you use mobile proxies, you can perform the same scraping from different addresses, changing them at your own discretion. This means that the system does not identify the fact that multiple requests will be here for the same address, that is, no sanctions will be applied to you.
  2. Make a selection of reviews about products on the site. A situation where a person, before purchasing a particular product, first studies reviews about it — this is the norm. Today, the same product is offered on Amazon by hundreds of sellers. And it is quite logical that when choosing a supplier, a person chooses the product card where the most positive reviews will be presented. Using a mobile proxy, you can collect reviews from different cards about your product and place them on your page, thereby making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  3. Monitor prices for your products. In order for your products to be competitive on the site, you must constantly monitor their cost. This means that you must understand what the price for this product is from another seller when your competitors launch promotional offers. Using mobile proxies, you can easily and simply monitor price fluctuations among your competitors, making timely changes to your product card. Thanks to this, you will maintain the competitiveness of your products and not miss out on your profits. With the help of mobile proxies, you will collect information about prices in real time and will be able to respond to fluctuations as quickly as possible.
  4. Watch Amazon Prime Video without restrictions. This is a unique video platform of the service, which today, unfortunately, is available only to users from 22 countries. This video library today presents the best TV series, including Netflix, Disney+, as well as the site’s own projects. Use mobile proxies to access the network from GEO of a particular country where access to this site is not prohibited and watch interesting content without any restrictions.
  5. Use shopping bots. Such a solution will certainly be of interest to those who would like to purchase the goods they need on the most favorable terms. So, you can use the bot to monitor the cost of a particular item, notifying you every time the price for it changes, or immediately place an order automatically, focusing on the limit cost you specified. Such solutions will be especially relevant during sales periods. That is, when products sell out very, very quickly and you can miss an interesting offer just because you didn’t have time to simply press a button. But Amazon has an extremely negative attitude towards such actions. If they detect bots when placing an order, they will immediately block both the IP address and the account. Using mobile proxies for IP rotation, you can anonymize your actions, remove the appearance of multi-threaded and automated work: all your connections to the network will look as natural as possible to the system. This means that Amazon crawlers will not become suspicious. You can safely launch bots in order to purchase the same branded sneakers, the latest model of smartphone, trading card, etc. with maximum profit.
  6. Create several accounts to sell your products or services. The more cards of the same product you have online, the more potential buyers will see them, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Thanks to this, you can confidently occupy a niche, minimize the influence of competitors on the development of your own business, increase sales and income. If you work directly, the system will immediately identify a multi-account and simply block you. You can avoid this and ensure stable operation if you work with each page on the Amazon site through a separate IP address. Moreover, having only one personal page for working with this marketplace is not very good even from a traditional point of view: if it happens that the system blocks your only account, then you will lose all your clients. You will have to start all over again. If you have several addresses at your disposal, then even if the system blocks one of them, the rest will remain working and you will be able to continue your work, maintaining customer loyalty and a stable level of income.

The benefits of using mobile proxies when working with Amazon are more than enough. But we mentioned at the beginning of the article that Amazon — It’s quite a problematic platform, including during the seller registration process. Now let’s look in more detail at how you can gain access to sales on this marketplace.

From registration to sales step by step

If you want to enter foreign markets for selling your products, then the Amazon — this is exactly what you need. This way you will gain access to a huge sales market and millions of consumers who are interested in your product or service. And to take advantage of these opportunities, you first need to register your seller account and go through verification. We will now tell you how to do this quickly and correctly step by step.

  1. We are preparing the necessary documents. In order for you to register on Amazon, you need to have the following set of documentation: a notarized translation of your internal passport or a copy of your international passport, bank card details, as well as an account in one of the US financial institutions, which will receive money from the sale of goods from Amazon . Also, at the registration stage, you will need to enter your last name and first name (in English in exact accordance with the transcription of the international passport), as well as your email and telephone number.
  2. Setting up a mobile proxy. In this case, we are already talking about the fact that you have already purchased mobile proxies, which you will use in the future when working with the Amazon platform. Initially, you need to go to your personal account on the service where you rented the server and find the proxy address and port there. You can connect a proxy for work either directly through the browser, operating system settings, or through a third-party proxy program, as an option Proxifier. You won’t have any problems with the settings, since everything here is quite easy, simple and intuitive. Simply select manual proxy setup, then enter the address and port in the appropriate boxes, indicate the type of protocol through which you plan to work in the future and click on the OK button, thereby saving your settings.
    Amazon setting up a mobile proxy
  3. Register an account. Now you need to register on the site as a seller. To do this, click on the Register now button, and then — Start selling. After this, step by step we fill out the necessary windows. First of all, enter your email, which will be used as a login, as well as your access password, and then click on the Create your Amazon account button. In the window that appears, fill in personal information about yourself in Latin and click the Next button. To confirm your email, the system will send you a message with a code, which you will need to enter in the appropriate window, after which you will click on the Create your Amazon account button.
    Amazon email confirmation
  4. At the next stage, select the country where you are registered as an individual or legal entity. We agree with the changes made. In the new window, you will need to enter information about the name of your company or name, if you plan to work as an individual, phone number, address and nickname of the seller, which will be displayed on the product page in the future. We also enter the bank card details here. We would like to warn you that today this site works with cards of any banks such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB. Along with the card, we also indicate the bank account number to which funds from sales will go. This bank account must be opened in America. Next, you just need to fill out the accompanying information, including information about what products you plan to sell on the site. Before pressing the "Done" button Check the accuracy of the entered data again, because it will be much more difficult to correct errors in the future.
    Amazon indicate bank account number
  5. We are going through verification. Often, after registering an account, the Amazon marketplace requests a number of additional data. If you do not do this, the system will automatically block your account until you have complied with the mandatory requirements. If you also need to undergo verification, you will receive an email from Amazon. This will cause a warning flag and a message highlighted in orange to appear on your account. Here you will need to go to your personal account on the Amazon site and check what information Amazon additionally requests about you. In some cases, the need for verification is associated with errors made at the registration stage. That is why we strongly recommend checking the data several times and very carefully. The system will highlight any mistakes made during registration in bright red. In this case, you just need to eliminate the inaccuracies. In some cases, additional identification confirmation may be required; this can be done in a fairly banal way: by attaching a Utility bill — utility bill or internet bill issued in your name.
    Amazon made mistakes during registration

