How to get money from traffic: enter arbitrage

How to get money from traffic: enter arbitration

Today, there are quite a few ways to make money on the Internet, and one of them — traffic arbitrage. The essence of this work is quite simple: you attract customers for a particular company, receiving for this either a fixed remuneration, or a percentage of sales. The more clients you attract, the higher your earnings will be, respectively. You can read here

Now let's dwell in more detail on how to become specialists in this area. Let's get acquainted with the basic terms, with what you need at the very start. We will tell you who should be included in the team in order to cover as many target audiences as possible and ensure complete autonomy of work. Let's write down the first steps in the work, but how will we offer to get acquainted with the tool that will help you increase the efficiency and safety of working on the network.

Getting familiar with the basic terms

If you decide to discover such a direction in professional activity as traffic arbitration, then the first stage — familiarity with this technology. It is important to clearly understand what you have to deal with. In order to understand the essence of the forthcoming work, it is necessary to understand the terminology. Let's highlight the main points:

  • Traffic. We are talking about website visitors. Thousands of people visit some Internet pages every day, while others – units. Accordingly, the higher the traffic, the more earning options the site owner will have.
  • Traffic source. Different types of advertising (contextual, targeted, social networks, video ads, banners), applications, games, teaser networks, SEO, etc. can serve as a traffic source.
  • Advertiser. This is the person who orders the service. Often this is the business owner who wants to attract the target audience to his site.
  • Affiliate or webmaster. This is a specialist who thinks over an advertising strategy, launches advertising and controls its effectiveness in attracting leads to the advertiser's website.
  • CPA model. We are talking about advertising with guaranteed payment exclusively for conversion actions implemented by users. This means that the advertiser will pay the affiliate only if the client he attracted performs one or another targeted action on the site (the list of targeted actions for which payment will be made is negotiated in advance). The amount of payment depends on the complexity of the task, as well as individual agreements.
  • CPA network. It is a platform for interaction between the advertiser and the webmaster. All conditions for cooperation are created on it, targeted actions are prescribed, banners are loaded, applications are received. You can read more about what a CPA network is here.
  • Offer. This is an offer of a product or service in any of the formats.
  • Vertical. This is an area in which certain types of offers are combined. So if we talk about the financial vertical, then this should include brokers, microcredits, banking structures, etc.

These are the main terms that the future arbitrator will encounter in practice. Here it is important to understand that it is important for a business to get not the traffic itself, but the target action from the audience: registering on the site, subscribing, making a purchase. Therefore, an important task of affiliates will not be easy to increase the flow of visitors to the site, but also to transform the target audience into leads.

As you can see, there are a lot of tools at the disposal of the webmaster, but all of them are quite simple both in mastering and in subsequent work. If you are just starting your journey in this direction, it is important not to scatter over trifles. Start with one area, understand it thoroughly, gain practical skills, and only then move on to the next. For novice webmasters, it is best to start work through the CPA network. The fact is that she will also be interested in the success of your actions, as she receives a percentage of the profits. Moreover, they themselves offer a number of their own tools that can greatly simplify the work with traffic. So, one of the platforms offers a tool for SMS mailings, another — to monetize databases of phone numbers, etc.

I want to become a webmaster: what should I start with

Now that you are a little familiar with the theory of traffic arbitration, you can gradually move on to practical actions. What do you need for this? Here are the key points:

  1. Desire to receive exclusive data. The fact is that the modern IT technology market is not empty. This also applies to traffic arbitration. This means that if you decide to work on a unique offer, then most likely other affiliates will also decide to try their luck in this direction and make the traffic more intense. That is why you should always be aware of current trends. Regularly take part in various private parties, forums, conferences and other events where you can get valuable information about new topics, trends, features.
  2. Starting budget. You must clearly understand that the cost of the advertising campaign is covered by the webmaster. Yes, with a successful scenario, his profit will be much higher than the invested funds. But, if the company you launched fails, you completely lose the amount originally spent. Therefore, to launch your first project, you need to have several hundred dollars at your disposal. This is quite enough to launch a company through instant messengers or video hosting, the same YouTube. In some cases, the initial investment can reach $10,000-15,000, which is relevant for advertising in Google ADS, where the average cost per click is $2-4. But beginners should wait a little with this. You may still come to drive traffic through Google ADS, but for now it's worth the wait, because you can lose quite a significant amount of money. We would like to initially warn that the option of making money on traffic arbitration without initial investment is better to be immediately discarded from consideration. Believe me, you will not have enough strength, nerves, or time for this. You should always have a minimum starting budget of a couple of hundred dollars.
  3. Google Analytics knowledge. You should be well versed in what tools, methods and approaches can give traffic growth. Google Analytics – this is the platform that will provide you with the most visual and reliable information that you can use as the basis for your future work.
  4. Sufficient knowledge in the field of marketing. You should have a good understanding of what technologies you can use in practice. The fact is that traffic arbitrage provides a lot of opportunities for experimentation. Moreover, over time, you will develop your own methods that will give a good influx of leads. Every webmaster has such secrets, and he does not disclose them. But in order to get the appropriate developments, it is important to try different tools in practice. If you are not yet ready to work with advertising accounts, start with the simplest — email.
  5. Command. The fact is that in order to get the maximum result, a webmaster needs to have deep knowledge in different areas: html, mysql, design, and many others. Yes, at the very start there will be enough basic knowledge in each of these areas. But, if you set yourself far-reaching prospects, plan to use advanced technologies to get the most out of your investment, it is important to form a team of narrow specialists in which everyone will be responsible for their part of the workflow.

