TOP-10 tools for scheduled posting: choosing the best solution for the job

TOP-10 tools for delayed posting: choosing the best solution for the job

The work of an SMM specialist involves not only the daily performance of many routine and similar actions, but also the need to be online almost around the clock. In order to have an effect from the launched promotion, you need to constantly surf the Internet, post posts, and monitor how the user audience reacts to them. Working with several sites and different regions will be especially difficult and costly in terms of time and effort. It is necessary to ensure that the person interested in your goods, services or information has access to it at the time most convenient for them.

But it will be very, very difficult for one specialist to implement all this, because the time in the day is not flexible, and it is also necessary to simply leave time for sleep, food, and a number of natural needs. And modern technologies come to the rescue of a specialist in such a situation, in particular such a tool as deferred posting or, as it is also called, auto-posting. This publication scheduling function will be really convenient for many specialists working with social networks.

Now let’s look in more detail at what deferred posting is, what specifics are provided in this case when working with such social networks as VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki. Here are the TOP 10 auto-posting tools available on the modern market, their advantages and application features. The information presented will allow you to navigate the available solutions and choose the one that will be the most effective and convenient in your working conditions.

What are deferred autoposting

The term deferred posting refers to the automatic placement of publications on social networks according to a predetermined schedule. That is, you prepare several publications in advance, but instead of posting them, save them for yourself. Then all you have to do is simply load them into the appropriate program, and it will automatically place it on one or another site at the time you specify.

The main advantages of this solution include:

  • removing the need to regularly log into social networks to post content you create there at a certain time;
  • the ability to systematize publications, thereby emphasizing the sequence of the material presented, as well as the idea that you put into your materials;
  • significant simplification of work with sites from other time zones, as well as different social networks that have their own optimal time for publishing posts.

That is, you, as an SMM specialist, will not have to set an alarm every 2-3 hours in order to post the necessary information. You will be able to plan your working day more rationally, provide a schedule that will be most convenient for you.

But before moving on to getting to know the tools themselves for scheduled posting, let’s highlight the features of content that can be published automatically on social networks such as VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki.

Features of content for publication on certain social networks

To get the maximum effect from promoting a particular brand or service on social networks, you need to ensure that the materials you publish are viewed by the largest possible number of audiences. This means that it is necessary to take into account not only the time of publication, in particular when the most people will be on the site, but also the format of the content being posted. So, if we talk about delayed posting, then not all content can be used here. And it depends on the restrictions that apply to a particular site at a given time:

  1. VKontakte. Here you can automatically post any text content, photos and videos, generated documents, music, maps, polls, graffiti. A combination of several content options is also allowed.
  2. Facebook. The functionality for automatic posting on this social network will be somewhat less than that of the previous option, since the specifics of this site are somewhat different. So, here you can schedule delayed publications of text, graphic and video content. You won’t be able to schedule surveys or notes in advance here.
  3. Odnoklassniki. Here you can easily plan in advance the placement of photos, videos, music, various surveys, and text messages. It is also possible to combine them. As a result, you will be able to publish a post that will be no different from manual posting. But all this work will be performed automatically at the time that you specify to the program. And what will you personally do? doesn't matter.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all these social networks have built-in tools for scheduled posting, but they will not be very convenient to use. In addition, their functionality will be very limited: exclusively delayed publication. Third-party tools will be much more effective and versatile in their work, which we will discuss below. Looking ahead a little, we note that most of the services that we will talk about below use artificial intelligence technologies in their work. This means that in them you will receive a reliable assistant.

The best tools for automatic posting

Modern deferred posting platforms — This is a solution that will allow you to schedule the publication of posts on various platforms several weeks in advance. They themselves will post your material at the time that you specify in the settings, thereby saving your time and effort on routine work.

Now let’s take a closer look at 10 tools that deserve the attention of every SMM specialist.


SMMplanner – This is an automatic posting service with some of the most extensive functionality. It has its own built-in AI assistant, which will help, including in preparing the publications themselves. You can give the neural network a set of keywords and show what style the written material should be in. She will also be able to rewrite downloaded texts and create a content plan on a particular topic. Communication with the neural network will be carried out in the form of a chat bot.

Users will also be able to use a fairly good visual editor, which will make the work even easier and faster.

Among the key features of SMMplanner it is worth highlighting:

  • availability of a built-in calendar for scheduling publications;
  • possibility of use for posting photo and video content;
  • adding logos, hashtags, geotags, and various watermarks to images;
  • the presence of a built-in image editor, where you can add a background, text content to your material, and use a set of ready-made templates;
  • the ability to conduct live broadcasts simultaneously on several social networks;
  • automated reposts from one RSS feed or social network to others;
  • opportunity to set up team work;
  • providing a detailed report containing information about all posts that were automatically published on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte.

