Corporate blog: recommendations and original ideas

Corporate blog: recommendations and original ideas

Website promotion in search results — This is something that representatives of any business should think about. If your resource is on the first page of search results, especially at the top, it will be able to attract the attention of a large number of representatives of the target audience, which will ultimately have a positive effect on sales and increase your income. But achieving such positions in practice is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. SEO specialists put a lot of effort and time into this, developing various strategies designed to promote the site to the top of the search results.

One of the factors that has a fairly serious impact on the promotion of an Internet resource — This is a corporate blog. Regularly filling it with useful articles will show search bots that you continue to work on your resource, which will ultimately increase their loyalty and contribute to more effective promotion. In addition, such a solution in practice will be useful for the target audience. But how can you make a corporate blog work for the benefit of your company? What strategies and ideas should be used here to get the desired result? Now let's look at these points in more detail.

Why do you need a corporate blog?

Neglecting the opportunities that a corporate block provides when promoting a website should not be neglected by both large and fairly small companies. But you must understand that ranking Internet resources — This is a rather complex process involving a combination of various factors. The search engine takes into account various parameters, among which there are also the frequency of updating information on the portal, the amount of traffic that goes to it. And articles in the corporate blog — this is what can provide the implementation of both of these parameters.

In addition, such a solution in practice will be useful for the target audience. The fact is that the abundance of advertising that surrounds any person on the Internet automatically makes us wary. Few modern network users already trust the information posted on online pages. Today, so-called native advertising evokes more loyalty among the audience. One that unobtrusively talks about products or services and gives practical recommendations. And you can take this point into account when writing content for your company’s corporate blog. Give users valuable advice, and they are highly likely to turn to you to make a purchase.

And the corporate block will allow you to form a community of interested users around the brand. Those who will communicate with each other and raise topics that are relevant to them. In turn, this way you can assess the interests and preferences of your audience, and also adjust your products and services to them, increasing both the level of loyalty and the company’s income.

If we talk directly about the influence of the blog on traffic on website and sales level, then it is worth highlighting the following aspects:

  1. Due to the presence of keys in the content and interplay with other pages of the site, the resource’s position in search results will gradually increase.
  2. A blog can be safely used as an advertisement for your own brand. At the same time, it will be unobtrusive, which means that it will not cause comments or complaints from users and will be perceived positively by them.
  3. Redirecting your custom audience to the selling pages of your website will increase sales.
  4. Thanks to the expertise of the material presented, it will be possible to declare your expertise, thereby increasing the level of audience loyalty. Also here you can tell people about your products and services, current trends and new products, and introduce them to the features of using a particular product, if there are certain nuances.
  5. The opportunity to establish feedback with potential clients. You can embed a feedback form in your blog. This will ensure that people can turn to you for competent help and recommendations.

But still, today there are quite a lot of people who claim that the corporate blog as such is already becoming obsolete. The fact that its effectiveness is gradually decreasing, search bots have stopped paying as much attention to it as they did several years ago, and people have simply stopped reading. Now we will present a number of arguments for and against launching a corporate blog, and you will familiarize yourself with them and understand for yourself whether this solution is worth using in practice or not.

Pros and cons of the corporate bloc in 2024

First, we will give a number of reasons in favor of launching a corporate blog:

  • blog — this is what will show your company’s openness to the user audience;
  • with its help you can attract new customers, as well as retain the attention of regular customers;
  • regular publications will increase user engagement and level of brand loyalty;
  • you will be able to show the market your expertise in a particular area;
  • a blog will help increase traffic to the site and expand the target audience;
  • regular publications — this is what will make your brand more recognizable in the market;
  • using a blog you can clearly outline the company’s positioning on the market and demonstrate the products and services provided.

As you can see, launching a block has a lot of strengths. But along with them, there are also a number of points that you absolutely need to know about before you start working with a blog. In particular, among the main disadvantages we highlight:

  1. Additional costs for content preparation. In this case, we are talking not only about financial investments, but also about time expenditure.
  2. Having a blog – this is what will force your SEO-specialist to continue working on the resource. That is, you cannot let this process take its course.
  3. To get the maximum effect, you need to choose a fairly narrow market niche and already cover information in this segment. If your publications are too scattered and diverse, they will not be useful to people, which in itself will reduce the effectiveness of your work.
  4. All content that will be provided on the blog is aimed at people reading. If it turns out that your audience is only interested in video, then the effectiveness of the publication will be significantly reduced.
  5. The influence of a blog on website promotion in search engines, as well as any other work related to brand promotion, does not give instant results. Yes, there will be an effect, but it can manifest itself in a month, or even six months. This means that you need to be patient.

As you can see, most of the shortcomings that are attributed to blogs — very relative. This means that with an integrated approach, you can minimize all negative consequences and significantly increase the efficiency of its use. In particular, interesting material presented on the blog will help get people to read.

Now let's talk about what needs to be done in order for your blog to start working and attract an audience.

