How can a novice affiliate choose the right offer?

How can a novice affiliate choose the right offer?

Did you decide to try your hand at traffic arbitrage? The right decision, because the direction is quite promising and actively developing. And this means that the demand for specialists in this market segment today is consistently high, as well as the level of income. We have already raised the topic of traffic arbitrage and said that it is better to start work from the CPA network. But, if you go here, you will see a huge number of offers in the admin panel. How can a novice specialist navigate all this diversity and understand which of the options should be taken into work in order to get a good profit?

Let's try to understand this topic in more detail. We will tell you what points you should pay attention to when choosing an offer. We will show how, using mathematical calculations, to determine your possible benefit from working with a particular project. Let's also dwell on popular mistakes and how to prevent them. Here are the advantages of working through CPA networks. Let's tell you what tool you should use to intensify your actions on the network without the risk of getting banned.

What is an offer?

Offer — this is what you, as an affiliate, have to work with. That is, this is an offer from the advertiser, which will indicate all the conditions for cooperation: the target action, conditions, acceptable traffic sources, the amount of remuneration. You can get acquainted with all available options in the admin panel of the CPA network after registration. But, you need to understand that all the offers presented here can be divided into separate groups based on the target actions. Identifies the following categories:

  1. CPA (cost per action). They assume payment to a specialist for targeted actions in the form of purchases made by the audience that he attracted to the advertiser's website.
  2. CPL (cost per lead). In this case, payment is expected for the lead itself: registration on the site, sent application, etc.
  3. CPI (cost per install). Here, the reward will be accrued for everyone who installs the advertiser's mobile offer on their smartphone or tablet.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the more difficult the target action is required from the attracted client, the higher the payment for the webmaster's services will be. But at the same time, it will be difficult to get the desired conversion from them.

What points should you pay attention to when choosing an offer?

Until you start looking into things like arbitration traffic in more detail and depth, all advertisers' offers will seem the same to you. In order not to make a mistake in the selection process, you should focus on the following points:

  • What target action is required from the attracted audience. You must understand what you will be charged for under this project.
  • The amount of the reward. Often it is indicated for each attracted client, committed this or that action. It is best to understand the average offers in the market in order to evaluate the benefit from the offer made by this or that advertiser.
  • Allowed traffic sources. it is important to understand which tools are allowed to be used in the work, and which— No. So, in any case, it is forbidden to use contextual advertising for the advertiser's brand, adult traffic, motivated traffic, toolbar, doorway, clickander, popunder. You won't get a penny for conversions generated by any of these methods. Also note that advertisers can add their own prohibited methods to this list.
  • Availability of auto-approves, cold level. If the description of the offer says “up to 1 day” next to this line, it means that the offer has an autoprove. In this case, as soon as the conversion is displayed in the online system, it will automatically go to your personal account and will be available for payment. This means that this conversion has already been approved and you can request payment for it. This moment will be especially important if you are working with offers dedicated to the MFI market. Just note that the average hold-payment is about 10 days. That is, if you receive a conversion in your personal account, then you can request a payment for it no earlier than in 10 days.
  • The presence of indicators. This is what indicates the level of your possible income. ePC indicates the average payout per click, and CR — Approximately how many conversions can be obtained from 100 clicks.
  • Cookies. This is a kind of identifier that will be assigned to each user who clicked on a source of paid advertising, whether it be an offer or a banner. That is, as soon as the button is pressed, this user receives his unique code. The average period of cookie activity — about 30 days. If during this period a person performs a targeted action, then the affiliate receives a conversion for this. The longer this period lasts, the higher the likelihood that you will bring more people to the resource through a launched advertising campaign and, accordingly, your income level will be higher. This is the case when time works for you.

Let's move on to mathematical calculations

It will be possible to determine how profitable this or that offer will be for an affiliate marketer using simple mathematical calculations. Here it is necessary to focus on 2 main indicators, which we have already mentioned above. It's about:

  1. CR (conversion rate) — displays the percentage of conversions versus unique clicks.
  2. ePC (earn per click) — approximate earnings from one click. In any case, this indicator should be higher than the funds that you will spend on attracting one click.
    Offer math

The opinion that it is worth choosing an offer with a higher payout level — not entirely correct. Here it is important to understand how many conversions you will receive from this or that offer. That is, you need to pay attention to the CR indicator. To make everything more clear, consider the calculation using an example.

Let's imagine there is a choice between two offers. No. 1 offers a payout of 1000 rubles. At the same time, his CR is 2.8%. No. 2 has a payout of 1,500 rubles, but CR is 1.6%. We assume that 3,000 people will click on each of them, and the cost of one click will be 25 rubles (the money that you invest).

We carry out calculations according to the formulas shown in the figure. What we have: for offer #1 we get 84 conversions, and for #2 — only 48. At the same time, the average earnings from one click on option No. 1 will be 28 rubles, and on option No. 2 — only 24. And this despite the fact that offer No. 2 offers a payout one and a half times more than offer No. 1.

