Monetization of content traffic: what is it and how to implement it in practice

Monetization of content traffic: what is it and how to implement it in practice

Monetization of content traffic, or news traffic arbitrage as it is also called, is making money from users dependent on bright, unusual, and sometimes even scandalous news. It works where there is no ad blocker. To attract their attention, the affiliate uses bright teasers, thereby directing them to affiliate programs and receiving certain profits from this.

Like any other vertical, content arbitrage is endowed with a number of distinctive features that you need to know about in order to effectively monetize traffic with their help, thereby ensuring a stable income. Now let's look at this issue in more detail. In particular, we will consider what a news showcase is and how we monetize news traffic. We will give approximate figures for possible earnings on a news storefront and tell you how you can send traffic to it without any risks or restrictions, thereby ensuring yourself a stable income.

What is a news showcase

News showcase — This is a site that presents a variety of content combined with a huge number of advertisements. Alternatively, it can be dedicated to cooking, certain signs, news, horoscopes and everything that most attracts the attention of the user audience. But in parallel with the main content, there will be a lot of advertisements posted here, often those that contain jaundiced character. Some good luck amulets, a miracle cure for various diseases, ways to get rich at the speed of sound, etc.

News showcases work like tabloid newspapers, focusing on hype news, which often has no basis in fact. Moreover, empty articles may be hidden behind a loud title. And their main task is solely to attract attention. We are talking about such a solution as clickbait.

The main task facing such a showcase — reach the attention of as many users as possible. Moreover, their interests can be completely different. Ideally, when selecting content for a news showcase, the interests of several target audiences are simultaneously taken into account. Imagine that you are a gambling fan, you saw news on this topic, went to read it and immediately see an advertisement for some miraculous horseshoe for good luck. To purchase it and ensure stable success for yourself, you just need to follow the required link.

There are no specific and strictly regulated approaches to organizing advertising here. In order to attract and retain the attention of an audience who is interested in yellow news, it is necessary to constantly adjust the strategy, update and refine it. Also, in this case, affiliate marketers are constantly developing and testing new techniques that allow them to attract as much user attention as possible, thereby increasing traffic to the target site and making a good profit from it.

Unlike classic traffic arbitrage, working with news showcases involves redirecting users directly to your own website. Subsequently, it is this traffic that will be monetized. Taking into account the fact that on such resources users are presented with a huge number of advertisements, it will be easier to guess the interests of the user audience. This means that each of the advertisements presented on the platform will definitely find interested users. Those who will make the transition. This means that traffic monetization will be more effective and will give impressive results.

Another distinctive point specific to the news vertical — it's simplicity in the audience selection process. When working with conventional traffic arbitrage, webmasters have to spend a lot of time creating a target portrait of a potential client. Here it was necessary to analyze a large number of sites and services, focus on a large number of criteria in order to accurately guess the interests of the audience and subsequently satisfy them. In the case of the news vertical, everything is much simpler. And this is due to the fact that news topics are interesting to a wide segment of the consumer market. There is no particular need to attract people; they find similar sites themselves, go to them, and follow advertising links. In order to get the maximum effect, it will be enough to simply determine which news is best for users, gives high CTR rates, and already bet on them.

Features of the news showcase

When working with news showcases, the affiliate generates traffic for a specific news item. Material for the user is generated directly during the process of his transition to the site. Content will be created individually each time, depending on the user’s profile and the parameters that are characteristic of him. All this is determined by collecting analytics, like a DMP (Data Management Platform) option. As a result, the system collects and processes parameters received from different sources automatically. It turns out that the more information the system can collect about a particular person, the more comprehensive the portrait of the target audience will be at its disposal. As a result, this or that user will be offered the most relevant content when creating a news showcase.

The sales funnel itself in this case will work in the following sequence:

  • The webmaster generates traffic to one of the current news. We have already said that for the most part it will have “yellow” colors. character, and its title will be clickbait. This means that you need to be prepared for the fact that in reality the user will not find in the news itself what was promised to him in the headline. Everything here is done in order to simply attract a person’s attention and force him to follow the link.
  • After clicking on the news title, the user is taken to the showcase. He does not find the information he is looking for, because the content of the page does not reveal its title. But at the same time, a huge number of advertising banners and teasers are placed around the news. Here are those positions that can interest potential buyers of goods and services. Thanks to reaching the widest possible user audience, it becomes possible to drive traffic with expanded targeting, thereby converting absolutely any user into a lead.
  • The visitor clicks on one or another advertisement and goes to preland offer or on the landing page. After this, one or another target action is performed, such as subscription or placing an order. As soon as the system counts the completed action, the user is redirected to the storefront again. In this case, the webmaster receives a certain amount of money as a reward for the attracted user.

