New items on Pinterest 2024, relevant for those who have a gut feeling

New Pinterest 2024, relevant for those who are in the mood

Pinterest — An extremely popular visual tool today that allows you to find many original ideas, including recipes, inspiration for creating stylish, unusual images, design, and much more. Today, this site offers a huge variety of pins from almost any category, which can become a source of extraordinary ideas for every user. Here you can not only find the pins you like, but also save them on boards in order to get the fastest and easiest access in the future.

But with all this Pinterest — This is also quite a promising platform for those who specialize in generating traffic for nutra. This platform may well become an interesting alternative addition that can significantly increase the effectiveness of your idea. As practice shows, not all webmasters who work in this niche pay attention to Pinterest. They believe that this site is used exclusively by housewives. But all this is clearly a fallacy.

It is enough to analyze user traffic to understand that today Pinterest predominantly represents the solvent category of users, in particular women with a stable income level aged 35+ from Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries. By the way, for those who don’t know, the Tier-1 category includes the most developed and attractive regions for advertisers. Tier-2 — These are countries where people have money, but there is no excess and overload from advertising. That is, both of these categories of countries can rightfully be called ideal for those who would like to attract user traffic to a particular site.

All this allows us to confidently draw conclusions that working through Pinterest is capable of attracting the most solvent categories of buyers of nutra offers. In this review, we will focus on the main points for the Bay in 2024 via Pinterest and highlight the main advantages of this solution. Here are practical recommendations that will allow you to attract your target audience. We will show you how to organize all the work without risks and restrictions, getting the maximum effect from the tasks performed.

Pinterest in 2024: what you need to know about it

The main task assigned to the Pinterest site — this is planning as well as providing various visual content. Here special boards are organized on which pins are uploaded. The pins themselves — they are nothing but pictures or photographs with a title. Thanks to this solution, they rank well both in internal search and through SEO.

One of the most significant advantages of pin — presence of a link in it. If we analyze all the social networks that exist today, Pinterest will be practically the only one that promotes pictures with external links directly in the recommendations feed. So, for example, if you implement something similar on Facebook or VKontakte, you will immediately get a pessimization of impressions and coverage. The fact is that most social networks react extremely negatively to the presence of external links in posts. But on Pinterest, this, on the contrary, is considered the norm.

Pubmasters will be able to embed links to certain offers directly into the link space. At the same time, those users who are interested in this or that pin will be able to go directly from the image to the landing page or to the offer itself.

Initially, this platform was created by entrepreneurs Evan Sharp, Paul Skjar and Ben Silbemann as a source of motivation. They wanted people to find some ideas in it that would encourage them to take certain actions: prepare some original dish, create an unusual fashionable hairstyle, switch to a healthy lifestyle, improve their appearance, etc. At first this was true, but today people have begun to use Pinterest to solve broader problems. Here they not only find inspiration, but also plan purchases, get acquainted with practical recommendations for caring for themselves at a given age, and also get a lot of useful information. This means that the site is in high demand among the audience. So why not take advantage of the opportunities it provides for traffic arbitrage?

Advantages of using Pinterest for marketing

Despite the fact that Pinterest — it is the 14th largest social network in the whole world, it is not in very high demand among people from the CIS countries. But, nevertheless, if we talk about the bourgeoisie, then this site has a huge audience. In particular, today the number of active users of Pinterest around the world has already exceeded 500 million people. Moreover, over 80% of them visit the site every day and discover new products and brands. This means that there are real living people here who can be interested.

The vast majority of the audience — These are women aged 35 years and older. Recent studies have shown that the total number of users is 77%. Moreover, the income level is average and high. Their main interest is in such topics as beauty and health, fashion, family, children. Everything related to a healthy lifestyle is also in high demand. In particular, these are recipes for various healthy dishes, fitness, practical tips and recommendations in the field of proper nutrition, and much more.

A more than significant advantage of using this social network is its multi-platform nature. You will be able to use both the accessible and mobile application. Moreover, recently the site has developed separate browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Edge. With their help, you can very quickly and easily create pins from any image or photo you like.

