Ping as an important indicator in the work of mobile proxies

Ping as an important indicator in the operation of mobile proxies

Using the Internet has become commonplace and familiar for most people. We go online in order to find the information we need, purchase certain goods and services, and find interesting entertainment content. For many people, the Internet today has become a place of constant professional activity. But at the same time, working online is gradually becoming more and more difficult. And the main reason here — the presence of a huge number of restrictions, prohibitions that were established by certain services, providers, and legislation of different countries of the world.

The number of sites blocked from access is increasing every day. Certain resources, including those that are quite in demand, are tightening user agreements, banning a huge number of accounts on social networks, on bulletin boards, as well as many other services. All this makes users think about how they can bypass these restrictions, thereby providing themselves with the widest possible functionality when working on the network. And one of the most effective, simple and convenient solutions in this situation — these are mobile proxies.

Now let's look in more detail at what you, as a user, will get from this solution. Let us highlight one of the key parameters responsible for the quality of work of such intermediary servers, in particular ping. We will tell you why it is so important and what it depends on, we will describe how to check it and what to do if the numbers obtained turn out to be high. We will also tell you where to buy reliable mobile proxies with low ping. Now about everything in more detail.

Features of Internet connection through mobile proxies

Using mobile proxies when working with the Internet — an effective, stable and reliable solution that will allow:

  • ensure high levels of anonymity on the Internet and prevent all kinds of unauthorized access, including hacker attacks;
  • connect to the Internet as a user from any other country in the world, which will be an excellent option when you need to bypass regional restrictions and blocking;
  • avoid being banned by anti-fraud systems, including social networks, while simultaneously working with a large number of accounts and using tools that automate online actions.

All this is ensured by connecting an additional link to the work, in particular an intermediary server, which will become the connecting element between you and the Internet. It will pass through the entire data flow both forward and backward, while replacing the unique IP address of your device, and with it the location, with its own technical parameters. They will be real, that is, they will not cause any suspicion in the system, but at the same time they will have nothing to do with you as the end user.

At the same time, your browser history, cookies and many personal data that could fall into the hands of attackers and be used against you will be hidden from the system. Thanks to location substitution, access to absolutely any sites and services from different countries and regions of the world is provided. For example, today Russian users are denied access to various gaming services around the world, postal services, video hosting sites, social networks and more. The list of resources subject to Roskomnadzor bans can be discussed for a very long time. And in this list there will definitely be those solutions that would be convenient in your work. This means that the use of mobile proxies is advisable and completely justified for a wide segment of the consumer market.

Increased ease of use is ensured by the fact that you can connect mobile proxies via browser, operating system, thereby anonymizing your work on the network as a whole, and use them when working with individual services, including the same email services, instant messengers, programs.

But it will be possible to provide all this functionality and convenience only if you have a truly reliable and stable intermediary server at your disposal. We will talk about how to choose this option below. But in any case, one of the most important aspects in the process of choosing mobile proxies will be the ping time. This is how you can understand how convenient a particular proxy server will be for your work.

What is ping?

Ping – This is the server response time in response to a user request. This parameter will include three key attributes:

  1. Latency. This parameter refers to the time between sending a question and receiving an answer.
  2. RTT. This is the time it takes to send a message, as well as the time it will take for the server to acknowledge receipt of the message. It is also called “round trip time.”
  3. Packet loss. We are talking about the number of sent packets that never reached their destination. Mainly displayed as a percentage of the total number of requests sent. That is, if out of 100 packets sent, 10 do not reach their destination, then they say that the packet loss is 10%.

Now that you know what ping is and what parameters it includes, you can move on to explaining why it is so important to both business representatives and ordinary users.

Why is Ping so important?

