Medical websites: what you need to know about their promotion

Medical websites: what you need to know about their promotion

Any online pharmacy, medical institution, medical portals must have their own website. It is on it that potential users of services or buyers can find the information they need. Often, through these resources, ordering for certain medications, making an appointment with a doctor, etc. is also carried out. But, you need to understand that the services that are presented in this niche have a direct impact on health, and in some cases even on a person’s life . Therefore, special requirements are imposed on such resources, including those that have a direct impact on the position of the site in the search results.

Now let's dwell in more detail on what points should be taken into account when SEO-optimizing a medical website. We will suggest what should be the optimal structure of the resource and the content that needs to be placed on certain pages. You can read about how to collect semantics, perform copywriting and link promotion here.

Peculiarities of ranking medical sites

In their early days, ranking algorithms were extremely simple. When checking the site, search bots primarily focused on key queries, the usefulness and quality of content, and the presence of a link profile. But as this technology developed, new factors began to be added, on the basis of which optimized and truly expert sites appeared at the top of the search results. All these points directly affected the algorithms that use SEO-specialists in the promotion of Internet resources. This is especially true for sites from those niches, where one of the key factors will be the degree of expertise. And medical resources — it is one of the most important representatives of this category.

So what kind of sites can be attributed to this direction? These include:

  • information portals, magazines, and forums dedicated to such topics as medicine and health;
  • Personal websites of doctors who provide their services on their own, as well as those related to the field of traditional medicine and psychology;
  • Internet representation of medical clinics of various types, from the treatment of certain diseases to aesthetic medicine;
  • aggregators of medical centers, pharmacies, as well as individual specialists;
  • sites dedicated to charitable activities;
  • resources where you can buy medical and related products (vitamins, nutritional supplements, environmentally friendly products), as well as online pharmacies;
  • sites dedicated to events in the medical field: seminars, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, etc.

Also, the method you choose to promote medical sites directly depends on who these resources are aimed at. It is one thing if these are portals for specialists (this includes both physicians and medical institutions), and it is completely different if they are focused on such a target audience as patients. But it is also possible to allocate mixed-type resources. An example of the latter is an online pharmacy that provides goods to both ordinary people and tools, equipment, supplies for doctors.

From the point of view of search engines, they don't care who your portal will target. But the approach to providing content in both cases will be fundamentally different. So, if the site is aimed at specialists, then the most dry, informative information with an abundance of technical data should be given here. Patient-focused resources often contain the most educational, helpful content delivered in simpler language. They should familiarize the potential client with the services that they, as an option, can receive in this clinic and related information.

YMYL site: what are the requirements of the search engine

Today, there is a fairly high level of competition in the market of medical goods and services. This is largely due directly to the stable demand from patients. It turns out that only those sites that have received a high expert assessment in terms of both external and internal optimization will get to the top of the search results. That is why the entire strategy for their promotion should be based on the algorithms that search bots use in their work.

This is why the term YMYL — is used for resources from the medical niche. Your Money or Your Life. It defines individual pages or all resources that have a direct impact on the health and life of a person in various industries, whether it be security, happiness, financial condition, health, and many others. Their ranking is based on very strict quality criteria. In the event that these recommendations are ignored, the search engine will lower the position of the Internet resource in the search results.

The term YMYL was introduced by Google back in 2015. Along with it, another new tool, — E-A-T. It assumes a set of indicators that will be used in assessing the quality of YMYL-themed sites and, accordingly, medical orientation. The abbreviation E-A-T stands for:

  1. Expertise. It is assumed that all the material that will be posted on the resource will be prepared by a specialist in his field.
  2. Authority. Determines the level of authority of a specialist in the subject that is revealed on a particular page.
  3. Reliability. Here it is very important to make sure that all the information contained on the resource is as accurate and correct as possible and cannot mislead the reader.

Each of these options has a direct impact on how search bots evaluate a resource. Let's consider them in more detail.

What do you need to know about the site's expertise?

In order to increase the expertise of a medical Internet resource, it will be enough just to indicate the author of the content that is posted on it, as well as pull up his personal profile so that it becomes visible to search bots. In this case, it is recommended to create a specialist card in advance and provide in it the data that will clearly confirm his expertise in this matter:

  • education, work experience, achievements and other points related to a person's professional path;
  • provide links to the materials of this specialist, published including in journals, on third-party resources;
  • attach certificates, diplomas and other documents confirming his participation in various events in the medical field.

All these parameters will certainly be taken into account by both search engine bots and specialists in the process of evaluating the expertise of your Internet resource. Then you just have to attach the author's card to each article that will be posted on your resource. This way you will ensure high indicators of the expertise of your portal.

How is site authority determined?

A term such as authority can apply to a certain specialist, and to the content that is posted on a specific page of the site or on the entire resource. Here it is very important to pay attention to such factors as:

  1. Evidence base. Here, documents, regalia are taken into account, which can confirm the education and experience of a specialist.
  2. Reviews. This takes into account the general opinion of the target audience about the material posted both on a certain resource and on others.

