Gonzo-copywriting: what you need to know about it?

Gonzo copywriting: what you need to know about it?

With such a concept as "gonzo" first encountered journalists. This term was introduced by Hunter Stockton Thomson — doctor of journalism. This prefix defines a specific direction in modern journalism, which includes the specialist's own conclusions and his own experiences, his own ideas in the expression of thoughts. In simpler terms, it is worth remembering the phrase "Events do not create a reporter, but an event reporter"; and apply it to a journalist with fairly radical views on everything that happens around, literally breaking the stereotypes of life. That is, gonzo — it is very honest, very subjective, very contrary to the existing system. Reporting here can be conducted even where there are no events at all.

It is extremely difficult to give an exact definition of this term, leading this genre does not have any specific framework and clear requirements. But it is safe to say that he turned on its head the basic statutes that all the world's journalists followed for years. But there are no boring descriptions – they were completely supplanted by the author's view of things and his extraordinary presentation. Each report has acquired its own unique character. And everything that falls under this description is now called upon us to consider gonzo journalism.

But after all, copywriting can be attributed to journalism, even if only in structure. The specialist will have to work out the material, collect the relevant data, and present them to the public in a beautifully designed form. And if we talk about BUT, then in this case we will talk about the unique author's style. Now let's get acquainted in more detail with what constitutes gonzo copywriting. We will show you how to achieve maximum efficiency using mobile proxies.

Highlights that characterize gonzo copywriting

Now let's look at a number of points that will make gonzo copywriting stand out against the background of the classic text content that fills most of the Internet resources today:

  • Animation of inanimate objects. Even such simple phrases as "the order is packed and sent to you", "The order has arrived at the addressee" will already point to this direction in copywriting. We understand that we are talking about the delivery of the order by the relevant services, but the style of presentation here is completely different. It seems that the goods were packed by themselves and went on foot to the customer.
  • Ignoring the agreement in sentences to make the text brighter. "The original design of the handbag clasp, ornate patterns on the front valve expanded the customer base of the online store." Sounds ridiculous? No — this is gonzo copywriting!
  • The desire to fit a huge amount of information into one phrase. If you come across such a phrase as "Company managers will take into account all the wishes of customers when choosing a suitable model, the world trends of the market, current requirements for clothes, wishes in terms of price» know what direction in journalism (copywriting in this case) you are facing.
  • Adding interesting typos to the text. Not to be confused with the illiteracy of a copywriter. We are sure that the phrase in the article "Thanks to your prostate, the design is distinguished by increased reliability and durability of service" will make you smile.
  • Professional game of meanings. At first glance, phrases such as “silicate brick — the most popular building material option in the construction of heat-resistant structures, it is easy to use. or "considering the ever-increasing saturation of the market with advanced technologies" looks a bit odd. But here the author simply tried to describe the product itself, his idea in the most advantageous way.
  • The ability to keep the intrigue to the last point. Here the point is to attract the attention of the target audience, literally in the first lines of the material and keep it to the end. As an option, "in this review we will consider the most popular creams for chiffon biscuit and not only" or "we want to introduce you to special equipment in more detail and tell you what hydraulics has to do with it."
  • Finding an individual approach to different categories of consumers. Well, if you are faced with the task of preparing material for an online store of women's clothing in large sizes. Here it is necessary to write in such a way as not to hurt the feelings of overweight ladies. The phrase "The fair sex with magnificent forms" will sound much nicer and more loyal than "fat woman".
  • Reference to being beautiful always and everywhere. “Your beauty will shine like a priceless diamond even while you are vacuuming the apartment, washing the bath, preparing dinner. Do not deny yourself the desire to be sophisticated, stylish even in the usual home environment with clothes from the store...».
  • Providing information so that, even with a strong desire, no one will dare to challenge it. Agree, it is unlikely that you will have the idea to challenge the phrase "toothbrush — an indispensable accessory in the bathroom. Without it, we would have to brush our teeth with wooden sticks or a cloth, as they did in the old days. or "the table has 4 legs, if there were 2, what would be its stability?".
  • The ability to get the reader to return to the same phrase several times in an attempt to capture the essence of what is stated. Here is a vivid example of such a variant of gonzo copywriting “This happens due to the fact that buying a usb drive or memory cards in bulk for a long period of time does not indicate that you will be able to purchase means for storing and transferring information of high quality and at a good price. price". Did you get the point? Since when?

Summing up

This is just a number of examples of such a modern trend as gonzo copywriting. By and large, everything that not so long ago referred to the author's inability to express his thoughts clearly, logically and to the point, today can be safely called a manifestation of an individual style. Both gonzo copywriting and journalism in practice have proved to be quite an interesting phenomenon. He has both fans and those who did not particularly appreciate such author's ideas.

But still, the main thing here is not to overdo it in search of a unique author's style. Behind complex, ornate presentations of the material, it is very easy to lose the main meaning and complicate the perception of information. For ordinary readers, the classic presentation of information will be more convenient and useful: in simple words, without ornate phrases, incomprehensible words. This is especially true if you are preparing material for certain business representatives. Here, gonzo copywriting can play a cruel joke: it is unlikely that any of the users will be ready to re-read the material several times in an attempt to capture its essence, if you can go to another resource and find the necessary information there in a logical and consistent presentation.

Regardless of whether you specialize in gonzo copywriting or prefer the classic presentation of the material in the article, you cannot write a quality review without a thorough study of the topic. It is necessary to work out a lot of sources in order to capture the essence of the task, form blocks that should become the basis of the future text, select materials for each of them, etc. The presence of regional blocking established in certain countries at the legislative level does not allow a copywriter to get access the information he needs. But this problem is easy to solve thanks to the use of mobile proxies.

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