What kind of profession is an Internet marketer

What kind of profession is an internet marketer

Today, a very large number of people have found their professional vocation online. These are SEO and SMM specialists, copywriters, software developers and testers, arbitrageurs , followers, likers and many others. Now let's look at another profession that today attracts increased attention from many people who are just thinking about building their professional career. We are talking about internet marketers. Good specialists from this field will always be in demand, as they really help businesses earn money, move to a new level of their development.

Now let's dwell in more detail on what tasks an Internet marketer will face in everyday work. Consider the tools that he will use. Let's pay attention to the development prospects of those who choose this profession for themselves.

So what is an internet marketer?

An Internet marketer faces the same tasks as ordinary marketers — attracting new customers, which would increase sales and, accordingly, income levels. The only difference is that here all the work is done through the network. At the disposal of such a specialist there are a lot of different tools that help him promote a business, a particular product or service. All this opens up fairly wide opportunities for work and career growth.

Surely each of you, as an Internet user, has repeatedly encountered advertising in social networks, browsers on various resources. You also had to notice that as soon as you ask a search engine for a query on the topic of buying a particular product or ordering a service, literally after every click, advertisements on a given topic appear. Often they are tied directly to your location. But there are also cases when girls are offered spare parts for cars, and residents of Samara visit a new shopping and entertainment center in St. Petersburg. It is clear that the effectiveness of running advertising in this case will be very, very low, since it does not take into account either the interests or the location of the person.

But this will not happen if your advertising campaign is managed by an experienced Internet marketer. He will be able not only to think over the advertising strategy and launch it, but also to make sure that it is seen by representatives of your target audience. And if we are talking about a local business (cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, clinics, etc.), then also from the region where your offline business is geographically located. And the Internet marketer knows perfectly well how to set up advertising in a particular social network, raise the position of the site in the search results by optimizing it, and will be able to come up with creative advertising that attracts attention. That is, one person can combine several separate professions, but at the same time all his actions will be aimed at achieving a single result — increasing your brand awareness as well as sales.

The range of tasks facing an Internet marketer

Now we will give the range of tasks that an Internet marketer will face in his daily work:

  1. Developing a business development strategy. Before launching a particular project, a specialist must understand in detail all the nuances. He needs to clearly understand how the business works and what goals he sets for himself. It is also very important to understand what audience it is aimed at. It is also important to navigate the range of goods provided and choose from it those that will be sold more easily and quickly, that is, they carry the maximum benefit. Only after such a thorough and comprehensive study will it be possible to develop a strategy that will give a positive result after launch.
  2. Analysis of the target audience. An Internet marketer must clearly understand what audience he will have to deal with. It is important here not only to distribute users into separate categories depending on their age, gender, geographic location. It is also very important to determine the pains of the target audience, namely their goals, desires, level of motivation. That is, a marketer must understand why a person decided to buy a particular product or service. This will help him build further work with other clients.
  3. Development of advertising slogans. In any advertisement, the most important element will be the headline. Literally a few words that should hit exactly the target, namely the problem of the target audience. The accompanying text should contain a proposal for solving this problem, based on the promoted product. This means that, having a minimum of available symbols, it is necessary to come up with creative content that can attract the attention of the target audience and interest it.
  4. Setting up contextual and targeted advertising. Contextual advertising— this is the ad that will be displayed in browsers. It is fully customized for the search queries that people enter. This has already been discussed above. That is, if you ask the query "What types of men's wallets are", then along with the results of the search results, you will also receive advertisements for these same men's wallets. Unlike contextual, targeted advertising is displayed on social networks. It is configured individually for a specific group of users and takes into account their interests.
  5. Introducing adjustments to the structure of the site in order to increase the efficiency of its work. This moment is quite logical, since the main task of the Internet marketer — attracting visitors to that very site. And if in the end it brings people, and the resource itself turns out to be of low quality, inconvenient to use, then, most likely, representatives of the target audience will simply leave it. And then all the previous work will come to naught. After an Internet marketer gets acquainted with the specifics of the business, its competitive advantages, and prospects, he will be able to propose a number of changes to the site itself. So, it will be possible to make headlines more catchy and attractive, make changes to the structure of the catalog, pull up those categories of products that are in high demand among buyers, etc. The options for what a good Internet marketer can do with your website — so many. To the extent that he can simply change the color of the callback button, which will lead to an increase in the number of hits.
  6. Correction and customization of business processes. As a result, it is necessary to get a general business development strategy aimed at attracting the target audience, turning random visitors into leads. Often, if we are talking about a fairly large company, it is impossible to implement all these works for one Internet marketer. In this case, other specialists are also involved in the development of the overall strategy, the same copywriters, targetologists, designers, SEO and SMM specialists.

