Promote B2B business on Instagram

Promote B2B business on Instagram

B2B — one of the types of organization of trade and marketing activities of the company, focused not on the end customer, but on the organization of work with other enterprises. If you decipher this abbreviation, then it sounds like business-to-business, that is, "business for business." Participants in this process — legal entities. That is, some business representatives work for others. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of communications in the market increases, the volume of contacts expands, new suppliers of goods and services are found, and the number of orders increases.

Now let's take a closer look at the nuances of a B2B business, as well as how to promote it through a social network Instagram. We will suggest a number of points that will expand the functionality and convenience of account promotion, minimize the risk of a ban.

What you need to know about B2B business

B2B businesses are classified according to different criteria. One of the main varieties — type of product. There are several options here:

  1. Products. Distributors, dealer companies can act as participants in such transactions. Often these are intermediaries between the manufacturer and the wholesale buyer.
  2. Products. Unlike the previous category, here we are talking about both the product itself and a set of offers aimed at servicing it.
  3. Services. Often corporate clients use solutions in the field of coaching, accounting or legal support.

The sales themselves can be transactional or advisory. In the first case, the consumer already knows exactly what product he needs, that is, additional consultation is not needed. In this case, the task of the business is to complete the transaction. Consultative selling involves providing a potential buyer with a product that will fully meet his needs. Unlike a B2C business (aimed at the end customer who purchases goods for his own use), there will be a different way of selling, different principles for making a purchase decision, and marketing strategies. One successful transaction in this segment is able to ensure the operation of the enterprise for several months in advance. But this requires a thorough study of the client, presenting in the most favorable light both the product itself and the benefits that he will receive by making such a purchase.

Different marketing strategies can be used to sell a B2B business. And it doesn’t matter if you are faced with the task of launching a new digital agency, a developer, or promoting any other business: the social network Instagram is perfect for solving the task. Now let's look at the main strategies for such promotion. Let's note the mistakes that are often made when promoting a B2B business through Instagram.

B2B business promotion strategies

The strategy for promoting a B2B business largely depends on what main goals you set for yourself as part of the implementation of this project. There are several options here:

  1. Receive new orders.
  2. Improve awareness of a brand or a particular product.
  3. Increase the number of subscribers.

Let's look at each of these strategies in more detail.

Increase the number of orders by promoting B2B business

In this case, the strategy will be based on targeted advertising, as well as the launch of advertising content in the profiles of bloggers. To implement your idea, you will need to do the following:

  • Retargeting. With it, you can show ads to users who have already visited your site. In this case, we use the Facebook Business tool. We need to put the Facebook pixel on the site, form a custom audience and set up an ad based on the profiles of people who have already been on your resource.
  • Targeted advertising. Here it is necessary to understand that the B2B niche includes quite complex goods and services. Sell them directly — impractical. Therefore, it is important to focus on those who really make the decision to make purchases. A portrait of such an audience is being formed and appropriate materials are being prepared for it. It is necessary to prepare a separate strategy for the IT director, marketer, queuing system representative, etc. At this stage, it is important to get the appropriate lead from Instagram and then transfer them to the sales department. You can collect email addresses, contact phone numbers and other data in Facebook Leads ADS, and then transfer them to a mailing service or CRM system.
  • Placing ads in blogger accounts. Here, initially you need to focus on the topic in which you select your audience. Based on this, content is being prepared. It is necessary to study which market representatives are most read by users, study their accounts, and only after that go to negotiations with the owners of such accounts and offer them to distribute your audit.

That is, if your task is to increase the number of orders, you need to implement all these three stages. At the same time, it is important to minimize the cost of one lead in order to get the maximum profit as a result.

Increase the number of subscribers through B2B business promotion

The recommendations given by us within the framework of this strategy will be universal. You just need to choose the right content and advertising that will be appropriate in this case. Here we perform the following work:

  • We form the content. It is important to work out the material that will be useful and necessary for the target audience. This is the only way you will get a person to subscribe to your account. On average, it will take you up to six months to develop such a blog. Initially, you need to find out who exactly belongs to your potential customers, and based on this, prepare a content plan for each audience. All material should be as easy to understand as possible, simple, visual, in some cases even humorous. By the way, humor is great because it does not require expertise and is quite easy to understand. If you choose to submit serious material, then case descriptions, professional life hacks, and toolkit reviews will do well here. But in this case, it is important to entrust the execution of these works to specialists. Here you need to think through everything to the smallest detail, because at first glance a person should understand that he will benefit from your personal page. Competence and topics should be indicated by the account name, its description, and even the design of the profile.
  • We launch targeting and advertising with bloggers. In order to increase the number of subscribers, you can also use targeted advertising, advertising with bloggers. It is very important here to follow your theme and develop a strategy that will remain relevant for a sufficiently long period of time.

