Threads: getting to know the features of the new social network

Threads: getting to know the features of the new social network

No sooner had the social network Threads appeared on the market than it had already received the status of a Twitter killer. In principle, the developers of this application, Meta Corporation, had a similar idea. They created it in order to compete with Twitter, which became especially relevant against the backdrop of a number of innovations by the new owner of the social network, Elon Musk, which turned out to be extremely unsuccessful in practice. According to experts, everything leads to the fact that the current leadership is literally killing such a once popular platform, which was used by millions of people around the world. All these changes have created a pressing need for an alternative. And Bluesky is not suitable here, since the community is still closed and you can only get into it by exclusive invitation.

This is how Threads appeared on the market. Literally in the first days after the launch of the site, the demand for it became enormous. The number of new subscribers is increasing literally exponentially. But is everything here as simple and obvious as it might seem at first glance? Are there any points here that must be taken into account by those who decide to use the Fritz for work or for entertainment? Now let’s look at this platform in more detail and suggest a number of points that everyone who plans to use it should know about. Let us describe the sequence of actions during registration. Let's describe what functionality this site has. We will provide recommendations for writing the first thread (post), and also consider a number of questions that may be of interest to many potential users.

What are Threads?

Threads — this is a new social network from the Meta corporation, which was created as an analogue of Twitter. Here, users will also be able to create messages that resemble threads in their structure, maintain lively discussions, and develop online relationships between like-minded people and those who simply express their ideas and share their impressions. Initially, the social network is positioned as a platform for people aged 12 years and older. It was launched into the world in 31 languages, including English, Chinese, Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian and many others.

The first acquaintance with this social network can cause a number of difficulties for users. The fact is that everything here is implemented differently than it was on Twitter. It may seem that everything here is chaotic and illogical, but this is clearly not the case. Perhaps the creators made a mistake by launching the site in the evening, that is, when most Americans returned home after work. Having seen the new application, they actively began to use it, gaining thousands of subscribers in just a few days. And if you take into account the fact that Threads provides integration with Instagram, then logging into the network is very simple and logical.

But just a few days are enough for you to get used to this social network and be able to navigate it well. This way you won’t get lost in a huge number of profiles and offers.

Here are a number of other points that you need to know before moving on to working with this platform:

  • Threads is based on Meta, which means that you will access it through Instagram;
  • the content here is very similar to Twitter, that is, you can write short messages, create threads, repost, quote other users;
  • at the moment there is no advertising on this social platform, but most likely it is a matter of time and it will appear soon;
  • you can add friends and subscribers from Instagram to Threads, which will contribute to faster audience growth;
  • today, users have noted problems with the operation of the site on the iOS 17 operating system, in particular, there are problems with adding pictures to threads;
  • it is possible to add links to threads.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. But we cannot discount the fact that the site appeared recently and is actively developing. Those problems that are identified in the work process are eliminated by specialists quickly enough. And the ever-increasing number of subscribers and participants suggests that Threads has a fairly bright future. This means that it is worth taking a closer look not only for ordinary users, but also for business representatives, bloggers, marketers and other specialists.

Registering in Threads: how to do everything right

Today, the Threads application is available to users of gadgets running on any operating system. In particular, it can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

After downloading, you will need to register on the site. This process takes place through a personal account on Instagram. But there is nothing complicated or unrealizable here. It is enough to follow the steps in the following sequence:

  1. Go to the downloaded application and click the “I agree to log in via Instagram” button.
  2. The system will ask you to synchronize your data. You simply agree to this offer.
  3. You will be automatically asked to re-subscribe to all those accounts that you have followed on Instagram: if you agree to this option, check the appropriate box.

But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that your account name will also automatically be pulled from the Instagram social network. This means that you will not be able to change it. Well, this has both a minus (you won’t be able to create a new identity for yourself on a social network) and a plus — You can be easily found by your audience or new subscribers through recommendations.

Now let’s take a closer look at what functionality the new social network has.

