The nuances of promoting landing pages in search results

The nuances of promoting landing pages in search results

Landing page or as we often used to say, landing page, — This is a one-page website designed to demonstrate goods or services and attract a new audience. But search promotion of such resources is quite problematic. We must understand that we are dealing with just one page. This means that many technologies and techniques that give good results when promoting classic Internet sites will not work here. Not every SEO specialist is, in principle, ready to work with such resources. But still, even with one-pagers, you have a good chance of getting to the top of the search results. True, for the most part this applies to resources devoted to certain topics, but still, there is a chance. But in any case, when SEO promoting a landing page, you should focus on its format, make the most of its advantages, and try to eliminate or at least minimize its disadvantages.

Now we’ll tell you exactly which niches benefit from using one-page websites in practice, and we’ll suggest sites that will allow you to quickly and easily create such resources. We will also provide a number of tips that will help you properly optimize landing pages and promote them even if your budget turns out to be too limited. Let us also pay attention to work on analyzing the effectiveness of one-page website promotion. We'll show you how to complete these tasks without any risks or restrictions.

Niches where you should not use a landing page

Before talking about those niches where the use of landing pages will be most effective, I would like to highlight those areas where it is not at all recommended to use one-page sites. In particular, we are talking about such niches as:

  • construction and repair, as well as directly construction, finishing materials, interior items;
  • beauty salons and everything related to ensuring their daily work;
  • all kinds of financial organizations, including the banking sector;
  • medical centers, clinics, health centers;
  • household goods, including food, pet food, etc.

This also includes everything that can be called products of wide demand. In this segment, it will be very, very difficult to promote a landing page, at least in the field of organic search. In addition, you need to understand that the difficulties with promoting such resources also depend on the region in which you plan to promote them. Judge for yourself: the larger the city, the higher the level of competition. That is, it will be very, very difficult to make your resource appear at the top of the search results among a huge number of similar sites.

But, along with all this, there are situations when even your one-page site may appear at the top of the search results.

When to use a landing page

Situations when one-page sites end up at the top of search results — not alone. Here you can also get very good results, but only if we are talking about one of these solutions:

  • The site is dedicated to a specific product or service. So, landing — a good option for the website of a photographer, pastry chef, copywriter, SEO specialist, etc. To tell about yourself, convey to the audience information about your own products or services, competitive advantages, one page will be more than enough. Make your landing page as professional as possible. Brief but at the same time succinct text content, high-quality videos and pictures, harmonious color combination — this is something that will definitely attract the attention of an audience interested in your products or services. And don’t forget to add a call to action button at the bottom so you don’t miss out on the “warm up” news. user.
  • You are working with a complex product. The advantage of one-page sites is that they allow you to present the audience with the most structured and consistent information, literally guiding the potential client through all the nuances of the product. This will be especially relevant if you work with a fairly narrow category of products: real estate, production equipment and machinery. And your main task in this case will not be just to tell people about your products, but to sell them. That is, the landing page in this case will become the first point of contact with potential buyers. On such a site there will be no unnecessary information that can confuse a third party, which will allow him to get the most reliable and complete information from just one page, without even resorting to consultations with managers.
  • You bring a product or service to the market. First you need to announce your product to the market, and then attract the audience. Thanks to the landing page, the new product will not get lost among other products. This way you can concentrate the attention of network users on it and highlight the main advantages. In addition, this is a fairly effective way to expand the existing client base of a regular website.
  • Limited budget for website creation. Development of a full-fledged Internet representation of your company on the network — This is an extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming process that cannot be implemented on our own. It is necessary to attract additional specialists and pay for their labor. And this option is absolutely not suitable for people for whom the primary task is — This is the further development of the company. In principle, a landing page will do a great job of attracting your first customers.
  • You would like to announce some event or event. If you want to announce an event that will happen only once, there is no point in creating a full-fledged website for it, because you can convey all the information on one page. This solution will be simple and easy to implement. But at the same time, you must understand that there is no point in promoting such resources, because often we are talking about an event that is limited in time. That is, there is a high probability that by the time your one-page site appears at the top of the search results, the event itself will remain in the distant past. In this case, in order to tell the audience about your event covered on the landing page, a more reasonable solution would be to launch contextual advertising, email newsletters, SMM-promotion in social networks, etc.
  • You are launching a promotional offer. Such landing pages are created when a company would like to attract the audience’s attention to the discounts that are launched on the company’s main website. Often, such a solution can be seen on the eve of seasonal or New Year sales, before Black Friday, etc. In this case, to promote such landing pages, it is also worth, as in the previous version, to use contextual advertising, social networks, and email newsletters. You can also place a link to it directly on your main resource, thereby providing the page with a good influx of audience.