That is, real reviews of users and specialists really have a direct impact on the reputation of the site as a whole. And one of the most serious mistakes here – placement on the resource of exclusively positive artificial reviews. The system will not take them into account when assessing credibility, because independence and impartiality of opinions are a priority here.

What is website credibility?

Here you need to follow the only key rule — never post unreliable and unverified material on your resource. If you want to increase this indicator for your site, it is worth attracting additional experts to evaluate the information provided. Their conclusion can be presented in the form of a text or video review.

For a medical site, the Google search engine developed its own set of recommendations, which became the basis for guidance for all specialists in creating and promoting such resources. These points must be taken into account even in the process of creating a portal. Otherwise, a sufficiently large amount of work will be done in vain and you will have to make appropriate adjustments.

Now let's take a closer look at those recommendations that relate to the structure of the site and the content that should be placed on a particular page.

What should be the correct site structure

A well-formed — one of the fundamental moments when creating a portal. Regardless of what type your medical site will be, its construction can be divided into 2 separate categories: functional and informational. The functional component of the resource includes exclusively selling sections. This includes pages with services and goods, as well as pages where they will be placed in forms for recording orders.

In the promotion of a medical website, the information component plays a very important role. The fact is that your portal must contain information that is potentially useful for the patient. The following types of pages should be included in this category:

  • with the history of the clinic, its location, working hours, contact details, warranty, legal information and other data about the clinic itself;
  • with prices for goods or services;
  • with information about doctors and other medical personnel, intermediaries, manufacturers;
  • with reviews from customers, patients;
  • with information about the methods and technologies used in the treatment of certain diseases;
  • with additional data: most popular questions and answers, articles, discussions.

Please note: for useful information, it is best to create a separate page for each relevant topic. So it will be much easier for the patient to navigate the structure of your resource and find what they are looking for.

Features of preparing content for pages of different types

Ranking based on E-A-T factors suggests that certain pages of the site will feature specific information. Now let's talk about what content this or that page should contain.

About us

This is the first page that a patient visits when looking for information about a clinic or other medical facility. The level of trust on the part of a person depends on how complete, voluminous and competent the information provided will be. This block should contain the following information:

  • history of the company's creation;
  • values, ideas and goals that the clinic follows;
  • key activities;
  • a number of documents and certificates confirming the company's expertise;
  • links to go to the personal pages of the clinic in messengers, social networks;
  • permits to practice medicine;
  • address, map.

Our specialists

For each specialist in your clinic, you need to create your own card. It should contain the following information:

  • medical education, information about courses taken, advanced training: scanned copies of diplomas, licenses, certificates are provided;
  • Practical experience in the medical field;
  • link to the profile of a doctor or an expert in social networks, as well as links to any third-party resources where there are real reviews;
  • publications, confirmed participation in seminars, symposiums, forums, and everything that can be used as evidence of expertise;
  • links to expert publications of this specialist posted on blog pages.

If it is possible to contact the doctor directly, you must enter the appropriate contact information.


In order for a potential client of your clinic to be able to navigate the services provided, you must place the following material on the appropriate page:

  • description of the procedure: features of preparation for it, indications and contraindications, potential risks, materials used, information about the recovery period;
  • types of equipment and techniques that are used when performing these manipulations;
  • cost;
  • list of specialists who work in this direction;
  • address of the clinic where this procedure is performed;
  • application form.


If your site is dedicated to medical products, then this page should contain the most detailed information about their varieties, payment and delivery features, availability of guarantees, return conditions. In the event that the page is used to sell a medicinal product, it should contain more extensive information, including indications, pharmacological action, dosage form, composition, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, indications and contraindications, as well as all related information. It is important that the patient who studies this page receives full information about what the drug is for, what effect it has, how to use it and store it, whether it is available with or without a prescription, etc. In its essence, this maintenance should display a complete description of the product, given in his factory insert. Some of the information can be presented in the form of tables, graphs, images.

Product information


The information posted on this page will be important not only for potential buyers, but also for ranking. On its basis, people will be able to form a real picture of the services or goods provided, and the company itself will create its reputation profile. All this will automatically increase the quality factors of the site.

Summing up

With the right approach, you can create a medical website that will be as convenient and useful for users as possible and will be highly appreciated by search bots in the ranking process. All these works require the most comprehensive and versatile approach from a specialist. To implement all this in practice with minimal time and effort, an additional connection to the work of a mobile proxy SEO specialist will help. The optimal solution in this situation — use of private servers from the MobileProxy.Space service. Follow the link to learn more about mobile proxies. Only in this way will you be able to ensure maximum functional and stable work on the network, including the promotion of medical sites without the risk of getting banned or becoming a victim of hackers.

Your services are also provided with a free two-hour test, using which you can make sure that this is the best solution that the modern market offers even before buying a product. The site also offers a wide variety of services. Alternatively, we offer absolutely free check the port for availability.

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