The advantages of Pinterest as a source of traffic for nutra, including this year, do not end there. This may also include:

  1. Huge user audience. We have already said that content on Pinterest is viewed by people from different countries and parts of the world. Pins will not appear in the feed for a day or two. They will hang there for several weeks and even months. And if it turns out that the pin is successful and there will be multiple clicks on it, then you will receive regular traffic over a very long period of time.
  2. No source fees. Let us immediately note that there are both free and conditionally free usage plans. This means that without any investments or with a low fee, you can work on this site without restrictions. Moreover, if you need to scale, you can create several accounts on this social platform and actively promote them.
  3. Very loyal moderation and algorithms. On this site you will not get a ban for photos in the “before and after” format. and the like. The only thing that is currently prohibited on this site is content in the 18+ category, explicit adult.
  4. Ability to customize targeted advertising. Follow these simple steps to ensure your Pins are only shown to the right audience. As practice shows, you can reach an audience of over 250 million people with the help of a well-run advertising campaign. Here we are talking directly about a global audience. But if you know how and where to target a particular advertising campaign, you will get a much more impressive effect.
  5. Can be used not only as the main one, but also as an additional platform to other traffic sources. Making the settings here will take a minimum of time. Then all you have to do is publish literally a couple of pins every day and track their statistics. A more convenient work solution would be to add Yandex.metrics or another analytics service to your website. With its help, you can track exactly how many people will come to your resource from Pinterest.

When working with Pinterest, it is also important not to forget about the main purpose of this site — searching for original and creative ideas. That is, you can not only drive traffic to your own offers, but also find inspiration for subsequent work, in particular the preparation of new material. And in order to get your bearings in the variety of solutions presented and understand which pins are in high demand among the audience, you just need to analyze the content available on the site, in particular the number of comments. The more of them there are, the more popular the material in front of you. This means that it is precisely this that you should focus on when choosing ideas for your publications.

And such an analysis should start with the recommendations feed. Often this is where such solutions are presented. You can use the ideas received not only on Pinterest, but also on other platforms: interesting ideas and modern solutions will be popular everywhere. But we would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that Pinterest strictly monitors its privacy policy and plagiarism. If you do not want to be subject to a ban or any other restrictions or sanctions, then in any case you will have to unique the material before posting it.

How to attract your target audience on Pinterest: suitable ideas to download

If you are already familiar with this social network, then you probably know that it allows you to upload not only static pictures, but also video content. In particular, these can be various videos, clips, gifs, vertical videos. But static images can be both vertical and horizontal.

If you wish, you can easily combine all your creatives and pins on this site into separate boards dedicated to the same topic. In addition, there is no limit on the number of boards with pins per account. That is, if you specialize in the topics of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to create separate boards for recipes, for sports, for general recommendations, etc. Such a solution will be convenient not only for you, but also for users, as it will allow structure information, divide it visually into separate blocks.

Due to the presence of titles in pins, they will be indexed quite well. Moreover, this is relevant not only for the site itself, but also for search engines in general. That is, you will be able to attract organic traffic, including from browsers.

What exactly should you publish on this social network? Yes, in principle, absolutely any pictures, photos, videos, including those from your website, from stock photos. You can add infographics and materials from third-party resources here. But it is important not to forget about uniqueness and aesthetics: Pinterest — is a social network for visual people. That is, you should focus on people who can be attracted by exceptionally beautiful and high-quality images. Make your photos as clear as possible, pay attention to their processing. Just try to maintain naturalness and attractiveness as much as possible. Otherwise, you won't get the maximum response from your audience.

Now that you know about the features of the Pinterest social network, its advantages, and you understand what materials can be published here, it’s time to get straight to work. In particular, now we will pay attention to how to pour on nutra from Pinterest.

New Pinterest 2024

So that you can finally be convinced of how technologically advanced, functional and efficient the solution is in front of you, and how many opportunities the Pinterest platform provides for ordinary users and arbitrage traders, we suggest that you briefly familiarize yourself with the new products that have appeared here this year:

  1. Pin ideas. They are pins consisting of several slides, which makes them similar to a stories feed. This is a solution that can increase views, because Pinterest itself is actively promoting these solutions in practice. Moreover, such carousels increase ease of use, allow you to share links, and have step-by-step instructions. At the very end of such a Pin idea, an additional slide automatically appears, which provides a description of the profile. That is, you will have more opportunities to interest visitors and invite them to go to this or that page for a more detailed acquaintance with goods or services.
  2. Video pins. We have already said that this solution is actively used in Pinterest in 2024. It cannot be called a new product, since this format has existed for quite a long period of time. But, nevertheless, this year it is actively gaining momentum in popularity. Video pins can be presented either in a classic solution or in the form of animation. Such a solution will be especially effective in practice for those users who create certain products. This way you can show the production process itself to further convince users of the reliability and quality of your products. To understand whether this pin format is right for you or not, run it in test mode and analyze the statistics. If you see that the indicators are good, that you managed to interest the target audience, then you can further work in this direction. But still, you shouldn’t completely switch to video pins. A more reliable solution — This is an alternation of classic photo publications and video materials.
  3. Try it. One of the new products that appeared in product pins. In this case, it is assumed that AR augmented reality filters will be used. This allows users to virtually “try on” items. the products they see in front of them. This new product will be especially useful for those who offer ideas for creating stylish looks: hairstyle, makeup, clothes, etc.