How to create a working corporate block

In order for your blog to meet all the expectations and funds invested in it, you need to make it work. And this means it is necessary to make sure that it attracts the attention of the user audience. Achieving this is not that difficult. It will be enough to implement the following points when creating it:

  1. Think about your content. It should be interesting and useful for the audience. For people to read it, they must understand that they will be able to get answers to their questions. That is why, as the main topics for a blog, experts recommend choosing everything that is related to current trends in the market, the nuances of choosing certain goods and services, and getting to know new products. You can greatly increase the usefulness of the material if you present the information in the simplest possible language without complex terminology.
  2. Make the material as expert as possible. You must clearly understand what you are writing about. It is optimal for the content to be written by specialists who rely on their own competent opinion or work directly with the experts themselves. You need to understand that some of the people who will read your material may actually understand the topic. That is, be the one who can point out your incompetence.
  3. Work with the navigation. This is especially true for sites that have been working with this section for a long time, constantly updating it with new materials. It will be convenient for users if they can find the information they are interested in and navigate to other sections of your site in a few clicks. A similar solution can be implemented by using reforging or adding a search option to the blog.
  4. Think about the design. It should be simple, concise, but at the same time attractive. It should not cause denial among people, but, on the contrary, encourage them to continue moving between pages, finding interesting and useful content for themselves. The text itself can be supplemented with pictures and short videos. It is also necessary to ensure that the stylistic design of the page matches the overall style of the brand. This will also help increase awareness and loyalty from the user audience.
  5. Place a blog button directly on the main page of your site. Users are not always ready to navigate for a long time between resource pages in order to find the materials they need. This means that if they literally cannot find the necessary materials in just a few seconds, they will not go to third-party resources to get them. But this is clearly not what you are counting on.

Now we’ll talk about what a corporate blog can be. Perhaps one of the solutions will interest you, and you will want to adopt it and implement it on your website.

What topics can be used in a blog?

One of the most difficult tasks associated with blogging — This is the regular preparation of articles for publication. And the difficulty here is primarily in finding ideas for creating material. Along with a description of the features of the goods and services offered, there are also extraordinary ideas that can interest the audience. Here are some popular solutions that each of you can adopt:

  1. Writing blog articles about employees.
  2. An opportunity to present your brand in a different light.
  3. A way to communicate brand values.
  4. Blog to engage the target audience.
  5. Employee diary.
  6. Unique format.

Let's look at all these ideas in more detail.

Use a blog to talk about your employees

Stories from people's lives and about people — this is what always attracts the audience's attention. And this means that if you launch a blog in which you talk about your employees, you will definitely be able to interest users. This format will be especially useful for large companies. Here you can literally pass the baton from one employee to another, ask them to tell them about the specifics of their work, express their expert opinion on a particular issue, and what successes they have achieved while working in the company.

You are lucky if you have a large number of employees at your disposal who love and value their work and are ready to talk about it in an entertaining way. A similar solution can be seen on the main page of the Google Careers service. This is a large-scale project that is dedicated to the careers that employees have made in this corporation. And the main emphasis here is on content. It is very interesting to read these materials because it is all about equality, how they managed to pass the interviews and what efforts they had to put in to truly become a professional in their field. Much attention is also paid to the stories of employees with disabilities. They can rightfully be called inspiring. And another feature of this blog is that immediately after the material it lists vacancies that are currently relevant in the corporation. And this in itself causes a natural desire to respond to them.

An interesting solution can also be found on the McKinsey blog. There are no stories about how employees built their careers. There is no hidden subtext or motivation for cooperation here at all. This is simply fascinating material about the lives of people working in this company, about their families, everyday life and travel.

Microsoft went even further in its blog. Here the introduction of the blog was distributed among company employees from different countries of the world. On corporate pages you can find absolutely any topic, from why you should choose the University of Massachusetts to study to the use of household appliances. This is a platform completely free for the flight of imagination, where fascinating and funny stories alternate with expert opinions. And all this looks as lively, active, and interesting as possible.

It is clear that the larger the company, the more employees will work in it, the more interesting material you can offer your audience. That is why it will be very difficult for small brands to implement such a solution in practice.

Presenting your brand in a different light with the help of a blog

Most of the consumer market, when choosing a product, relies on its manufacturer. That is, we initially chose a product from a brand that we liked using the selection method and subsequently continue to buy it, thereby avoiding experiments and wasting money. But as practice shows, even those who have been buying products from the same company for years may know absolutely nothing about it: who it is, how it appeared, what values it has.

It is in this case that you can use a blog to introduce the audience in more detail to everything that is directly related to the company. Tell us how you produce the product that your audience loves so much, what initial components you use, thereby slightly revealing the behind-the-scenes of the production process. Sometimes you can tell stories of employees, introduce all the new products that you plan to release to the market. That is, in this case the blog — this is what will show the audience your openness, humanity and sociability, will allow you to slightly move away from business, money, thereby arousing favor among the audience.

Dedicate a blog to expert opinions

Regardless of what information, goods or services users are looking for online, they rely on quality. And this is true even when it comes to advice and recommendations. This solution will be especially useful if you are dealing with fairly complex goods and services. That is, those that require additional explanations and recommendations. It is to provide such information that you can use your corporate blog.

Large companies can divide it into several separate categories, customizing it for certain goods or services. But in any case, you must understand that all the material in this case must be prepared by truly specialists in their field. Those whose opinions will command respect and authority.

