CPA-networks: everything you need to know about them to get started

CPA networks: everything you need to know about them to get started

CPA-networks (from the English. Cost Per Action in the literal translation of "payment for action") these are special web platforms where the advertiser and arbitrator (webmaster) agree on cooperation. So, advertisers want to attract an audience to their resource in order to make them take a targeted action: subscribe to a newsletter, leave contact information, buy a product, leave a request, etc. But the task of webmasters is to attract visitors to the corresponding website through a competent advertising campaign. platform. For each user who completes the target action, the affiliate receives a reward.

CPA – one of the most reliable and promising advertising models today, because it brings guaranteed results to site owners. Often, partner sites are involved in the implementation of the tasks set. Now let's dwell in more detail on how the CPA-network works, what types it can be, and its advantages. We will tell you how to write an offer in order to get the maximum result from your work, as well as what points to pay attention to when choosing a platform for business promotion. We will also touch upon such issues as fraud in the CPA-network and work security. We will show you how to ensure maximum efficiency without risk.

How the work in the CPA-network is built

The work of the CPA is based on the interaction of three parties:

  1. Advertiser. This is a person who needs to attract the target audience to their site. He places an offer – a special form in which he describes the features of cooperation, that is, what he wants to receive in the end and what he is ready to pay for.
  2. Arbitrator. An executive who must deploy a campaign and send a flow of users to the customer's site. He sees all the offers of advertisers active at a given time, chooses the option that suits him and leaves a request. If it is approved by the customer, then you can get to work. His task – help a potential client enter the customer’s site and perform some targeted action: registration, leaving contact information, placing an order, etc. The action that the customer "counts" as a target, he prescribes in the offer. The more people a webmaster brings to the advertiser's site, the more he earns.
  3. The CPA-network itself. Here she acts as an intermediary, monitors the honesty of the actions of the advertiser and the arbitrator and ensures that each of them faithfully fulfills its obligations.

How it all works in practice, let's look at an online game as an example. The task of the arbitrator is to get the user to open an account in it. For this, he is entitled to a payment of 300 rubles per person. The webmaster launched an advertising campaign, as a result of which 10 users created personal pages in the online game. That is, his earnings are 3000 rubles. Part of this money (percentage) is taken by the CPA-network for the services provided. But we want to draw your attention to the fact that money is not credited immediately after the user registers an account, but after a certain period of time – hold. This is necessary in order for the advertiser to make sure that a real person, and not a bot, has registered on his site.

Types of traffic that an arbitrator can attract

The tools that a webmaster can use in his work are not always specified in the offer, that is, he basically chooses them on his own. These can be:

  • Social networks. You can start a blog or create a group , constantly develop them, supplement them with interesting content, while simultaneously advertising the customer's site.
  • Internet sites. We are talking about well-promoted sites, those that are visited daily by a large number of people. This is the only way to reach the maximum target audience.
  • Targeted advertising. Its feature – adaptation to a specific geolocation, gender, age of the audience. The greatest effect will be observed from its launch on social networks.
  • Contextual advertising. It will echo the theme of the site and display the queries that the user enters in the search engine. That is, the topic will be interesting and useful for a person, which means that there is a high probability that he will follow the link.
  • Native advertising. It involves writing an active affiliate link directly into the text of the article or post itself. It looks unobtrusive, but causes an intuitive desire to make a transition.
  • Teaser, banner advertising. The effectiveness of such actions directly depends on which platform they will be placed on. The higher the traffic, the higher the number of interested users will be.

A webmaster can use either one of these tools, or all at once. But here it is important to find the "golden mean" between the funds invested in advertising and the return.

Tips for an advertiser: how to form an offer correctly

Offer – this is a kind of technical task for the performer. It prescribes all the conditions for cooperation and a number of restrictions that the contractor must fully comply with:

  • target action: what exactly the user who will be attracted by the affiliate should do;
  • the amount of remuneration that the affiliate will receive for the target action of each user;
  • predictive metrics: CR (the ratio between visitors who completed the target action and those who just went to the site), EPC (revenue per click), AR (targeted conversions as a percentage);
  • geolocation: which regions the ad should target;
  • types of traffic: if the customer expects to focus on a certain tool or does not want certain channels of attraction to be used, he indicates this in the offer.

