How to make viewers watch the video to the end

How to make viewers watch a video to the end

Recently, an independent agency conducted an international study, which showed that over 80% of marketing agencies and freelancers working in this area use video content to attract the attention of the target audience to certain goods, services, and increase the time people spend on brand pages . And this strategy really works. The popularity of video content is growing at a rapid pace, forcing specialists to think about how else they can attract the attention of viewers and, moreover, keep their attention for as long as possible. The fact is that despite its effectiveness, most viewers do not watch the videos to the end. This means that they do not receive the entire message that the creators wanted to send them.

Now let's look in more detail at how to create video content of the future. One that viewers will watch with pleasure without stopping or scrolling. Let’s highlight the key topics and formats that are in greatest demand among the audience today. Here are the TOP recommendations to keep your attention. We'll show you how to properly structure the video itself. The information received will allow you to create multimedia content that will be perceived by the target audience as positively as possible, which will have a positive impact on the growth of sales figures, the popularization of your channels, etc.

Key points when creating video content

Before moving on to the actual creation of advertising videos, it is important to understand all the nuances of this process. This is the only way you can take into account all the key requirements and ensure the resulting creation of a truly high-quality product that will be appreciated by the target audience. And one of the key points here — this is brevity. No one will watch your video as long as a full-length movie. That is, in practice, it turns out that you will have an average of 20-30 minutes at your disposal to convey to people the most important information. That is, there should be no lyrical digressions or lengthy summaries: everything is as concise, clear, and concise as possible.

Moreover, today it is not as easy to implement such a task as attracting the attention of a user audience as it could have been done several years ago. The fact is that in the media space today there is a huge amount of ready-made content on absolutely any topic. Go to YouTube and ask a request. We are sure that you will find hundreds of answers to it. This means that if a person doesn’t like what he sees on the first page that opens, he will simply switch to the next one. And this is a matter of a few seconds. And this is what most Internet users actively use today.

And it turns out that the main task faced by modern marketers — This is the creation of such material that would be visually attractive and informative. Extend the title demonstration to half the video — This is a waste of time, and at the same time the attention of the user audience. Research shows that just 3 seconds of eye contact is enough for a viewer to remember your brand's name or logo and leave an impression of what they saw.

Along with the visual component, any video must also contain audio accompaniment. It also has special requirements. So, for example, if we talk about the sound level, then it should be as smooth as possible, without drops. It is necessary to ensure that the viewer does not have an instinctive desire to reduce the sound or, conversely, to add it. Here you can also use modern technologies in order to get high-quality audio, but with minimal initial investment. They are actively used by leading bloggers of our time, attracting the attention of the audience and effectively keeping it off the air.

That is, in order to create a good video that will fully meet your expectations and fit perfectly into your author’s idea, you will need to approach the implementation of the task as competently and comprehensively as possible.

The most popular video formats today

In order for users to watch your video from beginning to end, you must interest them. And here there are several solutions that can be confidently called universal:

  1. Change your life.
  2. The whole truth about.
  3. Contradictions.
  4. Regrets.
  5. Content for beginners.

We’ll tell you about each option in more detail.

Trend “Change your life”

If you take a trend like “Change your life”, then it still remains relevant. Quite a lot of time has passed since it first appeared on the Internet, but nevertheless, people remain highly interested in it. And here everything is quite logical, because not every person is satisfied with his lifestyle, with what he has achieved. Many are in search of solutions that would help them change their lives for the better; they are trying to find their calling, a more interesting, promising job.

And if you really have something to say on this topic, if you want to share your work with the audience, then you can safely do so. Be sure that everything will work out for you: there will definitely be an audience. By and large, not only some global issues and solutions work here, but also what can be classified as “step by step”, that is, step by step. Tell us how you forced yourself to devote half an hour a day to learning English and what changes in your life you managed to achieve. You can talk about how you became interested in reading and how much more varied and interesting your life became after that.

If you have experience of dramatic changes in life, including moving to a new country, changing jobs, then you can share with the audience how you managed to settle in a new place, how you set up your life anew. The fact that this topic is really interesting for the audience is confirmed by the huge number of viral videos that are available on the Internet today. This means that you can confidently work in this direction.