A parameter such as ping is constantly monitored by the system and will be very important for:

  • Internet surfing. When a user goes online, searches for certain sites, and visits them, then in this case ping will have a direct impact on the loading speed of certain resources. And if this indicator turns out to be high, then the pages will load quite slowly, and responses to sent requests will also be sent with a noticeable delay. This brings discomfort and inconvenience to the work, and in most cases leads to users simply leaving this resource and moving to others where the response time will be shorter. But high latency itself does not have a direct connection with the speed of loading content, since it directly reflects the speed with which the request itself is sent. That is, it is important to understand that sending a request and downloading content – These are different parameters operating under different protocols from a technical point of view. Although in the end, in any of the options, the convenience for users will leave much to be desired. This is especially true for multimedia content, including pictures, videos, live online broadcasts, etc.
  • Working on the Internet. If you work remotely or use certain online services, then high ping will also have a negative impact on the intensity of work duties and their quality. In this case, a significant part of the working time will be spent simply waiting for an answer. If the work involves constant monitoring of the performance of certain resources and requires an instant response to changes in a number of parameters, then such delays will significantly reduce the functionality of the work and increase the number of errors. And this is something that should not be allowed in work.
  • Online games. It is in this segment that conversations about ping occur most often. And this is quite understandable, since here the efficiency of interaction – this is one of the key parameters. Users whose ping is high will experience freezes and game slowdowns in the game. They can lead to the fact that the enemy has time to perform a series of actions that will ultimately lead to your loss. This problem is relevant for both individual and team play. And here players are trying to reduce ping to a minimum, because this will have a direct impact on their success in online games.
  • Stable and efficient operation of the site. The ping indicator is important not only for users, but also for resource owners. This is relevant for cases when the problem is hidden directly in the server on which the site is hosted. And there may be several reasons for this, including low bandwidth, excessively high load on one hardware device, problems in software settings, hosting, and a number of other parameters. But ultimately, all of this has a negative impact on the user experience. If the owner of a resource wants as many people as possible to visit it, both ordinary visitors and buyers of goods and services, then he must worry about minimizing ping.

As you can see, such a parameter as response time is very important in many areas and when performing various types of work on the Internet. This means that it must be constantly monitored and appropriate adjustments made if the need arises. But how do you know whose side the problem is on? It will be possible to correct the situation only if you clearly understand what is the reason for the high ping.

TOP parameters that affect ping

The response time of a website or service can be significantly influenced by various parameters. And in order to eliminate this problem directly in a specific case, you need to understand its main cause. The main parameters that influence ping include:

  1. Internet connection speed. The faster your Internet works, the less time the system will need to transfer packets along the server chain – client. This is a completely reasonable and understandable phenomenon. That is, to improve your ping, bet on a good Internet provider. Pay attention to the packages it offers, in particular the speed.
  2. Channel congestion. Any channel through which requests will go and responses will be returned will in any case have its own bandwidth. The system will not be able to provide more than these indicators even with great desire. And it’s one thing if only one person uses this channel, and it’s different with everyone if we are talking about a sufficiently large number of people working through the same channel. In the latter case, the bandwidth will be evenly distributed among each user. And if one of them exceeds the limits allocated to him, then other people using the same channel will experience freezing, slowdowns, and long waits for loading.
  3. Stability of operation of communication lines and hardware located in routing nodes. Today, in the process of organizing user access to the Internet, providers use different types of communication lines and various equipment. And each of them has a number of conditions under which they will work unstably. In particular, the ping of 3G, WI-FI networks, and GPRS is significantly influenced by weather conditions and the current air traffic load. If twisted pair is used, then the problem may be in the length of the cable. If it is too large, it may lead to delays in signal transmission. As a result, users experience signal loss and repeated packet transmissions. When using fiber optic lines, the problem may be hidden in overheating of the SFP modules located in the switches. This will also contribute to high packet loss.
  4. Network equipment hosted by telecom operators and Internet service providers. In particular, we are talking about routers and switches. Like any other hardware, there can also be problems associated with exceeding the permissible throughput of the switching fabrics installed in them, as well as excessive filling of ARP tables. Problems can also occur at ports. Practice shows that routers have the fewest problems, while switches are more prone to them. But there is still a possibility of gaps in the routes, which will entail the need to rebuild them. All routing algorithms that are used in modern technologies — dynamic. And they are characterized by such a parameter as convergence time, that is, the maximum possible time that the equipment will require in order to reconfigure all the routes that pass through it. But still, this largely depends on how reliable the channels of a particular provider will be.
  5. Network routes are already directly within the Internet. Many problems associated with high ping rates can be eliminated by adjusting the traffic itself. If you change the route correctly, you can bypass problematic nodes and communication lines. The work of modern Internet users is organized with the network through a large number of diverse routes and servers. And if it turns out that one or another solution is not working at the moment, then the system should instantly and automatically rebuild these routes, directing them through other lines and equipment. And how quickly this will be implemented directly depends on the provider, on how responsibly he approaches his work.