The statistics provided by this tool will also include a display of impressions, reach and level of engagement both for each individual post and for the entire period. This will allow the specialist not only to automatically publish the post, but also to evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion as a whole.

The advantages of this solution include the ability to post not only on social networks, but also in instant messengers, in particular Viber, the presence of internal analytics and fairly broad functionality. But today, many of them are still working in testing format, which means that you still need to spend time monitoring the correctness of their work.


Another service for delayed posting, powered by artificial intelligence technologies. Designed to work with platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and supports teamwork. Among the functionality are:

  • providing statistics of user interactions with a particular post;
  • availability of a built-in video and photo editor, messenger with CRM functions;
  • allows you to repost mentions in stories and automatically shorten links;
  • availability of a template for creating posts, as well as captions for them;
  • forwarding comments from any social networks to Telegram, where you can respond to each of them;
  • the ability to work with publications from RSS, simple integration with Yandex Disk;
  • generating content for posts using a built-in neural network, automatic selection of hashtags, developing a content strategy.

If we talk about the advantages, this includes support for a large number of platforms for work, a convenient and easy-to-understand Russian-language interface, and wide functionality. But, again, you will have to pay to use the service. In particular, when working with 5 pages, you will need to pay a minimum of 670 rubles for one month. In principle, there is also a free version that allows you to publish no more than 30 posts per month and work with 3 accounts simultaneously. But such opportunities for serious work will not be enough.


Onlypult – The automatic posting service is quite simple and easy to use, which even a person who does not have special knowledge and practical skills can easily navigate. There is one that is good enough to work with such social networks, platforms and instant messengers as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, VKontakte, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google My Business, WordPress, YouTube, Tumblr. We are talking about:

  • availability of a publication calendar that allows you to set the necessary parameters in just a couple of clicks
  • cross-posting, which involves simultaneous posting of material on different sites, multi-uploading;
  • thanks to the built-in image editor, you can quickly and easily make adjustments to your publications before posting them;
  • opportunity to organize teamwork;
  • setting the time after which a particular publication will be automatically deleted from the feed: this solution will be especially convenient when posting posts with promotions, as well as other events that have time limits;
  • providing detailed analytics, including the number of likes and comments left by users, an increase or, conversely, a decrease in the number of subscribers;
  • the presence of a microlanding designer, using which you can quickly and easily create one-page sites with links leading to your profiles on social networks, instant messengers, personal blogs, add videos from YouTube, banners, QR codes, surveys, maps, etc.

The service will also show you what time is best to post on a particular site, which hashtags are currently the most popular, that is, which ones you should focus on. You can also place a link to your landing page on a social network in order to easily and easily track traffic statistics on it. The service itself will collect all the parameters, but you will first need to connect the corresponding system metrics. But this is a matter of a few minutes.

The advantage of this solution is the ability to use it when working with 12 sites. This means that it is not worth looking for a more universal solution. This service boasts very wide functionality when working with Instagram. You can even use it to answer user questions in direct messages. A separate mobile version is provided for Android operating systems and separately for iOS. The site is Russian-speaking, that is, no one will have problems with work.

The service is paid. To work with one team with 5 different accounts, you will need to purchase a package for $25 per month. There are also more expensive solutions for large-scale work. A bonus for each tariff is tracking brand mentions on the Internet, as well as creating one page in the constructor. But still, in comparison with other sites, this cost may seem quite high. You can test the tool for 7 days before making a purchase. You should also understand that analytics are not collected from all sites.


The SmmBox service is designed specifically for searching and selecting content for specific semantics. That is, with its help, your process of preparing material for publication will be significantly simplified. The tool will independently track all those groups that you mark by filtering them, sorting publications by various parameters, be it the number of comments or likes. If you like some material, you can easily make adjustments to it and then publish it on your accounts.

The functional features of this service include:

  • the presence of a built-in publication calendar when working with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VKontakte, Tumblr, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Pinterest;
  • export materials from other profiles, various social networks and other platforms, as well as from RSS;
  • simultaneous publication of materials in the accounts of different services with the ability to adapt to the characteristics of a particular site;
  • the ability to upload pictures not one at a time, but in batches, which significantly saves time on performing this work: there is also a built-in image editor;
  • automatic deletion of a post according to a previously set timer;
  • providing analytical information on the number of likes, posts, comments, determining the most suitable time for publication;
  • organization of collaboration for several specialists;
  • the presence of a built-in neural network, which, based on the title, will write a suitable post for you, will be able to describe what is shown in the photo, and rewrite the uploaded material.

Many users still have a number of comments regarding the operation of the neural network. Especially in the case of describing a picture, since artificial intelligence cannot always understand what is depicted on it and how it should be described. You should also understand that you can only rewrite a post if you plan to post the same material on different platforms, and you need to make each publication unique. That is, you upload the material itself, the system makes a unique description of it and publishes it on one or another site.

