Mobile proxies to determine the effectiveness of SEO and advertising tools

Mobile proxies for determining the effectiveness of SEO and advertising tools

We have already repeatedly raised the topic of using mobile proxies in practice. This is a direction that we can talk about endlessly, because the capabilities of this tool are extremely wide. Now our conversation will focus on how mobile proxies will help you when working with contextual and targeted advertising, helping you to see how correctly it is displayed on the devices of different users, taking into account their geographic location. Also, with the help of mobile proxies, you can see how a store’s page is ranked for a specific request in a particular city, you can test new functions on websites and applications, and look at your products through the eyes of potential customers living in different countries. mobile proxies will also be indispensable when checking the effectiveness of advertising in a particular region.

That is, in this review we will pay attention to why data parsing is needed and how it works. Here are a number of recommendations for optimizing geotargeting. Here are also 7 tips that will help you use the features of mobile proxies to work on launching successful advertising campaigns. Now let's talk about everything in order.

Why do you need data parsing?

In order to develop a strategy for SEO promotion of a particular resource and optimize it for work in different regions, it is necessary to have the most comprehensive and versatile information. Assembling it manually is quite problematic, because you have to work through a huge amount of resources and make a bunch of comparisons. Often in practice it turns out that due to prolonged collection, the relevance of the data is lost and all work goes down the drain. Data parsing — this is what will allow you to automate this work and obtain the most accurate and reliable information in a short time. Using it in practice, you will be able to:

  • analysis of competitors, namely, collecting information about what products they sell and at what prices, what advertising campaigns they are running at a given time, etc.;
  • SEO promotion, in particular, automating the collection of the semantic core, identifying mistakes, analyzing search results;
  • run advertising aimed initially at a specific target audience, find potential sites for its placement;
  • fill websites with content, especially if a fairly large amount of information is required;
  • analyze competitors’ social networks, study their comments, hashtags, content, identify for yourself the material that interests your target audience most;
  • perform end-to-end analytics thanks to the integration of the parser with the required platform, consolidate data on the budget of a particular advertising company, check the effectiveness of transactions, and reduce the payback period.

Parser programs work in automatic mode. Initially, you need to specify in the settings the parameters that you want to collect. The system will do the rest on its own and provide you with the results in the form of a report or table. As a result, you get a database that you can use later to test the effectiveness of previously launched solutions and develop future strategies.

But, despite the presence of a fairly impressive number of advantages, not everything is so simple when working with parser programs. The fact is that today such instruments are classified as “gray”. That is, if the system notices their use, it can apply certain sanctions to you, or even completely ban your work. In addition, these works involve multi-threaded actions, which also causes dissatisfaction on the part of anti-fraud systems and contributes to the fact that restrictions are applied to you. Another problem you may encounter when parsing data — lack of access to certain resources that are currently blocked at the legislative level in a particular region. That is, if you need to collect information from sites from other countries, you physically will not be able to do this due to lack of access.

To avoid all these restrictions and problems, mobile proxy servers are used. They replace your real user data with their own technical parameters. In particular, IP addresses and geolocation are subject to substitution. This means that you can work in multi-threaded mode, without fear of running into a ban or any other restrictions, and access websites from any country in the world. Thanks to the use of mobile proxies, your work related to data parsing will be as efficient, fast and convenient as possible. You will be able to individually configure exactly those parameters for collecting information that you need in your workflow. And here the human factor is excluded, and, accordingly, all the errors that are associated with it. As a result, the budget for promoting the resource is well saved, and the results exceed expectations.

Parsing will help you collect data about the products available on competitors’ websites and their prices, select a semantic core, select the target audience and direct contacts, analyze search results, getting a clear picture of the effectiveness of all those website promotion companies that you have launched previously and not only. But once again we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you cannot do this process without reliable mobile proxies.

Evaluated advertising effectiveness by region

When promoting a website, as well as directly goods and services, a specialist needs to have complete information about how the advertising campaigns he has launched in a particular region work and evaluate their effectiveness. That is, so-called geotargeting is used. With its help, you will be able to analyze the performance of advertising in a particular region, which will allow you to more competently distribute your budget and direct large sums to where you can get the best results. And with the help of geotargeting, you can highlight those regions in which, in principle, your ad should not be shown. This is a very convenient and efficient solution, because why spend money on advertising in those regions where your product is not provided a priori.