Which route will be optimal in a given case can be influenced not only by the provider, but also by the end user himself. If you are not satisfied with the solutions offered by your Internet provider, you can make the appropriate adjustments to them yourself, setting up the option that fully meets your wishes. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you will not be able to implement this without mobile proxies. Only with their help will it be possible to choose the appropriate routes.

Now we move on to the issue of checking the ping and speed of the proxy server. Now we’ll show you how to determine these parameters. The information obtained will allow you to select the best mobile proxies for subsequent work on the Internet.

Checking the ping and speed of the proxy server

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the ping — this is not only an indicator responsible for the speed of the system’s response to a user request. This is also a separate command that allows you to check the network. It is implemented in most operating systems that are used in practice today. In particular, it is available in Windows, Linux, macOS. That is, you will only need to enter the ping command into the command line of your operating system to check the server response time. In response to your actions, the operating system try to contact the servers, focusing on the specified address. The result of the work performed will be displayed on the command line. It will contain the response time, the amount of data transferred and lost packets, connection stability, as well as a number of related information.

In order for you to be able to check the ping time of a particular proxy server you have chosen, you will need to perform work in the following sequence:

  1. Press the Win + R buttons on your keyboard simultaneously. This will activate the command line on your computer. After this, a small window will open in front of you, where you will be asked to enter the name of the program, folder, documents or Internet resource that you want to open. Here you enter the “cmd” command in the empty column. After that, click on the OK button, or you can simply click on the “Enter” key. on your keyboard.
  2. After this, the system will prompt you to enter data to check the ping. In this case, since you are checking the speed of interaction of the proxy server, you will need to enter its IP address, and then click on the “Enter” button.
  3. A few seconds of waiting and in the active window you will see information about the response time of a particular proxy server, as well as information about the number of lost packets.

If it turns out that the test results indicate that the signal reception/transmission time is quite significant, then it is not possible to talk about the reliability, stability and ease of working with such proxy servers. High indicators that should be avoided include ping times above 110 ms. This indicator will be critical for online games and many other online activities.

This command is also used to perform network diagnostics if problems are observed with the Internet. The relevant information will be displayed in the results that the operating system will give you.

Using the built-in capabilities of operating systems – This is far from the only opportunity to check server response time and diagnose the network as a whole. To solve this problem, modern developers also offer a fairly large number of specialized online services that allow you to test the performance of the system, including determining ping and Internet speed.

Use online tools to determine ping

Now we’ll tell you how to do this work using a tool such as Internet speed test from the MobileProxy.Space service. This is one of the simplest and most convenient solutions to use, allowing you to literally determine in just a few seconds both the ping itself and the incoming and outgoing Internet speed, as well as such a parameter as jitter. It also affects the stability of the Internet connection. The higher the jitter value appears, the worse the connection stability will be. This online service is quite simple to operate and does not require any knowledge or skills from you. In addition, it is free to use, which many users will appreciate. So, we perform the actions in the following sequence:

  1. We go to the online service and click on the large white triangle located inside the red circle under the inscription “Speed Test”. This is enough to start the verification process.
  2. A few seconds of waiting, and you will be shown data on the connection speed, including ping, as well as download and upload speeds.