Among the most significant advantages are the ability to select content, the presence of a browser extension for copying material from absolutely any site, and a simple, understandable Russian-language interface. It also provides direct work with Aliexpress, which allows you to automatically add products from this site to your pages or groups.

But, as I said in the previous version, the service is paid. To work with 3 pages, even without access to the content plan, you will need to pay about 300 rubles per month. In addition, the functionality here will be quite limited. To work with 15 pages and without significant restrictions, you will have to pay 500 rubles per month. Disadvantages also include difficulties connecting Instagram accounts: inaccuracies may occur.


This is not a very common tool today, although it has enough functions for working with social networks, including delayed posting. Among the functionality are:

  • work with such platforms as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Linkedin, Twitter, including without VPN;
  • the presence of a built-in calendar that allows you to easily and easily track publications;
  • availability of built-in metrics for simple and quick analysis of account performance;
  • preview of publications before posting;
  • organization of teamwork;
  • the ability to export the obtained analytical data directly to Google spreadsheets, also in PDF and XLS formats;
  • has a built-in AI assistant that will simplify writing posts.

Along with fairly broad functionality and support for a large number of sites, this service also has disadvantages. In particular, the interface is not very easy to use, as well as the rather high cost. For 2 working accounts that can only be used by one person, you will have to pay at least 500 rubles per month. The functionality and ease of use of the service can be assessed during a seven-day trial period.


A simple, reliable and inexpensive Russian-language service for scheduled posting, which is suitable for working with platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte.

Among the possibilities it is worth highlighting:

  • availability of a built-in image editor and post preview before publication;
  • collection of analytical data for each of the working accounts: they will be displayed immediately in the post schedule after publication;
  • availability of an autopost calendar to control placement;
  • possibility of publishing videos on paid plans;
  • a convenient tool for directly downloading Reels.

The last point is one of the most significant advantages of this service. We also add here a low price, as well as the availability of a free plan. If you publish no more than 50 posts and up to 5 stories per month, then you will not have to pay for using this tool. In other cases, the price starts from 250 rubles per month of use for one individual project. Test period — 1 Week. But still, the functionality in comparison with other tools presented in our selection leaves much to be desired.


Seolit – Another multifunctional solution in our selection, which allows you to post content through delayed posting on 12 platforms. Moreover, this can be done simultaneously. You can also set your own frequency of publications — that is, the interval after which the same post will be published again. This solution will be convenient if you periodically run your advertising or present a new product or service. That is, you don’t have to look for an old post or work on creating a new one.

Other functionality of this service includes:

  • the ability to link each individual post to geotags, as well as adding UTM tags if necessary;
  • adding watermarks to image and video content to increase their uniqueness;
  • simple and quick import of posts via ATOM feeds, RSS;
  • collection of analytical data;
  • providing command access.

Slightly aggressive and inharmonious website design — This is the only drawback of this service. But at the same time, it will be distinguished by a convenient and simple interface, an abundance of functions, the ability to work with a huge number of sites, interaction with the VK market, from where certain products will be automatically pulled up. Another advantage is the presence of a mobile version.

What about the price? There is a single tariff here — 400 rubles per month. Within its framework, you get full functionality and the ability to work with one account from each social network or platform. In the event that you need to connect another personal page, you will need to pay an additional 100 rubles per month. The number of such additional connections — not limited. The test period here is only 3 days.


This is a fairly advanced Telegram and Instagram Stories editor. With its help, you can set up automatic posting of content directly from your company’s website, video hosting, as well as any other sources using RSS.

The functionality here is as follows:

  • a large selection of emoticons, fonts, stickers that can be used when preparing stories for Instagram;
  • inserting links, highlighting text, buttons for comments and likes in the Telegram editor;
  • work with the platforms Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, LinkedIn, VKontakte, Viber, LiveJournal;
  • Russian-language interface;
  • automatic deletion of posts;
  • the ability to add UTM tags and watermarks to photos;
  • providing analytical information;
  • ensuring teamwork.

The rates here are quite flexible. The cheapest option — this is 125 rubles per month of use. But the functionality here will be too limited. For stable operation, you should choose a package for at least 450 rubles per month. Here you can work with 5 pages. If you need more, then you will need to pay extra for each individual page. Free access for testing is provided for 10 days, which can be considered an advantage.