As you can see, although there are few new products, they open up new opportunities for both users and those who work in traffic arbitrage: you get many solutions to attract an even larger user audience. Experiment, and you will definitely find something on Pinterest that you can really attract a new audience and retain the interest of regular users.

Let’s get started with Pinterest: practical recommendations

The first thing you need to do in order to receive profit from the social network Pinterest is to register your own account. To do this, you will need a couple of minutes of time and a few clicks if you use Gmail email or by logging in through the Google search engine. We would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that you can switch to a business account from the very beginning. And completely free. This solution will allow you to subsequently track statistics on your own pins, those that are viewed most often. Thanks to this, you will be able to instantly respond to changes, making appropriate adjustments, changing your own promotion strategy.

Switching to a business account will require you to enter a number of personal information. In particular, you will need to indicate the type of your professional activity, as well as tick the box that agrees with the current rules of the social network and select the goals that you set for yourself when working with this platform. The benefits of a business account also include tracking and managing advertising campaigns. To solve these problems, a special announcement messenger is used. You will also be able to view analytics and take part in certain special offers and promotions.

The effectiveness of working with the Pinterest social network largely depends on how correctly you complete the basic settings, in particular, initially you will need to enter information about yourself, fill out a profile, including adding an avatar. In order for your account to be found through external search, include in your profile description those key queries that will be specific to your case.

Also, before starting work, you need to understand what target audience you plan to attract. This means that you must clearly understand what topics and ideas will be of interest to your users. To do this, you can study the materials of your competitors, visit their boards and thematic collections, and subsequently analyze them. This way you can understand what material is most interesting to the audience.

Another option is to determine your target audience — This means publishing at least ten or even twenty pins every day for a certain period of time. This will be a kind of test. That is, you will understand which solutions evoke a greater response from the user audience, which ones receive more clicks. If you already have a fairly well-developed account on a social network, then you can publish more materials daily. Next, all you have to do is use the analytics service to see the statistics and decide on your next strategy for working with Pinterest.

Those people who have been working with this social platform for a long time recommend initially uploading their pins to private boards. In this case, the system will perceive such actions as if you were collecting materials for personal use. This means that you will not cause any suspicion to the site’s algorithm and will be able to avoid a shadow ban. Later, when your account warms up a little, you will be able to make these boards public, that is, you will open them to the audience.

The site statistics will also display clicks on external links. And here the pattern is quite simple: the more similar transitions, the better it is for your account. This will indicate to the system that your materials are in high demand among the audience. This means that your materials will be at the top of the search results and will not be deleted by the system for a long period of time.

Technical requirements for Pinterest creatives

Today, the Pinterest social network has a number of simple requirements for posted materials. Everything here is quite simple and logical:

  • All photo and video content must be of high quality. This will allow users to examine your material in detail and grasp the idea that you wanted to convey to them.
  • The weight of photographic material should be no more than 20 MB, while posting a video up to 200 MB is allowed. If your content has higher technical parameters, the system simply will not be able to process and publish it.
  • Pictures in formats such as jpg, gif are allowed for publication. The only available video format — this is .mp4. There are no other options given here, so please consider these points in advance.
  • Prohibition on publishing 18+ content. We have already talked about this above. The platform will not allow such materials. But erotic images quite often still go through moderation. This means that with their help you can test the drain for adult gut.

The pin preparation process itself is quite simple and intuitive. Initially, you will need to fill out the title column, and then enter a brief description. It is also mandatory to include standard tags and enter a link to the target site. As in the title itself, as well as in the description, it is recommended to use keywords so that search engines return a link to your Pin in response to a corresponding user query.

Another useful recommendation — Combine your creatives into a separate board. This is what will create sufficient order in your profile and make the material easier and easier to understand. Put yourself in the shoes of your user: you go to this or that profile and see in front of you scattered materials or a well-thought-out system of boards dedicated to a particular topic. Which option will you choose for yourself? Most likely the second one, because it is more convenient and practical. You will be able to combine into a board not only your own uploaded pins, but also materials from other users that you liked and decided to keep for yourself. The boards themselves can be made either public or private. In the latter case, you will hide them from view for third-party users, while only a limited category of people will have access. Another available format — this is a collaborative board on which pins from different users will be posted, often on the same topic.