What conclusions can we draw from these calculations? You, as an affiliate, pay 25 rubles per click. If you choose offer No. 1, then on each click you get 3 rubles of profit. With an indicator of 3,000 clicks, your earnings will be 9,000 rubles. If the choice stops at offer No. 2, then on each click you will lose 1 ruble, and as a result, your loss will be 3,000 rubles. As you can see, the payout promised by the advertiser — this is far from the only indicator that must be considered when choosing an offer.

It is also very important to take into account how many conversions can be made in a certain period of time. This point is especially relevant if the offer you have chosen has a bonus grid. It is assumed that the more work is done, the higher the conversion fee will be. Here you should calculate the approximate number of conversions in one month and, based on this indicator, estimate how much you can still earn if you have a bonus grid.

Controlling statistics on offers

The decision to work with market leaders — one of the most reliable and proven. There is a high probability that they should go well, which means that your income level will be higher. However, this rule does not always work. That is why it is very important to analyze the details. In particular, large companies that have been successfully operating in the market for a long time have a rather huge client base. And this means that it will be much more difficult for you to attract new customers to her site — everyone already knows about them and there is no need to advertise it.

What to do in this situation? Periodically, optimally every other day, launch the ratings of a company from the market segment in which you plan to work. From the resulting table, we select the top twenty offers and carefully check their performance in terms of conversion and average earnings per click, pay attention to the payments already made. Based on these indicators, we choose those offers with which we will work.

The most popular mistakes made by novice affiliates

The phrase "Learn from mistakes" well known to everyone. And in principle, there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. But still, not everyone wants to lose the invested funds. To minimize all the risks associated with traffic arbitrage, consultations with a personal affiliate manager will help. These specialists have been working with spa networks for a long time and have already learned how to understand offers well. In addition, their earnings depend on the success of your work.

But still, there are a number of mistakes that novice affiliates often make. Here are the main recommendations to help you avoid them:

  • don't send to only one offer;
  • no need to request feedback on competitors, find out which funnels are displayed on top storefronts, which technologies are better, which offers are more effective;
  • try to avoid an abundance of traffic to an unverified offer;
  • contextual advertising — not the best option to start, because it requires a fairly large investment along with serious competition, which can simply lead to a loss of invested money;
  • before sending traffic, you need to carefully analyze all your work.

Adhering to these recommendations you will avoid common mistakes and significantly increase your chances of making good profits.

We stop the choice on CPA networks

Only those who have been working in this market for a long time, know its trends, and have already managed to prove themselves well will be able to find their niche in the market, attract customers from outside. This is where the name will work for you. That is, advertisers will find you themselves. But, if at this point in time you have not yet reached this level, then the best solution would still be to use the services of CPA networks. Here are some of the main reasons for this decision:

  1. CPA-networks – the most simple and easy-to-use solution for entering the arbitrage market. You get access to a huge number of offers from advertisers. Such networks often have a whole department of personnel working with advertisers, as well as lawyers and accountants. All this keeps the network working and allows you to solve those tasks that the arbitrator himself is unlikely to be able to perform on his own.
  2. It is possible to work for yourself. You simply choose offers by following our recommendations. Consult with a personal manager, develop an individual strategy and get more than a decent profit.
  3. The availability of automation tools on the sites, which greatly simplifies the work of webmasters. With their help, it will be possible to parse data, do mass mailing, use a variety of ready-made templates. Moreover, the affiliate is provided with information about analytics for current orders, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the work.

We would like to draw special attention to the last point. Yes, automation tools can significantly speed up and optimize all the work that an affiliate manager faces, but the problem is that any multi-threaded actions will be immediately identified by the system and will lead to blocking your accounts, often without the right to recover. How to prevent this? Connect mobile proxies to work. They will replace the real data of your devices with their own, which will ensure the anonymity of actions on the network. You will just need to set up an automatic change of addresses or use a forced change using a link from your personal account every time you need to log into the network from a different IP address.

The best mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space

You need to understand that the stability, functionality and convenience of working with mobile proxies, including when arbitrating traffic, directly depends on the reliability of the server you are using. Free options that are currently on the network in the public domain – this is not a solution to this problem. They provide neither anonymity nor security of work, they are characterized by a low connection speed. All this will negatively affect the work of the webmaster and cause a lot of problems and troubles. In addition, as practice shows, most of the addresses offered by free servers are already blacklisted by search engines. And this means that the entrance from them will be automatically blocked. To check the server option you like, use proxy-checker.

The use of personal mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will help you avoid all sorts of errors and problems in your work. In this case you get:

  • A separate dedicated channel specifically for your work: none of the outsiders will use it.
  • Access to a huge number of IP-addresses from different countries and regions of the world. You can change them both forcibly via a link from your personal account, or automatically by setting a timer in the range from 2 minutes to an hour.
  • The ability to quickly and easily bypass regional blocks by choosing the best geolocation and network operator whenever you need it.
  • High level of security and confidentiality of networking, which is largely ensured by the simultaneous use of HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols.

For more information about the features of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, see the link ?buyproxy. You can also apply for additional advice to the round-the-clock technical support service by contacting specialists via chat or Telegram.

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