Now that you know for what situations creating a landing page will be effective and convenient, you can move on to the actual work. And platforms whose functionality includes creating one-page websites will help you with this.

TOP 6 platforms for creating landing pages

We will immediately make a reservation that the modern IT technology market offers users a fairly large selection of tools designed for the direct creation of Internet resources. These are the so-called website builders. Now we will present 6 solutions that, in our opinion, can be classified as the simplest and most convenient to use. In addition, they allow you to get excellent results with minimal time and effort:

  1. Tilda. Today it is most widespread both among specialists and among those who create one-page websites for themselves. One of the most significant advantages here is that not only professionals, but also beginners can work with this constructor without any problems. This is largely facilitated by a simple and intuitive interface. This is relevant, including for performing basic SEO settings and launching built-in analytics. In addition, the presence of a huge number of templates will allow you to quickly create an individual design both for the entire page and for individual blocks. This point is achieved using a WYSIWYG editor. If necessary, it will be possible to easily integrate the platform with third-party services, including for connecting CRM, analytics, mailing, and payment services. In addition, the templates here can be downloaded literally with one click, and quickly adapted to create a one-page website for mobile devices. But you must understand that this service is paid, and its tariffs cannot be called cheap. In addition, there are a number of limitations in terms of internal analytics tools. Users also note a number of difficulties in the field of creating web design: having at least basic knowledge in this area will be a big plus when working with this designer.
  2. LPGenerator. This platform has become widespread among specialists and studios who create landing pages professionally. Compared to its competitors, this designer has one of the most extensive functionality. This includes a huge selection of ready-made templates, the presence of built-in tools for working with statistical data, and increasing conversion. In addition, there is already a built-in CRM, as well as the ability to make adjustments to the page’s HTML code and CSS. Users especially appreciated the set of tools for creating a mini-store in the form of a landing page. Here users have the opportunity to use a free trial period for 7 days. But at the end of this period, you will need to buy a package of services, the cost of which is not small. In addition, the interface here is quite complex. It is this aspect that has largely contributed to the fact that the platform is mainly used by professionals.
  3. UKit. In comparison with analogues, this website builder can be called quite young. Today it is still actively developing, its functionality is expanding, and interaction for the user is being simplified. Even beginners can work with this platform, because the interface is very simple and understandable. In addition, there is adaptability of designs, as well as a wide range of tools for setting up SEO. If necessary, it will be possible to connect third-party services to the site, thereby further expanding the possibilities for work. The number of ready-made templates today is significantly less than that of other analogues. In addition, in your work you may encounter certain lags. But these are the problems that are instantly eliminated, because we have already talked about why this site continues to develop today. But what can be attributed to the disadvantages is that some of the functionality that would be extremely useful when creating a landing page will be available to users only in the most expensive tariff.
  4. Mobirise. This is a full-fledged desktop program that anyone can download. A basic set of templates is provided here and you will use it completely free of charge. In addition, the program itself is easy to use and configure. There is adaptability of designs, as well as built-in FTP, which greatly simplifies working with files. But if the basic functionality is not enough for you, then you will need to buy other packages containing additional extensions. But their cost will already be quite high. Disadvantages also include the need to pay extra for hosting and the lack of built-in analytics tools.
  5. PlatformaLP. This is one of the simplest and easiest to use website builders that we present in our review. In addition, it will differ significantly from analogues in price. With its help, you can create one-page websites as quickly and easily as possible, without having any specialized knowledge or skills. In addition, you can set up a sales notification system that will work not only with your email or SMS messages, but also with one of the instant messengers. The advantages also include the adaptability of the design and the ability to create not only classic one-page sites, but also multi-landing pages. But the page loading speed here leaves much to be desired. Users also sometimes noted the appearance of lags when loading their own HTML code. In addition, the range of marketing tools here will be somewhat limited. The last aspect will be relevant only for professionals, while for ordinary users the capabilities of this site will be more than enough.
  6. Mottor. Another option for a website builder that is comparable to all of our options described both in price and in the quality of the resources created. Here, users highlight a fairly good set of well-thought-out and beautiful templates, impressive functionality for performing A/B testing, email marketing, customization sales funnels. In addition, at any time you can connect third-party services to it, thereby further expanding the functionality. But here you must understand that you will be able to launch a website domain only after paying for the tariff. In addition, there is no test period suggesting the use of full functionality. You also need to understand that all tariffs, with the exception of the most expensive one, will contain template signatures in the footer.

We will not talk in more detail about the work of each of the constructors now. We have already mentioned that they are all quite simple and you can figure out most of the services yourself. Next, let's return to the main topic of our review, namely SEO promotion of landing pages, in particular, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution, and we will provide a number of practical recommendations.

