Marketplace Megamarket: what you need to know about the trading platform

Marketplace Megamarket: what you need to know about the trading platform

Megamarket — one of the marketplaces that is actively working in Russia today. It has become a platform for selling various goods and services, business promotion. It is in high demand both among sellers and the user audience. Until 2021, this platform was called Goods.Ru. Afterwards it was renamed SberMegaMarket. And already at the end of the summer of 2023, another rebranding took place, as a result of which the marketplace retained the most established names — Megamarket. Today, there are more than 8 thousand sellers here, and the number of product cards has long exceeded 5 million. Of course, this platform is inferior to the cult Wildberries with 35 thousand sellers and Ozon, the number of sellers of which has reached 18 thousand. At the same time, the platform is visited monthly by about 8 million buyers, and the average number of orders placed— 100 thousand per day.

Due to the recent significant influx of new partners, the range has begun to expand at an accelerated pace. New suppliers began to come here. All this allows us to confidently say that Megamarket — a worthy platform for opening your own store. This marketplace delivers orders to more than 1000 cities in Russia. Shipment of products is completely free.

Now let’s look in more detail at what products can be sold on this marketplace. Let's get acquainted with the distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages of Megamarket.

What products can be sold on Megamarket?

Marketplace Megamarket allows you to sell absolutely all products that are not prohibited by Russian legislation for online trading. But given that the first owner of the site was the M.Video company, the main emphasis here is still on electronics and household appliances. If we highlight the TOP 5 product categories that are in highest demand on the platform, then it is worth highlighting here:

  1. Electronics. These are mobile phones and their accessories, laptops, TVs, portable speakers, headphones, game consoles, smart watches, fitness bracelets, video games.
  2. Household appliances. Electric kettles, multicookers, blenders, electronic scales, irons and many other small kitchen appliances are presented here in a very wide range. In parallel with this, you can also select products to care for them.
  3. Children's products. There is everything that a child of different ages may need, from hygiene products and cosmetics to accessories for the children's room, furniture, and textiles. You can also easily choose strollers, playpens, walkers, a variety of toys, clothes, school supplies and much more.
  4. Adult clothing, shoes, accessories. The choice here is very wide both in terms of assortment, sizes, and stylistic solutions. You can also pick up handbags, wallets, suitcases, umbrellas, glasses and much more.
  5. Automotive products. Every car enthusiast will find at Megamarket what his car needs: tires and wheels, oils and other technical fluids, auto chemicals, auto cosmetics, automotive electronics, chargers and batteries. And all this for any make and model of car.

All this and much more can only be sold by individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. Self-employed people and individuals are not allowed access to sales on the site. There are also a number of additional requirements for potential sellers. In particular, there should be a warehouse in Moscow at a distance of no more than 50 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Otherwise, the server must be ready to independently deliver its products to the warehouse or collection points. It is better to familiarize yourself with all the requirements and nuances directly in the corresponding section on the official website of the marketplace.

Distinctive features of Megamarket

In turn, Megamarket provides sellers with everything they need to organize effective trading. By default, the service package includes:

  • online showcase for posting product cards, product promotion services;
  • working out delivery logistics;
  • collection of statistics on sales, visits;
  • call center;
  • loyalty programs;
  • cash and settlement services.

All this greatly simplifies working with the site and relieves sellers from performing many routine tasks. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Megamarket does not engage in such work as buying out partners’ products, which is the same problem as Ozon. That is, the site will not sell other people’s goods on its own behalf. Buyers themselves will be able to choose products directly on the pages of marketplace, and on the official websites of sellers. Also here you will set the price for the products as you see fit. The main thing is that it should not be higher than in your online store. Data about competitors and their prices for the same goods are not hidden here. There are also no restrictions on assortment.

There is also a rating of sellers here, but it is formed as a result of honest work on the site, and not as a result of paid promotion. Buyers will be able to rate purchased products and leave their reviews. This is what has a significant impact on the rating of a particular product card. It is also affected by the efficiency of order processing and constant control over balances. The platform makes payments to sellers 2 times a week. Here the commission is automatically deducted for those goods that were sold.

But you must understand that all costs associated with a low-quality product, in particular its exchange, return, warranty repairs, are borne by the seller.

Is it worth choosing Megamarket to sell your goods?

If you are just planning to launch your store on the marketplace, then Megamarket will be the most suitable solution for this. Judge for yourself:

  • all tasks related to promoting cards, developing logistics, and making payments;
  • those who have a separate online store and those who do not can display their products here;
  • a convenient payment system allows you to constantly have working capital and prevent serious cash gaps;
  • tariffs here are simple and transparent with fixed rates by category: the commission is charged exclusively for products sold;
  • lack of control on the part of the site over the assortment and pricing policy: the main thing is that there are no prohibited goods on sale;
  • quickness of launching a store on the marketplace: maximum 5 days and you can sell goods;
  • lower competitive indicators in comparison with the same Wildberries, Ozon;
  • the presence of loyalty programs and high cashback attracts the attention of the consumer audience: the site takes on all payments without charging anything from the seller.

If we talk about the shortcomings, the first thing worth noting is the smaller audience compared to other marketplaces. In addition, there is no developed network of warehouses here, as we said above. Megamarket will be convenient for businesses operating in Moscow. Otherwise, sellers will then have to take on all the work associated with delivering orders themselves.

To summarize

Despite the fact that Megamarket is inferior to Wildberries and Ozon in terms of the number of sellers and orders placed, it is also possible to organize an effective business here that will generate a stable income. Moreover, you will be able to use sales automation, collect statistical data to make adjustments to business processes, providing customers with the most relevant and widely demanded products.

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