Why do you need mobile proxies when working with Instagram

Why do you need mobile proxies when working with Instagram

Recently, on Mondays, we began to raise the topic of the practical use of mobile proxies. And today our conversation will be about one of the most common and widely used social networks today — Instagram. The fact is that there are a number of restrictions on this site. Thus, it is prohibited to manage more than 5 accounts from one IP address. This means that SMM managers will not be able to organize the most stable, functional and diverse work on the network, which would provide maximum coverage of the target audience. Connecting to work with Instagram mobile proxies will help you cope with such problems.

Now we’ll talk in more detail about what proxies are and why they are needed for this social network. Let's consider which options should be used in practice. Let's describe the sequence of actions for setting up mobile proxies for Instagram. Let's pay attention to how to choose the right solution for the upcoming work.

Why do you need mobile proxies to work with Instagram?

Today, the social network Instagram — one of the most visited and popular in the world. Here the number of accounts is growing exponentially every day. In addition, this platform has become the best solution for advertising, as many business representatives have already seen. Today on Instagram there are a huge number of online stores, personal blogs, and companies providing certain services.

Representatives of each of these categories strive to reach as many target audiences as possible, attract new people to their accounts, and increase their popularity and traffic. But, like any other platform, Instagram focuses exclusively on the natural attraction of new subscribers. This means that the development of personal pages should be carried out without the use of automated services, including gaining subscribers by increasing the number of likes. Those who neglect such requirements are subject to an Instagram ban. This means that their accounts are often blocked without the right of recovery.

That is why those who would like to bypass these restrictions and get the largest possible number of subscribers in a short period of time and without any risks resort to using mobile proxies.

Recall that in this case we are talking about an intermediary server that will be located between the user and the Internet site, in particular the Instagram social network. In operation, it will replace the real data of the user device with its own technical parameters. This means that the system will not be able to identify your multi-stream connection due to the automatic change of location and IP address. Instagram will simply mark the work of a large number of users, that is, it will not be able to identify multi-accounting. In this case, the probability of blocking is reduced to zero.

If you decide to use a mobile proxy when working with Instagram, you can avoid a ban when promoting accounts and running ads. This is the solution that will provide you with simultaneous multi-threaded work to achieve your tasks and goals. You will be able to manage hundreds, or even thousands of personal pages at the same time, because they will be accessed through different IP addresses. In this case, real addresses are used that cellular network operators allocate to their users. Let us note once again that no system will be able to identify such a connection and therefore apply any sanctions to it. this is what will make your promotion as effective, stable and safe as possible.

How can you use mobile proxies on Instagram?

If your professional activity is related to promotion and advertising on social networks, in particular on Instagram, then using mobile proxies you can do:

  1. Parsing the target audience. These works involve collecting information about users who may be interested in the goods or services you provide. That is, it is precisely this category of people that your advertising will be aimed at. If your business involves the provision of goods or services within a certain city, then when gathering an audience you need to take into account regional affiliation. It is also necessary to take into account gender and age, because these parameters can be considered important targeting factors. It is also important to take into account the hobbies and interests of users, check what channels they subscribe to and what they are interested in. This is quite a complex work that allows you to obtain truly valuable information about users and form groups of people that your business needs to target. Such work will significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising, and also optimize the budget for it. Thanks to mobile proxies, you can complete this work as quickly as possible and without any risks.
  2. Massfollowing. This is one of the ways to promote on social networks, which involves mass subscription to the accounts of other users. This is one of the most effective ways to grab a person's attention. If he sees that you have subscribed to him, he will most likely take a step back and become your subscriber. But here it is very important that the information that will be presented on your pages is of interest to a certain person. That is, mass following is already focused on the target audience. This is a guarantee that you will receive much more mutual subscriptions, and with them — and conversions. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, because too much pressure on the user can lead to him simply clicking on the “Report account” button. If your profile collects several similar complaints, one of the social network filters will work and the page will be banned. That is why, before launching mass following, you need to very carefully monitor your audience and send messages only to those who may really be interested in your products, services, and information. This will keep your efforts from appearing spammy, increasing productivity and minimizing complaints. In any case, you should not forget about the quality of the content with which you fill your pages.
  3. Mass liking. In this case, we are talking about sending mass likes to posts posted on the Instagram social network by other users. The work of this tool is quite similar to mass following. That is, a person who sees a positive mark from you for his publication will most likely be interested in the person who sent such a request and, accordingly, will go to your pages or perform some other conversion action. Even if he does not subscribe to your account, the target action will still be completed, the statistics of transitions to the page will increase, which will also have a positive impact on promotion. And again, it is very important here that the material presented on the page interests the person and corresponds to his interests and request. If we talk from the point of view of receiving complaints, then mass liking is not as dangerous as mass following. Everything is logical here: why should a person complain about someone who reacted positively to his post? That is, the probability of account blocking here is very, very low. But you need to understand that the conversion here will not be particularly high compared to the previous option.

