Everything a customer needs to know about video advertising

Everything the customer needs to know about video advertising

The modern advertising market uses a huge variety of different methods, technologies, trends aimed at creating a truly effective product that can attract an audience, help increase brand awareness, ensure the rapid introduction of goods, services and more to the market. And one of the fairly popular solutions in this segment — this is video advertising. But here, along with such areas as contextual or targeted advertising, not everything is so simple. Many business representatives are not sure that they need it. As a result, various questions arise. Is video advertising right for my business? How profitable will it be in practice? That is, it all comes down to the question: is it worth betting on it, or would it be better to focus on other types of advertising?

In today's review we will look at the most pressing issues related to such an area as video advertising. We’ll tell you which platforms should be used for this, and highlight the main differences from the same advertising that we see every day on television. Let's pay attention to how to use video to attract the attention of the target audience and how to organize the whole process correctly. The information presented will allow you to navigate the features and nuances of video advertising, and understand whether it is necessary for your business in practice.

What solutions does video advertising offer?

Video advertising — this is one of the most effective methods of branding today. With its help, you can convey information to your target audience about your products or services, or introduce a new brand or product to the market. Just 5 seconds will be enough to attract people's attention and tell them basic information about yourself. No other type of advertising can boast such information content, be it a banner, article, targeting, context, etc. This means that video advertising — this is something that can increase audience loyalty to your brand and the products offered, and make them more willing to make purchases and place orders.

That is, video advertising is tasked with solving 3 key tasks:

  • increasing brand awareness, which is important both for existing companies and for those just entering the market;
  • attracting a large number of potential customers to the site: if people have already heard the name, then they are much more willing to place orders;
  • the level of sales increases, and at the same time the level of income of your company, the payback period decreases.

In principle, a similar effect is expected from absolutely any advertising campaign, but in the case of video advertising, the effectiveness will be higher, which means that all expectations will be met and the investment will be fully recouped.

Why does video advertising really sell?

Video advertising — this is what can really sell your brand, product or service, provided that everything is organized as correctly and correctly as possible. Along with other types of advertising, videos — this is a very good tool for implementing both direct and indirect sales. And the latter is implemented directly through brand development, increasing its recognition among the audience, and improving loyalty from potential customers. Everything here is aimed at making potential buyers interested in the brand itself, as well as its products.

In practice, there have often been situations where video advertising was the decisive factor and contributed to customers taking the target action. But again, this applies exclusively to situations when everything is organized as correctly and professionally as possible. Video advertising — This is something that really effectively influences a warmed-up audience and makes people willing to buy goods and services. That is, the effectiveness of advertising largely depends on who you target it to. Initially, you need to gather a group of people who have already been processed by search engine algorithms, that is, you know for sure that they are interested in the goods or services that you offer them.

As you can see, the algorithm of actions here is quite simple. Initially, the target audience is selected. This can be done through data parsing, or using Google algorithms. In this case, you just need to find those people who enter queries into a search engine about the goods or services that you sell. You can also use specialized YouTube channels that provide reviews of products similar to yours. In practice, there have often been situations where video advertising was launched literally from scratch, targeting an unprepared audience. Such a decision also has a right to exist, because in this case it is aimed at awakening the audience’s interest in a particular product. In the latter case, a company is launched with a rating based on interests and displays reviews of products that are just appearing on the market.

That is, regardless of whether you launch video advertising already on the so-called “warm-up” audience, or rely on the initial acquaintance of people with your brand or products, its effectiveness will be quite high: visual content is perceived by the audience much better than any text descriptions.

But the success of your idea largely depends on which platform you choose to launch video advertising. The greatest efficiency in the latter case today is provided by YouTube video hosting.

Why is it better to run video ads on YouTube?

YouTube — This is one of the most popular and sought-after video hosting sites today. And this despite the fact that in the modern market there are quite a lot of platforms that provide similar content. Today, the number of its active users has long exceeded one billion. But at the same time, the duration of daily viewing of videos is gradually increasing. So, in the last year alone, this parameter has increased by 60%, and this figure continues to increase. This means that the number of people you can influence with your advertising increases one-dimensionally. Along with this, the platform also offers advertisers quite attractive conditions for launching a company. Judge for yourself:

  1. Today, the site has collected an incredible number of channels from all over the world. Here you can find absolutely everything, from entertainment content to detailed descriptions of the preparation of certain dishes. Also here you can find truly professional lectures and master classes that will allow the audience to gain good practical skills. That is, YouTube — this is exactly the platform that will provide you, as an advertiser, with access to an unrealistic wide audience, among which there will be many people interested specifically in your products or services.
  2. You can use already well-promoted channels or create your own and promote it. And this is not as difficult a task as it might seem at first glance. To do this, it will be enough to select content in your topic that will be truly useful for the audience. We add here optimized texts, info cards, unobtrusive overlays with a call to action and everything — All that remains is to gather an audience. Here you must understand that the more popular your YouTube channel is, the higher the level of return from advertising will be. The fact is that in this case YouTube will show your videos in the “Recommended” blocks. And this opens up much broader opportunities for your company: people automatically trust more those companies, products or services that they have already heard about before, even if it was an advertisement.
  3. No limits or any other restrictions on the number of downloaded videos. The solution is very good, because you can show advertising to your audience as much as you see fit, ignoring the automatically set limits. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is only relevant for your own channels. If you use the pages of other bloggers, you still won’t be able to remove restrictions there. The fact is that the main requirement for removing the limit will be confirmation of rights to own the channel.
  4. The most thoughtful and easy-to-use analytics systems. The effectiveness of any advertising campaign largely depends on how carefully it is monitored. That is, a marketer who would like to get the maximum effect from advertising must constantly monitor how it works, who it attracts, and how many customers it brings. All this allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of investments and make appropriate adjustments, increasing efficiency. YouTube has many tools that allow you to track audience activity, how it interacts not only with the channel itself, but also directly with the advertising video.
  5. Availability of a built-in video editor. This means that you do not need to have any deep professional knowledge or use third-party services or involve other specialists in order to launch your video. Use the video editor to realize your idea quickly and with minimal effort. The functionality of the built-in video editor includes combining several short videos or images into one video, trimming the video at any point in playback, and adding music or text accompaniment. You will also have a built-in editor with lighting and color effects at your disposal. Thanks to the video stabilization option, even minor camera vibrations will be minimized and your video will turn out to be of really high quality — as if it was made by specialists using professional equipment. Another option that is present in the built-in YouTube video editor — This is the ability to change the playback speed.

As you can see, the built-in functionality of YouTube video hosting will be more than enough to independently launch excellent advertising, track its effectiveness, make adjustments, and attract as many target audiences as possible.

But all these features that we are talking about here relate specifically to video advertising. And here the question is quite logical: how do video advertising on YouTube differ from classic television advertising?

Video advertising on YouTube or TV advertising: what to choose?

Here we will look at a number of key questions, the answers to which will allow you to see the difference and determine which advertising option will still be more preferable in your case:

  1. What are the charges? Those who decide to launch video advertising on television will pay directly for airtime. That is, the payment here will go both for the display itself and for the duration of your video. In the case of YouTube, advertising is completely free for the advertiser. Money will only be charged when someone from the user audience takes the targeted action. This could be following a link, watching a full video, or more than 30 seconds if the ad is longer. Otherwise, you keep your money. That is, they are not spent on those who are not interested in the goods or services you provide.
  2. Nuances of cost formation. The cost of television advertising directly depends on what day of the week and the exact time it will be shown. The most expensive solution — This is the so-called prime time, that is, programs or films that are in the highest demand among the audience. As usual, this is in the evening from 19 to 22. In the case of YouTube, you yourself decide how much you will pay for 1 click. In addition, you will have the opportunity to set different prices depending on the day of the week and time of day. This means that you get much higher flexibility in settings, which ultimately has a positive effect on advertising costs and allows you to optimize them.
  3. How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising? In the case of television, you can track this parameter solely by how the level of sales of goods or services increases or, on the contrary, does not increase. And you will be able to understand all this only after the advertising has been launched, time and money have been spent. In the case of YouTube video advertising, everything is more transparent and effective. The fact is that there are built-in tools that are capable of collecting statistical data literally in real time, immediately calculating the profitability of investments made. This will allow you, as an advertiser, to instantly respond to certain changes, increasing efficiency and profitability, minimizing waste of funds.
  4. How to target advertising specifically to the target audience? The only thing you can do in the case of television advertising — So this is to select the channel, region, television program and the show time itself. You cannot influence all other parameters in any way. This means that your advertisement will be seen even by those people who are not at all interested in the goods or services you provide. That is, the money will be wasted. In the case of YouTube advertising, you can additionally use various filters to set up targeting. Along with location, you can also choose the gender and age of the audience, individual interests and much more, which makes the company targeted at a fairly narrow audience. One that is already obviously interested in your products and services.

As you can see, the advantages of YouTube advertising over television advertising are really significant. Therefore, it is up to you to decide where exactly to direct your efforts and invest funds. We must not forget that every day, the number of people who watch terrestrial television is decreasing, while YouTube views continue to grow.

Choosing the right video format and advertising strategy

At the very beginning of our review, we mentioned that the effectiveness of video advertising, in particular on the YouTube channel, will directly depend on how correctly and professionally everything is implemented. That is why you need to approach this issue as comprehensively and comprehensively as possible, taking into account the goals that you set for yourself, as well as the stage sales funnel, where your audience is currently located. Depending on these criteria, several separate strategies can be distinguished:

  1. Information. Already from the name you can judge that the main goal in this case will be to familiarize users with your brand or the goods or services that it supplies to the market. That is, here interest in your products arises and the level of awareness increases. That is why the emphasis should be on advertising, which will resemble a video presentation. It should contain brief information about who you are, what market segment you operate in, and what problems your audience is ready to solve. And all this should be complemented by a bright image video containing slogans describing the goals of the brand, logos and everything that can be etched in people’s memory.
  2. Presentation. This video advertising format is aimed at people who understand exactly what product or service they are looking for and what problems they face. That is, as part of this presentation, you need to show that you are able to solve the client’s pain. Here you need to focus on the competitive advantages of your products. Explain how it differs from analogues on the market and highlight its unique trading advantages. It would be a good idea to add product reviews from your other customers and instructions for use here, if appropriate. Often in this case, Internet marketers rely on so-called “viral content” — material that has every chance of going viral. That is, it must contain some kind of challenge, deep meaning and everything that will make people who saw it want to share it with others.
  3. Solving the problem. This is an advertisement that shows the audience all the competitive advantages of your brand and product. It makes it clear that it is from you that a person will find the best solution to the problem in terms of ease of purchase, price and other nuances. It should already be aimed at those people who are not only aware of their problem and are looking for a solution, but also familiar with your brand.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that to achieve each of these goals it is necessary to create separate videos. The same video, unfortunately, will not help you solve all the problems at once. You will only confuse your potential customers if you immediately introduce them to the brand and offer to buy the product by clicking on a link. That is, it is necessary to act in this case as competently and step by step as possible. This may require a lot of time and effort, but the efficiency will be much higher.

In any case, the advertisement must contain a call to action, namely a transition to the site for a more detailed acquaintance. Particular attention should be paid directly to the content of the video itself, the slogans. They should be laconic, but at the same time catchy and memorable. It’s worth considering a particularly detailed call to action for those users who are already familiar with your products and are halfway through placing orders. But in any case, you should avoid putting too much pressure on the audience, because this can only push people away rather than attract their attention.

How to set up video advertising for your target audience?

We have already said that, unlike video advertising, when you launch a video on YouTube, you can set individual targeting criteria, thereby aiming your product at an audience that is really interested in it. But in this case, you need to draw up a portrait of the target audience in advance. Using data parsing, you can do this as quickly and easily as possible. After this, you will have basic data at your disposal, which you should focus on when launching video advertising.

In turn, YouTube allows you to set the following targeting criteria:

  • place of residence;
  • gender and age;
  • individual interests;
  • brand and model of the user device;
  • categories of goods and services that users are looking for;
  • a place to place a video, be it certain channels or videos;
  • users who have already visited your website and completed one or another target action.

So, for example, if you offer products for making confectionery, then your target audience – These are women housewives aged 30 years and older. That is, in this case, you need to set gender and age in the settings, and make a link to channels with video recipes. Even such a parameter as the brand and model of the phone can also play a role if you sell gadgets and accessories.

That is, the choice of settings is really quite wide. And here there is everything that will allow you to make your advertising as individual as possible and aimed at an audience interested in your products.

Features of tracking advertising effectiveness

By launching video advertising on YouTube, you can use various web analytics services, be it the built-in video hosting application or Google Analytics, which is popular among many Internet marketers. We will not dwell on the last option now, since the service is really in demand and many people know about its advantages.

But not everyone is familiar with YouTube Analytics, although the application itself is quite simple and easy to use. At the same time, with its help you can get a fairly impressive amount of statistical parameters:

  • all data is provided in real time;
  • it is possible to track demographic indicators, as well as the playback location itself, be it the sites themselves, individual pages, devices;
  • average duration of viewing your advertising, videos that the audience watches the longest, comparison of the statistics of your advertising with a similar competitor’s product posted on other YouTube channels;
  • view statistics for a single video for a certain period of time;
  • source of traffic, namely where visitors came from, be it a social network, your official company website, etc.;
  • the number of new subscribers and those who deleted their subscription, as well as detailed segmentation by content, date, region;
  • the number of users who performed one or another target action, including clicking on the like or dislike button, following tips, leaving comments.

If such functionality is enough for you, then you can safely use the built-in YouTube Analytics tool. If you are looking for broader opportunities for analyzing running video advertising, then you should still use Google Analytics.

To summarize

As you can see, video advertising on YouTube — This is something that can convey information about your brand, products or services to the widest possible audience. Among the main features of this solution it is worth highlighting:

  • the ability to use a video for branding, attracting customers to the site, increasing sales;
  • low material costs for advertising: the average starting budget, not including the work on creating the video itself, is only $50;
  • high efficiency will only happen if you think through your company down to the smallest detail, highlight key tasks, form a portrait of the target audience, and be able to create content that will really interest people, right down to a viral video;
  • Advertising on YouTube will cost you much less than on television, but the effectiveness for the most part will be much higher, since it is targeted at a specific group of people, and not at everyone, including those who are interested in your products. not interested;
  • the process of launching advertising is quite simple and fast: it does not require special knowledge or skills, and all the tools that you can use in this process are simple and intuitive;
  • YouTube offers many options for monitoring the effectiveness of a launched company, which will allow you to make timely adjustments and optimize your budget.

The last point we would like to draw your attention to is the need for additional use of mobile proxies when working with video advertising and YouTube video hosting, in particular. In this case, you will ensure stable multi-threaded operation, including at the stage of automated data collection. You will receive unlimited access to sites from any country and region of the world, and will be able to bypass regional restrictions and access blocks. That is, your opportunities when working on the network will be truly wide and varied. And at the same time, you should not be afraid of bans. You are also guaranteed a high level of protection from any unauthorized access, as well as maintaining anonymity.

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