Choosing the best mobile proxies for Yulia

Choosing the best mobile proxies for Yulia

Yula – this is one of the rather popular platforms for online trading in Russia. This is an analogue, and in many ways already a competitor to the site Avito. On it you can place ads for the sale of goods and services both from individuals and from companies. Yula is constantly in sight, it is used by millions of people. Those who are looking for some product or service at the best prices come here. And therefore it would be unreasonable to neglect the possibilities of the platform in order to give a new start to the development of your own business. But if you are set for the maximum result in a short time, then you cannot do without outside help. And here we are talking about mobile proxies.

Now let's dwell in more detail on what benefits Yula users will get from connecting proxy servers. Let's pay attention to what criteria you should pay attention to when choosing proxy servers for this site. Let's suggest a service that offers multifunctional proxies that will please you with long and stable work. But, first things first.

Why Yula is attractive for business promotion

The Yula Internet resource is now in high demand among those who plan to promote their brand product or service on it. So, this contributes:

  • Large coverage of the target audience. Today Yula is recognized as one of the most successful trading services. In terms of target audience coverage, it is already catching up with Avito. The number of regular customers here has already exceeded 30 million people, and the daily audience – about 7 million. And all of them will have access to your goods and services.
  • Ability to target by interests and geolocation. When placing an ad, the site will ask for a location. Thanks to this, search results are provided for the place where the service is provided. You can also set the locality manually. The buyer will see how far the seller is from him. This is especially true when selling oversized products, building materials, etc.
  • Free to use. You can place ads on Julia for free. It uses special funds – bonuses. They are credited to the user's virtual account from the moment of registration: 25 for the first day, 50 – for the second, 75 – for the third, etc.
  • Guaranteed secure transaction. The buyer pays for the goods, but this amount will be credited to the seller only after he confirms receipt. If it happens that the product does not suit the customer in terms of condition, type, size, if the displayed item in the advertisement differs from the real one, then the buyer has the right to refuse it. In this case, the money will be returned to the card automatically. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller.
  • The ability to subscribe to a seller. If the buyer is satisfied with the quality of the product, its price, if the seller still has products that may be of interest to him in the future, you can subscribe. So you can always be aware of new products of your favorite store, promotional offers, sales, etc. Subscription is issued in one click.

But the prospect of successful business development in Yulia largely depends on whether you have connected mobile proxies to work.

Why is it worth connecting mobile proxies to work with Yula

Yula attracts the attention of not only sellers of goods and services, but also those who would like to make money on affiliate programs. The benefits of connecting mobile proxies to the online trading platform will be appreciated both by them and ordinary users. Judge for yourself:

  1. Bypassing Yula's restrictions on the number of active ads from one personal page. Ordinary users will not replace such restrictions, but for business representatives this will be a serious stumbling block. The use of multi-accounting is intended to solve this problem. This way you can reach the maximum target audience. Without reliable mobile proxies, you will not be able to work with different personal pages from the same IP address. The site's anti-fraud system will immediately identify your actions and ban your accounts. By the way, for multi-accounting, you should use an anti-detect browser that replaces the user's digital fingerprints on the network. One of the best solutions here – program AdsPower.
  2. Ensuring complete anonymity of networking. The fact is that a proxy server is a kind of intermediary whose task is to pass traffic while replacing the real IP address and geolocation with the technical parameters of the proxies themselves.
  3. High security. Thanks to address spoofing, your computer is completely protected from any unauthorized access, whether it is an attack to get your personal data or an attempt to download malicious software to your PC.
  4. The ability to use special software to simplify daily work. This software is for auto posting ads, picture collection, autoresponder, mailing lists. With its help, you can automate routine work, and the time that will be freed up can be devoted to developing a development strategy. Both retailers and wholesalers, customer acquisition specialists, testers of online stores, sales niches, etc. will be able to appreciate the benefits of automating actions. But Yula, like other sites, reacts extremely negatively to the use of such programs. And if the anti-fraud system detects traces of the use of automated software, it will immediately ban the personal pages to which it was applied.
  5. Good prospects for business development. All those features that can provide a connection to the work of mobile proxies will automatically attract thousands of customers to your pages, ensure guaranteed profit growth, fill Yula with your own advertising to the maximum, literally crowding out competitors. That is, you get a new, stable source of leads.

It remains only to determine which proxies are suitable for working with Yula and where to find a decent one.

Which proxies will work best with the Yula platform?

Once again, let's draw your attention to the fact that the best solution for working with Yula, both in terms of functionality and price, will be mobile proxies. The fact is that they are dynamic, that is, they can change their technical characteristics directly in the workflow, both automatically and forcibly by special requests to the API. It is easy to determine what will be more profitable: buy one static server for each account or use only mobile proxies? Let's leave this rhetorical question unanswered.

Now consider such a moment as free proxies. Yes, at first glance, the offer is quite tempting. But you need to understand what kind of product is presented in this category – these are error servers, servers with addresses that have been on the "black list" for a long time; social networks, bulletin boards and other platforms. And this is a low speed, a minimum of protection and confidentiality, a high risk of blocking. Now decide for yourself whether it is worth using free proxies in your work?

If you don't want to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable solution for working with Yula, first pay attention to mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. This is a reliable and time-tested product that will provide a stable and secure work with the bulletin board without the slightest risk of blocking. Among the main points we highlight:

  • almost 900,000 unique IP addresses in the pool;
  • providing each user with a separate dedicated channel with unlimited traffic for work;
  • automatic IP change can be configured individually in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour;
  • there is a forced change of address via a GET request (performed through the user's personal account;
  • convenient rotation by geolocation, mobile network operator, which will allow you to bypass regional blocking;
  • Ensuring a high level of confidentiality and work security due to the stability of the server;
  • simultaneous work over HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols.
  • easy and fast connection, 24/7 technical support.

All this is guaranteed to ensure stable work with Yula without the risk of blocking and banning. For more information about tariffs and features of mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space, please follow the link

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