Recommendations for choosing mobile proxies for working with Instagram

In their daily work, the most specialists use all kinds of software systems that help them automate routine tasks of the same type and related to the promotion of accounts on social networks and their promotion. Many specialists have long given up on doing all this work manually due to low efficiency and excessive time consumption. But still, before moving on to working with specialized software, you need to check whether the software you choose supports mobile proxies and what type of protocol is required in this case: HTTP or SOCKS. It is also necessary to determine whether IPv6 support is provided or whether the program can only work on IPv4.

Here are a number of recommendations that will help you understand all these nuances and simplify the selection process:

  • Free or private proxies. The first thing we will draw your attention to is the need to use exclusively reliable private mobile proxies. This is what will provide you with the most stable and functional work on the network, and will allow you to avoid all kinds of risks and restrictions. The fact is that free proxies, which are freely available on the Internet today, are characterized by very low stability , reliability. Their safety also leaves much to be desired. The fact is that a large number of people use them at the same time, which in itself negatively affects functionality. Moreover, many free proxy addresses are already blacklisted. This means that attempts to connect from them will be immediately blocked by the system. To avoid such risks and ensure the most stable, functional and convenient work, we still recommend choosing private mobile proxies. With them, your online work will be as functional, stable and convenient as possible.
  • HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS. We won’t go into too much theory, let’s just note that the HTTP protocols and the encrypted version of HTTPS are designed specifically for browsing Internet pages. In contrast, the SOCKS protocol (currently SOCKS5) is designed to send data to the destination server on behalf of the user. In this case, all network traffic will go through the firewall, which in turn will greatly facilitate communication with servers. Unlike HTTP/HTTPS, the SOCKS protocol does not make any changes to the header. That is, the servers will transmit data without changing anything in it. Despite the fact that today SOCKS is considered a more advanced data transfer protocol, to ensure the most stable and functional operation, it is optimal to select a solution that would allow simultaneous operation on the HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS protocols. Such a solution is organized by connecting to parallel ports, but not all service providers offer it.
  • IPv4 or IPv6. We would like to note right away that the Instagram social network supports the IPv6 protocol. But still, experts note that the probability of account blocking when using it will be much higher than when working via IPv4, provided that you perform the same tasks. That is, if you are faced with the task of collecting data using technical accounts, if the problem of blocking them or losing them is not particularly critical for you, then, in principle, you can opt for this protocol. But you still need to understand that Instagram considers IPv4 addresses as more trustworthy, that is, reliable. And if you adhere to the limits in your work, then the likelihood of getting banned and losing your account will be very, very low. In addition, mobile proxies will allow you to effectively bypass all kinds of limits and restrictions.

We hope that the recommendations given will help you understand in more detail the features of mobile proxies for Instagram that the modern market offers and choose the optimal solution for your work. Now let's move on to how to configure it.

Features of setting up a proxy for working with Instagram

You can connect mobile proxies to work with the Instagram social network in several ways:

  1. Manually in the browser.
  2. Manually on a mobile device.
  3. Automatic configuration.

Let's take a closer look at all these 3 options.

Sequence of steps to manually configure mobile proxies in the browser

To perform manual configuration in the browser, you need to perform a series of steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu your browser. In the list that opens, select the “Advanced” item, and already in it — "Network" option. In the window that opens, select “Manual configuration of proxy services.”
  2. A new window opens in front of you with fields in which you need to enter the technical parameters of your server, in particular its IP address and port.
  3. Click on the “Save” button so that the system remembers the changes you made.

Such recommendations will be relevant for all types of browsers.

If you wish, you can also configure mobile proxies to work with Instagram directly in the operating system. So, if you use Windows, then you need to go to the “Network and Sharing Center”. Here, find the option responsible for connecting a proxy server and indicate in the appropriate boxes the IP address of your proxy and its port. The sequence of actions will be the same in all versions of the operating system. You will not have any particular difficulties in this process.

