Launching contextual advertising on Wildberries

Launch contextual advertising on Wildberries

Wildberries — is a Russian company, one of the largest online retailers in the Russian Federation, established back in 2004. She works in the field of e-commerce, in particular in the B2C segment. Today, the assortment of this platform includes over 3.6 million products from more than 30,000 domestic and foreign brands. These are children's goods, clothes, shoes, appliances and electronics, beauty category, books, accessories, as well as jewelry, household goods, food and a host of other categories. On average, about 750,000 orders are placed on this site daily.

But, despite these rather impressive figures, the platform constantly needs to attract new customers. And internal advertising, which today works for Wildberries, does not always show in practice its effectiveness as a source of leads. That is why store owners are constantly working on developing other ways to attract the target audience to the site. A significant emphasis in all this is placed on external promotion, in particular on contextual and targeted advertising.

Now let's take a closer look at what the Wildberries store can get from a professional launch of contextual advertising, as well as how to properly set it up in Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Business. You can read about how to organize correctly targeted advertising to work with this online platform here. We will also draw your attention to how to ensure efficient work for yourself, including multi-threaded actions without the risk of getting banned.

Peculiarities of using contextual advertising for promotion on Wildberries

A simple, convenient and effective way to attract the target audience in order to increase sales — this is the launch of an advertisement for a product card in Yandex.Direct. You can also work with the storefront directly in the search engine and in the Yandex advertising system. So, advertising through a search engine is guaranteed to attract the attention of buyers who are looking for a particular product or service at a given time. But, you need to understand that the effectiveness of such actions when working in highly competitive niches will not be very affordable. In order to be at the top, you will have to pay a rather large amount of money. You also need to understand that in some cases, inappropriate traffic can also pass through search advertising, which will simply take your budget.

Launching advertising in the advertising network Yandex will be displayed on partner sites, which managed to interest users. That is, those who have already viewed the corresponding product card or were interested in the topic as a whole. The disadvantage of this solution is a significantly lower conversion compared to advertising through search engines. But at the same time, the reach of the audience, reduced to the invested funds, will be higher here.

Features of advertising settings for Wildberries in Yandex.Direct

The process of launching contextual advertising for a specific store on the Wildberries marketplace or a separate category of goods in Yandex.Direct will be simple and fast. You can complete the task in just a few minutes. This technology was used in Yandex.Direct about six months ago, but during this time it has become widespread among sellers of both Wildberries itself and Ozon.

Setting up an advertising campaign involves just a few simple steps. So, for starters, you need to specify a link to your store on the marketplace website. After that, Yandex.Direct will automatically generate intermediate pages for products, to which users will be redirected after clicking on the ad. All products on the page will be pulled automatically. As a result, a product card with the current price, photo, description, and a quick connection button will be generated. Directly from this intermediate page, potential buyers will be able to go to the Wildberries store. This is how they get targeted traffic.

Step-by-step instructions for launching contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct for Wildberries

To launch contextual advertising to attract the target audience to your store on Wildberries, you just need to follow our instructions step by step:

  1. Go to the "Campaign Wizard" tab and add a link to your store here. By scanning this link, the system understands that you are planning to create an advertising campaign for products on Wildberries. As confirmation of this, the – target will appear below. «Shop on Wildberries».
    Wildberries: creating a store link
  2. The system will automatically load all the products from the catalog. To view the full list, you will need to follow the link located under the product cards. One of the advantages of Yandex.Direct is that it creates a feed for absolutely all the products of your store, that is, it allows you to run ads for each of them. As a result, the corresponding announcement is formed. Once again, we want to draw your attention to the fact that, by default, Yandex.Direct automatically creates ads for each product that is present in the store.
  3. If you plan to run ads not for all products, but only for certain ones, you must use the expanded list. To do this, click on the line "Method of adding products" and here, from the drop-down list, select the option "Manual management of goods". After that, all products in the feed will be added manually. At the same time, you will need to enter the following information in each position: link to the product on Wildberries, product name (no more than 56 characters), product description (no more than 81 characters), photo (no more than 5 pieces in JPG or PNG format) , resolution from 450x450 pixels and size up to 4 MB). It is also mandatory to indicate the product category, model, manufacturer, old / new price in case it is a promotional product. In a similar way, each of the product cards is filled in with manual control. Upon completion of the work, click on the "Create and save feed" button. After that, all the products you have worked with will be displayed in the settings.
    Wildberries create and save feed
  4. Setting up ads correctly. Here you need to write headings, up to 5 pieces of 56 characters. every. Next, we compose up to 3 texts, each no more than 81 characters. We add no more than 5 images. The requirements for them will be the same as we described above in relation to the photo. Also, if you wish, you can add 2 videos, duration 5-60 seconds. The system supports video in FLV, MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI, QT format, up to 100 MB in size and resolution from 360 pixels to 4K. You will also have the option to add sitelinks to your ad. To do this, we form a link to the product, prescribe its name and a brief description, adhering to the regulated number of characters. We would recommend that you do not neglect these tools, as sitelinks can significantly increase the click-through rate of your ad and, accordingly, attract traffic to other products of your store as well.
  5. Set the parameters of the target audience. At this stage, you have to set the region where this advertisement will be displayed either by selecting it from the drop-down list, or by indicating it on the map. We also set the time for showing ads. If you do not, then the corresponding ad will be displayed around the clock. But, in some cases, this is not advisable and simply entails a waste of money. A better solution would be to limit the display by setting the desired settings for both days of the week and hours. At this stage, the system selects the target audience by default, focusing on the content of your store page, title text, and ad description. Yes, if necessary, you can also select an audience manually by setting key queries by which potential buyers could search for your product or service. But as practice shows, such actions often reduce the reach of a launched advertising campaign, reducing impressions and, accordingly, its effectiveness.
  6. Set up counters, specify target actions. At this stage, you need to specify the Yandex.Metrica counter in your company's settings. Thanks to this, you will be able not to pay for users who have not completed targeted actions in your store. Unfortunately, today there is no direct integration of Yandex.Metrica into Wildberries. Therefore, third-party services are used to solve the problem. In the target actions settings, you need to specify how much you are willing to pay for the achievement of a particular target action, as an example, for paying for an order on the site, filling out a feedback form, etc. If several target actions are specified, then the money will be debited for each of them in case of achievement.
  7. The last step in our settings — specifying a weekly budget and choosing a payment method. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that when promoting products on Wildberries, you can choose both pay-per-click and pay-per-target actions. Which option to stop— the solution is individual.