The whole truth about

Ordinary human nature comes into play here: you want to know something top-secret, forbidden, closed from public view, that is, something that was previously inaccessible. Here, history opens up an unlimited field for the implementation of creative ideas. If you have interesting material about how the Egyptian pyramids were built in their time, some secrets of the existence of the Mayan civilization, information about why the Roman Empire collapsed at one point in time, then you can safely work in this direction.

Also, the audience’s attention is often attracted by space topics, especially in the context of “talk about the colonization of Mars,” which is increasingly heard today on TV screens and spreads on the Internet. If you are interested in this topic, you can work through a huge amount of material that is already freely available today, systematize, structure it and present it to the audience as concisely as possible, but at the same time interesting.

If you are interested in the lives of famous personalities, tell the whole truth about this or that person. But in this case you need to be extremely careful. The fact is that the information must be truly reliable, otherwise many may catch you in a lie, which will reduce the authority of both you personally and your channel as a whole. It is not necessary to take here people who live now, choose some interesting historical figure – and forward!


Content in the format of contradictions will also definitely find its audience. For example, a video entitled “I Quit My Job and My Income Increased” guaranteed to attract people's attention. They will simply be interested to know how you managed to pull this off, what idea you came up with to make money, because they wouldn’t mind trying something like this on their own. That is, you, by the very name, which contains contradictions, attract a person’s attention, encourage him to watch the video to the end in order to understand how it all ended and what you managed to achieve.

This category includes absolutely all videos that will show that you have achieved some result without putting much effort into it. For example, “how to learn English without boring cramming,” “how to lose weight without dieting and sports.” That is, everything that at first glance seems illogical and simple, but at the same time gives an amazing result, always attracts people's attention, and has every chance of becoming viral.

You can increase the effectiveness of such a solution if you add a time frame to it. That is, to the topic “how to learn English without boring cramming” you can add “in one month” or for example “how to lose weight by 10 kg in 1 month without diet and exercise.” There is already a contradiction and a time frame here. But again, the advice must be truly working. Otherwise, the person will simply leave your channel and never visit it again.


This topic is also close to quite an impressive category of users, because each of us has something to regret in our lives: then, that something was done wrong or something that was not implemented at all. But not everyone is ready to share this with the audience. If you have something to tell, you can do it.

Create videos in which you say that you tried something and had a negative experience. That is, you do not advise others to experiment with such a solution. Alternatively, for example, the same topic of diet. You can tell how you tried to lose weight on a certain diet, but at the same time caused serious harm to your body as a whole. Or, for example, how you bought yourself some kind of smartphone for blogging, but were disappointed in its functionality, quality, etc.

Content for beginners

This is a format that will be popular in almost every niche, because there are newcomers always and everywhere. It is for them that you should create some kind of training material that will help them get started in one direction or another. Perhaps, of all the possible options, this is one of the most ambitious categories in terms of ideas. But the success of this idea largely depends on who, how useful and valuable your material will be for the target audience.

So, you can tell us how to place orders from foreign online stores, how to make traffic arbitrage is its main area of earning money. Videos dedicated to the operation of certain gadgets and modern, high-tech household appliances will also be useful. Take, for example, the same coffee machines, endowed with a huge amount of functionality. It is much easier for a person who is just starting to use this technology to watch a full-fledged training video than to study long instructions and delve into some complex terms. Moreover, information is better perceived and remembered through video than through reading.

Additional recommendations

If we analyze all the video content that currently exists on the Internet, as well as the reaction of the user audience to it, we can also identify a number of categories where there is stable and fairly good interest:

  1. Enumeration. This includes various lists, guides, and checklists. They hold the audience's interest because it is truly interesting. Good success can be achieved if you correctly build a chain of your topics, literally pulling the subsequent ones after the previous ones.
  2. Comparisons. This is what sparks discussion and forces people to share their opinions. That is, such a solution makes communication with the audience interactive, which will have a positive impact on the promotion of both an individual video and the channel as a whole. Any controversial topics, including those that are negative, will cause a stir among people.
  3. Reactions. Such content involves expressing your opinion on a particular issue or topic, which means that it will always receive a response in the comments. It doesn't matter whether they are your supporters or opponents, activity is more important.
  4. Seasonal content. Yes, it will be limited in time, but, nevertheless, it will receive a good response from the audience. Create materials related to certain holidays, seasons, ways to spend time with interest during these days, etc.