Forming a team

No one says that you need to recruit specialists for a salary. The optimal solution in this situation — contacting freelancers. Literally a couple of projects, and you will be able to navigate the professional skills of each person and subsequently work with them on an ongoing basis. So what kind of specialists do you need in the team? Here are the main categories:

  • Advertising specialist on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, Google ADS, video hosting and other sites.
  • Advertising specialist on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, Google ADS, video hosting and other sites.
  • Programmers. The duties of such specialists will include connecting the service API and its integration with the CPA network. Also, you can be sure that in the subsequent work you will have a lot of other technical issues, the solution of which can be safely entrusted to the programmer.
  • Accountants. A specialist will be needed who will be able to conduct reconciliations with CPA networks, balance debits and credits, and issue all necessary invoices. The fact is that as your team grows, this work will become more and more, and you will not be able to cope with it on your own. Moreover, it will require a truly professional.
  • Communicator. Under this term, we hid a person who knows how to negotiate. His duties will include conducting all negotiations in order to obtain the most favorable conditions from offers, CPA networks, and advertisers. At the same time, he must be well versed in market trends, understand its direction, and constantly monitor changes.
  • Non-techies. This category includes all those people who will be engaged in landing page layout, creative creation, translations, content writing, design development, etc. Everything here is individual and depends on the features of the upcoming project.

That is, if at the very start of your work in the field of traffic arbitrage you can still be a universal soldier, then as you develop, you will still need a team of specialists. This is the only way you can get the maximum return on your investment.

Creating the first offer

The fact is that specialists who have been working with traffic arbitrage for a long time often receive offers directly from advertisers. But for those who are just starting their journey in this area, it is best to start with CPA networks. Today it is one of the most comfortable and low-cost ways to enter arbitration. The fact is that these sites have collected a fairly large number of advertisers and offers from them. And the most remarkable thing is that they are all already tested, that is, you can be sure of their reliability.

Moreover, you can always contact the affiliate managers in order to get advice, as well as assistance in choosing a bundle. People who work in CPA networks have enough experience that allows them to make quite reliable predictions about which office works and which does not. In addition, they can be asked to try to knock out a higher bid from the advertiser for the targeted action of the client. That is, if you decide to work through CPA networks, you get:

  1. Convenient and simple communication with the advertiser, including in such matters as rates.
  2. Closing financial issues related to debit and processing.
  3. Guaranteed payouts. If your ad works, then you are guaranteed to receive a reward.

If interested, you can also find a CPA network that is ready to provide loan funds to launch a particular project. True, this moment applies only to those specialists who have been working on a certain site for a long time, that is, representatives of the CPA network will be sure of their reliability.

Choose a budget for earnings

So, the first stage is over — you have chosen an offer. Now the question is how much money you need to invest in order to earn on it. So, if you plan to enter from paid traffic, then it is easy to make calculations based on the average payout rate. So, on average, from 70 to 100 average payments go to the test. This will be quite enough to understand what will happen with the payouts for the offer, as well as with paid traffic in the vertical of your choice.

If you are just starting to work in this area, then you should not start with large investments, especially if they are credit. Run tests with a small amount. So you can understand at least an approximate conversion range. Relevant information is often provided in reviews of affiliate programs. But you also need to understand that the same traffic from different brands can give different results.

Summing up

What to do next? Experiment, test, reinvent the wheel. You have a lot of options for the manifestation of your own imagination. You can launch bots in Viber or another messenger, place links to offers in posts of the same advertisers, launch contextual advertising and targeting — All these technologies can give good results. And your task – try to find those tools that will be most effective in your particular case.

Another thing we would like to draw your attention to is ensuring the stability of our own work. The fact is that you will have to work with different sites, run several advertising campaigns on the same social networks at the same time. You may also need to access resources that are restricted to your region.

An additional connection to the work of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will help you avoid all kinds of blocking, bans, ensure stability in any conditions and wide functionality. You get a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic, as well as access to more than a million floors of addresses that you can change either automatically or upon request from your personal account. Also, in the workflow, it will be possible to change your own geolocation and mobile network operator, thereby bypassing regional blocking. Thanks to the simultaneous operation of the two protocols HTTP(S) and Socks5, connected in parallel, you provide yourself with the highest possible security, anonymity, stability and functionality of the network.

Click on for more information on mobile proxy from the service, as well as free two-hour testing. We also suggest using a service such as checking the port for availability.

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