Threads functionality

We have already said that the Threads social network is very similar in its interface to its closest competitor — Twitter. But at the same time, the functionality will also be quite similar. When developing the product, the developers placed the main emphasis on providing users with the opportunity to conveniently exchange text messages. So, here the available number of characters for publication is much larger than on Twitter. In particular, here it is allowed to publish posts of 550 characters, while the competitor — only 280.

Other functionality also includes posting small videos up to 5 minutes long, as well as adding pictures to your posts. Up to 10 pictures are allowed per message. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to share your community in the form of a link, including by posting it on other platforms. Also in this social network you can configure privacy settings for your own publication. Thanks to this, only your subscribers will be able to comment on your posts.

We have already mentioned that Threads — This is a social network that will be useful and easy to use not only for ordinary users who are looking for entertaining content, but also for business representatives, as well as marketers and other specialists. And here I would like to separately highlight the following functionality of the site:

  • Launch of contextual, targeted advertising. Yes, Threads does not currently support any types of advertising. That is, she is not here from the word “at all.” But it is foolish to think that this will continue. The fact is that initially the developers of this platform relied on attracting an audience. They decided to do this so that users would register en masse and be able to evaluate all the advantages and features of this site. Their strategy worked perfectly. Today the number of users here is already in the hundreds of thousands. This means that very soon advertisements will begin to appear here. And most importantly — don't miss this time. And then your advertisement will be seen by a huge number of people, among whom there will be more than enough of those who are interested in your product or service.
  • Attracting leads. Just look at the profiles with which topics are presented in Threads today. Here you can really find everything that your audience might need. Now pay attention to how many responses this or that publication generates. If you see that people are actively reacting to a certain topic, discussing products presented in a particular category, then you have found your leads. All that remains is to attract them to your page. And this will not be a problem, because according to the latest statistics, the vast majority of registered users on this site — These are people aged 25-60 with an average, but at the same time stable level of income. That is, all you have to do is correctly formulate a portrait of your audience, study their preferences in more detail and provide exactly the product they are looking for. To attract which people to your account, all you have to do is find thematic public pages and confidently, but at the same time carefully, spam in the comments. The main thing here is not to overdo it, because the system can easily block you. By the way, masking trigger words will help you avoid quick bans, if this is relevant for your business. One more thing you need to know — hashtags do not work on the site yet. But again, this situation may change in the near future.
  • Pharming of accounts. Here, the first step is to create content that will be truly useful and interesting for users and will be able to attract the audience. You must understand that you will not get instant results. It takes time to gain subscribers and build an audience. You will also need to spend a lot of effort creating unique and useful content. As with any other social network, pharming accounts is fraught with a quick ban. Here you also need to be extremely careful not to overdo it and get your audience to voluntarily repost your content and comment on it. The appearance of complaints against you threatens that the system will simply ban your account. Everything will go smoothly and beautifully if your material is truly useful and interesting. This means that people will voluntarily share it.
  • Working with crypto. Option for investing in cryptocurrency — This is something that interests a fairly impressive number of people. Yes, this platform represents mainly progressive and active people. Those who actively work with investments, including in the field of cryptocurrency. This means that you can offer them your investment ideas. And here you will be one of the very first, which in itself can be considered a sign of success. In addition, do not forget that an advertising office should soon appear on the site, and trust in it will never be superfluous. Perhaps this is your time to work for the future.

Now let’s move on directly to practical recommendations.

Creating the first thread in Threads

We have already mentioned that creating high-quality and attractive content — This is the key to the successful development of your account and attracting the target audience to it. Therefore, this issue must be approached as comprehensively and professionally as possible. So, the process of writing the first post here is quite simple. To complete this work, you need to launch the application and click on the middle icon. Here we simply write down your post (we remind you that its volume should not exceed 500 characters). To add a video or picture to it, click on the icon with the image of a paper clip. When everything is ready, we check the new post again. If you are absolutely satisfied with everything about it, just click on the “Publish” button.

