Increasing domain DR without cheating: a life story

Increasing domain DR without cheating: a life story

Increasing the average domain rating (DR domain) — one of the important tasks facing SEO specialists, marketers  and all those who specialize in the promotion of Internet resources. Here, each specialist has his own set of tools and technologies that have shown good results in practice. But still, it will never be superfluous to use other tools that can increase the efficiency of your work. Surely you have already noticed that special difficulties arise when working with domains whose DR is zero yet.

Now we will look at one of the examples of how a marketer managed to increase the DR of a domain from 0 to 33 using public relations (PR). Perhaps you can use this technology in your practice.

Results achieved

We will not give the name of the site with which this work was carried out. We only note that already in the first days of his work, he received more than good popularity among users. Here are approximate figures for just two days of work:

  • the number of views has exceeded 100,000;
  • DR increased from 0 to 33;
  • Several hundred mentions have appeared on authoritative sites;
  • Getting backlinks from Yahoo: DR-92, MSN: DR-92, iHeart: DR-91, MIT Technology Review: DR-90, Times Union: DR-83, The Sun: DR-80.

What is the highlight of such a solution? The fact is that the marketer managed to achieve such results without using outreach — technology, which in such situations is used everywhere. That is, there was no writing letters, no connections with potential partners, influencers, bloggers.

After the site was reviewed by an American journalist, it was mentioned by more than 120 US regional news portals. The first backlinks came from 123 sites, the average domain rating of which was above 70. At the same time, most of these mentions of — this is nothing more than syndicated content, that is, a banal reprint of the original source. And that's not it. There were quite a lot of regional resources that wrote a unique article about this, which further contributed to the promotion of the site.

Intrigued? So what was this site about? How was it created? How was information about him spread? Let's dwell on these issues and more.

What was this resource about?

The site we're talking about at the moment was the simplest one-page interactive map that displayed the price of a Big Mac at every McDonald's in the US. By the way, a similar solution has already been implemented in practice before. It was also an interactive map that showed all working and non-working ice cream machines in the same McDonald's.

Agree, very simple and convenient. Here you are traveling with your family in America. Which diner to stop on the way to eat with the maximum material benefit? Now it becomes clear why this resource has received such a massive prevalence. But its success is not only in the idea itself, but also in how it was created and what channels were used to promote it.

Features of website creation

All the initial data that was required to create this resource was obtained by extracting from the pages of other sites using the technology web-scraping. The work used technologies such as MapLibre GLJS for the front end, as well as Tegola for the back end. Both options are open source, but still quite complex. Therefore, if you consider yourself a beginner, then the author of the project recommends paying attention to MapBox Studio. He presents this product as the best solution to get started, highlighting its simple and intuitive interface, lack of payment, and the presence of a large-scale training base. But still, you need to understand that the formation of your own stack of cartographic technologies — This is a rather long and complicated process that requires some effort. By the way, a completely free hosting was used to create this site.

The nuances of disseminating information about the resource

The growth of the DR domain and, accordingly, the effectiveness of the promotion of the resource as a whole largely depend on how many representatives of the target audience learn about the new website in the shortest possible period of time. And how do you think, where did the author of the project get this very target audience from? Of course, from social-media. Today it is one of the best solutions for business promotion. But in this case, the problem was that the author of the project had neither authority nor karma in the social network he chose. That is, the first thing was to somehow draw attention to your account.

What did the author do? I started posting pictures of my dog. This is a universal solution for all social networks, regardless of what goals you pursue in the future. For the most part, people love animals, pay attention to funny pictures, videos. In such photos and videos there is no ulterior motive, hidden subtext, so people quite sincerely put likes, share such photos with their friends and acquaintances.

The move made by the creator of the interactive map justified itself very quickly. Having received a sufficient amount of karma for posts with his dog, the marketer threw information about his site into the social network directly at prime time (for social networks, this time is 8 am). It was at this time that there were over 5,000 visitors online, as evidenced by traffic reports from Google Analytics. As a result, over 1.5 million people viewed the post in 24 hours.

As you can see, the specialist had to take not so many actions in order to convey information about the product he created to a huge audience. But after all, the whole point is how each of these decisions was accurate, balanced, really ideal in every respect. That is why he managed to achieve such high and impressive results.

What conclusions can be drawn?

Now we structure all the information provided. All this can become an instruction both for novice marketers and for those who are looking for effective, simple and quick solutions for promoting websites, goods, services. Here are the highlights:

  1. Using unique data when creating a resource. The effectiveness of its subsequent promotion to the masses directly depends on how original, useful your idea will be.
  2. Single page site. It is not necessary to bother with complex multi-page resources if you want to convey a single product to your target audience. Moreover, this solution eliminates the negative reaction from users of social networks, who are really annoyed by sites hung with ads, a bunch of links.
  3. Create a discussion topic. It is important to make sure that the representatives of the target audience have something to talk about. Thanks to this, the content will diverge perfectly on social networks, blogs, podcasts, the media and more.

Yes, the webmaster we are talking about now is lucky in the sense that he managed to find a product that differs in price not only in different states, but also within the same region. This really caused a stir in the discussions. It is not uncommon for a person to go to the same McDonald's several times a week, buy the same Big Mac and not even realize that the exact same product is cheaper on the next street in exactly the same establishment. Why not a topic for discussion? And the more intense this very discussion, the more attention it attracts.

The most interesting thing is that the author did not stop at this site. Just a week later, he launched another similar product on the market, which hit the first page of the social network, received over 150,000 views and collected a huge number of cool backlinks in the first days.

What happened next? Posts on social networks caught the eye of journalists. They assessed the interest of the target audience in this topic and decided to use it in their work. They began to send messages and letters to the marketer in order to collect material for subsequent articles. All this happened so quickly that one note in the media appeared within a day after the project debuted on the social network. After the notes appeared in fairly significant media, the webmaster no longer needed to work with journalists. Next came the backlinks. They grew like a snowball.

Why did we give this particular example? Yes, because many marketers are sure that conducting such a PR campaign on the network requires quite impressive material investments. But this example clearly demonstrates the opposite. With enough knowledge, creativity and, of course, a cute dog, you can increase the DR of a domain from zero to more than impressive heights in a matter of days.

Summing up

But one of the important tasks to ensure maximum coverage of the target audience — the absence of various technical restrictions in operation. For the most part, multi-accounting, bypassing regional blocking, using automated programs for data parsing, etc. How to organize this in practice? One of the simplest and most effective solutions — using mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case, you will receive not only unlimited possibilities for working on the network, but also the highest level of anonymity and protection against any unauthorized access. Here you can get acquainted with the functionality and current rates.

Among the distinguishing features of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, we highlight:

  • providing each client with a personal channel to work with unlimited traffic;/li>
  • simultaneous work on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which ensures the highest level of confidentiality and security of work;
  • the ability to change IP-addresses automatically by setting a timer in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour, or by force using a link from your personal account;
  • a huge selection of available geolocations and mobile network operators that can be changed directly in the workflow;
  • a huge pool of available IP addresses: today this figure is already over 1 million 300 thousand, and this figure continues to increase every day;
  • free two-hour testing to check the stability and reliability of this product without investment;
  • 24/7 technical support, instantly responding to all requests;
  • a huge selection of free online services that allow you to determine the real IP address, connection speed, port availability, anticloaking, etc.

With such mobile proxies, you can easily and efficiently implement any of your ideas for creating and promoting Internet resources, getting the fastest and most impressive result.

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