We connect donations and paid subscriptions in Telegram

We connect donations and paid subscriptions in Telegram

Telegram for today — an extremely popular platform for promoting your business, goods and services. Today, there is also a huge number of information channels that are visited daily by hundreds, and even thousands of people. Some of the content here is freely available, but there is also some that requires a paid subscription to access. In addition, no one prohibits the owners of such resources from accepting voluntary contributions from their users, so-called donations.

Now we are going into more detail on such an issue as setting up a paid Telegram channel. This is necessary so that your subscribers can pay for a subscription to your account. By following the instructions provided, you will be able to complete the work as quickly, easily and simply as possible.

A little about how a paid subscription works

Before going directly to the settings, you should understand what a paid subscription is Telegram and whether your channel needs it. Initially, we note that resorting to this should only be done by those people who already have a fairly impressive category of loyal subscribers, that is, those who will be willing to regularly contribute a certain amount of money for using your channel. You also need to know how to attract new audiences who are willing to pay money for a subscription.

So, a paid subscription in Telegram is an opportunity to collect a fee from subscribers in exchange for giving them access to your group or channel. It can be issued for a day, a week, a month. A person will only use your content until his subscription expires. There are also options for the so-called forever subscription. That is, in this case it will be enough to deposit the amount once and use the channel without restrictions.

Paid access is configured through special bots. We recommend paying attention to programs that will not only provide access by subscription, but will also be able to accept donations from visitors to closed and open groups, payment for posting a message or advertisement in the group, etc. The bot will also be able to track payments, that is, it will take over all that boring and routine work on which you have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Who should set up a paid subscription in Telegram

In principle, absolutely anyone who has an appropriate idea can create their own private Telegram channel. But here it is necessary to correctly measure your own strengths. The fact is that people will pay for access to content only if it has some practical value for them and is interesting. Otherwise, why should they pay them?

Here are the main categories of people who should create a private channel and receive payment for access to it:

  1. Bloggers. You can use paid channels to distribute your original content exclusively to those people who can appreciate it or to communicate with your fans.
  2. Experts in a particular field. On closed accounts you can post certain instructions, guides, research results, and provide practical advice from a particular professional field.
  3. Masters. If you plan to create educational content for beginners, including videos, or conduct master classes, then you can use closed channels for this.
  4. Studios that conduct online courses. Through a closed Telegram channel it will be possible to distribute exclusive content, extended materials, useful recommendations, including those based on your own practical experience.
  5. Online stores. If you want to retain your audience, then from time to time you can offer additional discounts or bonuses to regular customers. It’s worth creating a so-called VIP club for them.

You can also create a closed Telegram channel for those who have a fairly broad topic that can interest the audience. One that can be constantly developed and replenished with content that is poorly represented in the public domain. That is, a subscriber who will pay money to gain access to your channel must understand what exactly he will get from it. Otherwise, even your oldest and most faithful subscribers will simply leave the channel.

Popular ideas for a closed Telegram channel

When selecting material for a closed Telegram channel, you must proceed from the fact that in this case the subscriber is determined to receive a finished result, and immediately. He will not wait a day, two, a week until he sees something that is really useful to him. That is, a person pays to simplify his life, get rid of a lengthy search for the necessary information on the Internet, and eliminate errors in the practical use of a particular product.

Practice shows that the following categories are the best paid content:

  • Forecasts and analytics. This is relevant for various areas of business. This could be sports betting, stock exchange forecasts, analytics of the prospects for the development of a particular business niche, etc.
  • Current types of documents. This will be especially important for those who work in the financial sector and jurisprudence. The fact is that all standards here change very quickly and very often. Keeping track of all this on your own can be very, very difficult. Therefore, a person is ready to pay money so that he can go to the resource at any time and use the necessary template, rather than waste time searching for it and checking its correctness.
  • Expert recommendations and advice. There are quite a lot of options here. This could be preparing papers for submission to visa centers, providing online consultations on a particular topic, transcribing medical studies, preparing an optimal diet, etc.
  • Instructions and user guides. Not every person in his daily life and even professional activity is ready to personally go through the so-called “path of the samurai.” It’s much more reliable, faster and more efficient to use other people’s work. And if you post similar instructions and algorithms on your channel that will be useful for users, then you can be sure that they will agree to pay for using them.
  • Backstage. This is a kind of “behind the scenes” a single channel. That is, you can charge for the fact that a certain category of people will see more than other users: the production process itself, preparation for a performance, some practical recommendations, recordings of lessons, advice, etc.
  • Serial content. Alternatively, you can make freely available materials that can attract the attention of the target audience, and then transfer interested people to your paid channel. If the topic is truly interesting, if you can initially captivate the audience, then there is a high probability that they will be willing to pay for further access to your content.
  • Master classes. Users especially benefit from master classes on makeup, preparing desserts or other dishes, and delivering a speech. The channels of psychologists also work well, where individual recommendations are given on creative thinking, increasing emotional endurance, etc.
  • Individual communication with subscribers. This solution will be convenient if you are ready to share various recommendations with your subscribers for a certain amount of money, analyze difficult practical situations with them, give recommendations, etc.