Here you do not have to give any recommendations or advice on choosing a product or using it in practice. It will be enough to just expertly convey certain recruiting insights, features of career building, nuances of preparing for interviews, stories about unique features that can give good results in practice. There are indeed many topics for expert opinion. But the main thing here is not to mistake the expert himself. If people notice that the material presented is far from reality, they will not only stop reading your blog, but will also form a negative opinion about your brand as a whole.

Using a blog to communicate brand values

It is not always worth using a corporate blog to talk directly about goods, services, or business. If you have any special goals, objectives, values, if you want to share this with your audience, then a blog — this is what will allow you to realize these ideas.

Ericsson did the same. In her corporate blog you will not find information about how the employees’ careers were built, or what the history of the brand was in principle. The topic of equality, including gender equality, is raised here. It talks about how women manage to combine careers and motherhood, how quickly investments in women's education pay off, and much more. If you read the materials presented here, you can perceive them as a kind of manifesto reflecting the fundamental goals of the company in a given period of time.

The more relevant issues you raise on your blog, including those that are not directly related to your business, the more audience you can attract. And not only to the materials themselves, but also to the goods that are supplied to the market.

Attracting audience attention through a blog

For this topic to work in practice, you need to understand what competitive advantages your brand has, what goals and objectives it sets for itself. Here you also need to think about what material might be interesting to the target audience and present it in the simplest, most understandable language possible, evoking sympathy among the target audience and a desire to continue communication or, in this case, study the proposed materials.

That is, it is important to find something that can interest your target audience and then continue to work in this direction, maintaining this same interest.

Blog as an employee diary

As you can see, most of the ideas that we present in this review are dedicated directly to the company’s employees. And this is all understandable, because the audience is always interested in real emotions, real events and people. If your company is large enough, then you might consider launching a blog of this format. Simply allow your employees to talk about their day at regular intervals, such as once a week. There may also be many ideas here, ranging from the features of combining work and household responsibilities, personal life.

This may be especially interesting in the context of the fact that today a lot of people have switched to remote work: what time do they start their working day and what time do they finish, do they have fixed or floating lunch breaks, how does it all fit into this? everyday affairs. Employees who work in the office can talk about how they found interaction with colleagues.

That is, there is no need to come up with something unusual or extraordinary here. Just show how the staff's day goes. It would be appropriate here to support feedback communication with the audience, providing answers to their questions and some recommendations.

Choose a unique format for your blog

As in the case of devoting a blog to highlighting the values of a brand, here you can also safely move away from business, products and services. Moreover, here you will not need to involve employees in creating materials, thereby distracting them from their daily duties. It will be enough to simply allocate one person, perhaps even hire a third-party specialist who will prepare materials and publish them at a pre-agreed frequency.

Which topic should I choose for this? There are very, very many options. Alternatively, you can get ideas from social networks. Take a walk through the pages, see which materials generate the most views and feedback. The advantage of this solution is that you will not have to constantly stick to the same topic; you can change it, expand it, and jump between topics. That is, the choice is very wide. But in any case, all materials must be written in a lively, interesting language, be educational and expert.

A few words about how to use a corporate blog

So, you created your own corporate blog and came up with interesting mathematics for it. But what to do next? How to attract the attention of the audience and what tasks to use it for? There are some interesting solutions here:

  • In parallel with large material for the blog, prepare a post for social networks. This way you can advertise your material, attracting the audience directly to the company’s website, and then to the product catalog.
  • Add links to relevant articles from the corporate blog in the vacancies section. This way, candidates who want to work in your company can read them and emphasize certain values for themselves.
  • Refer employees, partners and potential clients who have any difficulties or additional questions to the blog. But at the same time, be sure to indicate that on its pages they will find a truly expert opinion.
  • Use vacancies, promotions, internships as an announcement. You can not only convey the relevant information, but also talk about the advantages of a particular solution, trying to stimulate people to take the target action.
  • Turn the block into a communication platform. This can be either communication between employees or answers to customer questions. Find out what interests them and include exactly this information in the materials.

To summarize

As you can see, there are a lot of options for ideas and formats for launching a corporate blog. And you have the right to choose exactly the solution that, in your opinion, will best reflect your ideas and wishes, ensure the most effective interaction with the target audience, and allow you to retain their interest. A positive effect in this case will be observed not only for the promotion of the block, but also for the promotion of the business as a whole.

But when working with a blog, when collecting information, when working with corporate accounts on social networks, you must additionally think about your own security and confidentiality. And if you plan to work with several accounts at the same time, want to use tools such as auto-posting and other work automation, then it is also important to provide yourself with reliable protection from bans and other restrictions. And mobile proxy-servers, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space brand, can provide significant assistance in this regard.

In this case, you will receive a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic, as well as access to more than two million pools of addresses, which you can change by timer or forcefully via a link in your personal account every time the need arises. Follow the link to take advantage of a free two-hour test and buy a reliable mobile a proxy that will fully meet your expectations in practice and ensure stable, functional work with both the corporate blog and the company’s main website, as well as its representations on social networks and other platforms.

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