Using mobile proxies – visit sites without restrictions

Use mobile proxies - access sites without restrictions

It is difficult today to find a person who would not use the Internet. On the World Wide Web, working people and housewives, pensioners and children, people with different interests and preferences find a lot of necessary and useful information for themselves. But, unfortunately, despite how many opportunities the Internet provides users, there are a number of limitations. Certain prohibitions are introduced by the governments of a particular country at the legislative level, there are a number of prohibitions for providers, online stores, site administrations. But this is not a reason to put up with restrictions.

Modern Internet users can bypass regional blocking, access sites closed to their region, work with social networks and other sites even while in the bath. All this and much more can provide an additional connection to the work of the proxy. What exactly are we talking about and how to make sure that the visit to the site does not come directly from the provider, but through an intermediary server? Let's take a closer look at these issues.

A few words about the essence of proxy servers

The fact is that direct work on the Internet involves transmitting the real IP address of your computer, laptop or other gadget, as well as its geolocation to the network. That is, the resource for which your request is intended immediately identifies you. What can this lead to? If attackers intercept this stream, then your computer will become easy prey for them. They can launch malicious software on it, steal important information, including financial information. Social networks and other services at the first violation of the terms of use can permanently block your IP address. And this will further reduce the efficiency of the network.

Proxy – this is an additional intermediary link in the chain of interaction between the user device and the Internet. They will not only pass traffic through themselves, but will also ensure that your real technical data is replaced with your own IP address and GEO. As a result, the site identifies information that has nothing to do with your device and you personally. And this opens up truly unlimited possibilities for users. So, using proxy servers in working with the Internet, you provide yourself with:

  1. Absolute security and anonymity of networking: no one can identify you, even professional hackers.
  2. Bypassing regional blocking, provider bans, bans, sites: they are all focused on the real IP address and geolocation of your computer, and spoofed data is used here.
  3. The ability to simultaneously work with a huge number of accounts in social networks, instant messengers and other sites, including using automated services for promotion without the risk of getting banned or blocked.

It remains only to find out how to access the site anonymously. There are several options here. Let's consider each of them.


Here you can use both special software extensions and online platforms. In the first case, you can use applications such as VPN for browser or Private proxy. If you are interested in online applications, then you can pay attention to the following options:


The choice is not limited to this. There are quite a lot of anonymizers on the network and they all work on the same principle. You launch the program (stationary or online, it doesn't matter), enter the URL of the page you want to go to in the window that opens. Next, check the box next to "Allow Cookies", which will allow your search engine to use cookies. Here you can also select the country through which you would like to access the site. This moment will allow you to bypass regional blocking of both the government and providers.

Yes, on the one hand, anonymizers are a convenient, quick and simple solution. But on the other hand, it has a lot of pitfalls that can become a serious obstacle, especially for those who are looking for a professional solution for work, and not for domestic use. So, the level of security of such services is very low. Anyone with certain knowledge and skills can easily intercept your data. Therefore, in no case should you use your active passwords when working with anonymizers, indicate the real data of online wallets, bank cards, etc.

The stability of their work will also be low. They will not be able to guarantee you access to certain sites, exclude blocking and bans. The fact is that free IP addresses, on which the work of anonymizers is built, for the most part, are already in the “black lists” of the network. And this means that the system will automatically block an attempt to enter from them. There will also be a low connection speed, because at the same time a large number of people will use these services.

Proxy and VPN built into the browser

Assumes the use of proxies built into browsers. In this case, you will not need to use any third-party sites, applications. But this option is not provided in all search engines. It can be used by those who work with:

  • Opera.
  • Tor.
  • Polarity.
  • Freegate.
  • Epic.
  • Ultrasurf.

Each of these browsers has built-in proxies or VPN services. The connection is made through the settings menu. It is possible to use a proxy both for all connections and for individual sites. But there are also disadvantages here, namely: low connection speed, high probability of getting banned, insufficient security level.

Using proxy programs

Proxifiers are special browser extensions that provide the ability to use proxy servers in search engines where this option is not provided in the default settings. The modern market offers a large selection of such applications. Alternatively, you can use:

Each of these extensions has its own database of free proxies. But even here there can be serious limitations. In particular, the probability that the IP addresses that are used to connect to the network has long been in the "black lists", that is, the probability of blocking is quite high. And again: the more people use the same address, the higher the likelihood of getting blocked, losing anonymity and the security of work. The connection speed will also be low. But in general, proxy programs are a convenient and easy-to-use solution. But you can't use free proxies.

VPN for operating systems

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) work in much the same way as proxy servers, but they also encrypt data in transit. This allows you to increase the anonymity and security of work, minimizes the likelihood of getting blocked, losing personal data. We have already considered the option when the action of the VPN extended only to browsers. Here it covers all actions of the operating system. To work, you can use programs such as:

  • HideMe.
  • FreeOpenVPN
  • Hotspot Shield and others

But again, the main problem with free IP addresses is that most of them are already blacklisted, and the rest may get there in the near future.

Effective problem solving

As you can see, none of the described options guarantees 100% access to the site, does not completely eliminate blocking, hacker attacks. And the main reason is the use of free IP addresses. The most effective, simple and convenient way to solve this problem is to use private mobile proxies in your work, as an option from the MobileProxy.Space service. They can connect to both browsers and operating systems, directly or through proxy programs. Here, each user will receive a dedicated channel with unlimited traffic for personal use, will be able to change addresses automatically or forcibly, via a link. Also, at any time it will be possible to change the geolocation, the operator of the cellular network, thereby ensuring the effective bypass of regional blocking.

Follow the link to learn more about the functionality of mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space and current tariffs. We also offer a free 2-hour testing, which will allow you to make sure of its reliability and high quality even before buying a product.

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