TOP recommendations for creating video content to retain attention

Here are a number of recommendations that you can use in practice in order not only to attract the attention of your target audience, but also to retain it for as long as possible and make sure that people watch your video to the end:

  • Ask an exciting question at the very beginning of the video. Think about what exactly might resonate with your potential client. To do this, you need to have a good understanding of your target audience, understand their pains and desires. That is, before preparing the video itself, think about what exactly interests your viewers and how you can help them in your review. So, for example, if you sell coffee, you can start your video with words like “Do you love coffee, but are you tired of experimenting with brands?” This way you can attract the attention of true connoisseurs of the drink. You will encourage viewers to watch your material in order to get acquainted with truly high-quality and tasty coffee.
  • You don’t know what will interest the viewer — ask about it. If you are unable to navigate the desires of your target audience, but you really want to provide them with useful material, ask them what interests them. With such a solution, you can embed your previous video at the very end, and then study the comments and create new material based on them, already linked to your product. And this way you will let people know that their interests and desires are important to you. But here special attention must be paid to directly revealing the question itself: you must provide a competent and detailed answer. This is the only way you can hold the audience’s attention and make them watch the video to the end. With this approach it will not be difficult, because you are talking about what the person is really interested in.
  • Use animation. Interaction with a potential audience through a character – This is one of the fairly new trends in video content, which has already shown its effectiveness in practice. Animation today is quite actively used not only in creating videos, but also in advertising. The colorful, original character will attract the attention of viewers of all ages. But here it’s worth thinking through your animation in detail. It is optimal to create your own hero, who will become a cartoon embodiment of your company. In this case, you will increase brand awareness and be able to stand out from your competitors. All this will help increase trust on the part of the target audience and form a positive opinion about the company. Many began to use the animated character to release merch. They often replace boring logos. Regardless of which character you choose, he must be original, cheerful, and positive. Think about what features that are characteristic of your business that you can implement in it. The whole secret of success here is how well you manage to create your hero and how exciting a scenario you come up with for him. The most striking example of animation in video content is the Lego Corporation. They created a huge number of videos, commercials, “revitalizing” them. your figures. And today they have already become an integral part of the brand. People immediately perceive them, regardless of whether they see them in a full-length film or a small advertisement.
  • Use interesting facts. This is something that can surprise viewers and interest them. That is, the fact must really be somehow extraordinary. So that the audience says: “WOW!” But in this case, you need to select information very, very carefully. If it turns out that you provide unreliable or controversial data, then, on the contrary, you will cause irreparable harm to the image of your brand. That is why it is necessary to rely on truthfulness. And do not forget that in any case the topic should be close to the field of activity of your company. That is, initially you need to interest the audience in some fact, and then systematically move on to your goods or services. You can read about how to create a video quickly and easily here.
  • Come up with an interesting image. Bright, unusual pictures will also encourage people to watch the video. Don't forget that more than 80% of people watch videos on social networks without sound. It is not always convenient to turn on the sound when you are in transport, at work or in any other public place. That is, it is the picture that should interest them and contribute to the fact that the video will be watched to the end. Here it is necessary to rely specifically on visual perception, and then add captions for better perception. One of the rather interesting solutions — build your video in the form of a book with turning pages. That is, the plot will change from page to page, people will be interested to see what will open before them in the next frame. This means that their attention will be held.
  • Add a humorous touch to your content. We are not saying that you should create exclusively entertaining material, because today there is more than enough such content on the Internet. We suggest adding funny pictures and unobtrusive jokes to your videos. This is something that will remain in the memory of viewers for a longer time, will help maintain interest, and will provide a more positive emotional interaction between the brand and viewers. Adding entertaining content to videos can be compared in effectiveness to using characters, because it also adds interactivity, captivates, and helps popularize the business.
  • Attract authoritative opinion. People are used to trusting those they know. In addition, there is a higher interest of viewers in ordinary people, rather than in content created by a brand. This has become the basis of so-called influencer marketing, in which companies use influencers to increase their name recognition. To help consumers look at their products from a different perspective. So, for example, if you sell home clothes, attract influencers. Ask them to do their regular videos in a homely atmosphere and wearing your brand of clothing. A small logo on the clothes will be enough for people to understand which manufacturer they are dealing with, go to your website, and find the things that suit them.
  • Use the image of famous people. You must understand that an authoritative opinion will always fuel interest in the content. And here it is not necessary to involve the influencers themselves directly. In some cases, it will be enough to bet on their fashionable looks. So, for example, if you make a video called “What perfume does Jennifer Lopez wear?” or for example, “How to create makeup like Miley Cyrus,” then, most likely, users will definitely come to you to find interesting solutions for themselves. Believe me, there are a lot of people who would like to look like a media personality. And if you can provide them with useful recommendations and advice, you will significantly increase the size of your audience. And the first thing you need to do here — place a photo of a particular media personality on the cover of your video.