SEO promotion of landing page: advantages and disadvantages of the solution

Before you decide to promote a one-page website, you must understand that in this process you will encounter a number of restrictions. And you must be prepared for them. Among the main aspects we highlight:

  1. Insufficient weight on one page. It will be much more difficult for a landing page to gain natural link mass than for a full-fledged website with a large number of sections, directories, and subdirectories. But in this case, experts recommend additionally involving external optimization in promotion.
  2. Semantics restrictions. The fact is that having only one page at your disposal, you can place on it a fairly small number of high- and medium-frequency requests. Experts recommend not using more than 20 keywords on one landing page. Otherwise, you will encounter overspam, which, on the contrary, will deteriorate your content and interfere with the promotion of the resource as a whole. That is, you will not be able to use all the key queries that will be relevant to your niche.
  3. Domain age. Practice shows that most one-page sites are registered with fresh domains. This means that the system will see that your resource is young. And today the age of the site — this is one of the key elements when ranking it. Accordingly, you, alas, will not be able to compete with sites that have been working in the markets for a long time. But this problem can be solved by professionally created content, as well as systematic and competent external optimization.
  4. Locality of the main idea. We have already cited above those types of professional activities for which creating one-page landing pages would be the best solution. And here you saw that these are mainly resources that are tied to one product, region. That is, there is no point in promoting them throughout the country, because regional search results have a number of their own nuances that must be taken into account.
  5. Commercial component. If we separately highlight commercial ranking factors, then this includes not only the presence of a chat or an online form for communication, contact information. The system also takes into account the presence of a portfolio about the company itself and information about employees, reviews from clients, and the availability of a price list. Attention will also be paid to how often sections are updated, new articles and promotions are added. And it is quite clear that it is not possible to implement all this within the framework of a one-page website. All you can do is place key information for your potential client on the landing page and add a number of interactive elements.

All these points will become a serious obstacle to the promotion of your landing page. It is they who often lead to the fact that the owners of a one-page resource completely abandon the idea of promoting it. But still, there are a number of advantages in promoting one-page resources. We are talking about:

  • No duplicates. One of the main problems faced by large sites, especially online stores — this is the presence of duplicate pages: partial, complete. This is what in any case leads to problems with ranking and indexing. A similar problem for landing pages is completely irrelevant, since duplicates are completely excluded here.
  • You can easily find and fix broken links. This is another problem that classic Internet resources face. The very concept of one-page sites implies that the number of links inside will be limited and you will always be able to control them. This means that broken pages will not be included in the index.
  • The entire weight of your site will be concentrated on one page. That is, you won’t have to think about internal overflow. All your work will be linked to one page, and if you do it correctly, you will be able to demonstrate to search engines the weight of the main page.

As you can see, promoting one-page sites — This is not such an impossible task. Initially, you need to understand whether, in principle, you should do such work with your landing page. And if the answer is positive, then it is necessary to move on to the immediate implementation of the task. We will look at how to implement all this correctly below.

Recommendations for promoting one-page sites

If you want to make your one-page resource a worthy competitor to full-fledged websites, you need to implement only 8 steps. Just follow our recommendations to get excellent results with minimal time and effort:

  • Collect semantics. We have already said that the number of key queries that can be placed on one-page sites should be no more than 20. But they must still be present, because without this, users simply will not find your site. That is, using the same parsing, you can create a semantic core, and then, based on it, either create new content, or optimize the one you have.
  • Perform a competitor analysis. This is a standard procedure for absolutely all Internet resources. It’s optimal for you to select an average of 10-15 sites that work in the same niche as you. Here you need to evaluate the structure of the landing page, highlight your competitive advantages, the sequence of block placement and the information contained in them, the type of content, illustrations, and the placement of feedback buttons. Data parsing will help to significantly simplify this work.
  • Increase behavioral factors. We are talking about taking a number of measures that will help reduce the number of failures and increase the level of audience involvement. This can be achieved by adding various interactive elements to the page, such as a constructor, an application form, or a calculator. It is also necessary to optimize the order form itself. It should attract the eye, but at the same time be as simple and quick to fill out as possible. It is better to place the text on the landing page in blocks, highlighting key points. Be sure to use subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists. It would also be a good idea to add infographics, images, and short videos here. Separately highlight promotional offers and gifts, if they are provided. That is, it is necessary to make a page that would attract the attention of the audience, concentrate the view on key aspects, but at the same time be as concise as possible.
  • Check the structure of your one-page site again. You must make sure that it contains everything that will allow your potential buyer to order a product or service as quickly and easily as possible. That is, everything that will facilitate quick, simple decision-making should be provided here.
  • Add a regional affiliation. Most landing pages are promoted for a specific location, so you should definitely assign your site a specific region so as not to waste resources on promoting it in those cities and areas that will not bring you sales. You can do this through your personal profile in the Yandex.Business cockpit by setting up automatic detection here. You can also set it manually through the corresponding section in Yandex.Webmaster.
  • Increase the loading speed of your page. If it takes a long time to load, users will simply leave your resource, preferring other sites. That is, you will need to choose the right hosting here, pay attention to the compression of scripts and images. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all the website builders that we described above have built-in tools that allow you to optimize the loading speed of a resource at the stage of its creation.
  • Bet on off-page optimization. We have already mentioned that the shortcomings of internal landing page optimization can be compensated for by external ones. But the link mass should be added not through exchanges, as is true for classic sites, but through outreach, crowd marketing, content marketing, and through links from PMB networks. That is, you can negotiate directly with the owners of high-quality donor sites, think over your strategy for placing links on social networks, on various forums, thematic platforms, etc.
  • Adapt your landing page for a mobile device. This requirement is relevant for absolutely all sites. Moreover, search engines have been taking into account the so-called Mobile-friendly algorithms when indexing Internet resources for quite some time. Most of the designers we talked about above support such adaptability. But in any case, you need to check how correctly everything works.

