We increase the level of earnings on Arbitrum by connecting mobile proxies

Increase earnings on Arbitrum by connecting mobile proxies

For quite a long time, the market of cryptographic currencies has won the attention of a huge number of people. Many have already assessed the prospects of such investments. Of course, there are people for whom the crypt is still something unreal, something that cannot be "touched". But this review is not focused on them. We expect to attract the attention of those who have decided to invest in Etherium as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies today. In particular, the conversation will be about a fairly popular L2 solution for this digital moment, which will help to conduct transactions as quickly as possible, namely – Arbitrum program. Today, this project has attracted the attention of a huge number of investors. In particular, investments in its development and implementation have already exceeded $120 million. And this is not the limit. The project continues to develop actively.

Now let's take a closer look at the available Arbitrum activities, in particular Arbitrum bridge, Arbitrum Nova, Arbitrum Adventure, Guild, DAO. We will also tell you how to scale the work with this application using mobile proxies and anti-detect-browsers.

Introducing Arbitrum activities

Now let's take a look at the Arbitrum activities that you can use in your work to quickly and conveniently complete transactions.

Arbitrum Bridge

In the literal translation, "Bridge of the Arbitrum" – this is the simplest and most obvious solution. This is a separate full-fledged software product with its own online platform. Directly from it, you can send Etherium cryptocurrency directly to the network. In terms of time, withdrawing funds from Arbitrum to another network will take approximately 7 days. Therefore, here it is optimal to use not all the funds from the run, but only a part.

Arbitrum Nova

This is another Arbitrum activity that was developed specifically for microtransactions, in particular P2E, NFT, etc. This bridge will also help you conduct currency transactions with the Etherium crypto. Like the previous option, it also has its own website, where you need to connect your wallet for transactions. Please note: by default, another network will be in the settings. You will need to replace it with Arbitrum Nova (present in the drop-down list).

A number of other platforms also work with this activity, in particular OrbiterFinance. In this case, the wallet is connected through a third-party Connext resource. Here you can configure the transfer between Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova. The next stage of the transaction is carried out on the Multichain platform. At this stage, you can add free liquidity if you see fit and there are free funds accordingly. The last stage – this is a direct transfer of funds in the Arbitrum Nova network. Here, the Etherium cryptocurrency is transferred to another currency, as an option in USDT. Please note that a reverse transaction is also possible.

Arbitrum Adventure

This is a kind of quest. During its passage, users will be able to get to know the Arbitrum project as such in as much detail as possible. To get NFT "Arbinaut" you will need to complete all tasks. It also provides its own website (today there is only an English version of the resource), on which users connect a wallet for operations with the Etherium cryptocurrency.


This is also a quest. You will need to perform a series of tasks in sequence. Winner's Prize – getting your own role in the Discord channel. Before proceeding directly to the passage of the quest, you need to verify the wallet and connect to both Discord and Twitter.


TreasureDAO is a separate GameFi-NFT ecosystem, including Trove. Today it is the flagship NFT marketplace, created specifically for the Arbitrum platform. Diverse voting is held here every 2 weeks, which are also classified as activities. To take part in the voting, you will need to have a virtual coin $MAGIC. Such a token can simply be obtained for any swap within the Arbitrum site. After receiving the coin, you will need to keep it with you (Play Now-Atlas Mine). In this way, you will gradually be able to collect $MAGIC tokens and actively participate in voting. You can also additionally participate in voting on other sites, in particular on Vesta Finance and GMX. So, in the first case, you will need a $VSTA token, and in the second – $GMX. They can be exchanged for other coins in Arbitrum.

Easy and efficient action scaling in Arbitrum

Arbitrum – quite a popular project among many users. It is trusted, funds are invested in it. Today, hundreds of thousands of people take part in the activities of the site, hoping to receive an NFT drop (free distribution of cryptocurrencies, tokens or NFTs, which are distributed to users who have completed a certain list of actions. But if all work is carried out from one account, then, alas, it is not possible to get a good profit There will be strong restrictions on technical capabilities and physical time. Multi-accounting will be required here. This is a real opportunity to increase your profit up to hundreds of dollars for each personal page, and not just once.

But, working with multiple accounts is extremely negatively perceived by all online platforms, be it social networks (read how to avoid a VKontakte ban when working with multiple accounts), bulletin boards, bookmakers. Arbitrum will be no exception. Therefore, you cannot do without special tools in your work that will help hide your real identity and present simultaneous work with multiple personal pages as if these actions are performed by a large number of different users.

The most important tool here is – proxy servers. Using them in your work, you will be able to:

  • ensure a high level of anonymity in the network;
  • protect yourself from hacker attacks and any other third party unauthorized access;
  • get access to foreign sites that are blocked in your region due to the appropriate substitution of technical data;
  • guarantee the stability of work with multiple accounts without the risk of a ban;
  • connect to work services that automate the same type of routine work.

The fact is that the security algorithms of resources, including Arbitrum, carefully control the IP addresses from which users enter the network. And if the same parameters are detected on different resources, then the anti-fraud system will notice this, identify it as fraud and immediately ban all personal pages. The proxy server will replace your real IP address and location with its own data. And here we recommend using not classic server, but mobile proxies. The fact is, to ensure stable work with server proxies, you will have to connect a separate server to each account. In the case of mobile, one address will be enough for you, because it will be dynamic, that is, it will constantly change either by a timer or forced by a link. It will be useful to get acquainted with the advantages of mobile proxies, but we will not dwell on this now.

But, despite the high reliability of this tool, you will not be able to provide guaranteed protection against a ban. The fact is that modern anti-fraud systems have become very technological and intelligent. They can identify the user by his digital fingerprints on the network: browser type and version, screen extension, language, current time, and many other parameters. To replace them, there is such a tool as an anti-detect browser. Alternatively, we advise you to pay attention to the Ads Power extension. With it, you can create digital prints, apply individual ones on each tab.

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