Promoting TikTok accounts with Promote: fast, easy, effective

Promoting TikTok accounts with Promote: fast, easy, efficient

Today, the social network TikTok is in high demand among many users of different ages. If at the time of its creation it was more focused on teenagers, today adults can also find interesting content on its pages. All this contributed to the fact that the account owners began to pay quite a lot of attention to such an issue as the promotion of TikTok. To achieve this goal, various advertising tools are used. Now let's focus on one of them — promote. It was created specifically to attract new subscribers to personal pages, expand the community of companies, etc.

Now let's take a closer look at what this tool provides for Internet marketers, and tell you how to work with it to get the most out of TikTok promotion. We'll show you a tool that will allow you to scale your online activities without the risk of getting banned.

What is the essence of Promote in promoting TikTok

If we talk about the Promote advertising tool in relation to the TikTok social network, then one of its main purposes – attracting new customers by increasing the popularity of videos from business accounts. With its help, both small and fairly large companies can draw attention to their products or services. And it will also help increase the number of community subscribers and, accordingly, increase targeted traffic to the official website. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity, if only because it is quite simple in settings and subsequent use, but at the same time it gives very good results in practice.

Now let's dwell in more detail on the main nuances of working with the Promote tool when promoting.

How to set up Promote to promote TikTok

Now let's take a look at a series of steps that you have to put into practice with the Promote tool in order to effectively promote business accounts on TikTok. You will:

  1. Select video. The success of the whole idea largely depends on how well you select the video material to promote your business page. The best solution in this situation would be a video that is already in your account and received from visitors the maximum number of likes, views, comments, reposts. In any case, this material must be publicly available and not infringe copyright. The more original the video is, the more response it will cause from the target audience. All this applies to both the video itself and its soundtrack. The information that you provide to users must be truthful, and not just beautiful. You will learn a lot of useful information for yourself from the material «Video Marketing Advanced Techniques».
  2. Set the settings that will help promote the page. Everything is quite simple here. You need to go to your profile page and in the upper right corner find the "Settings and Privacy" tab. We go into it, and then select the option "Tools for the author". Here we are interested in such a button as "Promote". At this stage, it is very important to understand what goal you set for yourself when promoting TikTok. Perhaps you want to get more video views, increase the number of subscriptions, improve traffic to your company's target website. Depending on this, we mark the appropriate option. Now you can create a budget, as well as a time frame for performing these actions. It is also important here to decide on the portrait of the target audience, namely, whom you want to attract with a launched advertising campaign. When all the settings are done, you need to wait until the TikTok service checks your advertising campaign and gives approval to launch it.
  3. Control the effectiveness of video ads. Once your TikTok promotion campaign is approved, all you have to do is monitor the performance of your video ads. Here it is important to constantly monitor how many users from the network it attracts daily, whether the trend is decreasing. A similar option is included in the Promote toolkit. To do this, you need to go to the main page of your account, pay attention to the upper right menu and find the "Tools for the author" tab in it, and in it the "Analytics" option.

As you can see, everything here is simple and intuitive. TikTok promotion through Promote will require a minimum of time and effort from you. But still, success largely depends on how correctly you determine the goal of the promotion.

TikTok promotion goal recommendations

Like preparing any other advertising campaign, it is also very important to develop a TikTok promotion strategy from the very beginning. That is, you must understand what goals you are facing at this stage, and only after that find ways to solve them. We have already talked above about the main goals that are currently implemented in the Promote for TikTok tool. You can find them in the "Promotion settings" block. Now let's look at each of them in more detail:

  1. More views. This option — the choice for those who set themselves the task of increasing brand awareness, providing the target audience with detailed information about the activities of the company as a whole. Increasing the number of views of your video on TikTok — this is one of the ways to actively interact not only with the target audience, but also directly with your account and all other posts that are placed in it. If you manage to interest one or another person with a running company, then there is a high probability that he will be more deeply interested in your business, log into your account again, look at previously posted posts, and evaluate how other visitors reacted to them. If you like the content, there is a high probability of subscribing, placing comments likes. It is also important to indicate in the profile biography also a link to the official website of your company. It is highly likely that after getting to know a business account on TikTok, a person will also go to your resource for further acquaintance.
  2. More subscribers. This tool — the choice of those who plan to increase engagement in their audience, which as a result will increase the number of sales. It will be useful both for novice business representatives, for those who are just entering the market, launching new products or services, and for those who are already stable enough to attract new customers. Subscriber Growth — this is what forms a reliable basis for subsequent long-term development and, accordingly, obtaining additional profit.
  3. More website visits. We have already mentioned that Promote, when promoting TikTok, also provides the opportunity to direct members of the target audience directly to your company's website. In this case, when setting up an advertisement, you need to enter a link to the main page of your resource and activate the Call-to-Action button: "Register", "Learn more", "Contact us", "Buy" etc. There are a lot of options, and if we talk about the very principle of action, then it is quite similar to the solution implemented in Instagram.

If you wish, you can set up separate advertising campaigns for each of the promotion goals. So you can compare which of the options gives the best result and subsequently use it already.

Advanced Promote features for TikTok promotion

Before launching this advertising campaign, you must understand that all the videos that you will promote using Promote — this is part of the paid coverage. Targeted custom feeds will show them as Promoted. Additional features of this interface include the display of targeted advertising. This process can be implemented in two modes:

  1. Automatic. It involves showing a commercial only to the audience of people who may be interested in your services or products. The collection of potential customers is carried out by the social network algorithm, taking into account the interests of a particular user.
  2. Custom. Here you can configure targeted advertising yourself. You can set the gender, age, preferences and other parameters of the users that your ad is aimed at.

Take advantage of new features today

Promote tool — this is a fairly new solution in the online advertising market, including for the promotion of TikTok. Here it is worth considering also the peculiarity of the algorithms of this social network. They are focused on showing users the material they are looking for. Therefore, if you have a product or service at your disposal that may be of interest to a wide audience, then why not tell about it. The effectiveness of this solution has already been repeatedly tested in practice and the results were quite impressive. Perhaps it's time for you to try it in practice.

But here it is important to understand that the maximum effect of the promotion of TikTok, as well as in another social network, largely depends on how many profiles are being worked on, how comprehensive and versatile the approach to developing a strategy as a whole is. But the restrictions that are relevant today in many social networks. And on the Internet as a whole, they do not allow you to perform all these actions as efficiently and comprehensively as possible. So, for multi-accounting you can get a ban. It is not possible to collect information from sites to which access is prohibited for you at the regional level. Also, one should not forget about such moments as the security of networking, confidentiality of actions, etc.

To minimize all these shortcomings, to ensure the most stable and functional work on the network without any restrictions, including when promoting TikTok, an additional connection of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will help. You can learn more about this product at

The advantages of private mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service

By choosing mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, you get a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic and access to more than 1,300,000 IP-addresses. These are different countries and regions, cellular network operators. You can easily set up an automatic IP change by timer, or you can force the address to change every time you need it (performed through your personal account and a special link). Such mobile proxies simultaneously work on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which is implemented by connecting them to ports in parallel. Also, directly in the workflow, it will be possible to change the operator of cellular networks and geolocation in order to bypass regional blocking.

Having such mobile proxies at your disposal, you get:

  • complete anonymity of the network, maintaining the confidentiality of personal data;
  • protection against any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks, distribution of malware;
  • guaranteed circumvention of regional blocking, the possibility of regional promotion of goods and services;
  • simple organization of work in multithreaded mode, including the use of programs for automating actions on the network;
  • 24/7 technical support that quickly responds to user requests to help resolve the issue.

For more questions, please see the FAQ section. Perhaps you will find answers to them here. If not, please contact the MobileProxy.Space service managers for advice.

Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service

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