That is, geotargeting — this is what will allow you to increase the return on investment in advertising, as well as monitor its effectiveness with reference to a particular region. A number of recommendations will help you optimize your working settings:

  1. Regularly review data on the effectiveness of the launched campaign in a particular region. Having such statistics, you can find out whether your advertising appeared in a particular city, what effect of its use was observed in different regions. That is, this way you will see which direction is completely uninteresting for you. This means that you can simply cross it out of your advertising campaign and thereby minimize your campaign costs.
  2. Regularly redistribute your budget across regions. We have already said that in a particular country and even city, the effectiveness of launched advertising may vary. And here the point may not only be that you did something better for one city than for another. Often the problem is that the potential audience is simply not interested in the products or services that you offer them. That is, you will be able to highlight the most promising areas for further work, increase bids at the keyword level and optimize the budget so that as many impressions as possible are displayed in promising cities. If necessary, you can also create a separate advertising campaign that will work in regions where low effectiveness was identified, but at a lower rate.
  3. Take into account the specifics of the region when composing advertising texts. You must show your audience the uniqueness of your selling proposition for a specific city. These could be discounts on a certain group of products, additional services, extended warranties and anything else that might interest local consumers.
  4. Create a separate landing page for each region. This way you can redirect users exactly to those pages that will be most relevant to them. Thanks to this, they will not have to waste time searching for the necessary information, which will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and help you increase sales.
  5. Be sure to indicate the address of the representative office in a particular region, if there is one. This will be especially true if you work through Google Advertising. Not all modern consumers prefer online shopping. There are those who prefer to go shopping the old fashioned way, checking the product before purchasing it. Moreover, the presence of a city address on the site automatically increases the level of trust on the part of potential buyers. Also, if you specify addresses on objects, you can start targeting these areas and within a certain radius around them. Subsequently, using the bid multiplier, you will be able to set different indicators for a particular region, which will make your advertising settings more flexible and allow you to save on it.
  6. Feel free to discard from consideration those regions where the effectiveness of your advertising is low. If you see that in a particular city the conversion from running advertising is low, immediately exclude these areas from the target list. Similar actions should also be done if you notice that traffic to your site comes from regions that do not suit you for one reason or another.

As you can see, geotargeting allows you to take into account many factors in your work, as well as increase the individuality of launched advertising and its effectiveness. You will always be aware of all changes and will be able to respond to them instantly, achieving your goal step by step. But today, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this work without mobile proxies. You will not be physically able to move across all regions of Russia or other countries of the world in order to launch each of the advertising campaigns. With mobile proxies, you will sit at home or in the office, but the system will identify your work as from the “correct” one. region, city. You can do this by selecting the appropriate geolocation in your personal account. That is, you have worked with one region, then changed the display of your location online to another and now launch advertising for another city or check its effectiveness.

We advise you to additionally read the material Here we describe a tool that will allow you to see what the same page looks like from different GEOs, which will be useful for its SEO optimization.

Joint work of SEO and advertising

Search engine optimization and contextual advertising — These are two areas that complement each other and increase the effectiveness of attracting the target audience to the site. As a result, sales levels increase and business develops. Now here are 7 recommendations that will allow you to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns using SEO tools:

  1. We only take better from our competitors. We already said in the block about data parsing that with its help you can automatically collect important information about other companies operating in the same niche as you, as well as structure it and make it convenient for work. That is, you need to study how your competitors work and borrow the best solutions from them. And one of the most important nuances — collection of key queries. That is, you need to see which phrases are good for your competitors organic traffic. You can implement such an idea through automated applications designed for data parsing. And when analyzing the received keywords, you need to place a bet on those words for which you can get ahead of your competitors and intercept their organic traffic. When doing paid promotion, it is important to take into account indicators such as frequency, phrase complexity, cost per click, and level of competition. Based on these parameters, you will be able to assess the potential of each request and decide on the need to use it in practice. Also, don’t forget to look at how your competitors present themselves on social networks, what kind of advertising they run, and how effective the actions they take are. Choose for yourself something that will allow you to beat other companies and get the most out of your efforts and money.
  2. Check the effectiveness of your competitors' advertising campaigns. The secret of good advertising is quite simple — you need to interest a potential buyer so that he wants to click on your banner and go to the site. The title also plays a significant role in this. It must necessarily contain a keyword relevant to the landing page, a call to action, as well as a number of additional information that will increase CTR and the position of resources in search results. These are the jobs that will require quite serious work from you, performing multiple tests and, accordingly, spending from the budget. But you can optimize this process and reduce material costs to a minimum if you work not by “touch”, that is, by trial and error, but by already knowing from the very beginning what exactly your advertisement should be. And again, this is data parsing, only in this case it will be focused on advertising campaigns launched by your competitors. That is, you need to see what advertisements your competitors are showing, what key request is behind them, and evaluate their effectiveness. Parser programs will provide you with detailed reports containing all this information in a structured form. You just have to work hard and make the best decision for yourself.
  3. Choose the optimal time to post ads. You need to understand what time of day the most users will be able to see your advertising in a particular region. Similar information can be obtained from Google Analytics if you analyze your previous advertising campaign. Just look at the graphs for each region, make notes for yourself during what period of the day the maximum number of users was attracted. That is, this way you will understand at what time your potential target audience is ready to interact with your advertising as effectively as possible. Along with the number of people who click on the ad, it is also advisable to pay attention to the bounce rates. That is, it will not be enough for you to have a person go to the site through advertising. Your first priority — encourage him to take the target action. That is, you need to choose the optimal time to publish an ad based on a combination of two parameters: the maximum number of clicks and the minimum bounce rate.
  4. We optimize landing pages. So, your advertising worked, users go to the company’s website. But their performance of targeted actions directly depends on what exactly they see on the landing page. And here it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, starting from the attractive design of the site and right down to the information that will be revealed to users. It is also important that the advertisement itself and the page to which it leads are relevant to each other, that is, they do not relate to the same key query. Also on this page you need to provide information about those goods and services that a person can purchase from you, contact information, terms of payment for the purchase, current discounts, bonuses. That is, you must interest a potential client and encourage him to walk through the catalog in search of a suitable solution.
  5. Keep an eye on all changes. After you optimize your landing page and run ads on it, you will need to conduct regular monitoring. It is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of advertising, that is, to see the growth and decline of conversion, and make changes and improvements in a timely manner. Thanks to parsers and mobile proxies, you will be able to simultaneously monitor work with several sites and advertising companies, because you will automatically receive notifications about any changes and will be able to immediately respond to them. This means that with minimal investment of time and effort you get maximum results.
  6. Don't forget the importance of URLs. To track the results of a launched advertising campaign, marketers create separate landing pages for a particular company and add an additional UTM tag to their URL. But here you have to be extremely careful to avoid mistakes. In particular, incorrect implementation of a UTM tag in an address can lead to the system indexing both addresses and as a result a duplicate will be identified. As a result, this will lead to a decline in their position in organic search results. This aspect is also very important if you are promoting your products or services in different regions and creating separate landing pages for each city. That is, in any case, it is very important for you to monitor the appearance of duplicates and eliminate them in time.
  7. Constantly monitor the performance indicators of your advertising campaign for each region. We have already talked about the importance of this moment. You must clearly understand what result you get from the chosen strategy and investment and be always ready to make appropriate changes. You can work both through organic search and through paid results, controlling both options. It would also be useful to monitor the positions of your closest competitors for the target query you have chosen in order to make timely changes to your own strategy.

Again, without mobile proxies you will not be able to implement any of these steps. It’s trivial that you won’t be able to use the appropriate programs to automate your actions and increase their efficiency. But here it is very important to choose the right server for subsequent work. The effectiveness of your advertising campaigns across all regions largely depends on its stability, functionality and convenience.

Best mobile proxies for SEO and advertising

We would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that free proxy servers, which today can be easily found in freely available on the Internet — this is not the option you are looking for. The fact is that they have very low stability and functionality, and the addresses that they provide to their clients are often already blacklisted by search engines. This means that connection to them is immediately blocked by the system.

If you don’t want to take risks, choose mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case, you get a personal channel, access to more than a million and a half pool of IP addresses and a huge number of geolocations, which will allow you to effectively promote your products and services in different countries and regions, control the effectiveness of advertising, and use data parsing using specialized software.

Follow the link to learn more about the features such mobile proxies, available geolocation options, current tariffs. You can also take advantage of a two-hour free trial to ensure that this solution is highly effective and reliable before purchasing. If difficulties arise during the work, additional consultations will be required; technical support specialists are available 24 hours a day. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that on the service you can check your Internet speed, determine your current IP address, which is displayed on the network, and also use other tools completely free of charge.

Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service

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