But we would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that in any case, the topic should be aimed exclusively at adults. There is no need to charge children. Even if you have entertaining or educational content for kids, you need to offer such a product to parents.

What will you, as the owner of the channel, get from a paid subscription?

By connecting a paid subscription to your Telegram channel, you can:

  1. Increase your income level. The work you did in the messenger before can be monetized. The more such channels you have at your disposal, the higher your income will be. But the main task here — constantly create content that will really be interesting and useful to subscribers so that they are willing to pay money for it.
  2. Stimulate yourself for further achievements. As soon as you notice additional income coming in and can materially evaluate the benefits of publishing posts, you will continue to work, putting even greater effort into creating content that can interest readers.
  3. Significantly improve the security of your content. Due to the fact that the channel will be closed, the likelihood of intellectual property theft will be significantly lower than in open ones. In addition, few of the people who pay for your material will be mentally prepared to share it with other people for free.
  4. Increasing interest in your products, services, materials from subscribers. If a person consciously subscribes to your channel, it means he is really interested in what you offer him. This means that you will be able to retain the attention of attracted leads for as long as possible.

What will you, as a Telegram user, get from a paid subscription?

The benefits of connecting to paid Telegram channels will be appreciated not only by their owners, but also by those who subscribe to them and pay for use. In this case we are talking about:

  1. Gaining access to truly unique content. Only on closed channels you can find material that is not freely available, or at least not so easy to find.
  2. Content reliability. Paid channels are created by truly specialists in their field. Here you can find master classes, proper documentation, training videos, recommendations from people who know what they are talking about. In addition, the information presented will be relevant today. This means you can safely use it.
  3. Communication. The fact is that closed channels often bring together people interested in this topic and well versed in it. That is, you can communicate with each other, give advice, receive recommendations. All this will help not only in terms of self-development, but will also have a positive impact on your professional activities.

Create a paid subscription in TG

Now that you understand what a paid subscription in Telegram is, what benefits both you as the account owner and your subscribers will receive from its use, you can proceed directly to the formation of this very paid subscription.

We have already said that setting up and subsequent control over payment, inclusion of certain tariffs — These are the tasks that will be performed automatically using a special bot. In this case, we will look at the settings process using the Nemilin_bot program. So, with its help you can subscribe for one day, a week, 2 weeks, a month, or forever with just one payment.

Why did we choose this particular bot? Among its key aspects it is worth highlighting:

  • it is possible to fully automate payment for a subscription or for individual messages in a common group;
  • the bot will be free to use if your monthly turnover does not exceed 5,000 rubles, and donations are not taken into account in this amount;
  • the number of projects linked to one tariff can be unlimited, which will certainly be appreciated by owners of fairly large channels: no matter how many projects you run, how much income you receive, the commission for use will be the same;
  • payments are received directly to the wallet, with no delays or commissions: the bot will be able to transfer funds even from legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, users from other countries of the world, etc.

Now, after a detailed introduction, let’s move directly to the settings. If you follow these instructions step by step, you will be able to complete these tasks as quickly and easily as possible:

  1. Assign the bot the functions of a channel administrator. We would still recommend opting for a paid subscription to the Nemilin_bot bot, so as not to limit yourself in work and income. Initially, we select the language here, turn off English or Russian. Next, we come up with a name for the channel that would reflect its essence. Launch the bot and indicate what you want to create: a closed channel or a group. We select a suitable solution and set the bot to “administrator” status. Go directly to the channel and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. From the drop-down list, select the “Manage channel” option. In the window that opens, select the “Administrator” function, then add your bot here. After this, an access window will open in front of you. Of all the available options, you need to trust the bot only one — “Adding participants.” Feel free to uncheck all other checkboxes and save the settings. To check the connection, it will be enough to simply send the bot any personal message from the channel. That's all — your bot is connected. If you add a bot to work with several channels, then you need to repeat these steps in each of them.
  2. Setting up tariffs. At this stage, you need to indicate the tariffs that will apply to your channel. These are the ones your potential subscribers will see when choosing the right option for themselves. It is also mandatory to set several options for selecting the duration of the subscription. You yourself set the option that you consider necessary for yourself. It is still optimal to provide a tariff for one day, aimed at new subscribers: this way they will be able to evaluate your content and decide whether to renew their subscription or not. The cost of each tariff is also set. After this, do not forget to save the changes to put the changes into effect.
  3. Creating a landing bot. This is a separate bot that will communicate with your new subscribers, meet them, and maintain communication. These works are performed directly inside Nemilin_bot. To do this you need to select the new_bot option. Next, assign a name to the new bot, create a link for it, signing “bot” at the very end. The last thing you need at this stage is to copy the token and paste it into a message to your main bot, which will be in standby mode at this stage.
  4. We connect the service to accept payments. Initially, you need to decide which wallet you will use to deposit funds. There are a lot of options here, starting from Qiwi wallet, PAYPAL, CloudPayments and even semi-automatic systems. Payment can be received from any individuals and legal entities, self-employed, individual entrepreneurs. The advantages of the bot we have chosen are that it is even able to tell this or that category of potential subscribers which payment systems will be optimal for them. That is, you just need to select the appropriate solution and click on it. After this, you will be prompted to follow a direct link to the authorization window. Enter the appropriate data and click on the “Continue” button. In some cases, the service may ask you for a code from an SMS message. We enter it and this stage is completed. All you have to do is give the bot your wallet number.
  5. Setting up automatic notifications. It is very important to approach this stage as carefully and professionally as possible. If any errors are made, notifications will not work automatically. This will complicate both your work and the actions of your subscribers. That is, you need to go to the appropriate section of the bot and configure auto-notifications in it. When the page for settings in the payment service that you selected at the previous stage opens in front of you, you will need to insert a link into the empty block and check the box “Send notifications” Click on the “Save” button. After that, click on the “Show secret” button. and copy it. We return directly to the bot and send it the copied secret. You can check the correctness of the settings on the main page of the “Payment Acceptance” service by clicking on the “Test” button. Immediately after this, a text notification should be sent to the bot. At this stage, you have done everything to ensure that your bot understands where to send subscribers, what payment to accept, after what period of time to do this, and where to send funds. After each payment made, the bot will also send you a report on the transaction.
  6. We are creating a separate bot landing page to accept payments. This is necessary in order to provide the user with assistance in making payment for the tariff he has chosen. This bot’s responsibilities will also include sending notifications to your subscribers that their paid period is about to expire. In this case, we need to open the BotFather bot and give it the /mybots command. Immediately after this, a bot will open in front of you, which we have already created earlier. Now you just need to configure it. That is, it is necessary to write down a name, a set of words that will be displayed to users as a greeting. You also need to add a short description to the bot (will be displayed in its profile). It will also be possible to create other teams that are directly related to accepting payments.

That's it, the settings are complete. You can test the work. But we also want to draw your attention to the fact that your subscribers will communicate directly with the landing bot. That is, he will greet them and tell them what steps to take to subscribe. As soon as the user selects a tariff that is suitable for him, the bot will immediately reveal to him all the information about the name of this tariff and its cost, expiration dates, as well as information about what access he will receive under this subscription. If a person is not satisfied with something, he can go back and look at other tariffs. If everything is in order, all you need to do is click on the “Pay” button. After this, the available options for depositing funds will open in front of him. After selecting the appropriate solution, the bot will provide the details. The subscriber will simply need to click on the “Proceed to payment” button. and deposit funds.

The subscriber will receive notifications from the bot that his paid subscription expires one day before its expiration.

A little about how to connect donations in Telegram

Above we looked at the nuances of connecting a paid subscription in the Telegram messenger. Now we want to tell you how to connect donations as well. The work will also be carried out through the same bot in the following sequence:

  • We launch the bot, set its language, select the “Donations” project. We assign a name to the project and send it to the bot.
  • We are creating a separate personal bot through which donations will be sent to you. Here the steps will be the same as when creating a landing bot. As a result, we need to get the bot’s link, copy its token and send it to the main bot. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that bot tokens must be unique for each project.
  • Indicate the amount of donations you will receive from subscribers. Alternatively, you can write 100, 300, 500 rubles. etc. But, in principle, you can not enter numbers, but click on the “Enter standard” button, thereby instructing the bot to set the value independently. If you want, you can add an “Other amount” button to the bot. In this case, users themselves will be able to enter the amount they want to thank you for your work.
  • We link a channel where messages about donations will be sent, as well as in the comments left by users. This is relevant if you want other subscribers to see that you are being thanked. This may encourage them to send you monetary support as well.
  • Now you need to give your bot administrator rights. We have already talked about how to do this above. And the last moment — connect the payment system. Here the action steps are exactly the same as when setting up a paid subscription.

To summarize

Now you, as the owner of a Telegram channel, clearly understand whether you need a paid subscription, and you will also be able to complete all the work to set it up and enable the option of sending donations. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this, especially if you just follow the given instructions step by step. But we want to immediately warn you that in the case of multi-threaded work with several accounts in the Telegram messenger, when using programs to automate actions, you can get blocked, or even earn a permanent ban.

How to prevent this? Additionally, connect mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service to your work. You can read more about all the possibilities and current tariffs here. We would just like to draw your attention to the fact that private mobile proxies — This is the best solution for ensuring secure, stable and functional Internet experience today. With them you are not afraid of hacker attacks or break-ins. You also get the opportunity to bypass any regional restrictions and gain access to blocked resources. This means that your work on the Internet will be as stable, functional and convenient as possible. Any technical questions and difficulties that arise in the work process can be resolved with the help of a professional technical support service that works around the clock.

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