This completes our work on launching advertising in Yandex.Direct. Now let's pay attention to how to set up advertising for the Wildberries store in Yandex.Business.

Recommendations for launching contextual advertising for Wildberries in Yandex.Business

Yandex business— another platform where you can launch effective store advertising on Wildberries. The algorithm of actions here will be exactly the same as in Direct, as we have already mentioned above. That is, the system will itself identify the products of the marketplace, form an intermediate page with products that belong to a particular seller, and from there the potential buyer will go directly to the store itself.

If you opt for the Yandex.Business advertising subscription, then advertisements will be displayed both in the results of the Yandex.Browser search engine and in the Yandex advertising network. If user requests are related to your products by topic, then advertising will be displayed directly in the search results. In addition, your advertisement will be displayed on all Yandex partner sites, based on the interests and theme of the page itself.

Before you can run ads in Yandex.Business, you need to fill out a standard form with relevant information about your company. We will not dwell on this issue in more detail, since everything here is clear and logical— just enter data in certain columns. After that, you can go directly to setting up advertising. To do this, perform the following steps in sequence:

  1. In the Yandex business vertical menu on the right side of the screen, select the "Advertising" tab. After that, a large central window will open in front of you with a suggestion to add more material for advertising. Here we click on the “Add” button and specify the product name (no more than 50 characters), ad title (no more than 35 characters), ad text (maximum 81 characters). We also upload an image with a size of at least 650x650 pixels. This will be enough for Yandex.Business to automatically generate an intermediate page, to which users who click on your advertisement will land.
    Wildberries: add ad
  2. We deposit funds for an advertising subscription. Here, your choice is not very wide, since the system independently offers 3 budget options based on one month. It indicates what results you can achieve in each of the cases. So if your choice stops at a budget of 10,800 rubles for one month, then you will be able to attract about 2,100 potential buyers to your store. This is an average option, the efficiency of which will be approximately equal to your competitors. If you limit your budget to 5400 rubles per month, you will get about 1000 potential buyers. If you compare the effectiveness of such advertising with the actions of competitors, then it will be lower. You will get the maximum performance from the launch of contextual advertising if you opt for a premium package worth 32,400 rubles. At the same time, the number of attracted customers will be about 6200. The effectiveness of such actions is ensured by the fact that the vast majority of competitors will spend smaller amounts of money on contextual advertising. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the purchase of an annual advertising subscription guarantees a 25% discount.

We ensure the stability and efficiency of Wildberries stores

But, no matter which option you choose, Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Business, the maximum effectiveness of contextual advertising can only be achieved using mobilnye proxies. With their help, you can bypass any regional blocking, provide yourself with the ability to work in multi-threaded mode. The last point will be especially relevant if you are still working on bulletin boards in parallel through a large number of accounts. And also mobile proxies — this is the most reliable way to ensure the safety and anonymity of the Internet.

In order not to look for a suitable solution for a long time, we recommend paying attention to mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case you get:

  • personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic exclusively for your use;
  • the highest possible speed of interaction with the network, which is ensured by the use of the technical capabilities of cellular network operators and data caching;
  • the ability to individually change IP-addresses: either by timer in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour, or forced by link from your personal account;
  • simultaneously work on HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols;
  • Convenient quick rotation by geolocation and GSM network operators.

To learn more about the functionality of these proxies, we suggest following the link Thanks to the round-the-clock technical support service, all the difficulties that have arisen in the workflow will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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