That is, in order to increase the number of subscribers, we need to develop content within the same topic. Initially, it should be about 20-30 posts. You will gradually replenish their number, following the current trends in your niche. By and large, you can run several advertising campaigns at the same time. But here it's all about the price of the issue.

Increasing brand or product awareness in a B2B business niche

If the goal of your idea to promote a B2B business – increase brand awareness whether the sale of a particular product, then here it is necessary:

  • Generate content for repost. Here it is necessary to come up with such material that will arouse keen interest among people, they will begin to discuss it, quote it. The classic solution here — use of ratings, research, scandalous topics.
  • Distribute the material among the media, bloggers. Initially, you can buy paid placement containing your ads, and then offer useful content for free, as friends. Here it is important to ensure that the reminder of the brand, the product is not only large-scale, but also permanent. That is, you should literally flicker in different places, attracting attention.
  • Don't limit yourself to one site. Yes, this is Instagram for today — it is one of the most widespread and popular social networks. But still, you can also use Telegram, VKontakte, podcasts, blogs, video hosting, etc. to promote your business.

As you can see, no matter what strategy you choose to promote your B2B business, it's important to find the right bloggers. How to do it?

Selection of suitable bloggers

It is difficult to name the number of people who blog on social networks today. In the same Instagram, there are thousands of profiles working in various topics. You will not physically have enough time, effort and resources to monitor all this mass and select a blogger who will fully meet your needs. Therefore, experts have developed a number of recommendations that will allow you to perform these works as quickly and easily as possible. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Use hashtags. You are well aware of the requests for which you are found. Just enter them on Instagram. You can use both popular high-frequency keywords, such as "business", "marketing", and medium-frequency ones. It is optimal to add tails to high-frequency mid- and low-frequency.
  2. Pay attention to the subscription. If you know that your audience reads this or that blogger, then you should subscribe to it. The social network algorithm will immediately prompt you to subscribe to similar bloggers. There is a high probability that you will find quite good solutions here.
  3. Use third-party services by setting appropriate keywords in them. You can also use pre-made categories.
  4. Via the "500 similar" option. You only need to make a couple of clicks to get a list containing data on 500 accounts that may be of interest to your audience.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that whichever option you choose to search for the right bloggers, you need to understand that most of the personal pages will still be personal. Along with subscribing to business accounts, people often subscribe to entertainment channels. That is, there will be additional careful study and sorting.

Mistakes when promoting a B2B business

When promoting a B2B business through social networks, including through Instagram, fairly common mistakes are often made. Let's consider them in more detail:

  1. An attempt to cover all targets at the same time. Above, we have already considered the main goals that you can set for yourself when promoting a B2B business in social networks. Grab all 3 options at the same time – this is inappropriate. You will spend a lot of time, effort, but still you will not be able to get the desired result. If you have one goal in front of you, then it will be much easier to achieve and evaluate it. If everything works out, then this strategy will continue to work according to the thumb, and you can move on to the next goal. In any case, work should begin with a detailed acquaintance with the preferences of the client. It is he who should tell you what he would like to receive as a result of launching an advertising campaign: leads, subscribers, recognition, etc.
  2. Incorrectly written promotional content. It will not be enough to have a beautiful picture, compliance with a given concept. As long as you buy advertising, subscribers will go to you. But as soon as you stop using these services, the activity will drop sharply. Here it is very important to create content that will not only promote your products and services, but also constantly keep the interest of the audience and engage it.
  3. Not enough focus on interest checking. If you study the topic superficially, then there is a high risk that your advertising will be directed in the wrong direction. As an example, the construction of logistics centers. A blogger may be well versed in this topic, but his materials are more aimed at introducing the market to new technologies and materials that appear in this segment. That is, if you, as a company that specializes in the construction of turnkey logistics complexes, launch your advertising on such a blog, you will not get the desired results. The subscribers here will be the same developers as you, and not those who directly need a good warehouse. Alas, it is not possible to manually check the interest of the audience, but there is a special set of software systems that will quickly cope with the task.

Summing up

Now we have seen what strategies can be used to promote a B2B business, and how to put them into practice. We talked about how to find a suitable blogger, as well as the main mistakes that can be made at this stage. The information provided will allow you to form a channel that can become a reliable tool for constantly attracting traffic, leads, and will increase awareness. In any case, at the initial stage it is impossible to do without additional material investments. The amount here is different, but you need to focus on about $ 500-1000. If your strategy turns out to be winning and works as you wanted, you can gradually leave paid services — the audience will grow even without it.

But also at this stage, we would recommend enabling mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. More information about this product can be found at Thanks to this, you can simultaneously work with multiple accounts on social networks, use programs to automate actions on the network. And all this without the risk of running into a block or a ban. And it also guarantees complete anonymity and confidentiality of work on the Internet, protection from any unauthorized access, circumvention of regional blocking. All this is implemented by replacing IP-address and geolocation, simultaneously working on HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols. A 24/7 technical support service instantly responds to user requests, helping to solve technical problems that have arisen.

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