You can make sure that all work is done correctly quickly and easily. To do this, just check the IP-address. The parameter you see on your screen should be different from what it was before connecting the proxy. We would also like to draw your attention to whether you have authentication enabled when logging into your browser. If yes, the system will ask you to enter your login and access password.

Sequence of actions for setting up a proxy on mobile devices

If you plan to work with social networks, in particular Instagram, through mobile gadgets, then a more convenient and easy-to-use solution would be to configure it directly on your smartphone. In this case, you will need to implement the following actions:

  1. Go to your phone's settings. Here we select the “Wi-Fi network settings” tab.
  2. Select the network to which you are currently connected and click on it.
  3. A window will open in front of you that needs to be filled out. That is, here we enter the IP address and port of the proxy server. Click on the “Save” button.

You will need to perform similar actions on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Everything here is logical and understandable on an intuitive level, so no difficulties should arise.

Another way to connect a proxy to mobile gadgets to work with Instagram — using special utilities that can be found in the Google Play application store or the App Store. After you install the software, you will need to specify the IP address and port of the proxy in the dialog box, and check the “Auto connect” option. After this, your subsequent work with the Instagram social network will be carried out through mobile proxies without any additional settings.

Sequence of actions for automatically setting up mobile proxies for Instagram

If you don’t want to mess with manual settings, you can connect mobile proxies to Instagram automatically. There are special utilities for these purposes, in particular Proxy Switcher Pro, Mask Surf, Proxifier, Hide IP Easy, etc. You will need to download the application to your device and use the addresses that the service has at its disposal. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the reliability and stability of such proxies will not be particularly high due to their general availability.

But you can use these programs to configure your own proxies, thereby ensuring the most stable and functional work on the network. You will only need to perform basic settings once, which involve entering the technical parameters of the intermediary server, and then the system will work automatically, without requiring additional settings.

Which mobile proxy settings option for Instagram should you choose — It's an individual matter. just choose the solution that will be the most convenient and simple for you. But stability and ease of use will largely depend on how reliable the intermediary server is at your disposal. Now we have paid attention to how to choose the right mobile proxies for yourself.

How to choose the right mobile proxies for Instagram?

Using mobile proxies — this is what will make your work with multiple accounts on Instagram as convenient, simple and effective as possible. In a short time, you can make your pages popular, show your own products or services to a wide audience, which will ultimately have a positive impact on your income. But all this can be ensured exclusively through reliable private mobile proxies.

The modern market offers a fairly wide variety of such solutions. To choose the right option, you need to evaluate the following key criteria:

  • Protocol format. We have already said that Instagram supports both IPv4 and IPv6. But we would still recommend choosing IPv4. Yes, this version will be slower in operation, but more secure.
  • Level of anonymity provided. So, there are transparent proxies that will ensure your work through an intermediary server, but will not hide the fact of its existence. In addition, they will display your real IP address. This means that the level of anonymity here will be very, very low. Another option — anonymous proxy. They will hide your address, but the system will still see that the connection is made through a proxy. The most advanced and convenient solution today — These are private mobile proxies. Work through them will not be identified by the system at all. This means that no one will be able to track, identify or even notice your actions online. For multi-threaded work on Instagram, the last option — the best possible solution.
  • Traffic. A number of proxy servers impose certain restrictions on traffic. As a result, it may turn out that the allocated volume is simply not enough for multi-threaded work. Therefore, in the selection process, you should pay attention to exactly how much traffic is included in a particular package. Proxies with unlimited traffic may be a good option.
  • Availability of technical support. It is very important that if any difficulties arise in your work, you can get competent help as quickly as possible. This means that the service provider you choose must provide technical support services around the clock.
  • The ability to quickly and easily change the IP address, geolocation, and cellular network operator. It is optimal for the system to offer both automatic and forced IP-address changes. In this case, you can customize the work for yourself, which will increase the efficiency of the work performed.

All these requirements are fully met by mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. Follow the link https://mobileproxy.space/en/user.html?buyproxy to learn more about the current functionality tariffs and other features of working with this product. You also have the opportunity to test the product completely free of charge for two hours before purchasing it.

With them, you can ensure the most stable and diverse work with the social network Instagram, without fear of any blocking or any other sanctions.

Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service

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