Additional opportunities for promoting landing pages

So, you can also use search services to promote your landing page. In particular:

  1. Yandex.Business can become the main source of information about the organization. Add your landing page to your company profile to post information about your company’s field of activity, the address of an offline store, if there is one, work hours, and prices.
  2. Yandex.Services will be a good assistant for private professionals and small businesses: tutors, nannies, construction crews, computer technicians, photographers. In addition, information about yourself can be posted here completely free of charge for both companies and individuals. Yes, there is also paid certification, which provides a number of additional benefits, including offering paid promotion.
  3. Google My Business. In this case, Google takes information from its own directory, displaying it in accordance with the queries entered by users in a special card, which can be seen to the right of the search results. This is a tool that will significantly improve the interaction between site owners and users, allow them to exchange messages, and offer a variety of attributes for certain areas of business. With its help, you can effectively promote your resource, including one-page ones.

Analyze the effectiveness of promotion of a one-page website

Regardless of what tools and techniques you use to promote your landing page, it is very important not to stop there. You should constantly monitor your effectiveness to understand whether you did everything correctly and whether you are getting the effect you expected. In principle, both paid and free tools can be used to perform these works. But we would recommend starting work directly with the free services provided by the search engines Yandex and Google, namely:

  1. Yandex.Webmaster. With its help, you can analyze the site's indexing and check what positions it occupies in search results. In principle, this service is more focused on working with full-fledged websites, but nevertheless, its capabilities will be quite suitable for landing pages. So, using the “Site Quality” section you will be able to see the IKS indicator and compare the value with competitors’ data. In the “Diagnostics” block All errors identified as a result of checking the system of your resource will be displayed. Section "Search queries" will show how many transitions or other keys were made. Go to the “Search Submissions” block to set regionality parameters, and in “Links” in order to see statistics on those links that lead to your site.
  2. Google Search Console. This is an analogue of the previous option, designed specifically for specialists who use the Google search engine in their work. Here you can find information about the general audience of your site, check its loading speed, external links, see how correctly it displays on mobile devices, as well as a number of other aspects.
  3. Yandex.Metrica. Here you can see how your audience interacts with the resource. You will have access to reports on conversions, traffic sources, and popular devices through which people access your site. There will also be maps of links, scrolling, clicks, analytics, and users filling out the feedback form. You will be able to find out at what stage they have difficulties, which forces them to switch to other resources. Moreover, there is such a tool as Webvisor, which allows you to identify vulnerabilities in the usability of a site by video recording user visits.
  4. Google Analytics. One of the most common and widely popular analytics services today, allowing you to track traffic sources, conversion actions, determine the parameters of the target audience such as age, gender, preference, etc.

To summarize

We hope that the information provided will be enough to determine the need to launch a landing page specifically for your business, as well as perform a number of tasks related to promoting one-page sites. But still, you must understand that the work ahead will be quite painstaking and labor-intensive. The additional use of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will allow you to significantly simplify them, as well as ensure a high level of security and confidentiality of your online actions. Follow the link to explore the features and functionality of this product, and also make sure of their high efficiency.

A 24-hour technical support service is also at your service, which instantly responds to customer requests, eliminating all identified problems. We would also like to draw your attention to the current tariffs, in particular how profitable it will be to purchase a mobile proxy for a longer period of time. In any case, you get a product that will perform excellently in the operational process, will delight you with high functionality, stability, as well as the level of security and confidentiality it guarantees to its customers.

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