Pur Social

Pur Social – a service designed to work with such platforms as VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Odnoklassniki, Telegram. A Russian-language version is provided, which greatly simplifies the work. And now about functionality:

  • The presence of a content rubricator, which allows you to set a rubric for each individual post, choosing for it the shade that is most suitable in your opinion. This way you can easily navigate which post is in front of you: informational or advertising. The same multi-colored backlight will be displayed in the calendar, which will provide convenient visual perception.
  • Ability to organize bulk downloading of graphic content from Excel and CSV. Posting from RSS is also provided. The service also works with video content. It will be possible to add watermarks to the material, choosing their size and direct placement on the picture.
  • The service can shorten your links, as well as monitor and display conversion statistics. It will also be possible to add UTM tags.
  • Team work is organized. But here, as an additional option, it is possible to differentiate access rights for each specialist. At the same time, each of them will be able to receive reports specific to them by email.

Along with a large number of functions, the presence of a content rubricator and a browser extension, the advantages include free weekly access. But the price for subsequent use starts from 900 rubles per month. This package will include the ability to work with 10 pages. In this case, the functionality will be as complete as possible. The only exception — lack of access to teamwork.


Hooppy – a simple, inexpensive and easy-to-use Russian-language service that, along with delayed publication, will help you select suitable content. It supports the 10 most common platforms, allowing you to:

  • find suitable content depending on the specified filters for different communities;
  • work with different social networks at the same time;
  • send data from RSS;
  • automatically shorten links while maintaining their functionality;
  • provide batch loading of posts from Excel documents or CSV, which will be especially useful for those who work with a large number of images;
  • ensuring teamwork.

The service is simple and easy to use. You will be able to intuitively navigate social networks, separately taken into pages for posting publications. There is also a video instruction for use on the developer's website. But the lack of internal analytics significantly reduces the functionality of the service. There are also several tariffs available here. In particular, if you are only interested in publishing text and photo additions, then you will only need to pay 100 rubles per month. The test period in this case is 7 days.

To summarize

As you can see, the modern market offers many solutions for delayed posting. Now that you have become familiar with the variety of each of them, you can choose the service that will be the most effective and convenient for your work.

To summarize everything that was discussed in the article today, we will highlight a number of recommendations:

  1. If you are faced with the task of publishing posts on a large number of platforms, including not only social networks, but also video hosting sites and instant messengers, then you should choose one of such solutions as Onlypult, Postmypost, Seolit, Livedune.
  2. If you add post categories to your content plan, for example, quotes, product information, user tips, answers to the most common questions, articles, then the Pur Social service will have no competitors here.
  3. When working with the TikTok platform, solutions such as Onlypult, Postmypost, SmmBox, Hoopy, Livedune are suitable. They will turn out to be the most convenient and easy to use with this particular social network.
  4. If, when creating quick posts, you pull data from a particular site using special extensions, then the choice will not be very large. Only two tools can provide such functionality: SmmBox and Pur Social.
  5. When automatically downloading posts from certain channels or sites using RSS, services such as SmmBox, Novapress, Seolit, Hooppy, Pur Social will help you.
  6. Your work will involve selecting content from the material that has already been published on social platforms, then choose one of 2 solutions: SmmBox or Hooppy.
  7. Tools like Livedune, SmmBox, Novapress can handle the adaptation of your publications to certain networks without your intervention in this process.
  8. If you work with social networks where you expect to publish videos, you can ensure their automatic placement using solutions such as SMMplanner, Onlypult, Livedune, Novapress, Seolit, InSMM, Hooppy, Pur Social.
  9. SMMplanner, SmmBox, Onlypult, Seolit, Novapress, Hooppy, InSMM, Pur Social services will help you to uniquely post materials using individual brand logos and watermarks.
  10. If you want to automate the process of analyzing the effectiveness of the companies you have launched, then choose one of such solutions as Onlypult, Livedune, SmmBox, Novapress, InSMM, Seolit, Pur Social.
  11. If work on projects is carried out by a whole team, if you need to react very quickly, switch between different specialists, coordinating the posts posted, making adjustments to them, then your choice — These are Onlypult, Livedune, SmmBox, Seolit, Novapress, Hooppy or Pur Social.
  12. Among all the tools that we discussed above, only one will be free to use — and this is InSMM. If its functionality is enough for you, then, in principle, you should not look for other options. Free use — significant bonus.

And the last thing I would like to draw your attention to is the need to connect mobile proxies to the work, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. This is a solution that will provide you with stable and functional work with each of the deferred posting tools, and will provide a high level of security and confidentiality when working on the Internet in general. With its help, you can bypass any regional restrictions and bans without fear of getting banned. You will also be able to organize convenient, flexible work with multiple accounts, including simultaneous ones.

Follow the link to learn more about the features this tool and its capabilities. We would also like to draw your attention to the current tariffs. They directly depend on the period of time you buy a proxy for: the longer the purchase period, the cheaper the day of use will be. We also recommend taking advantage of a free two-hour test to make sure that this solution is highly effective and that you shouldn’t look for a better option.

Also at your service will be a competent technical support service that works 24/7, promptly responding to user requests. Do you have any additional questions? Ask them to a consultant or look at the block “question-answer”.

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