Why do browsers need "Turbo" mode? mode?

Why do browsers need Turbo mode?

Surely you, as a user of the browser, paid attention to the presence of the "Turbo" mode in it. Already from the name it becomes clear that we are talking about speeding up the process of loading a web page in case the connection speed leaves much to be desired. It is to this regime that we will devote our review today. Let's pay attention to what task the "Turbo" mode faces, we'll show you where to find it in the most popular browsers: Opera, Yandex.Browser, Chrome. We will also pay attention to such an issue as the security and anonymity of working on the Internet.

The functional purpose of the "Turbo" browser mode

The very idea of \u200b\u200bcreating "Turbo" mode in the browser appeared with the developers of Opera back in 2009. Many of you remember what the connection speed was at the time, how long you had to wait until this or that site loaded. And even then, all tariffs assumed a fixed fee for 1 MB of traffic. That is, the use of the "accelerator" additionally provided good savings in material resources. Then such a development was received with a bang. But has it lost its relevance today, when the Internet is basically unlimited. No, because speeding up the connection will obviously not be superfluous. This is especially true for those who work through public WiFi-networks or networks of mobile operators.

Browsers such as Opera and Yandex.Browser use approximately the same algorithm of work. If the "Turbo" mode disabled, then all information from the Internet that you request will be downloaded directly to your device. If you make this option active, then all data will initially be uploaded to Opera Software. But then the already requested page will open on the display of your PC or laptop. It would seem that the presence of an additional link in the connection should, on the contrary, slow down the connection, but this is not so. On Opera Software, files are compressed, which means that they will download faster on your device with a low connection speed. We want to immediately draw your attention to the fact that the quality of the picture in the game, the video will be significantly lower than with a direct connection. But with the "Turbo" browser mode, you can watch a movie while on the road, where the mobile Internet connection will be within 2G.

But this is far from the only functional feature and advantage of this mode. The fact is that with its help you will access the site not directly from your device, but through the Opera Software platform. And this means that you get the opportunity:

  • get access to sites blocked by the ISP or RKN that have set a ban on access from IP-addresses related to a specific geolocation (if you need to check your IP address, you can do this here completely free);
  • preserve a good online anonymity: the target site will see not your real user data, but Opera Software settings;
  • a fairly good level of protection against unauthorized third-party access.

Now let's pay a little attention to where to find and how to activate the "Turbo" mode. in the browser.

Turbo Mode in the Opera browser

In the Opera browser, the "Turbo" mode already built in. What is the original product. To activate it, you need to go to the main menu (click on the Opera icon), go down almost to the very bottom and tick the "Opera Turbo" option

Turbo mode in Opera browser

Today, it is Opera Turbo that shows the best performance in terms of compression ratio and traffic filtering level. In addition, you can easily access sites that are blocked by the RKN, but it is impossible to say for sure which IP-address will be displayed on the resource when you enter – IP-substitution does not always work. But on the other hand, the presence of the active mode "Turbo" no one will notice.

Turbo Mode in Yandex.Browser

Turbo Mode in Yandex. The browser is supported by the same servers as Opera. It will be active by default. That is, as soon as the speed of the Internet connection drops significantly, it will automatically start working. But, if necessary, you can turn it on and forcibly. To do this, go to the "Settings" menu; and put the appropriate marks.

Turbo mode in Yandex.Browser

And when working in Yandex.Browser you can speed up work directly by clicking on the image of the rocket in the address bar of the page itself. This will turn on the "Turbo" mode. only for this page. This moment will be relevant only when this option is disabled in the default settings. But if it is active by default, then by clicking on the image of the rocket, on the contrary, turn it off.

If you have items that have been locked, you can unlock those content. So, for this, we also right-click on the rocket image and click on the "Unlock All" button. After that, all your elements will be active again. And in this browser, you can use the "Turbo" mode to bypass regional blocking, but its use is not identified by the anti-fraud system. But the question of identifying your geolocation still remains open.

Turbo Mode in Chrome

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the Google Chrome browser, the "Turbo" mode as such is completely absent. Along with it, the developers of this search engine have created the "Traffic Saving" option. It comes as an application in the Google storefront, that is, it requires additional installation. As soon as you do the appropriate simple manipulations, you will see the corresponding icon in the upper right corner. Among the main features of this product, we highlight:

  • data compression by an average of 70%, which provides more than tangible traffic savings;
  • the technology is not particularly effective for bypassing locks;
  • Hiding the real user's IP address is extremely rare in practice.

Summing up

If we analyze a number of tests that were carried out in Yandex.Browser, Opera and Google Chrome with the "Turbo" mode active, but we can highlight:

  • Very high connection speed in Yandex.Browser. It is higher than Opera, Google Chrome;
  • Opera Turbo bypasses almost all regional blocks established by the RKN in relation to certain sites;
  • Chrome was characterized as the most economical, as it significantly reduced the weight of the loaded page.

All this allows us to conclude that the "Turbo" mode in each of the browsers has its own strengths and it is impossible to say unequivocally in which of them it will be more effective, alas. It is worth proceeding from what tasks will be paramount for you. And yet it cannot be argued that this tool is able to provide guaranteed anonymity and security of the network, will help 100% bypass regional blocking and not get banned. To solve such problems, it is worth using a more reliable and proven solution – mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service.

Benefits of using mobile proxies

Dynamic mobile proxies – a solution that will become a reliable assistant when working on the Internet for every specialist and ordinary users. They will replace your real IP address and location with their own technical parameters. They work on the equipment of cellular network operators. These features provide:

  1. absolute anonymity and security of the Internet;
  2. Effectively circumventing regional blockages and gaining access to resources from anywhere in the world;
  3. the ability to work in multi-threaded mode (including multi-accounting), use specialized software to automate a number of routine tasks;
  4. high connection speed: uses high-speed communication channels, data caching, etc.

Using mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, you can set up automatic (by timer) or forced (on request) change of IP-address, change geolocation and network operator in the work in order to bypass regional blocking. Also, these proxies simultaneously work on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which is implemented through a parallel connection. More information about the product can be found here. We also offer a free 2-hour trial to evaluate the benefits of using mobile proxies even before buying them.

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