Wayback Machine Alternatives: Things SEO-Specialists Should Know

Wayback Machine Alternatives: What SEOs Need to Know

Internet – thing is pretty unstable. And it's not just about a permanent and high-speed connection. The fact is that the content presented on the network is constantly changing. So, today a certain page exists. But will it still be on the Internet tomorrow? That is the question. And it seems that they literally go to "nowhere", leaving no trace behind them. But only ordinary users think so. But experts know where to find content that has been removed from a particular page. These are special archives. The information presented in them will be useful for both anthropological and cultural studies, as well as business representatives and SEO-specialists. It will allow you to analyze competitors, monitor the effectiveness of certain processes. It will also be useful for specialists in promoting Internet resources to find out what competent SEO-optimization should be site.

Today, the most famous archive used by literally every third SEO-specialist – Wayback Machine from the non-profit organization Internet Archive. It contains an unrealistic amount of data. The user can request the preservation of any site or its individual page in the state in which they are at the current time. You can also use the API service. But, despite the really huge scale of the data stored here, this archive cannot be called complete. Therefore, in some cases, even active users of the Wayback Machine will find it useful to have a couple of alternative solutions at hand.

Now let's get acquainted in more detail with good additions, and in some cases with alternatives to this archive. We will also suggest a solution that will ensure efficient and stable work of an SEO-specialist.

TOP 5 Wayback Machine add-ons or replacements

If you want to access any site or individual page that has been removed from the Internet, along with the Wayback Machine, we suggest paying attention to the following archives:

  1. Memento.
  2. WebCite.
  3. GitHub.
  4. Archive.today.
  5. Archives of a single country.

We will consider each of the options in more detail.


This is a web archive that can become a full-fledged replacement for the Wayback Machine, since, among other things, it includes data from this "warehouse" as well; data. In order to start a search, the user should use the Time Travel tool, that is, “Time Travel. Among its distinguishing points, it is worth highlighting:

  • The amount of information is even greater than that of the Wayback Machine. And this means that with a 99% probability you will be able to find the site or page you are looking for.
  • The presence of a separate extension adapted to work with the browser Chrome. Users will be able to independently set the date on which they would like to view the page they need. You will be able to move the tool to where you plan to view the content. That is, you do not have to enter the page address in the form on a third-party resource.
  • It is possible to take a snapshot of the page, generate stable links that will not fail in the future. This tool will be especially useful for those who use citing other people's work in their work. If you want to keep the original information on the page, for fear that it will simply disappear or be overwritten, then it will be enough just to create such a link.


Here, both webmasters and journalists, scientists, authors of text content will find a lot of useful tools for themselves. Ways to create and display web pages and their addresses – a lot of. As of today, this service has stopped accepting new requests for archiving pages, and there is no information yet whether this decision is temporary or permanent. But, nevertheless, you can freely use all the archived data that is already on it.

Special attention among users deserves such a feature as uploading a draft directly to the site. The archiving software will scan every link present in the downloaded source page, while maintaining the format that is currently available. This will be especially convenient if the work uses a large amount of reference mass. And if desired, the owner of the resource can embed a special archive link in his page for those users who want to use your material as a quote.


This is a unique collaboration and development platform that favors community projects, including open source. GitHub is able to document and archive code as well as programs (with source code). This archive will be optimal for those whose professional activities are related to software development.

Among other points inherent in GitHub, it is worth highlighting:

  • presence of paid plug-ins for business, further expanding the functionality of the archive;
  • providing each user with 15 GB of their own storage, including computing power in the cloud for personal use;
  • You can also search for information in it from other archives, including the Wayback Machine.


Another tool that will allow you to create instant screenshots, while maintaining the link in the same form in which it is at the time of work. If you pass this link to third parties, they will be able to get to your page in its unchanged form. Yes, here it is possible to use special search queries within a single domain or page address, but the functionality is simple. There are also extensions for Google Chrome and a set of applications adapted to work with gadgets on the Android operating system. The results of the Archive.today work can also be pulled up in the Memento archive.

Archives of a single country

A number of countries have created their own Internet Archives as an alternative to the Wayback Machine. They will be especially useful to those who are looking for information related to the culture of a certain country or geolocation. In particular, the Memento archive often pulls up information from such archives.

Summing up

This is not a complete list of archives that you can use as an alternative to the Wayback Machine. In fact, the choice of Internet information repositories is quite large-scale. There are paid products, there are archives that are provided free of charge only to academic or legal institutions. But we talked about the most popular, easy-to-use and easily accessible tools that every SEO-specialist can use.

But, we want to draw your attention to the fact that not all of these archives will be available to users of a particular country due to the presence of regional restrictions established at the legislative level. But they can be bypassed if you additionally connect mobile proxies to work. This is an intermediary server that will replace your real IP address and geolocation with its own technical parameters. This will ensure not only bypassing regional blocking, but also:

  • high level of online privacy, which is very important for SEO-specialists;
  • reliable protection against any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks;
  • high connection speed: technical capabilities of mobile network operators are used;
  • the ability to use automated data scraping software in your work without the risk of getting blocked, etc.

Private dynamic mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service are endowed with all these features. Each user is allocated a separate channel with unlimited traffic and access to almost a million pool of IP-addresses, which can be changed either automatically (on a timer in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour) or forcedly (via a link from your personal account). Also in the workflow, you can choose the geolocation and operator of cellular networks that suits you. High security and anonymity of actions on the network is ensured by the simultaneous operation of mobile proxies on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols. They are connected simultaneously through parallel ports.

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