Odnoklassniki as a social network for business development

Odnoklassniki as a social network for business development

Odnoklassniki — one of the many free social networks that has competed with such global platforms as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte Linkedin, etc. Here users can create their own accounts, share this or that information, communicate, find people they know, add their photos and perform many other similar actions. For the most part, Odnoklassniki is used by older people — those who would like to restore old connections, including with school friends.

A new round of development for this site was given by the fact that recently Facebook and Instagram turned out to be inaccessible to Russian users. This led to the fact that some users began to look for solutions for access on these sites, while others, on the contrary, relied on Russian platforms. In particular, today Odnoklassniki can no longer be called only a platform for communicating with friends and acquaintances, but also a place for promoting various goods and services.

In this review, we will get to know its audience in more detail. Let us note the functionality of the Odnoklassniki social network in terms of its use for starting a business. We’ll also show you how to ensure the most stable and secure work with this site on the Internet and gain access to it from any other countries and regions of the world.

Meeting users of the social network Odnoklassniki

To understand whether your business should focus on this social network, you first need to know whether you will find your target audience here. And so, a typical Odnoklassniki user will be a man or woman aged 30-50, mostly with higher education, with a stable level of income, often average or above average. That is, we can judge that this is a truly solvent audience. If you manage to interest her in your goods or services, then you can make a good profit.

The fact that Odnoklassniki users are willing to pay can be understood at least from the “Private profile” option, which is quite popular here. But people buy not only it, but also various stickers, gifts, and are even willing to contribute a certain amount of money to rate the photos posted here. So do you think they will buy your product if they like it? Most likely, the answer will be positive.

You should also understand that tens of millions of users from Russia visit the social network every month. There are also many foreign visitors, but it is not possible to read them, since they bypass the access restrictions that currently exist on this site. Moreover, in close cooperation with Aliexpress, Odnoklassniki launched a kind of marketplace on their site, which allows you not only to buy various goods, but also to track their movement and receive feedback as quickly as possible. And all this within one platform.

The following products are in greatest demand among Odnoklassniki users:

  • clothes, shoes, hats and other wardrobe items;
  • products from the category “Beauty and Health”;
  • smartphones, small electronics, and accessories;
  • goods for construction, repair;
  • various interior items, decor.

Car and real estate sales services have performed well here. If we analyze the entire mass of products that are presented here, we can conclude: users rely on the most simple and accessible solutions for everyone. That is, if you work with products in the “Premium” category, then you need to look for another platform for their sale.

Advantages of the social network Odnoklassniki for business

To understand whether this platform is suitable for you to develop your business, you need to understand what advantages and disadvantages it has. So, from the strengths we highlight:

  1. The emphasis is placed directly on communication with friends and classmates. There are no redundant services here, which can be seen in third-party social networks. And this means that there is trust and loyalty here.
  2. The presence of a powerful server that can withstand increased loads. Moreover, it has its own cloud technologies (cloud services).
  3. On the site, users can leave reviews and recommendations about various companies, goods purchased, services they used.
  4. Cross-platform audience. People access Odnoklassniki from personal computers, laptops, as well as from smartphones and other personal gadgets. Moreover, the mobile audience of this site today is close to 80%. You, as business representatives, will simply need to take care of the comfort and convenience of your users when accessing content.
  5. Many solutions for convenient communication with the audience directly on site. You will be able to create original post formats, attracting the attention of as many new subscribers as possible. Moreover, here you can form business groups for even larger-scale business development.
  6. The ability to track the statistics of your competitors, evaluate their decisions, and learn from experience. This platform has existed on the market for a long time and many have appreciated its prospects for business. If you analyze your competitors’ profiles, you will be able to see what exactly customers value most, what content is more interesting to them, and what products sell best. You can use the information received to develop your own accounts.
  7. The availability of a large number of tools for effective communication with the user audience. These can be business pages, personal advertising accounts, targeting, as well as targeted advertising based on interests, location, and much more.
  8. Availability of unique interaction formats. Odnoklassniki has a number of solutions that are unique to this social network. So, as an option, you can use marathons in order to get as much user-generated content as possible, where your brand name will be indicated. It is also possible to create original branded stickers, which your subscribers can later use in communication with friends.

All this allows us to confidently assert that Odnoklassniki can become one of the best platforms for selling the most popular categories of goods and services among Russian users and beyond. One of the significant advantages is that there are people here who can afford such products if they have a desire to purchase them. But your task is to make sure that buyers are interested in your product.

To summarize

Odnoklassniki — is a social network that offers fairly wide functionality for communication and photo sharing. You can also use video hosting by uploading your own videos and watching video content from other users. Here you can access music collections and create your own playlists. The site also features a huge variety of games for all ages and tastes, including multiplayer ones.

But many solutions can also be found here for promoting your own business. In particular, you can find communities of interests and create your own, track the location of friends, receive information about certain events, including birthdays, which can become the basis of a loyalty program for regular or new customers. There is also a flexible setting of search parameters that allows you to find the audience that your business is targeting in the process of development.

But still, as in any other social network, there are quite a large number of risks and restrictions. Even the fact that while abroad you will not be able to connect to Odnoklassniki can already cause a lot of problems for many users. To avoid this, it will be enough to simply connect mobile proxies to work, as an option from the MobileProxy.Space service. Follow the link https://mobileproxy.space/en/user.html?buyproxy to evaluate the functionality of this solution and choose the most choose a tariff that suits you, and also take advantage of a number of built-in services for even more convenient and functional work on the Internet.

In this case, you are guaranteed the most stable, anonymous, secure work on the Internet without any risks or restrictions. Moreover, you can organize work with multiple accounts without fear of getting blocked from the social network. This is what will allow you to develop your business as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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