Analysis of store positions in marketplaces using mobile proxies

Analysis of store positions in marketplaces using mobile proxies

Today marketplaces have become one of the most common and popular platforms for selling goods. Here you can buy absolutely everything, from children's toys to electronics, choosing a solution that will fully satisfy your needs both in terms of characteristics and price. But to create a representative office of your store here — This is only a small part of what is necessary for stable and effective business development. The fact is that you will need to constantly analyze the position of your online presence and specific product within the platform. This way you can identify the products that interest potential buyers most and monitor general trends. As a result, your store will be able to sell more, and you will receive higher profits.

Yes, most marketplaces provide the ability to request such information. Well, only the number of these requests is limited. If you do this more often, marketplaces will identify your actions as spam or a cyber attack and simply block your IP address. So what should you do in this situation so as not to run into a ban and ensure yourself the widest possible opportunity to promote your products? The most effective solution — use of mobile proxies. With their help, you can make such requests without restrictions, and the system will not be able to identify them. To her, your actions will look as if several people are working with the marketplace at the same time.

Now, continuing the topic of using mobile proxies in practice, we will dwell in more detail on getting acquainted with such an area as analyzing marketplaces. Get acquainted with the functionality of programs designed to perform these tasks. We will tell you how you can use the data obtained and provide additional recommendations. We'll tell you which mobile proxies are best suited for tracking current store positions and products on the marketplace, which will allow you to respond to changes in demand in a timely manner.

Marketplace analytics: what is it and who needs it

Marketplace analytics — this is what allows entrepreneurs to get a complete picture of the state of the market in their niche, it will show what to sell, how and in what quantities to get the maximum benefit. What you need to do initially is to select a platform on which you will place your store. After this, a niche is selected that you consider the most promising for yourself, and then you can start the workflow. Having the analytics result in hand, you will be able to understand which products are more promising and, accordingly, make changes to your assortment. All this will increase the efficiency of your running business processes, save your time and money on promotion, and ensure stable profit growth.

One of the most significant problems that business representatives face today on marketplaces — high level of competition. Many people appreciated the prospects of this method of sales. As a result, this has led to quite high competition among market participants. Analytics of Internet sites — This is a process that should not be neglected by those who have been working on marketplaces for quite a long time, as well as by newcomers:

  1. Those who have been working on marketplaces for a long time, using position analysis, will be able to increase turnover, optimize the range of goods, reduce store operating costs and increase presentability. That is, at this stage, you need to determine how relevant your product is on the marketplace today, whether there is demand for it, and how many products you need to constantly have in stock. You should also be sure to monitor your competitors’ prices and the discounts they offer on their products. You should also determine exactly what position your store occupies on the site.
  2. Those who are just launching their brand on the marketplace, using analysis, will be able to select the most promising niche for their future business, review their product range, or select from scratch those products that are in greatest demand on the market today and, accordingly, will sell better . The effectiveness of the work undertaken largely depends on what products you decide to enter the market with.

Now that you understand why it is necessary to analyze stores on marketplaces, you can move on to getting acquainted with the actual implementation of this work. It will also be useful to study the material about how to conduct marketing research.

Functional capabilities of services for marketplace analytics

Marketplace analytics — not such a simple task as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that there is quite a lot of work to be done here, which is not possible to do manually. That is, you need to constantly be aware of such issues as supply planning, analysis of sales, payback, niches, features of the launch of new products on the site, visibility of goods on marketplaces, etc. Special programs were created to solve such problems. Their functionality is quite wide. In particular, we highlight the main points:

