SEO's perspective on single-page sites

Single Page Sites from an SEO perspective

Today, any business strives to have its own representation on the Internet. And this is quite reasonable, since the overwhelming majority of users are looking for the goods, services, and information they need on the Internet. And here, many business representatives rely on her one-page sites — SPA. This is especially true for organizations that supply the market with one specific product, as well as those who are focused on the narrowest possible niche of the consumer market. But how effective will the promotion of such resources be?

Now we will dwell in more detail on what are the nuances of single-page resources in terms of SEO? Will such a resource structure negatively affect its ranking in search engines? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of SPA-sites. We will tell you how to ensure stable and efficient promotion of a resource using a solution such as mobile proxies.

What is a SPA site

We would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that one-page sites created on the basis of the SPA model will have a number of distinctive points in comparison with classic resources placed on one page. But they will not have any effect on SEO optimization, therefore, as part of our review, we will consider them as the same type.

For example, a SPA site is a single-page application that can dynamically display content from a server when requested by the user. That is, here the entire page is not fully loaded. If the visitor is interested in the information provided, if he would like to study the issue more widely, he can use the navigation links to go to the information he is looking for, or simply scroll the page and find the necessary information on it. Due to this, the user gets the impression that the page is changing, although in fact no update is being implemented.

Among the distinctive aspects of one-page sites are:

  • the most simple design solution: no complexities that distract attention from the main information;
  • all information about the product, services, contacts is given on one page: no transitions;
  • mostly all data is given in the form of blocks: it ensures the division of the page into separate semantic zones;
  • the information is conveyed concisely, accurately, meaningfully: in a minimum of characters they contain all the necessary information;
  • The essence of all the above information boils down to one thing: a call to perform a targeted action (order, download, leave contact information, ask a question, etc.).

Yes, in creating SPA-sites will be simpler, faster, require a minimum of material investment. But now the question is different: how effective will they be in terms of SEO ? Will they be able to be at the top of the search results, competing with classic Internet resources?

Advantages and disadvantages of SPA sites in terms of SEO

You probably know that the browser displays a list of sites in response to user search queries. That's just some resources will be at the top of this issue, while others on the 20th, 30th, 100th page. It is quite logical that those sites that will be not just on the first page, but at the top of it, will attract more attention from the representatives of the target audience. Could this be a one page site? To find out the answer to this question, you need to be well versed in all the advantages and disadvantages of SPA sites.

Strengths of one-page sites

Among the main points, we highlight the following:

  1. More convenient work from mobile devices. The fact that any site should be displayed as correctly as possible on both desktop and mobile devices — it is one of the obligatory requirements of modernity. And if you have to work hard with the transformation of ordinary resources, then SPA can be converted into a mobile version as easily and simply as possible. At the same time, they will be easy to navigate, which users will definitely appreciate. In addition, their light weight will contribute to the fastest loading. If the user is not eager to wait for the necessary information for a long time, then it is highly likely that he will quickly go looking for another option, and waste time. This is not the case with single page sites. The problem of navigation is also solved, because not everyone is comfortable using a smartphone to navigate between different pages of a large resource.
  2. Maximum orientation to the target audience. SPA sites — it's the perfect solution for dealing with a particular type of user experience. They can be adapted as accurately as possible to a specific audience and subsequently it is easy to control the behavior of users, unobtrusively direct them to perform a targeted action. The very structure of the site is built in such a way that it leads exactly to placing an order or making a call. Moreover, such a construction from the point of view of SEO optimization will be optimal if the resource is promoted for one main request.
  3. Reference mass. The fact is that the link mass has a direct influence on the position of the site in the search results. The advantage of one-pagers here is that any link will lead to the main address of the site. And this means that the ratio of the number of pages and links you will always have is 1:1. And this is another significant "plus" in terms of SEO optimization.

We also recommend reading what EAT and why it is so important for websites.

Weaknesses of one-page websites

Like any other product, a SPA site has its drawbacks. Here are a few points that negatively affect the SEO promotion of such resources:

  1. Reduced keyword targeting options. The fact is that one-page sites are basically built around one key concept. This means that the possibility of ranking by a large number of queries is excluded. As a result, this significantly reduces the frequency of issuing resources in response to customer search. And this fact is important to consider for those who focus on search engines when looking for new customers for their business. In this case, a more reasonable solution would be to create a full-fledged multi-page resource containing a large number of diverse key phrases on each of the pages. So it will be possible to attract the maximum number of target audience to the resource. But here we return to what we wrote about at the beginning of the review: a one-page site — this is an option for those who are focused on a very narrow niche or a specific product. Accordingly, the key queries here will be very narrow, and in some cases their number can really be reduced to one. And from this point of view, it is already difficult to say whether keyword ranking in organic search is one of the obvious disadvantages of a SPA site.
  2. It is not possible to maximize the detail of text content. The problem is that on one small page it is necessary to contain a huge amount of information about the product or service provided. You will not have a dozen additional tabs in order to cover this issue in as much detail and detail as possible. Therefore, you will have to put a lot of effort into making the one-page resource as informative as possible. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that those visitors who are looking not just for a product or service, but for relevant and relevant content on a particular topic, will leave your site and go looking for another resource. But then again: we are talking about the fact that one-pagers — this is a variant of commercial, not informational sites.
  3. Restricted SEO strategies. Alas, most of the world practices that are currently used to promote Internet resources cannot be applied to SPA sites. Here it is impossible to foresee the division into separate categories and subcategories, which would allow building an optimal structure and the most correct display of content. A one-page site will not allow you to demonstrate your authority in various areas, which would be true for classic resources with a large number of pages. And you should not even try to cram a huge number of specific topics into the site. This will make it unreadable, difficult and understandable for the target audience. Here everything should be logical, simple and clear.

Summing up

Based on the information provided, the following conclusion can be drawn — One-page sites will be as efficient, reliable and convenient as possible if you supply a specific product or service to the market. Yes, they will have less functionality than the classic multi-page ones. They will not be able to provide the client with the most detailed and detailed information about the company's activities. But still they have every right to exist, especially in their niche. That is, it is very important when choosing an option for an Internet resource to evaluate the goals of your own business. Answer the question for yourself: what exactly do you want to get from the launch of such a site? Along with this, a number of additional points should also be taken into account:

  1. Are you going to work with a narrow target audience or do you want to attract the attention of the largest possible number of users?
  2. Do you plan to promote your resource for one search query or do you prioritize ranking for several keywords?
  3. Which design will be more user-friendly for your target audience?

Only by answering all these questions, you will be able to decide which Internet resource will be optimal for your business. And from that moment on, start working on its creation and promotion. In their niche, one-page sites will be a fairly effective and inexpensive solution for business promotion.

But remember: in your work it will be difficult for you to do without such a reliable assistant as mobile proxies. Using such an intermediary server, you can hide your real IP-address and geolocation, which will effectively bypass all kinds of regional blocking, ensure complete confidentiality and security of browsing the Internet, and protect against unauthorized access. All these factors will be very important in SEO promotion of Internet resources, including one-page ones.

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