iGaming in traffic arbitrage: understanding the nuances

iGaming in traffic arbitrage: understanding the nuances

Today in the online gaming industry you can often come across the term iGaming, or as gambling is often called. This category includes sports betting, online casinos, poker and other gambling games. Such a vertical today is quite popular among specialists who are involved in traffic arbitrage. They are attracted by the opportunity to receive a fairly high level of income, as well as the very active development of the sector as a whole. But, along with good payments, they also assume that partner sites have quite significant requirements for iGaming traffic.

If you are well versed in your business and know how to find the right offers for promotion, then you can earn very good money in this vertical. And now we will dwell in more detail on what this vertical is and get acquainted with the advantages and features of gambling. Here are a number of practical recommendations that will allow you to increase your work efficiency. We will also pay attention to how to ensure the most stable and multi-threaded work in this direction without the risk of running into a ban.

What is iGaming

The iGaming vertical includes all kinds of online gambling games. This is a niche that has only been gaining momentum in its popularity over the past few years. The ease of working with it also played a significant role in this. Now that every person has a huge number of smartphones, tablets, and laptops at their disposal, access to gambling has become easier. There is no longer a territorial connection or even a connection to a specific workplace. You will be able to log into your accounts from anywhere on the planet whenever you want.

Today, experts identify a huge variety of subtypes of iGaming, ranging from online casinos to multiplayer games. Just according to rough estimates, the number of people who play in this vertical has exceeded 2 billion people. This includes all those who have associated themselves with the following niches:

  • slots
  • sports betting
  • poker
  • roulette
  • blackjack,
  • bingo (lotto),
  • lottery and much more.

Every day the number of people who prefer online gambling is increasing at a fairly rapid pace. So, some people find here a way to spend time together online and make new acquaintances with like-minded people. For others, it is a way to relax after a hard day at work. For others – it's just a fun option to pass the time. But there are also those who consider themselves a kind of guru in the field of sports and would like to bet on sports in order to confirm their skills in practice, as well as those who simply believe in luck and believe that they can win a good amount of money.

The letter of the law in the field of gambling

But, whatever the motives of people who are addicted to gambling, the result does not change: their number is actually increasing every day. Given this trend, recently there has also been a clear trend towards legality in the field of gambling. Yes, today there are regions where attempts are still being made to regulate advertising, ban it, and tighten the rules. But still, most of the civilized countries of the world are ready to legalize betting on sports and other gambling. Many experts agree that the reason for the easing of such sanctions was:

  1. Lack of effective control over the sphere of online gambling through various bans, ad blocking, etc. And if it cannot be banned, then it must be allowed, but kept under control.
  2. Receiving good economic profit. Legalization of gambling — This is something that will allow the state to receive stable tax revenues and create a large number of jobs. And all this will be relevant for a long time, because the number of fans of online gambling is constantly growing.
  3. Attracting foreign investment, increasing the flow of tourists. Believe me, there are a lot of people who are ready to come to another country just to play in their favorite online casino.

That is, thanks to legalization, gambling falls under strict rules. There is already an impressive package of security measures, which provides a high level of protection for players from theft of accounts and funds in their accounts. Within the framework of the issued licenses, the state sets its own limits on bets and sets the age range, excluding access to online casinos and other gambling for minors. Such restrictions also help combat problematic gambling behavior, including addiction.

TOP countries where gambling is legalized

All these features have contributed to the fact that many countries have already legalized gambling and even more states are ready to join them, following international trends. So, today it is completely legal to play online gambling in the following countries:

  • Great Britain. Here, the legalization of online betting and online casinos is quite widespread. Regulation of work in this niche is carried out by the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Australia. Today, online gambling is prohibited for Australian operators, but, nevertheless, in this country you can easily access foreign sites without fear of blocking. Recently there has been talk about issuing a license for online poker.
  • Sweden. In this country, licensing of online gambling is carried out by the National Gambling Commission. This bureau takes full control over the work of online casino and sports betting operators, regulating their work.
  • USA. There are some nuances to the legalization of online gambling depending on the state. So, some allow online casinos, others — sports retirements. But there are also states that allow both types of gambling.
  • Spain. Online gambling has been officially allowed here since 2011. In parallel with this, a comprehensive licensing system was developed, within which operators can provide online casino, sports betting, and poker services.
  • Italy. One of the first countries to legalize online gambling. A similar permit was issued in 2011. Regulation of the work of such sites is regulated by the Agency for Customs and Monopoly Services.
  • Denmark. Officially, online gambling has been allowed in this country since 2012. Control over the operation of sites in this niche rests with the Danish Gaming Authority.

