Proxy for VK Like: why do you need it and how to set it up?

Proxy for VK Like: why do you need it and how to set it up?

Social network VKontakte – one of those that are highly popular among ordinary users, as well as those who promote their products and services through similar sites. It provides many opportunities for quick, convenient and efficient business development, allows you to attract the attention of the target audience with minimal time, effort and material costs. Today, the IT-technology market offers many solutions for automating work with this social network. So, if you are interested in how you can work with several VKontakte accounts without a ban, then you can read about this here. There are also many programs that automate actions on the network. We will consider one of these today.

VK Like program – highly specialized software designed to automatically put likes on publications on VKontakte. Received high demand among many users due to its free and easy to use. Now let's get acquainted with its functionality in more detail, tell you how to ensure the most efficient work without the risk of getting banned using mobile proxies. Consider step-by-step instructions for setting up collaboration. We will tell you which proxy servers will be optimal for working with the VK Like program. But, first things first.

A little about VK Like

If you are faced with the task of collecting as many likes as possible under your posts, photos, videos and other notes posted on the VKontakte social network, then the VK Like program – just what you are looking for. Its functionality is designed specifically to solve this problem. You will be required to initially indicate from which accounts specified in the database the work will be carried out. Further in the task, provide a link to the publication, whether it is a photo, video or text note. All that remains is to run the program and it will independently mark the “I like” marks. on behalf of all personal pages that you specified earlier.

Among the main advantages inherent in the VK Like program, it is worth highlighting:

  • attractive design, ergonomic user interface;
  • thoughtful sorting of users by gender, place of residence, age;
  • the presence of a manual wrapping option;
  • stable shop;
  • the ability to cheat polls, subscribers, and other indicators;
  • fixing all actions in the log;
  • quick and easy import of accounts from a pre-prepared text document «.txt».

And everything would be great if the social network did not oppose such actions. Today, VKontakte has introduced a huge number of different restrictions on the allowable number of publications, adding to friends, placing likes, etc. likes, and at worst – completely bans accounts: both those from which they went, and the one they went to. But at the same time, the speed of cheating will directly depend on the activity of users in the social network: likes will go in response to the likes already placed. That is, the greater your activity, the more effective will be the return – number of "I like" will grow exponentially on your profile.

So how to ensure stable operation and not run into a ban with the VK Like program? The simplest solution – connection to mobile proxies.

What are mobile proxies

Mobile proxies – it is a kind of intermediary between the user and the network. His main duty – pass all traffic through itself and at the same time change the real user's IP-address and geolocation to their own technical parameters. Let's make a reservation right away that we are talking about such a product as dynamic mobile proxies. They are able to change their parameters in the workflow, following the instructions of the user. Both automatic change according to a pre-set timer and forced – by link.

The use of mobile proxies in the work provides:

  • getting access to any sites from around the world, including those that are currently blocked in your country: provided by bypassing regional blocks;
  • complete anonymization of actions on the network, providing a high level of automation: it is impossible to identify the end user without knowing his IP-address;
  • high connection speed: in operation, mobile proxies use fast DNS-servers of mobile network operators, cache data;
  • the ability to work with multiple accounts, the use of automated programs, including VK Like without the risk of getting banned.

All this allows us to state with confidence that with mobile proxies – this is the best solution for stable and efficient work with the Internet in general, and with VKontakte in particular. At the same time – no risk of the page getting banned. By the way, mobile proxies will also automate many other actions on the social network, including auto-posting VKontakte.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up mobile proxies in the VK Like program

We have already said that the VK Like program allows you to add packento accounts. The same option is possible with proxy servers. You can pre-form a text document indicating the technical parameters of the server. It is optimal to use the Notepad editor built into the operating system. – ".txt". Main – write the data correctly. The following sequence and delimiters must be observed: IP-address:port. No spaces or other characters. The separator can be either a colon or a semicolon. Next, we perform a direct connection:

  1. Download the VK Like program to your computer. It is freely available online.
  2. Run the program. In the "Basic" block we find the column "proxys.txt", and next to it we see a square with an ellipsis. We click on it. We indicate to the program the path to the ".txt" file, which is already saved on your computer and click on the "Open" button. The program itself will pull the proxy server settings into the database.
    VK Like uploading proxy data file
  3. Select the connection protocol for correct operation. Depending on which server will be used in the work, it can be HTTP, SOCKS-4 or SOCKS-5. To do this, click on the arrow next to the "Proxy" column. and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list. Save the changes.
    VK Like choose connection protocol

A few minutes of your time and setup is complete. As you can see, there is nothing complicated and impossible in this. Main – do not exceed the allowable number of likes per day: VKontakte limits – no more than 500 per day. But we would recommend not to reach this parameter. It is optimal to stick to the interval of 350-450 per day when boosting likes.

Where can I get a proxy to work with the VK Like program?

The modern market offers users several options for proxy servers: free, stationary, mobile. But we would recommend opting for the latter option. So, free proxies – unreliable. They will not provide the desired efficiency and safety of work. You can easily get banned, which will be a very unpleasant "surprise". Stationary private proxies are devoid of the disadvantages that are free. But still, you will have to buy several servers and connect them to work, because their IP-addresses remain constant throughout the work. Quite another matter – dynamic mobile proxies. You can set them to change automatically or change them forcibly. At the same time, to work with all accounts, it will be enough for you to have only one proxy at your disposal.

So where is the best solution to work with VK Like? We advise you to pay attention to mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. They work simultaneously over HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, and in addition to changing the IP-address, they also allow you to change the geolocation, the cellular network operator. Here you can learn more about the features of mobile proxies, their functional opportunities, tariffs, as well as place an order.

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