It is necessary to approach the preparation of an offer comprehensively and professionally. It depends on how the work of the webmaster will be built and, accordingly, the result of his actions.

Varieties of CPA-networks and their advantages

Today, the market offers a very wide range of CPA-networks for different areas of professional activity. The advertiser should place his offer on a site that is as close as possible to the subject of his professional activity:

  • gaming: for the area of online games;
  • commodity: focused on the offer of different categories of goods;
  • financial: this includes everything related to loans, credit cards, loans;
  • mobile applications: all software products for smartphones;
  • gambling: topics of online casino, gambling;
  • adult: 18+ category content;
  • dating: anything related to online dating.

There are also publicly directed CPA-networks. There is no division into product categories. They can be called universal.

A few words about why you should use CPA-networks in your work. If we talk about the advertiser, then here he is guaranteed to find a performer within the optimal budget for him. But the affiliate gets access to a large number of offers and will be able to choose the one that suits him in all respects, including the level of payment. In addition, you do not have to worry that the advertiser will not pay for the work done – The platform itself acts as a guarantor of payment. Well, the benefit of the CPA network is even more obvious – receiving a percentage of each successful transaction.

What points to pay attention to when choosing a CPA-network?

It should be understood that the effectiveness of business promotion directly depends on the correctness of the decision made. To easily and quickly choose the right CPA-network for the specifics of your business and individual needs, pay attention to the following points:

  1. A niche. We talked about what types of CPА-networks exist above. If the subject of your business is directly related to one of them, choose it. If not, then we stop at general-purpose ones.
  2. Number of offers running at the same time. The more of them there are, the greater the flow of the target audience will go to your site.
  3. Attitude of the site to unscrupulous performers. It is optimal for the advertiser to get all his money back if the affiliate uses prohibited methods of attracting traffic in his work.
  4. The amount of commission charged by CPA-networks. Money is often collected from both the contractor and the customer. It's all about percentages.
  5. Frequency of updates. You need to pay attention to how often new offers appear on the site. If the last one was a week ago, then you need to look for another option.

CPA-networks can be used by representatives of various business areas to effectively and quickly promote a business, whether it is the sale of goods, services, online games, entertainment content, etc. But it is important to approach the promotion process as professionally as possible work safety plays a particularly important role. It remains to figure out how to provide it.

How to secure your work in CPA-networks and the Internet in general

We have already mentioned such a concept as "fraud". We are talking about fraudulent actions, which are resorted to by some, let's say, not entirely conscientious arbitrators. We are talking about the direction of traffic to the site using bots, the use of prohibited types of streaming actions. Yes, responsible CPA-networks put a lot of effort into conducting due diligence on the performers and the tools they use in practice. But this does not mean that you, as an advertiser, do not need to be vigilant. When working with a performer, the following points should make you suspicious:

  • very high (close to 100%) or vice versa, low conversion with an impressive traffic flow;
  • a huge number of referrals from the same IP-address;
  • Mass activity of visitors is observed at night;
  • a large number of clicks from one source.

If you notice one or more of these actions, you should contact CPA-network technical support. They will check and, if a "fraud" is established, then the account of an unscrupulous performer will be blocked. In this case, you do not have to pay anything.

In addition, we must not forget that working on the Internet is in any case fraught with danger: unauthorized access, hacker attacks, loss of personal data, malware, etc. And the easiest, most effective and convenient way to prevent this – ensure complete anonymity on the Internet. The goal is to hide your real IP-address. Without knowing it, attackers will not be able to penetrate your device, and you will ensure complete confidentiality of your actions.

This is where dynamic mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service come in handy. With their help, you can change IP addresses in the workflow (automatically by timer or forcibly, via a link from your personal account), geolocation, and a cellular network operator. Thanks to this, you will also be able to effectively bypass regional blocking, access resources from anywhere in the world. It will also be possible to use multi-accounting, use automated software to organize mass advertising campaigns. And these actions can in no way be attributed to "fraud". You can get acquainted with the functionality of mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space here .If you have any further questions, please contact technical support at a convenient time for you.

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