  • Market analysis. This tool will provide a clear picture of what the global marketplace market looks like today, which sites are the leaders in terms of sales and number of visitors.
  • Search for the most promising niche and current trends. Using this function, you can, with minimal time and effort, identify a group of products that are currently in high demand among the target audience. That is, the program will allow you to see which positions are currently the leaders on the marketplace in terms of turnover, margin, and number of positions sold. With the information received, you will be able to understand exactly what product you should offer to the market based on its price, simplified revenue, suppliers, and margins. Here, when selecting a tool, it is important to pay attention to additional filters and capabilities, in particular to identifying downward trends. That is, you will also see the prospects for the development of the products offered.
  • Financial analytics. With in-depth financial analytics, you will be able to determine the most profitable product items, including taking into account the commission that the marketplace takes for its services. That is, you will have a clear picture of net profit, store maintenance costs, profitability, orders and repurchases. You will also be able to assess possible risks. Those services that are on the market today are distinguished by quite wide functionality. And when selecting them, you need to focus on which solution will be most convenient for you.
  • Tape of orders, sales, refusals. In this case, we are talking about the internal analytics of the marketplace, using which you will receive data on products that are currently in order status, which of them have already been sold, and which of them did not satisfy customers and were rejected. With this information, you can identify trends and patterns that will allow you to best meet user needs. That is, you will be able to increase sales volumes of those products that are really of interest to buyers, for which there are a minimum of refusals. Moreover, the functionality of the analytics service also includes displaying on a geographic map the regions that account for the maximum sales. Thanks to this, you will see which warehouse needs to be supplied with more products and which with less.
  • Product analytics. In this case, we are talking about the program automatically performing an analysis of your product cards on the marketplace and providing a set of recommendations for refinement and improvement. This way you can see from the outside how well you designed your page. As a result, you will receive a set of recommendations that will allow you to bring your store to the top of the search results for this trading platform. Often, such metrics in services are updated once a day. But if necessary, you can increase the frequency using an additional request.
  • Category analysis. In this case, we are talking about the functionality of analysis services that allow you to form an understanding of exactly what positions in your work you must achieve in order to be at the top of the search results on the marketplace. You will also be able to analyze demand and competition in different segments of trading platforms, which will allow you to determine which product categories interest you most.
  • Competitor analysis. Here we not only select stores that operate on the marketplace and are able to compete with you, but also analyze their prices, order dynamics, growth or decline in sales. An in-depth analysis of all products and brands presented on the marketplace is performed. Such information will allow you to see which warehouses goods similar to yours are sent to, and what turnover comes from each of them. Also, a number of analytics services provide the ability to use a link to determine how many suppliers there are for a particular product and how much is left in stock.
  • Determination of lost revenue. Using it, you can determine for how long you will have enough goods at the current rate of sales, and when it is worth organizing delivery so that you do not have to refuse products to customers. You can also see which brands and sellers have lost revenue. Such information will allow you to determine where exactly in the market the demand for goods exceeds supply.
  • Analysis of marketplace search results positions. At its core, marketplace results can be compared to classic search results if your store is featured on the first pages. The likelihood that customers will purchase products from you is much higher than if it were posted on page 10 or 20. Thanks to the service, you can determine the position of your cards in search results in any of the categories, including by brand, by promotions, by search query. Information will be updated automatically once a day. Positions can be added either in a list or one at a time. It is also possible to select the pages that you want to track, observing their weekly dynamics.
  • Extension for analytics. Chrome offers this solution. You will be able to install such an offer in your browser and directly from it control all the analytics going from the marketplace pages directly to the product cards. The level of sales, revenue received, and the balance of products in the warehouse will be displayed here.
  • API analytics. We are talking about comprehensive analytics of all orders, sales of balances, net profit, as well as determining deliveries to your warehouses. That is, you need to combine the service that you will use to analyze your store on the trading platform. Thanks to this, you will have constant access to data in real time, which means that you will be able to respond to any changes as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • ABC and XYZ analysis. We are talking about analyzing the assortment and products in stock with the goal of highlighting 20% of the products that currently bring your store 80% of the profit. That is, you receive visual information about which products you should focus on as much as possible.

As you can see, the functionality of analytics services is quite broad. Among the most common and popular solutions here, it is worth highlighting Stat4Market, MPSTATS, Moneyplace,, MarketGuru. Before making your choice, get to know the features of each product. And the functionality may differ slightly from each other. The interface will also be different. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Why should you choose analytics services?

At the beginning of our review, we said that, purely theoretically, you can do the work related to marketplace analytics yourself. But we also warned how labor-intensive this work is. You will need to process thousands of requests, collect data for each of them, put it all into a single table, and analyze it. And only then make decisions about subsequent work. All this will take more than one day and in some cases it may turn out that you simply waste time, and with it your own income.

In addition, we must not forget about such a concept as the human factor. There is always a chance that you will miss something, overlook something, or not pay special attention to some point. That is, unfortunately, it is impossible to be completely confident in the resulting analytics. That is why experts recommend not to take risks, but to initially use services that perform marketplace analytics.

Another point that you will encounter during manual processing — inability to analyze a number of factors. That is, in particular, you will not receive information about the general level of sales in your niche, the dynamics of competitors. You will also not be able to check how satisfied the target audience is with a particular product, service, etc. That is, these are the moments that only the program can handle.

What to do with the received data?