As you can see, there is nothing complicated or impossible in registering an account on the Amazon site. You just need to be as attentive and focused as possible in order to avoid a number of mistakes that will later become a stumbling block for you. But once again we want to warn you that the stability, reliability and functionality of your subsequent work with the marketplace directly depends on how reliable and functional mobile proxies are at your disposal. Free servers that can be found on the Internet today — not an option. The system identifies them very quickly, blocks them, and as a result you lose your customers, your reputation, and even the time spent completing registration, filling the store with product cards, etc. Now a few words about how to choose the right proxy for working with Amazon.

Choosing reliable proxies for working with Amazon correctly

To select mobile proxies for working with the Amazon marketplace as correctly as possible, you need to take into account the operating features of this site. In particular, one of the mandatory requirements — this is the presence in the list of US GEO locations. The fact is that many special offers apply exclusively to residents of this country, while they will not be available to users from other regions. Along with free servers, it is also not recommended to use proxies that allocate one IP address to several users. As a result, suspicious activity may be observed on the site, which is perceived by the system as spam and the connection is immediately blocked. Another point that you absolutely need to know: the site does not yet support the IPv6 protocol. That is, you need to choose services that have IPv4 at their disposal.

Also, a good proxy server for working with the Amazon site should have the following aspects:

  • ensure high Internet speed, which will be the key to convenient and fast work with the site;
  • a stable connection to the marketplace itself and other Internet resources that you use in your work;
  • guarantee of high anonymity of actions on the Internet in general and when interacting with the site in particular;
  • support for different data transfer protocols, which will guarantee high security in the network;
  • the ability to quickly and easily change geolocation manually directly in the workflow;
  • support for a large number of networks and subnets, which will ensure efficient operation without the slightest risk.

All these requirements are met exclusively by private mobile proxies, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service.

The best solution for working with Amazon from MobileProxy.Space

The MobileProxy.Space service offers its clients reliable private mobile proxies that will ensure the most stable and functional work on the network in general and with the Amazon platform in particular. Each client of the company receives a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic. No one will use it except you. This means that the throughput will be high, and the risk of running into a blockage — minimal. Among the main advantages of these mobile proxies, we also highlight:

  1. Access to a huge number of geolocations: over 30 countries and hundreds of regions. Among the presented addresses there are also US mobile proxies, including from different states, which will allow you to quickly and easily choose the right solution for yourself. You can change the GEO directly in the workflow in just a few seconds.
  2. Access to more than one and a half million unique IP addresses. Those that cellular network operators allocate to their users. That is, connecting through such servers will look as natural as possible for the system, and your work will not attract close attention from bots. You can change IP addresses at your own discretion as often as you need it in your workflow. You can do this through a link from your personal account or by setting up an automatic shift using a timer, setting a suitable interval for yourself, ranging from 2 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. Simultaneous operation on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which is implemented by connecting to parallel ports. This ensures the widest possible functionality, security and anonymity of the connection.
  4. Favorable terms of cooperation. Purchasing a proxy for a longer period of time will allow you to get a tenfold benefit compared to purchasing a proxy for 1 day. Get to know the current tariffs and choose the solution that will be optimal for you.
  5. A convenient and functional personal account for proxy management, which will be the key to simple and fast work with the Amazon marketplace. You can easily switch between available GEO options, which will guarantee high efficiency of the work performed.
  6. Availability of 24-hour technical support service. You receive competent advice and assistance from specialists who are thoroughly familiar with the features of working with mobile proxies, including the Amazon platform. You will be able to ask questions at any time convenient for you, receiving the fastest and most correct solution to your problems.

Follow the link to learn more about the functionality the capabilities of mobile proxies of the MobileProxy.Space service, as well as other nuances of cooperation.

Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service

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