How to properly build the video itself

The success of your idea largely depends on how correctly you structure your video content. You should already understand from the very beginning that most potential viewers have limited free time. That is, even if they are looking for your product or service, they will not pay attention to it if you beat around the bush for a long time without getting to the immediate essence of your material. Few people will scroll through the video in an attempt to find the very starting point where interesting information will be presented. Most will simply go looking for other videos. But here you need to walk a fine line and not lay out your entire idea at once, thereby removing the intrigue.

To get a really high-quality video that will captivate viewers, you need to think about:

  1. Introduction. This is the most important point that will allow you to establish contact with the viewer and catch their attention. If this does not happen, no one will watch your content. How to make an interesting introduction? Use a trailer. 5-10 seconds will be enough to show the audience what they will see in your video, prove its usefulness, as well as authority. In the trailer you can set the intrigue, say who the author is, what the video will be dedicated to, and show why it is worth watching this material to the end. If you have your own feature, be sure to use it in the trailer. This is especially true for complex topics, those that require a professional approach and detailed explanations.
  2. Main content. Regardless of what your content is about, your video should be as dynamic as possible. Add animation, graphics, and interactivity to it. But here it is important not to overdo it, because excessive saturation will lead to the viewer simply getting confused in your material and not understanding what exactly you would like to tell him. Information should be presented as logically and structured as possible. Try to mix its density. Make one segment more saturated, and the other on the contrary — more general. This will keep people's attention, but they won't have to be focused all the time to engage with everything you have to say. If at the stage of editing your video you see that there are unnecessary pauses in it, feel free to remove them. All material should look dynamic, easy, and interesting. Try not to use the same techniques in the same material, because it gets boring. So, for example, if you are used to making videos from home, and in one of the videos you go outside, this will definitely attract people’s attention. Well, if you do this a second or third time, then it will become commonplace, and they will not react to this change.
  3. Ending. Avoid obvious solutions. If it turns out that a person will immediately understand how your video will end, his interest will decrease significantly. You must maintain intrigue throughout the entire video, and at the very end, give out something extraordinary, but at the same time worthwhile. Then, seeing that the person will understand that he was right after watching your material. If the ending is too obvious, it will disappoint. And although in this case your video will be watched to the end, in the future this person is unlikely to visit your channel again. And this cannot be allowed, because you are working for the future and want to get the most loyal audience that will be with you on an ongoing basis.

Another recommendation when creating a video — This is a game with intonation and tempo of speech. Imagine yourself as a lecturer: someone who would like to convey his ideas to the audience as effectively as possible. That is, in some moments it is worth being more restrained, and in others, on the contrary, making a strong emphasis. This way, a person will automatically react to changes in your intonation and rate of speech, better perceiving information. And thanks to this, your videos will be more lively and interesting.

To summarize

Video content creation — This is not as simple a task as it might seem at first glance. There are a very large number of nuances here, starting from the choice of topics and right up to the implementation of the idea. To understand what exactly appeals to your audience, you need to know your niche well, understand what exactly people are interested in. At the same time, all your content should be truthful, useful, and expert. Try to avoid an abundance of professional words and slang in the video. Your material can be viewed by beginners who are just trying to understand all the nuances.

That is, before moving directly to creating the material itself, you must complete a comprehensive and fairly large-scale study. The more information you have at your disposal, the more engaging and useful content you can create.

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