So, you have used specialized services for analyzing marketplaces and received a data set. So what to do with them and how can they help you promote your store in practice? Here are some options for using them:

  1. Niche analysis. This way, you can determine which product best suits the target audience at a given time, as evidenced by the level of sales on the marketplace. Thank you, therefore, you will be able to include it in your assortment and achieve all the sales indicators that you initially focused on when creating a representative office on the trading platform.
  2. Issue analysis. We have already mentioned that it is optimal to be on the first pages of the marketplace results so that a potential buyer immediately sees your store and places an order there. To improve your position, you may have to rework the store, think about its visual design, and the front end. In addition, you can think about how to encourage customers to leave reviews about your cooperation. It would also be useful to work with the description of product cards, think over convenient, quick communication with potential buyers, pay attention to naming and collecting key queries for which promotion will be carried out.
  3. Competitor analysis. We have already mentioned that by analyzing competitors you will better understand market trends and be able to see the prospects for promoting a particular product.
  4. Project analysis. All the information you need to control the operation of your store on the marketplace will always be at your fingertips. Moreover, it will be updated regularly once a day. This means that you will never miss a moment to ensure the highest possible sales. In addition, you will always control the number of items you have on balance, that is, you will be able to satisfy consumer requests.

Additional recommendations

As you can see, sales analytics on marketplaces — This is not as simple a job as it might seem at first glance. We have already identified the main points that you can get after the services are launched, and we have indicated the main aspects that you will receive as a result of performing these works. But here are a number of recommendations that will allow you to complete this work as efficiently and quickly as possible:

  1. Use of the test period. If you just want to check this or that product category, but do not plan to use the services on an ongoing basis in the future, then you do not have to buy access to this platform. Most of these applications are provided free of charge in test mode for a short period of time. In addition, during such work you will be able to see how well a particular service meets your needs and, based on the information received, make a decision about whether you will use it in practice.
  2. When choosing a niche, you must first study the categories, then move on to subcategories, and then go down to the product cards. That is, this way you can determine the area that is of interest to you and find out the product that is best sold in it on the marketplace at a given time.
  3. Do not neglect such an option as searching by article. If you add them to the search, you will be able to easily track how certain categories of goods were sold, you will be able to calculate lost profit from the supplier, monitor the remaining positions and replenish your product warehouse in a timely manner.
  4. Constantly monitor lost revenue. This will allow you to establish a stable supply of a product item that is in high demand on the market. In addition, you will see which items are in demand among buyers and quickly provide them with what they want.
  5. Monitor changes in monthly revenue. That is, you must understand how much income a particular product item brings you per month. Based on the information received, you will be able to determine whether you need it in the future or can be replaced with another, more profitable one. It is not worth checking revenue more often, since there are constant fluctuations in the market, as a result of which your analytics may turn out to be unreliable.
  6. Cause of refusals. You must clearly understand why a product that is in high demand on the market today is not being purchased from you. Perhaps the problem is directly in your store, in particular in the lack of a correct product description, unattractive page design, etc.

To summarize

If you have chosen marketplaces to develop your business, approach this issue as comprehensively and comprehensively as possible. This is the only way you can get the desired level of profit and stability in subsequent development. And when performing these works, you cannot do without specialized services. We have already talked about why they are so important and what benefits you will get from using them. Now the question is different: how to organize their correct and correct work? The fact is that in order to provide you with correct information, services must send dozens, or even hundreds of requests to the trading platform every day asking for this or that information. But marketplaces have set limits on such treatment. Exceeding them may result in your account being banned. To prevent this from happening, so that your work is stable, functional and convenient, use additionally mobile proxies from the MobileProxy service. Space.

In this case, you get a reliable intermediary who will replace your real technical parameters with their own as often as you need it in your work. This ensures your anonymity — the system will not be able to identify your multi-threaded actions, which means you will be able to work without any restrictions. Additionally, mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service guarantee:

  • high level of security when working on the network, protection from hacker attacks and any other unauthorized access;
  • bypass all kinds of regional restrictions and gain access to any sites from different parts of the world;
  • simple and quick change of addresses and geolocation directly in the workflow.

To learn more about the functionality of mobile proxies, follow the link Also here you can study the current tariffs for today, take advantage of a free two-hour product test, as well as find out the Internet speed, check your IP address, and also use a number of other built-in services completely free of charge. There is also a 24-hour technical support service at your service, which instantly responds to requests, solving difficulties that arise in the work process.

Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service

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