Telegram crypto channels monetization: trends in 2023

Telegram crypto channel monetization: trends 2023

Today, cryptographic currencies are in high demand among many users. Those who are looking for a promising investment solution. A lot of useful information from this direction can be found on specialized crypto-calans in instant messengers, in particular in Telegram. Have you created such a channel yourself, but you cannot get the desired profit from it? And this is quite understandable, because today this market is divided among themselves by literally 7-10 organizations. And they put a lot of effort into ousting competitors. They have created a kind of oligopoly, it will be difficult to compete with them, but still there is hope to promote their channel.

Now let's take a closer look at what methods of monetizing crypto-channels exist. We will also pay attention to such moments as the development of a strategy for promoting channels in Telegram, their promotion, maintenance. These moments will help you bring your product to the market, making it a worthy competitor to the TOP companies working on it. We will show you how to intensify your work with the help of mobile proxies. By the way, if you are interested in passive earnings on cryptographic currencies, you can take part in activities offered by a number of sites, in particular Starknet.

Methods of monetizing crypto-channels on Telegram

Now let's highlight 5 main ways to monetize the Telegram channel dedicated to cryptographic currencies:

  1. Privacy. We have already said that in Telegram today there are no more than 10 channels dedicated to virtual currency. Their owners know each other well and communicate with each other. And many of them purposefully get rid of "newcomers." But if you have created a high-quality and useful private product for the user, then it has the right to exist. The situation when a large channel, the number of subscribers of which is in the tens of thousands, takes $70 or more for entry and provides much less information than a channel with a hundred subscribers and a fee of about $20 – not news to anyone.
  2. Pump of NFT projects. Along with large channels in Telegram, there are also relatively small analogues, whose activities extend to NFT flips on Solana. A number of channels work together and their total audience is enough to memorize a fairly good collection of tokens. Alas, there are those who earn on interest from supla, are engaged in the memory of other people's collections, not wanting to waste time creating their own.
  3. Referral. Most of the channels in Telegram from time to time put up posts containing referral links. For example, with just one referral of the SpaceJam pyramid, several administrators managed to make a profit of several thousand dollars. This way of monetizing Telegram channels dedicated to NFT will be especially good for those who post projects that are really useful for users, those that can really make money. If the task of posting is only to get money out of users, then your idea is doomed to failure – the audience will be lost Read also how to implement effective autoposting on Instagram using mobile proxies .
  4. Developing your own, unique product. Along with the usual private messages, referrals, advertising launches, many channel owners create their own products: software, utilities, applications. This method of monetizing crypto-channels in Telegram has more than bright prospects. The fact is that if such solutions benefit people, the demand for them will always be high. No one will constantly pay for beautiful pictures and incomprehensible promises: actionable advice is needed. Before you – unlimited field for fantasy. Find something unique that will not only attract an audience to your channel, but also make it stay for a long time.
  5. Advertising. There are a lot of options for starting such companies. Along with advertising products that are directly related to your Telegram channel (as an example, offering a product such as aptos cryptocurrency), you can also promote regular TG channels. But you need to understand that the level of income here will be different. You need to find the solution that will be the most convenient and profitable for you.

Now let's pay attention to how to properly work with the channel in Telegram in order to get the highest possible monetization from it, attract and retain users.

How to create a Telegram crypto channel with good monetization

High monetization of the Telegram channel – this is not luck, but the result of a carefully thought-out strategy and quite a serious investment of time, effort and, in part, money. And in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to professionally perform three main steps:

  1. Creating a channel.
  2. Promotion.
  3. Maintenance

Let's take a closer look at each of these steps.

