Linkedin as a lead generation tool

Linkedin as a lead generation tool

Today, the Linkedin platform — it is the world's #1 business communication tool. The main language of the platform — English. Using the profiles of this social network, you can engage in networking, launch mechanisms to attract customers and partners to your business, build long-term promising relationships with the target audience.

Now let's take a closer look at the distinguishing features of the Linkedin network. Consider the trends in 2023 in the field of text and multimedia content of profiles and how the trends have changed here recently. We will show you how to create an optimal account and give recommendations for its promotion. We will provide information on how to use the Linkedin network to generate leads. We will also dwell on such an issue as organizing simultaneous work with many profiles using mobile proxies.

Highlights of Linkedin

The Linkedin platform has a number of key differences from other social networks, because it is focused not on ordinary communication, but on business. Among the main points we highlight:

  • Ensuring the most comfortable and fast networking with representatives of international organizations. All these tools are here to help you discuss certain business proposals or just keep in touch.
  • Arrangement of comments. This is the easiest way to show your target audience how expert you are in this matter and draw attention to your account. Linkedin allows you to leave fairly detailed comments under the post of influencers.
  • Number of active professional communities. You can easily sort them depending on the direction of professional activity, geographical location. Here you can find like-minded people, post useful content, thereby drawing attention to your profile.
  • Linkedin allows you to use company tags, individual tags, hashtags in your posts. Thanks to all this, the connection between the business and the target audience will be displayed, and users will be able to find your posts.
  • The ability to post personal content on the site. This is one of the latest innovations in the social network policy allowing business representatives to reveal themselves not only from a professional point of view. The content of a personal plan will help increase confidence in the business representative, which will positively affect the perception of the company as a whole.

Features of filling Linkedin profiles

In order for your profile on a social network to work for a business, to really attract customers, business partners, it is important to approach its content professionally. In one of the latest statements SEO, the site specialist said that in the near future new features will be introduced to attract fans of multimedia and innovative technologies. Based on this, we can distinguish the following trends in filling accounts with content:

  1. Author mode. The work of the platform is largely focused on ensuring that profiles contain truly unique author's content. Connecting to the work of this mode will allow you to conduct live broadcasts, send out newsletters (Newsletter). Now the profile header will indicate the topics of the posted posts, the number of active subscribers, and the types of services provided. And the button "Establish contact" now replaced with "Subscribe".
  2. Video view. Linkedin gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to your target audience in a half-minute video message. Tell about what exactly you do, highlight your competitive advantages. But today, recording such a video is possible only in the mobile version. Whether it will appear on the desktop is hard to say.
  3. Audio view. Unlike the video view, here the recording time will be limited to 10 seconds. Initially, this idea was to help people with hard-to-pronounce names show the audience how their name sounds right. But profile owners began to use this option at their own discretion, mainly to greet their audience, advertise a product, service, etc. Like video, recording an audio message is currently only possible through the mobile version.
  4. Bell Notifications. This feature is displayed in the profile as a bell and allows you to track the publications of users, business representatives who are of direct interest to you. In the event that a new publication appears, you will receive a notification in the Notifications section.
  5. Newsletter. This option will be especially convenient for users with more than 150 subscribers. You can build your newsletter in the form of a news article, which will be uploaded at a specified frequency: daily, once a week, twice a month at, once a month. But you cannot create several such letters. You will have to add one each time.
  6. Carousel Images. This option allows you to attach pdf files to the post. Thanks to this, your subscribers will be able to view the presented material in a slide show format, which will significantly improve the perception of the information provided.
  7. LinkedIn Live. This option is aimed at providing account holders with the opportunity to broadcast live on the basis of the Zoom platform or some other. These broadcasts are connected through a personal profile. Users will be able to leave reactions directly during the broadcast or write messages in the chat. Before launching such a live broadcast, it is necessary to initially analyze it in the form of a post. Subsequently, this entry will be attached to this post and everyone can return to it.

As you can see, trends in the design of posts on the Linkedin social network have undergone significant changes. And in order for you to be in trend, you need to take them into account.

What has changed in Linkedin content?

We have structured the main points for a simpler and more convenient perception:

  • maximum storytelling, educational content, minimization of productive posts: advertising messages that gradually give less and less response are replaced by useful and unique author's content that attracts the attention of users;
  • an increase in the volume of textual content has contributed to an increase in attention to its content: the winner is the one who offers truly unique material presented as concisely as possible;
  • increasing the share of video content: allows you to convey the desired information more accurately, capaciously, which is especially important for attracting the attention of the younger generation;
  • increasing the percentage of personal posts, which is especially important today among foreign audiences.

In order to create your own unique image on Linkedin, you need to use a variety of formats (we recommend paying attention to middle-reads), add visual accompaniment, including a personal photo, slideshow, video presentation, polls, infographics. Content should be structured, written in an interesting and easy language. Do not forget about storytelling, tagging, hashtags. If there is expert and educational content among the material, then this will be an additional plus.