Additional recommendations when working with Pinterest

The social network Pinterest has been in stable and high demand for quite some time among many Internet marketers and traffic arbitrage specialists. And people who have already delved into all the features of working with this platform highlight a number of main points that novice specialists should take into account. In particular, we are talking about such recommendations:

  1. Be sure to add key queries to titles and descriptions. We have already said that this is necessary in order for your pins to be displayed not only on Pinterest, but also directly in search results. Here you can use both high-frequency and low-frequency queries. But still, the best option would be a combination of them. This means that you take the main request and add a “tail” to it: part from the low frequency. You can also add similar keys to board titles and tags.
  2. Think over your text to the smallest detail. It should be short, but structured and logically constructed. Here you can use lists, break them into paragraphs, add certain reactions and even emoticons. The context itself should be aimed at attracting the attention of the user audience and encouraging people to click on the links. But still, the main emphasis in any case will be on the picture itself. That is, the text — This is just an addition to the description.
  3. High aesthetics. We have already said that Pinterest is aimed at people with high visual perception. This means that the pictures should be of good size, concise, clear, and attractive. Please note that most people will view them from the screens of their smartphones. This means focusing on exactly the element you want to show.
  4. Correct design. Organize your pins into thematic boards, add useful instructions, tips, recommendations to the description, and highlight the main advantages of your offer. In practice, the inclusion of infographics gives a good result. Experiment, look at the reaction of users and subsequently develop a strategy for the design of each pin that will be as convenient as possible, primarily for the user audience.
  5. Do not use complex, intricate images or flowery phrases in the description. Your pin should be simple and basic to understand. That is, it should be enough for a person to simply look at it to understand what is in front of him, what information you wanted to convey. Even if the topic is highly specialized, do not write in abstruse language. Express your thoughts in simple and understandable words. This is the only way you can build friendly interaction with your audience. Simplicity and consistency are always a priority.
  6. Be sure to use CTA. Anyone who views your pin may not immediately understand that they have the opportunity to follow a link and get to your website or some other site. This means that he needs to be unobtrusively pushed to such an action. The same recommendations will work here as on any other sites. In particular, make a subtle hint about a promotion or discount, ease of use, benefit, safety.

Using these simple recommendations in practice, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your work on the Pinterest site and attract as many users as possible to the target resource.

To summarize

If we sum up everything we talked about in this review, we can draw a clear conclusion: this year, Pinterest not only is not losing, but on the contrary, it is gaining momentum in popularity among the most solvent categories of users. Those who clearly understand their financial capabilities and their own desires and preferences. This means that you can safely use this site as an alternative traffic for nutra. We have listed the most popular trends that exist today on this site. You can use them as a source for creativity, for testing, and also for receiving additional profit.

But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that not every user will be able to work directly with this social platform. And the main problem here — presence of regional restrictions. In order to use this platform and work without restrictions from any country in the world, you will just need to connect mobile proxies to your work, as an option from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case you get:

  • high level of anonymity when browsing the Internet: the personal technical parameters of your device will be securely hidden from public access;
  • reliable protection against any unauthorized access, hacker attacks: without knowing your IP-address, attackers will not be able to access your device;
  • stable and functional operation thanks to simultaneous operation on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which is implemented by connecting to parallel ports;
  • the ability to change geolocation directly in the workflow, which will allow you to bypass regional restrictions;
  • absence of various limits: each user is provided with a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic.

You will have over 2 million real IP-addresses at your disposal: those that Internet providers allocate to their users in the workflow. This allows you to avoid all sorts of risks and access blocks, including when working with multiple accounts. All this allows us to confidently say that with mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service you can ensure the most stable and functional work not only with the Pinterest site, but also with any sites in general. Follow the link to learn more about the functionality of mobile proxies , evaluate the availability of tariffs, and also take advantage of a free 2-hour test. This way, even before purchasing a proxy, you can evaluate all the advantages of this solution.

Another point that I would like to draw your attention to is the presence of a large number of built-in services that, if desired, anyone can use completely free of charge. In particular, we are talking about determining the IP-address, Internet speed, availability and ports, services such as anticloaking, as well as a number of others solutions.

If difficulties arise during your work, or if you need additional advice and professional assistance, contact the technical support service, which operates 24/7, including on weekends and holidays. All problems are resolved promptly, and you can get back to work with minimal time wasted.

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