This is only a small part of the countries in which online casinos, poker, and sports betting are currently allowed. In these and many other countries of the world, people can play such games completely legally, that is, without any prohibitions or restrictions. As a matter of fact, players from other countries of the world can do the same, in particular from Asian regions, where online gambling is strictly prohibited. How does this happen? We'll talk about this a little later.

Why should arbitrage traders bet on iGaming offers?

Increasing the level of player confidence in making online payments — This is another factor that has contributed to the increase in popularity of iGaming offers in the world. This niche received significant development after the US Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that online gambling and sports betting, in particular, are not contrary to the law. As a result, companies operating in this segment literally “spread their wings” and began to work more diligently on the development of their sector, pouring additional funds into it, including to improve the level of security. And now, more than 5 years later, the market continues its rapid development. According to the latest forecasts from independent research centers, in 2025 the revenues of companies operating in this area will exceed $18 billion. And this is only the figure for the United States. At the same time, today the global gambling market is estimated at $80 billion and continues to grow. According to experts, a similar trend will be observed in the next 10-20 years.

As you can see, the potential for growth here is quite significant. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the number of arbitrage traders who are trying to join the gambling vertical is gradually increasing. Among the main advantages of pouring traffic on iGaming, we highlight:

  • The presence of a huge audience that is ready to spend their own money on online gambling. As we have already said, the number of such people will continue to grow for many years to come.
  • Huge selection of advertisers. Gradually, there are more and more companies trying to find their place in the gambling industry. They open in dozens every month and are willing to pay well for new players. They are unable to bypass their competitors, who have been working steadily in this niche for a long time, using their own resources. Therefore, third-party assistance is required, in particular traffic arbitrage specialists.
  • Regular emergence of new trends in the iGaming vertical. The market is developing, and very actively. This means that new trends are emerging, which also have a positive impact on the income of affiliates. Just look at crypto casinos and crash games.
  • Gradual increase in rates. The fact is that the more players are represented on the gambling market, the higher the competition between them will be. This means that they will be willing to pay an impressive amount of money for the affiliate to bring clients to their resource and offer them the most favorable terms of cooperation.

But, along with the advantages, pouring traffic into the iGaming vertical also has disadvantages that specialists must take into account before starting work. The most serious disadvantage — the fact that quite complex and labor-intensive work lies ahead. Here it is necessary to understand the technical aspects of gambling down to the smallest detail. Often, such work is beyond the capabilities of single specialists. That is why teams of specialists are engaged in solving such problems. In addition, you cannot do without start-up capital. You need to have a fairly impressive amount of money to bypass constant bans and avoid the storms of advertising networks.

If you still feel strong enough to work on projects in the field of gambling, then you can safely try. On specialized platforms, in particular SRA networks today you can find thousands of cases in this direction. Here it is important to choose only reliable and proven sites, otherwise you increase the risk of running into projects without payment. That is, the money you invested will be wasted. But still, of these thousands of cases, most — quite real. And they are already showing in practice that there is money in the vertical and it is quite possible to earn it.

But if you are just starting your work in the field of traffic arbitrage, it is clearly not worth starting with this niche. Initially, you need to get your hands on general rates and conditions, and only then move on to the gambling niche.