Creating a Telegram channel correctly

Even before starting the physical creation of a channel, it is necessary to think over its strategy in detail, select content, and develop a design. Yes, from the constant launch of advertising, the use of referrals, you can get some benefit. But, alas, it will be temporary. If you are interested in stable and good monetization of the Telegram channel, then follow these recommendations when creating it:

  • Don't go overboard with advertising. Users are already accustomed to advertising in channels and are quite loyal to it. But everything should be in moderation. So, if you decide to launch a really useful product, then people will simply not notice it in all the abundance of advertising garbage. In addition, its huge amount dramatically reduces the level of respect for the channel. Accordingly, the number of users who will buy private messages from you, software subscriptions to the service will gradually decrease. What kind of monetization of the Telegram channel can we talk about in this case?!
  • We think over the content to the smallest detail. The loyalty of the audience and the level of user confidence in the information you provide depend on what information will be presented on your channel. Get rid of empty posts, garbage. Even an abundance of such messages will not improve the situation. It is necessary to provide users with such material that would be useful and interesting for them, taking into account current trends of our time. But with topics such as cryptocurrency, you should not have any problems. The topic itself is very broad. Moreover, very often new virtual coins appear on the market. You can present them to users, tell them when they should be bought with the maximum benefit, talk about the activities carried out by the sites and allow you to earn tokens literally from scratch. Alternatively, you can talk about the crypt Optimism. It will be great if you start your own "trick" in providing information. So you can stand out "from the crowd", attract the target audience to your channel.
  • Design. It should be given a little less attention than the content. This applies to the design of posts, posted pictures, avatar. You need to understand that Telegram – this is not Instagram or YouTube, where users initially look for a picture, video. Here they need exactly the information given in text format. But still, it should be beautifully and unobtrusively framed. And here you can not resort to the services of a designer – it will be enough to rely on your own abilities and creativity.

Now that you have already created your Telegram channel, you can think about how to promote it.

Telegram channel promotion features

To get good monetization from a Telegram channel, you need to attract the largest possible number of users to it. We have already said that the topic of crypto is of interest to many today. Useful content and attractive, unobtrusive design will make a person stay on your channel after entering and return to it again and again. But here the task is different: how can you help the user to initially go to your channel? There are two ways to achieve your goal:

  1. With material investments. Yes, the prospect of spending money on channel promotion does not look very attractive, but, nevertheless, its effectiveness will be quite high. But the main thing here is – do not overdo it and do not throw money away. According to statistics, today about 70% of all Telegram channels – twisted. And they don't stand out from the crowd. If it is very interesting, then you can follow the growth of subscribers, fluctuations in the number of views. But does it make sense? What difference does it make how the channel was promoted if it contains useful and interesting information for you? So what might bring users to your channel? The answer is logical – advertising. You need to find a good channel with an abundance of subscribers and order placement of your advertising on it. For money. Without this – no way. It is optimal to aim for $1 per 1 subscriber.
  2. Without material investments. The first way – the use of short videos of the advertising plan, which, due to the recommendations, will receive organic views. The video itself should contain a call to action: visit, subscribe to the channel. The number of such videos can be unlimited. Also, constant communication in chats, placement of comments, mutual PR (mutually beneficial cooperation with the owners of other channels) will help to attract an audience for free. Alternatively, you can create your own YouTube channel specifically for the promotion of the Telegram channel. Yes, this option is quite complicated and will work in the far-reaching future. But on the other hand, this way you will get an audience that will be really interested in your product. You can also use basic knowledge of SEO and social media to correctly place useful articles that link to your channel on third-party blogs.

But, most of the work aimed at attracting the target audience for free requires special attention. The fact is that the system can block your work, perceiving it as multi-threaded actions. To prevent this, work should be done through mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service (for more information, see here).

Features of maintaining a Telegram channel

Everyone who has their own channel in the Telegram messenger, regardless of its direction, knows how much its maintenance – it is difficult and painstaking work. It is necessary to fill posts daily, work in strict accordance with a predetermined schedule. And you also need to invent, prescribe, design these same posts. Yes, if you have a whole team of specialists at your disposal, then the work will be carried out more efficiently and quickly. But just do not forget that each employee will have to pay.

What to choose: self-management or the help of specialists – It's up to you to decide based on your own resources. But if you stop at the first option, then mobile proxies will provide you with significant assistance in your work. With their help, you can work in multi-threaded mode without the risk of blocking, use programs that automate actions. All this will allow you to attract the target audience to the channel with minimal time and effort. As you can see, there is a solution, but in any case – the choice is yours.

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