3SNET: what you need to know about the affiliate program

3SNET: what you need to know about the affiliate program

3SNET – a relatively young affiliate program (appeared on the market a little over 5 years ago), which has already managed to prove itself well and please affiliates with stable and good profits. Users first of all appreciated such an advantage of the site as versatility. The offers that it offers today can be attributed to the most popular and demanded verticals today: betting, gambling, dating, e-sports, loans. And in each of these areas there are advertisers who have already proved themselves loudly. Also, the advantages of 3SNET include the provision of detailed statistics of cooperation, individual conditions for working with the CPA network, etc.

Now let's get acquainted with this affiliate program in more detail. Consider ways to interact with it, available offers. We will tell you how to start working in 3SNET, how to ensure a convenient withdrawal of funds. We will pay attention to the proper organization of interaction with the affiliate program in order to ensure the highest possible level of income, security and confidentiality of actions on the network using a product such as mobile proxies.

Why choose 3SNET?

Among the distinctive features of this 3SNET affiliate program, we highlight:

  • The presence of over 1000 active offers in all geolocations in different verticals. On average, each GEO has at least 5 brands.
  • Free access and availability of promotional codes. The affiliate website has a separate section dedicated to promo codes. Here users can share them, give friends access to a particular service in order to generate profitable traffic.
  • The presence of a blog on the site with useful information. Here you can find a lot of relevant author reviews, latest news, expert forecasts and their opinions, geolocation and vertical analytics.
  • Regular competitions, drawings with nice gifts. It also provides its own API and smartlink, customized solutions for the web, higher payouts.

Popular offers

Today, 720 offers on the topics of dating sites, online casinos, financial exchanges, betting and mining services, bookmakers, microfinance organizations are presented in the user's personal account of the 3SNET affiliate program. The most popular solutions: Vegas, Vulcan, Forex, Casino-X, Liga Stavki, Bet365, Olimp, Parimatch, Fonbet, as well as all kinds of lotteries, mining services cryptocurrencies etc. Here are some more interesting offers:

  • Spin Casino CPA BR Bl10. For a total deposit from the referred active player in the amount of 10 euros, the webmaster receives a payout of 45 euros. But be careful: attracting non-target audience on creatives and voicing the minimum amount of contribution is strictly prohibited.
  • 4rabet CPA IN. For each referred user who makes a deposit of just over $1 (100 rupees), the webmaster receives a reward of $25
  • Bets.Io CPA 6 Countries [Context]. Here, the one who brings people will receive payments, and they will make a deposit in the amount of 20 euros. Moreover, the amount of remuneration will be different for webmasters from a particular country. As an example, with GEO Germany you will receive 200 euros, and with GEO Switzerland – 250 euros. But please note: only context is allowed here.

If you need more solutions, they can be opened separately through the manager. The target action that must be done to receive a reward is written directly on the offer card. Alternatively, it will also indicate the minimum deposit amount for an active player, as well as detailed conditions for starting work: accepted traffic sources, geolocation. Complete information on payment must be indicated, including the features of the verification procedure, the procedure for payments, the hold time.

There are also conditions under which traffic will not be paid, in particular: non-compliance with the minimum deposit amount, attracting an untargeted audience, the use of fraudulent schemes and illegal actions in the work. Increased convenience of interaction with the site is provided by providing detailed information about advertisers. In particular, the presence / absence of a license, payment systems used, available currency options.

New offers are constantly appearing in the CPA network. You literally every day will be able to discover new opportunities for earning. The maximum payouts are received by those who work with such sections of the 3SNET affiliate program as options, virtual currency. But here, some knowledge is required to work. To make it easy to navigate the proposals and choose those options that will be most comfortable for you to work with, you can use the filters. The platform allows you to choose the names and categories of offers, the amount of commissions, the target audience. You can make the final choice after reading the description of the selected positions. After clicking on the button "Order access" next to the corresponding offer, a page with the corresponding description will open in front of you. Methods that are forbidden to be used to attract the target audience will also be given.

How to get started in the 3SNET affiliate program

To make working with the 3SNET affiliate program simple, convenient and efficient, you need to follow a number of recommendations:

  1. Creating an account. To do this, you need to fill out a user form, indicating in it what kind of traffic source you plan to use and which countries your actions will apply to. You also need to link to one of your active social media profiles. By the way, those who work in social networks will find it useful to know , which programs can be used to automate actions. If you wish, you can specify your Telegram number for quick communication with affiliate managers to resolve any issues. Completing your account – confirmation via email. Follow the activator link to your personal account.
  2. All those offers that will be available for you to work will be in your account. Here you can independently sort them according to different criteria. We have already mentioned this, but we will point out – 3SNET members receive remuneration for the fact that the users they have attracted make deposits. The amount of your income will directly depend on the type of offer chosen and their number. But it is important to take into account that in a number of offers commission deductions will be unfixed. That is, the advertiser has the right to specify the interest rate. The higher the profitability of a certain master, the more money he will receive as a result.
  3. Now you can safely click on the "Order access" button. As you already know, here we get acquainted with the detailed description of the offer in order to make sure that this option fully meets your needs. Among the information that will be useful in your work, we note the hold time and the minimum number of visitors for 1 month. Be sure to pay attention to the list of countries with which work is prohibited. Also, read the information provided in the "Promotional materials" section. If you are satisfied with all the requirements and features of the work, you can apply to connect the selected offer.

A little about payment on 3SNET

Most of the offers that are presented in the 3SNET affiliate program use the CPA payment model. But you can also find several options that offer payment by revshare, which will be especially convenient at the very start of work. The highest commission will often be for the first deposit, including those issued, according to the hybrid model. The most "generous" there will be online casino sites, banks, bookmakers. Your profit directly depends on the interests of traffic and its volume. If you, for example, collect a large audience that is fond of sports betting, you can earn several thousand dollars a month.

There are no restrictions on the minimum withdrawal amount on the site. As soon as you complete the monthly plan under the affiliate agreement, the withdrawal option will become active. Money will be transferred to accounts in Capitalist, WebMoney, Epayments systems automatically every 2 weeks. Additionally, you can order the withdrawal of the tool at your request in the amount of 60,000 rubles/p>

Removing restrictions in working with 3SNET

The prospects for the 3SNET affiliate program are quite impressive. You just need to be purposeful, hardworking. But, despite all this, there are a number of limitations in the work of the affiliate program that can have a negative impact on the level of profit. Take at least the regional restrictions that are present in many offers. You also need to understand that the level of your income can be increased by multi-threaded work. All this, as well as the anonymity and security of interaction on the network, can be ensured by additionally connecting mobile proxies. https://mobileproxy.space/en/user.html?buyproxy  you can learn more about their functionality features, and buy yourself for a certain period of time. We highlight only the main points:

  • providing the user with a dedicated personal channel with unlimited traffic and access to more than 900,000 pool of IP addresses;
  • the ability to configure automatic IP change or use forced change by link;
  • simultaneous work using HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, the ability to change geolocation, mobile network operator in work;
  • 24/7 technical support to ensure you get your issues resolved quickly.

It will also be useful to know who and for what purposes mobile proxies are useful. The scope of their use is very wide. And both ordinary users and all those for whom the Internet has become a platform for earning money will be able to benefit: affiliates, marketers, SEO and SMM specialists, as well as representatives of many other professions. Take advantage of MobileProxy.Space offers and see for yourself all the benefits.

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