Mobile proxies for stable work with uTorrent

Mobile proxy for stable work with uTorrent

Do you like to watch movies in the evenings or arrange film premieres on weekends? Relying on the stability of the Internet connection is not worth it, because the network can freeze at any time, and your planned pastime will be ruined to the smallest detail. It will be much more reliable to download the movie in advance. And even then, unforeseen problems with the Internet connection will not be terrible for you. But you cannot directly download large files from the Internet. Requires special software. And one of the best solutions for today in this market segment – uTorrent client.

Now let's dwell in more detail on what this program for downloading files is, what functionality it is endowed with. We will tell you why, together with uTorrent, you still need to use mobile proxies. We will show you how to set them up correctly and where to buy them so that they are reliable, but not expensive.

Introducing the Best BitTorrent Client

uTorrent – free software that will help you download any movies, including those in very good quality without registration. It works on p2p technology. Yes, there are quite a lot of applications in this market segment today, but among all this variety, uTorrent will be the most convenient, fast download and functional product. That is why we chose it for this review. So, among the features and functionality of uTorrent, we highlight:

  • The ability to download voluminous movies, clips in good quality, music albums at a fairly high speed.
  • The presence of such an indicator as "Feasts". Shows the frequency of downloads of a certain product, which will allow you to evaluate its popularity among users.
  • Compatibility with different operating system versions Windows 10, 11, and  ;7, 8.1. The presence of a Russian-language version, which will greatly simplify the work with the program.
  • You can download several downloads at the same time. In parallel with this, the download and upload speed settings are provided. Can be applied individually to each download.
  • If suddenly the Internet connection is interrupted, the download will not be lost, but will stop. As soon as the network returns to work, the download will resume from the same place automatically. There is also a scheduler for downloading movies. Customize the download process according to your wishes.
  • The ability to automatically download RRS channels. You can also share files without a track.
  • Minimum requirements for the technical capabilities of the computer. The program is lightweight and will not require increased resources from your PC.
  • A simple, convenient and logical interface. Even those who are not particularly "friends" will be able to figure out the settings and work. with computers.

A large number of useful options, convenience and ease of use, free – these are the key points that have made uTorrent the leader of its market segment. But to ensure the most stable and secure operation, to gain access to any resources with films, you should additionally connect mobile proxies to the program.

Why does uTorrent need mobile proxies?

Unfortunately, there has been a not so good trend with the security of torrents lately. Previously, these were resources that allowed you to download movies or other multimedia content in a completely safe way. And what do we have today? The likelihood that along with an interesting movie you will bring malware to your PC is quite high. In addition, we must not forget about the restrictions that apply at the legislative level both in a number of European countries and in Russia. An example is the blocking of pirate sites by Roskomnadzor. This means that your ability to download content is severely limited. There is a chance that you simply cannot technically download the desired movie. And what to do in this situation?

The simplest and most effective – connection to the work of mobile proxies. These are special intermediary servers that will pass traffic through themselves and replace the real technical data of your computer, laptop or other device with their own. Such a seemingly simple solution will provide a number of very significant advantages, namely:

  • reliable protection of personal data and the PC itself from hacker attacks and any other unauthorized access: a high level of security is guaranteed;
  • Ensuring complete anonymity of browsing the Internet: without knowing your real IP address, nor one system will not be able to identify you;
  • higher connection speed: your favorite movie will be downloaded even faster thanks to high-speed communication channels;
  • Effectively bypass regional locks, which means you can access torrents from anywhere in the world.

Note: the best solution for working with uTorrent – mobile proxies that work simultaneously on both HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocol. Today it is the most reliable, secure and efficient solution for secure file downloads. And you can find such a product on the MobileProxy.Space service. After purchasing mobile proxies, you get a personal dedicated channel and access to a huge pool of IP addresses (today it is already approaching a million). You can easily adjust the work using rotation by geolocation, cellular network operator, automatically or forcibly change addresses for an anonymous connection upon request. Go here to learn more about mobile proxy features that are relevant tariffs and take advantage of a free 2-hour test.

How to configure uTorrent through mobile proxies

The last thing left to consider in this article – the sequence of steps for setting up a proxy in uTorrent. Note that the program provides many solutions that will allow you to individually customize the torrent for your own work features. But let's start with configuring the Mediation Server. After purchasing mobile proxies, your personal account will display information with the technical parameters that you will need at the setup stage. Next, perform the actions in the following sequence:

  1. Launch the uTorrent program. In the upper left corner of the working window, click on the "Settings" button. A new tab opens with settings divided into subsections. Here we are interested in the "Connection" option, because it is in it that the network connection settings are located.
  2. Go to the "Proxy Server" tab. Initially, select the type of proxy protocol. Recall that mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space simultaneously work on both HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols. Therefore, we can choose the Socks5 option. Now in the "Proxy" block we need to insert the IP address of your personal proxies, and in the "Port" box; – port directly. If you have not disabled authentication in your personal account, then in the "Name" field you need to enter your login, in a "Password" – access password.
  3. Click on the "Apply" button to save all the settings you just made.

This completes the settings. Now the uTorrent program will work through mobile proxies. You should not connect any third-party applications and services to work. So you will only slow down the download speed of movies. But absolute security and anonymity of work will be guaranteed by mobile proxies. Now the download speed will directly depend on the bandwidth of the intermediary server. Mobile proxies have very high rates, and MobileProxy.Space is no exception here.

Everything: You are no longer just a uTorrent torrent user. You will work with the program completely anonymously, safely and without any restrictions. And if you are still looking for a good autoposting solution that works in various social networks and instant messengers, we advise you to pay attention to the SMMplanner.

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