Some practical recommendations

At its core, driving traffic to gaming platforms is practically no different from working with companies from other verticals. That is, affiliate marketers here will also need to set up targeting, select several creatives, test different methods and approaches in order to get maximum results in a short period of time and with the minimum possible material investment. But still, there are several nuances that will help increase the efficiency of your work in this niche:

  1. Despite the fact that many countries around the world have licensed the online gambling industry, there are still strict restrictions on advertising, including those imposed by social platforms. Moreover, direct advertising is often very effective here, because it clearly demonstrates gambling and indicates large winnings. This is despite the fact that society has an ambivalent attitude towards them in general. Thus, Google allows advertising of certified iGaming platforms, but at the same time it reacts extremely negatively to open advertising of products. Twitch, one of the largest streaming platforms, has introduced strict restrictions on the work of streamers and online casinos. Social networks, in particular Facebook and Twitter, allow you to advertise online casinos and bookmakers, but traffic from them will be quite expensive. Therefore, if you are somewhat limited in budget, then a more optimal solution here would be to use PUSH notifications and Popunders. This is something that, without any risks or restrictions, will attract the attention of interested users and, accordingly, ensure good conversion.
  2. The success of a launched company largely depends on how correctly you have formed an idea of the target audience. So, if you plan to work with casino affiliate programs, then your clients — these are the people present at them today. Check out their profiles and you can get an idea of who your target audience is. Mostly these are men aged 25 to 45 years with an average income. In principle, the share of the female audience has also begun to increase recently. But still, some affiliate programs are not at all focused on female traffic. Determine whether the product you provide is of interest to the fair sex. If yes, then don't throw away the opportunity to attract them. Only in this case it is necessary to think through the advertising content very carefully and only then launch targeting.
  3. Don't neglect new approaches and tools. We have already said above that today the iGaming vertical — it's a very competitive environment. Not only casinos and arbitrageurs realized this, but also criminals trying to earn good money through fraud. That is why hacker attacks and account theft have become the norm in this environment, suspiciously short periods of user life, substitution of credentials, etc. IT specialists also began to work hard in this area, finding modern solutions to prevent such attacks. And you, as arbitrators, clearly shouldn’t neglect them. So, today there are already online services that allow you to track statistical parameters in real time. Advanced data security systems are also at your service. Along with solving security problems, you also need to think about creativity. Thus, you can use visual marketing tools that allow you to develop attractive banners with minimal time and effort. But here it is important to take into account both the portrait of the target audience and geolocation, because they have a direct impact on what kind of creative will “hit” the target audience. people most of all. Thus, in developed countries, online gambling — it is more of a pleasure, while people from rather poor countries consider gambling as a way to earn money. That is, in the first case, entertainment advertising will be more effective, causing inspiration and joy, and in the second - image with an impressive amount of money.
  4. Don't forget about personalization. Modern web users respond more to advertising that is directly relevant to them than to general data. Use this to personalize your PUSH notification. As such an opportunity arises, enter into a dialogue with the target audience, conduct voting and surveys. All this will help increase their loyalty to the business you are promoting.
  5. Work proactively. Show your target audience what they want to see: big wins, success stories, effective tips and strategies that will help them increase their success with online slots, blackjack, roulette and other popular games. And don’t forget about the so-called “element of urgency.” An additional incentive for people will be that they see an interesting promotion, but its validity period is limited in time.

To summarize

As you can see, the field of online gambling — this is what attracts the attention of so many: the target audience that doesn’t mind making a good profit literally out of nowhere, companies that want to make money on it, as well as arbitrageurs who act as a kind of link between the first and second. Let us repeat once again: if you have certain knowledge and practical skills, you can safely work with these sites and receive a fairly good level of income. But you are unlikely to be able to organize such work without additional tools. In this case, we are talking about a product such as mobile proxies. This is something that will allow you to significantly increase the efficiency of your work, ensure stable interaction with different sites and services, and help avoid blocking from multi-accounts. Also, with their help, you can customize targeted advertising as accurately as possible for different countries and regions.

In this case, you need to opt exclusively for reliable private mobile proxies, because free analogues are characterized by low stability and will not provide the desired security. As an option, we suggest using mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case, you get a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic, access to almost one and a half million IP-addresses and hundreds of geolocations from around the world. With such a reliable assistant, your work will be simple, convenient and effective. Follow the link https://mobileproxy.space/en/user.html?buyproxy to learn more about the functionality of this solution , current tariffs, and also take advantage of a free two-hour test.

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