Main types of news showcases

All news showcases that are used today in arbitration can be divided into 3 separate categories:

  1. Small smart displays directly from aggregators. In this case, the content is generated by the Data Management Platform based on the information that the system has collected about a particular user.
  2. Affiliate showcase. In this case, the news showcase is created using special design programs or a set of ready-made templates. It will be fairly standard. Only the content itself will differ.
  3. News showcases from partner networks. In this case, affiliate programs independently form blocks, fill them with relevant information and provide them ready-made to webmasters. In practice, there are often cases when small smart storefronts are immediately integrated into the infrastructure of the CPA network.

Monetization of news storefronts can be carried out based on a large number of models: CPA, CPC, CPM, CPL. Above we have already described an example of how webmasters receive rewards for attracted users based on the CPA model. Other solutions, although they have a number of nuances, will still be quite similar to each other. In any case, money will be provided to the webmaster only after the user completes one or another targeted action. This aspect is prescribed at the stage of drawing up a cooperation agreement between the advertiser and the arbitrator.

Approximate level of income on the news showcase

It is not possible to provide the most accurate earnings figures for webmasters working with news showcases. The fact is that these works have many nuances, starting from what specific target action the advertiser is willing to pay money for and right down to the specifics of the niche in which to work. But in any case, news showcases — This is an option for working with fairly impressive volumes of traffic. Here, the arbitrator practically does not encounter problems at the moderation stage or blocking of the company, which is typical when working with other types of verticals.

At the same time, mass audience coverage gives quite impressive results. Practice shows that in a month of work it is quite possible to earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. At least this is relevant for webmasters who have been working in this niche for quite a long time and are well familiar with its nuances. Those who clearly understand which audience they are targeting in their daily work. Also, the level of earnings is directly related to how many projects will be in work at the same time.

But in any case, we can say with confidence that the news vertical — this is one of the most promising areas in the field of traffic arbitrage.

The nuances of launching traffic to a news showcase

Now that you understand what promising direction in terms of earnings you are dealing with, you can gradually move on to implementing your idea. There are 5 key steps to be carried out systematically:

  1. Choose a suitable showcase for yourself. To work, you can use either existing news sites or create your own solutions literally from scratch using a set of ready-made templates. In this case, the whole process will take you several hours and will ultimately allow you to get an individual solution that best suits your individual wishes and requests. But in this case, the webmaster will have to deal with filling the news site independently. Here you should think about content that can interest the maximum number of user audiences. Negotiations with advertisers, control over the most relevant news, and the formation of the so-called “smart” network are also under independent development. advertising issue. All these works, although not complicated, are quite voluminous and painstaking. This is why many webmasters prefer to deal with ready-made news showcases. In this case, the volume of upcoming work is reduced significantly. That is, the basic material will already be ready, and the specialist will only have to search for an advertiser and communicate with him, setting up traffic.
  2. Choose the optimal geolocation. In order for the strategy to work, so that your news and accompanying advertising attract the attention of as many of your target audience as possible, you need to take into account the real location of users. This is the only way you can guess their interests, offer the material that is guaranteed to interest people, which they cannot pass by. In addition, in each region, traffic indicators may be different depending on its source, the chosen approach and the category of news. In order not to make a mistake at this stage and to get the most from the launched company, it would not be superfluous to involve Internet marketers who are well acquainted with the trends of the local market, the interests and demands of the user audience in completing the task.
  3. Choose the most suitable news. This is one of the most important stages that a webmaster has to implement. It is this that has a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of the launched campaign and, as a result, the level of income that an affiliate can receive. In any case, you must use content that will be of interest not only to the target audience, but also directly to the advertiser. Therefore, at this stage, the target niche is analyzed and the topic of news that is relevant at a given time is determined. Here it would also be useful to resort to the help of Internet marketers who constantly monitor the market and are always aware of the most current trends. So, for example, if we talk about preparing articles for Google, then it makes sense to completely turn off entertainment material. This way you will sort only those audiences that can give your storefront the maximum conversions. The most popular topics for this search engine include calculations of various social benefits, useful tips, such as the benefits of certain products, quick ways to make money, etc. When working with native networks, content devoted to the personal lives of famous people, articles do not lose their relevance about health, beauty, recipes for cooking certain dishes. Along with the most correct, so-called “white content” Provocative clickbait headlines can also be used in news showcases. In the latter case, you can increase your CTR significantly. Here you need to follow one simple rule: the more discussed topic you choose for your news, the greater level of income you can get in the process of driving traffic to it.
  4. We form creativity. News — This is the niche that provides maximum opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas. But it is not possible to say in advance which topic will best suit your source, audience and location. As a result, in practice, arbitrage traders often have to experiment, work out different strategies in order to ultimately get the maximum effect and, accordingly, income. But what approach you choose in this or that case — This is an individual matter, as there are quite a lot of options. For example, you can talk about the features of use and benefits of products that constantly surround us in everyday life, for example, salt, soda, hydrogen peroxide. Stories of famous people often work well, especially those where there are scandals and secrets. People have always been close to the topic of money, in particular income, ways to increase it, etc.
  5. We launch traffic at our own source. We have already said that the news showcase allows you to launch campaigns designed for the widest possible audience with diverse interests and preferences. But in any case, you should focus on indicators such as the cost of traffic, gender and age of the audience. When setting up targeting, you should definitely focus on people’s pains and try to solve them. For example, if you plan to work with people in the 55+ category, then you can safely focus on topics devoted to pension payments, growing certain agricultural crops, various biologically active additives that eliminate certain diseases, improve general health and etc. But at the same time, you can safely exclude such areas as entertainment content, work and education, games, etc. That is, when setting up an advertising campaign, it is important to guess as accurately as possible with your target audience. This way you can immediately cut off uninterested users who will not give you the desired conversion.

To summarize

As you can see, the news showcase — This is a vertical with quite impressive earning potential. At the same time, the process of entering it will be quite simple and minimally costly from a financial point of view. In addition, here you can launch a huge amount of advertising, being sure that it will definitely find its audience and ultimately bring you a good and stable income. That is, you can easily get into the pain points of users and get the widest possible coverage with minimal investment. And at the same time, the likelihood of problems associated with passing moderation is practically eliminated.

But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that each platform that arbitrators have to work with has its own requirements and limitations. In particular, there are both permitted and prohibited sources. And this aspect must be taken into account in the work of every webmaster. News showcases are best suited for working with Google Ads, Yandex Advertising Network, and native advertising networks. These are the solutions that, in practice, provide the highest quality of traffic and, as a result, good and stable profits.

But still, in order to optimize the workflow as much as possible and prevent all sorts of risks and restrictions both when interacting with news resources and with the Internet in general, we recommend connecting additional mobile proxies, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. This is a solution that will significantly simplify and increase the efficiency of working with any traffic arbitration, and will allow you to avoid various blocking and restrictions. This will make your work as simple, reliable and effective as possible.

Among the distinctive features of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service it is worth highlighting:

  • providing each user with a personal channel with unlimited traffic;
  • access to more than two million pool of IP-addresses, which you can change as often as you need;
  • convenient and quick change of IP using a timer in the interval from 2 minutes to 1 hour, or forcefully via API from your personal account;
  • a huge selection of geolocations from more than 32 countries around the world to bypass regional restrictions as quickly and easily as possible;
  • simultaneous operation on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which guarantees secure and confidential work on the network, including in the field of traffic arbitration.

Follow the link to personally familiarize yourself with functional solutions , which you will receive after purchasing mobile proxies. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the service offers a free two-hour trial period, as well as 24-hour technical support services. These are the solutions that will have a positive impact on the functionality, reliability and stability of working with mobile proxies in the future.

We also suggest evaluating the current tariffs. Please note that they directly depend on the period of time you buy a proxy for, as well as the appropriate geolocation. We are confident that after reading all the information, you will be able to choose the option that will be the most productive and effective for you.

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