To make your posts on the Threads social network attractive and useful to your audience, use the following recommendations when creating them:

  1. This social network was created specifically so that users have the opportunity to share their quickest thoughts, notes, and actively interact with each other. This means that you should avoid long and boring descriptions, imposing your own thoughts and anything that will make your publication uninteresting and unattractive to the audience.
  2. It is not necessary to present all the material in the same style. You can run multiple threads at the same time. Threads — this is the social network where various longreads are guaranteed to come in.
  3. Make the presentation of the material as structured as possible. This way it will be better perceived by the audience. People will easily be able to grasp the idea that you wanted to convey to them. Alternatively, divide the text into small paragraphs, supplement your posts with pictures and graphs, which will increase their information content.
  4. Be quite active on the social network. You should respond to all the comments that your subscribers leave. Also, don’t forget to be active on other people’s posts. It should be understood that now the social network is at the stage of active development, it is only gaining momentum in its popularity. This means that absolutely anyone can become popular here.

Are there any disadvantages to Threads?

It is still too early to talk about anything specifically: everything is very relative and ambiguous. The fact is that the limitations and problems that users identify for themselves today may no longer be relevant tomorrow, because we have already said above that developers are constantly improving their product, making it more convenient for people.

But it is still worth noting that it is impossible to limit access to your feed only to those people you follow. That is, the profile will be largely public. We have also already mentioned such a point as the lack of structuring on the site, which makes its appearance somewhat chaotic and incomprehensible to users at first glance. But, as soon as the social network begins to focus on trends, it will display them correctly, correctly, which will make working with it more convenient and simpler. And you, having become familiar with the features of the site, can easily find the content you need, react to it by liking, replying, subscribing to new profiles, etc.

If you compare it to Twitter, Threads can be compared to the arrival of a new student in the class. Everyone looks at it closely, studies it carefully, and draws their own conclusions. Based on the data received, they decide whether they should personally communicate with this person and be friends with him. The same thing can be said here. That is, it is necessary to give the site time to adapt a little. This is relevant both for the social network itself and for all those users who register on it.

What lags are occurring in your work today? So, some users complain that when they try to load a picture, the application crashes. The home page itself is inconvenient and overloaded due to the fact that users began to post posts en masse without paying due attention to their structure and quality. It again — it's most likely a matter of time. Just a couple of weeks and the situation should stabilize. Moreover, its creators set themselves a rather ambitious goal: to bypass Twitter, become better than the once popular platform and at the same time learn from the mistakes that Elon Musk made, and not from their own.

But, even despite these alleged shortcomings, the launch of the social network, according to many experts, was successful. It won’t be long before new brands, names, active advertising and other features that Instagram is so famous for today will appear on Threads. And one of the most important tasks for you, as representatives of a business, as well as those involved in its promotion — Don’t miss this unique opportunity and start getting acquainted with the site today.

To make everything go as easily and smoothly as possible, we will provide a number of additional recommendations.

Additional questions about Threads and answers to them

Now we present the TOP 10 questions that most interest the audience on the new social network, as well as the answers to them:

  1. Are there age restrictions on the site? The developers have officially set the minimum age limit for downloading this social network at 12 years. This is true for both the Apple App Store and Parental Guidance in the Google Play Store. But still, experts agree that this threshold still needed to be raised, in particular to 13 years, that is, to adjust Threads to the requirements that Instagram currently has. This would be quite reasonable, because the site follows the same principles as Insta, although it has a number of its own additions.
  2. Are there any special features in the work? The main nuance is that you can only access this site through your Instagram profile. At the same time, you can automatically import your biography and follow the same people. But be prepared for the fact that hidden likes and blocked users will also be transferred to the streams. And don’t forget to immediately set up which user will be able to write a comment for you. It's smart to make sure these are your followers as well as the people you follow. You can also make a fairly strict setting, allowing only mentioned people to share their thoughts.
  3. Can privacy be configured? The first time you log into your profile, the system will ask you whether you want to make it private or public. There is no need to think too much here; choose the option that you consider optimal at a given time. You can easily fix this later. If you choose a private account, then only those people who follow you will be able to contact you. In addition, this way you get the opportunity to independently allow third parties access to your accounts, allowing or, conversely, rejecting subscription requests. Despite the fact that most of these options are already set for you on Instagram, here you still have to do this work again. So, among such options, we will highlight the addition of those who can mention you in their publications, those whom you have disabled in trends, as well as a set of words prohibited from use. The basic settings here are quite simple and intuitive, so you won’t have any problems setting them up.
  4. How to block users? Blocking a number of unwanted users — a pressing question for absolutely any social network and Threads is no exception. Since you log in through Instagram, all those people who were previously tagged with you will remain so here. If necessary, you can easily add new nicknames to this list. But at the same time, you must understand that you can edit old lists of blocked users only through Instagram, but these changes will automatically go to Threads.
  5. Are there scrolling restrictions here? Yes, a similar option is provided in this social network, similar to Instagram. Here it is called “Take a break.” With its help, users will be able to manage screen time, namely, limit the scrolling of capital if the need arises.
  6. How else are Instagram and Threads connected? As you can see, the relationship between these sites is very close. Along with all the points that we have already talked about above, there is also the ability to share your publications in Threads, in the Instagram feed. This can be either a separate tweet or a link. By the way, the latter can be implemented with any other platforms. And for users with a public profile, they are also allowed to post topics in their feed.
  7. Is it possible to deactivate themes? Currently, there is no option to delete topics in Threads. The only thing you can do is deactivate your account and delete the application from your device. To deactivate a theme, you need to go to the Threads social network settings block, and then select the “Account” tab in it. and click on the deactivate profile button. You confirm your consent to delete your account by clicking on the “Deactivate theme profile” button provided at the bottom of the screen. Such actions can be either permanent or temporary. If necessary, you can reactivate your profile as soon as you need it. At that point in time, while your profile is inactive, users will not be able to view it. The only way to permanently delete a Threads account and all the data that is specified in it — This is to delete an Instagram profile. But again: this point is relevant exclusively for today. The developers have already announced that in the near future they plan to remove such a close relationship between the Threads and Instagram platforms. This means that you can delete profiles separately from each other.
  8. Does Threads have content restrictions for teens? Yes, such an option is provided here. To make these settings, you, as a parent, need to make some simple adjustments to the privacy settings in the streams. You should also have a conversation with your children and emphasize that their accounts are private and only accessible to people you and your children know well. Also today it is possible to connect Instagram surveillance, which will provide an additional level of security.
  9. Can users report profiles in Threads? The answer here is clear — they can, which is true for absolutely all social networks. That is, if people think that your content violates the community rules, be it Threads or Instagram, they can report it. This means that the system can easily block you. If you don’t want to see content that isn’t interesting to you and don’t want to waste time on all these views, you can simply hide it. You will also have the opportunity to unsubscribe, set a limit on accounts, or simply remove the sound so as not to be distracted in vain.
  10. How to ensure safety when working with the site? To protect yourself as much as possible when working with a new social network, you must adhere to the same basic rules as when working with any other sites. If individuals can limit access to an undesirable category of users by making their accounts private, then for business representatives, SEO specialists, marketers, and bloggers, not everything is so simple. And the only opportunity to provide yourself with the highest level of protection when working with any social network, including Threads — organize work through mobile proxies. By replacing your IP-address and GEO you can hide your personal data, ensure confidentiality and security of your online activities. It also becomes possible to effectively bypass regional restrictions, work simultaneously with multiple accounts, and use programs that automate online actions.

To summarize

As you can see Threads — quite a promising social network. Despite her youth, she literally shook up the audience and the market as a whole, loudly declared herself and that she — it is a worthy competitor to Twitter. That is why it should not be thrown out of consideration for both ordinary users and business representatives. But we would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that the stability of this site largely depends on which mobile proxies you choose to work with. Free services — This is not an option due to their very low availability and operational stability. You risk getting banned and losing personal data. In addition, the connection speed will be very low, which will negatively affect your work as a whole.

To avoid searching for a suitable option for a long time, we recommend that you pay attention to mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. Follow the link to get acquainted with this product in more detail and evaluate for yourself functionality, choose suitable regions, tariffs. This is a gaming solution that is guaranteed to provide you with stable and convenient online experience without any restrictions or risks. Take advantage of the service offer and see for yourself.

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