Stable work with Vietnamese marketplaces with mobile proxies

Stable work with Vietnamese marketplaces with mobile proxies

The e-commerce market today is actively developing throughout the world. And Vietnam is no exception. Along with classic online stores, large trading platforms – marketplaces, such as and, are also widely represented. Today there are a huge number of sellers offering the consumer market various goods, from clothing, shoes to electronics, children's toys and more.

Now let’s take a closer look at how product marketplaces are structured and highlight how they differ from regular online stores. Let us note the key advantages and disadvantages of such trading platforms. We'll show you how to implement stable and functional work with marketplaces without risks and restrictions using mobile proxies.

Features of Vietnamese marketplaces

At their core, and are large trading platforms that connect the buyer and the service provider. Here you can find similar products from thousands of sellers. They do not generate orders, do not undertake delivery of goods to the buyer, but provide stable traffic and solve a number of key marketing issues. With their help, buyers quickly and easily find the goods they need and can choose the most attractive offers at a price. In turn, sellers on marketplaces develop their business and increase sales volumes.

Both trading platforms have a similar structure:

  1. Product catalog made in the form of a showcase. Here you can find information about the product and its supplier.
  2. Registration/authorization block for potential buyers.
  3. Supplier's account. The main work will be done here: adding product items, product turnover, tracking sales, monitoring the receipt of funds, etc.
  4. Buyer's account. This is a classic solution, similar to regular online stores. Here the buyer can track his purchases.
  5. A set of built-in tools for working with statistics. There is no need to use third-party services to collect information on purchases and income levels. All this can be achieved using your own trading platform tools.
  6. Billing is an automated settlement system. It greatly simplifies the maintenance of financial statements and helps set competitive prices for goods.
  7. Blocks for feedback from customers, opening disputes and processing them.

Despite their visual similarity, marketplaces are fundamentally different from online stores. These trading platforms will feature different suppliers. At the same time, the online store offers customers products from one seller. Promotion will also have its own nuances. If in the case of an online store, all this work is undertaken by the owner, then on marketplaces you can set up product advertising that will work automatically. Through marketplaces you can easily expand the geography of sales - the main thing is to ensure that the necessary goods are always in stock. In contrast, online stores will have to implement more complex measures in order to enter the regional market.

Advantages and disadvantages of marketplaces

If we talk about the main advantages inherent in marketplaces, here it is worth highlighting:

  • Constantly stable and high traffic of potential buyers. Such trading platforms are attracting more and more customers, because it is profitable and convenient for them.
  • Wide geography of sales. There are no GEO restrictions, either by region or country: goods can be shipped literally all over the world.
  • Convenient optimization of advertising costs. The seller himself chooses how much he is willing to pay for the promotion of his goods, and chooses the optimal time to display ads. All this allows you to achieve an optimal balance between efficiency and advertising costs.
  • Minimal time spent on launching a store on the marketplace. There is no need to develop a website from scratch. You, as a seller, register a personal account and fill out product cards and enter the relevant information into them.
  • Shops created on the basis of the marketplace do not require promotion. All these tools that are necessary for promotion are already built into the site.

But, along with these advantages, there are also a number of nuances that you need to know about in advance. In particular, each marketplace has its own rules that each seller must follow. There is also high competition here: hundreds, or even thousands of other stores can sell the same type of products. Disadvantages also include weaker channels for communication with the client in comparison with online stores, as well as lower efficiency of launched promotions and special applications.

But in any case, it is important for those who sell or buy goods on the and marketplaces to ensure stable access to both the platform itself and the Internet as a whole. Mobile proxies will be a reliable assistant in this case.

Why do Vietnamese marketplaces need mobile proxies

To ensure the most stable, functional and convenient work with a trading platform such as a marketplace, we recommend using mobile proxies. With their help you can:

  1. Use multi-account to sell your own products as efficiently as possible. You will be able to create an unlimited number of personal profiles on the site and manage them from one device without any risks or the possibility of getting banned.
  2. Effectively bypass provider restrictions, including those associated with regional blocking and internal marketplace bananas. Get access to sites from any country and region of the world, regardless of what legal restrictions are established in this case.
  3. Take advantage of regional discounts, take part in auctions or promotions that operate in Vietnam. It will be enough to simply select the appropriate GEOs and place an order.
  4. Perform data parsing as quickly and easily as possible. You can automate the process of collecting descriptions of similar products, their photos, videos, current prices and use the information received to create your own product cards. If desired, you can also easily collect contact information of sellers and buyers.
  5. Automate the process of sales and communication with the user audience, shifting some of the work to bots. This way you can free up some of your time to solve more global problems.
  6. Perform mass mailings. This will be especially true if you decide to launch some promotions to attract the attention of regular or new customers.

That is, both sellers and buyers of Vietnamese marketplaces will be able to appreciate the benefits of using proxy servers. But in order for the idea to justify itself in practice, it is necessary to select the most reliable and stable solution.

Best mobile proxies for marketplaces in Vietnam

The MobileProxy.Space service offers reliable personal mobile proxies, which will become one of the most convenient, stable and effective solutions when working with marketplaces in Vietnam. Each user is allocated a personal channel without any traffic limits, as well as access to a pool of more than two million IP-addresses. All this will be the key to a stable, reliable and functional service without any risks or restrictions.

Follow the link to learn more about the features and capabilities of mobile proxies from the GEO of Vietnam and other countries of the world. If difficulties arise in your work, or you need professional help from specialists, contact the technical support service, which works day and night.

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