To understand how well the proxies you choose will work, you will need to perform 2 checks — one without using a proxy server, and the second after connecting it. This way you can see indicators that are relevant both for your regular home Internet and for the proxy server. By comparing the indicators, you can see how the use of a proxy affects the ping, whether the connection process will be faster due to the fact that the signals are sent along a different route, where unreliable and slow network nodes are excluded. If it turns out that by using a proxy server you have improved your performance, then this option is worthy of attention and you can take it into your arsenal. If the situation is the opposite, then you will have to look for another solution.

What to do if the ping is high?

We have already said that for online games and many other online activities, a ping rate of over 100 ms will no longer be suitable. When assessing an Internet connection, they say that a high ping rate will be if in the measurement results you see an indicator of 300 ms or more. In this case, we can say with confidence that there is a problem with the Internet connection. If it turns out that the ping is constantly changing, and in a fairly wide range, then there is also a problem on the side of the server or the provider itself. So what to do in this situation? Here are some recommendations that will help you understand this problem and fix it:

  • Check your Internet and router settings in particular. We cannot exclude the possibility that the problem is hidden precisely in them. Perhaps your router can no longer handle the speed you load it with, or there were errors in its configuration. There is also a possibility that the data transmission channel itself will be overloaded, which is important for cases when several routers operate at the same frequency. A similar problem often arises in apartment buildings, where a fairly large number of neighboring routers can operate at the same frequency. For the most part, this problem can be corrected by simply rebooting the router, which will lead to an automatic change in its frequency. But we cannot exclude the possibility that more serious work with the settings may be required, or even replacement of the router.
  • Pay attention to what Internet tariff you are using. Today, providers offer users a fairly wide variety of tariffs, including promotional ones. In particular, you may be offered to use a more expensive tariff for the price of an inexpensive one for several months, and after this time you will automatically be transferred to a budget option with a low speed. That is, check the current tariff. And if it turns out that this is the problem, then it’s worth purchasing another option. It may be more expensive, but working on the Internet with its help will be more comfortable and convenient for you.
  • Contact your internet service provider. If you are convinced that everything is in order with your router, if before this you were completely satisfied with the Internet speed, and the problem appeared recently, then there is a possibility that the difficulties are on its side, in particular on the hosting or server. You, for your part, will not be able to solve this problem, since this is the direct task of the service provider. If you contacted a reliable provider, then there is a chance that such a problem will be resolved in the near future. Those service providers who care about their own reputation always think about the comfort of their clients.
  • Use special optimizer programs. Gamers should pay attention to this decision. Today there are products on the Internet that can slightly improve ping rates and stabilize the Internet connection as a whole.
  • If the problem occurs with only one of the resources, while the others work without failure, then most likely the problem is in the site itself. There is nothing you, as a user, can do to fix it. You just have to wait until the owner of the resource solves this problem on his own.
  • Use mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case, you get not only the most stable and functional Internet experience, but also minimal ping rates, and, accordingly, high Internet speed. Such a solution will be very convenient to use both for ordinary users who find the information and entertainment content they need on the Internet, and for Internet marketers, arbitrators, and other specialists for whom the Internet has become a place to earn money. Fans of online games, sports betting and more will also be able to appreciate the benefits of their use.

By choosing mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, you get the best solution in terms of functionality and reliability. Follow the link to get acquainted with the functions and capabilities of such servers, evaluate current tariffs for your region. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the workflow you will be able to change the IP-address from a pool of more than two million as often as the need arises via a link from your personal account. It is also possible to set up an automatic shift using a timer in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour. If you need to bypass regional restrictions, you can choose the most suitable country and mobile operator for yourself and make a replacement with just one click.

You can verify the high functionality and convenience of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service during a free two-hour test. You will also have a 24-hour technical support service at your disposal, instantly responding to user requests and eliminating identified malfunctions and malfunctions.

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