As you can see, the scope of the tasks that the — big enough. And their solution will require certain knowledge, skills, practical experience, and a creative approach. Only in this way it will be possible to find a solution that will work as efficiently as possible in a particular case, that is, taking into account the specifics of a particular business, it will compare favorably with what competitors offer. And yet, an Internet marketer should have at his disposal appropriate tools and technical solutions that will increase the efficiency of his work.

Most in-demand online marketing tools

The market for software and IT technologies in general offers Internet marketers a fairly large set of tools designed to increase the efficiency of their work, as well as minimize the time to complete production tasks and all kinds of risks. The most popular solutions in this market segment today include:

  1. Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrics. These are the tools that help to study the audience as a whole, identify interests, and track user actions on the Internet resource.
  2. Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct. These are platforms that you can use to set up an advertising campaign in Google and Yandex search engines, respectively.
  3. Google Trends and Yandex Wordstat. These are tools designed to compile the semantic core of — a set of key queries for which certain pages of the site will be promoted.
  4. Advertising cabinets in social networks. Most of the modern social networks, be it VKontakte or Odnoklassniki, offer a ready-made solution for setting up advertising on this site. This is a very convenient solution that can increase efficiency and speed.
  5. Chatbots. They can be configured for any messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.). The task of chatbots can be to perform automatic mailing, initial communication with representatives of the target audience, which involves answers to the most popular questions, etc.
  6. Website builders. The most popular solution in this segment — Tilda. Their use will be especially relevant if the site is created from scratch, if you decide to connect an additional business card site to work, preland etc.
  7. Analytics software. This is an application that can analyze user behavior in depth and form a portrait of the target audience based on the data obtained. Today, products such as Roistat, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel are in high demand among Internet marketers.
  8. Mobile proxies. As you can see, the work of an Internet marketer involves the collection of sufficiently voluminous information and its structuring. Often you have to analyze sites from other countries of the world, perform mass mailing, use systems to automate actions on the network. Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will help you solve all these problems as efficiently as possible. You get at your disposal an intermediary server that will replace your geolocation and real user data with your own. This ensures confidentiality and security of online activities, access to the site from any country in the world, including those that are blocked in your country at the legislative level. Also, with their help, you can connect tools for auto-posting, data parsing, you can simultaneously work with multiple profiles on the social network without fear of running into a ban. You can read more about mobile proxy features here.

You can get acquainted with all these products even before mastering the profession of an Internet marketer directly. By the way, mobile proxies will be useful not only for this specialist, but also for many others who work on the network. They should be used even by ordinary people in order to expand their capabilities when working on the network, gain access to any resources, protect themselves from hacker attacks and any other unauthorized access. More information about mobile proxies can be found in the block FAQ.

Summing up

The profession of an Internet marketer is very, very in demand today. And there are all prerequisites for the fact that the demand for good specialists will grow from year to year. This is facilitated by the development of the Internet as such, as well as the transition of a very large mass of business to the network. It is difficult to imagine today a company that would not have its own online representation. Business owners, in order to promote it online, will continue to invest a significant amount of money in this area. By the way, last year the cost of Internet marketing in Russia alone amounted to more than $4 billion. Today, that is, in less than 8 months of this year, investments in Internet marketing have already exceeded these figures.

All this suggests that brands are willing to invest in advertising and online promotion. That is, exactly in the segment for which the Internet marketer is responsible. To further encourage you to think about mastering this profession, we will give an approximate salary of such specialists. So, today the average salary in this market segment is 60,000 rubles in Russia and 75,000 rubles — in Moscow. But specialists with a fairly impressive experience and a non-trivial approach to solving a task can earn 300,000 rubles in one month.

As you can see, the prospects are bright, so it's not worth postponing the development of a profession. And you can start by getting acquainted with the theory, as well as the tools and technologies that will be required in the daily work of an Internet marketer.

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