Let's look at the main points in more detail.

Training plan content

Intrusive recommendations should be avoided when providing information. It is important to show the audience that you are simply sharing your expertise with them. To increase the effectiveness of post coverage, it will be enough to add no more than 3-5 relevant hashtags. Infographics should be as clear and simple as possible for visual perception. It should fully reflect the subject of the post.


This is a mix of personal and professional content. Allows you to increase audience engagement. Here you can present your company in the most favorable light, but at the same time your post will not look like an obvious advertisement.

Introducing colleagues or team

This is especially true if the account is run by a business executive. By talking about your employees, you can form the status of a reliable and professional company. It will be optimal to attach a photo, which will improve the involvement of the target audience. It is not necessary to place in one post all the employees of the — Break your team introduction into multiple posts.

Video content

When creating video posts, it is important to choose the right length of the video. It is optimal that it does not exceed 2 minutes, otherwise the user's attention to the information provided will decrease. It is mandatory to add subtitles either to the video itself or under it, because it is not always convenient for users of a social network to listen to a video in headphones or turn on the sound. And do not forget to come up with an original and catchy title for your video post that reflects its essence. Choose the video format yourself.


This is the easiest, most convenient and effective way to learn about the preferences of your target audience. If you know what's interesting, you can suggest it and earn yourself an extra bonus.

Situational content

This is the kind of material that will allow you to share with the audience some information about your business that is hidden from outsiders. Alternatively, this could be information about the opening of a new office, a few photos from a corporate party, etc. Periodically adding such material will increase the level of trust of the target audience in your business.

Private posts

Here it is very important to create content that would be on the verge of personal and professional. So you can attract the attention of the target audience and increase the level of trust in the business. It is important for people to see who exactly is hidden behind the icon.

Now some information on how to properly promote your account on Linkedin.

Promoting your Linkedin profile the right way

Here are a few tips to help you promote your Linkedin accounts with high efficiency:

  1. To keep your account active, it will be enough to publish about 3 posts per week. It is also important to keep track of how much your proposed material attracted the attention of the target audience. Until you see feedback, there is no point in posting new posts.
  2. To keep your account active, it will be enough to publish about 3 posts per week. It is also important to keep track of how much your proposed material attracted the attention of the target audience. Until you see feedback, there is no point in posting new posts.
  3. Don't forget to comment on the posts of influencers from your field, get in touch with them.
  4. Build a loyal base of subscribers by adding acquaintances and friends to your profile.
  5. Make a habit of commenting on other users' posts on topics that are close to you. And do not forget about the expertise of such publications.
  6. Keep track of the amount of engagement on posts. So you can determine what kind of information attracts more attention of the target audience, and what is not interesting for them. In the future, you will be able to publish material that will cause the most active discussion.
  7. Constantly keep an eye on the components that other users leave. Try to comment on each of them. This will allow you to connect with people.

And remember: you, alas, cannot do without a well-built strategy for promoting your profile. This is the only way you can get good results.

What about lead generation?

The social network Linkedin also offers its own trends in the field of lead generation. Here are the main points to consider when maintaining business profiles:

  • No warm-ups, let's get right down to business. Why pour water if you pursued a specific goal when creating your profile on the Linkedin social network — attraction of partners and clients. So do this, saving both your own and other people's time.
  • See working with a group of people who have a direct impact on the decision. This is relevant if you plan to set up cooperation with some other company. Its staff can go on vacation, sick leave, quit. That is, there is a possibility that the connections established with one person will simply be interrupted at some point in time.
  • Use intersection points. In parallel with the growing popularity of the social network, the number of suspicious profiles and spammers began to increase. That is why potential customers and partners will be much more free to contact if they find some kind of intersection with you. This can be studying at the same university, working in the same company, joint participation in seminars or some other events, having mutual friends, etc.

How to start lead generation on Linkedin correctly?

To effectively launch lead generation on the Linkedin social network, follow these guidelines:

  • try to find out as much as possible the level of interest of a person after he approves your application friends;
  • enter simultaneous work with different representatives of the same company;
  • provide the most concise competitive information about your products, services;
  • involve follow-ups in the work, including in video format, test certain hypotheses;
  • Look for intersection points.

You must understand that Linkedin — this is the platform that will allow you, as a business representative, to build truly reliable and long-term relationships with representatives of the target audience. It will become an excellent channel for selling goods and services, attracting business partners. Thanks to the information provided, you know how to build the right strategy in developing your own profiles, how to monitor its effectiveness.

But still, you need to understand that the more Linkedin accounts you have, the more people you can attract to your business. Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will help you put this into practice without the risk of getting banned. This is one of the best solutions for multi-accounting today. You can also use programs that automate actions on the network, including data parsing.

Follow to explore the functionality of mobile proxy. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of a free two-hour testing, so that even before buying the product you will be convinced of its high efficiency, stability and ease of use, including with the Linkedin social network. We would like to draw your attention to tariffs: the longer the service purchase period, the cheaper one day of use will cost.

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