YouTube channel for a brand: TOP recommendations for creation and promotion

YouTube channel for a brand: TOP recommendations for creation and promotion

To develop a business online today, various tools and technologies are used. But most of them are aimed at increasing brand awareness, as well as attracting targeted traffic to the company’s official website. So, now let’s look in more detail at this method of promoting a business, such as creating a YouTube channel. This is a solution that can increase the influx of target audience to the site and increase conversion. If you can complete the upcoming work as correctly and professionally as possible, you will fully justify your expectations and investments, and also ensure stable results in a fairly long term.

Now let’s look in more detail at why you still need to choose video hosting YouTube to create a channel for your brand, we will consider the main stages that you will need to go through in order to implement your idea quickly and correctly. We will also dwell on the issues of channel support, as well as video promotion through Google advertising. We'll show you how to organize multi-threaded and functional work on the network without any risks thanks to an additional connection to the work of mobile proxies.

Why YouTube?

The choice of a platform to create a video representation of your business on the Internet is quite straightforward. The fact is that YouTube today has gathered on its platform a huge number of target audiences, which are expanding every day. If you create your own video blog, you can increase your brand awareness, the prestige of your company, and also improve the level of trust from potential buyers. And this way you will be able to convey to your target audience the most correct and reliable information about the services or goods that you supply to the market today. In addition, interesting and well-constructed videos will have a greater impact on the target audience than the most informative and professionally presented text content. And this all means that you can, with minimal waste of time and effort, interest viewers and attract potential buyers to the target resource.

The benefits of creating a video blog for business are quite impressive:

  • you will be able to convey to users important information about your company’s activities, products or services, without resorting to creating long text descriptions;
  • increasing the level of loyalty of potential customers, because live communication has always had a more impressive effect compared to the printed word;
  • creation and placement of videos on the site that can be used to support sales: instructions for using products, answers to the most pressing questions, service recommendations, etc.;
  • building emotional contact with the target audience, which will also help increase the level of loyalty;
  • increasing traffic to the company’s website through a YouTube channel;
  • improve SEO website promotion due to the fact that You will have at your disposal a platform that will help improve your brand’s reputation, as well as the presence of an external link that will lead to the resource;
  • professional demonstration of a product or service in detail, which is especially important when introducing new products to the market, launching advertising campaigns, promotional offers.

But in order for your blog on the YouTube video hosting to work as efficiently as possible and fully meet your expectations and increase the conversion to the site, you need to approach the creation of the channel itself, as well as its subsequent promotion, as comprehensively and comprehensively as possible.

Creating a video channel for business on YouTube: main stages

Now we will describe in detail the sequence of actions to create a new YouTube channel for your business. By following the recommendations given, you will be able to implement these works as quickly and correctly as possible and avoid the most common mistakes. So, to create a channel you need to follow these steps step by step:

  1. We go to the YouTube video hosting site using our own Gmail account. It can belong either to the brand itself or to its owner or manager. In the upper right corner of the active window, click on the corresponding avatar and from the drop-down list click on the YouTube icon.
  2. A new window opens in front of you, which also contains an icon with your avatar. Click on it again, and then go to the “Your channel” tab. After that, click on the “Create channel” button.
  3. Next step — come up with a name for the channel. It’s best to give it the name of your TV company brand. This way, you will have the opportunity to subsequently form among users a direct relationship between the video blog and the official representation of the brand on the Internet.
  4. We perform basic settings. To do this, initially click on the “Customize channel view” button. This will take you to your personal account, where you can work with the Interface of your video blog. In particular, you can choose a suitable cover, view current information about the channel and add new videos. It is optimal to choose a picture with a size of 2560x1440 pixels for your screensaver. After you download it, you can see how correctly the specified cover will be displayed on different devices, be it a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone with different diagonal sizes. You also set an avatar through your personal account. It should reflect the essence of your brand as accurately as possible. It is best to use the company logo if you have one. This will also help improve visual perception and association with the company itself. Suitable avatar size for a YouTube channel — 800x800 pixels.
  5. In the interface settings, in particular in the “About the channel” section Here is a brief description of your representation on video hosting. Often, information is provided here about the activities of the company itself, the goods and services provided. The country of location, contact email, and custom links are also indicated. The description itself should not exceed 1000 characters. But, you must understand that users will initially only see a small amount of your description, in particular the first 250 characters. They can see the rest only with an additional click. This means that you will need to put the most important information that you want to convey to your target audience in these very 250 characters. This is approximately 2 standard sentences. Try to write in such a way that the user would want to read the description further, and he would click on the corresponding button and expand it.
  6. The account that you have created now and linked to your email will subsequently be the only manager. But still, several people will be able to work with it at the same time, connecting from different profiles. But you must give them appropriate access. To do this, you need to go to the channel settings menu, and then in it — in the “Administration” block. Here we register all those profiles that will have access to your account and will be able to work with it in the future.

At this point, the basic settings are completed, that is, your channel has been created and is ready for work, now the only thing left to do is — fill it with useful and educational videos.

Additional recommendations

Before adding the first video to your channel, you need to do a detailed study of your target audience. You must clearly understand who exactly you want to attract with your videos. To do this you need:

  • Create a portrait of the target user. You must understand what age, gender this person should be, his income level, habits, hobbies, character traits.
  • Identify for yourself the key purpose of creating a channel. Along with increasing traffic to the company’s main website, this can also provide additional sales of your products, services, increase brand awareness online, improve contact with the audience, etc.
  • Perform a detailed study of competitors. The point is to determine what strategy the companies operating in the same market segment as you have chosen for themselves. Here you should pay attention to the format in which they record their roles and their duration. It is also important to determine for yourself the style of communication with the audience.
  • Highlighting the key features and advantages of your own brand. Since you will already know a lot about your competitors, it is important to think about how your company differs from them, why exactly you deserve attention from the target audience. That is, you must highlight your “chips” and based on them, create content, convey this information to people through video.
  • Selecting a theme, style and video format. If everything is more or less clear with the topic, since in any case it will be close to the activities of your company, then with the rest, not everything is so clear. You should consider brand language, select suitable video formats so that they are interesting to the target audience, encourage them to watch them to the end and, as a result, take targeted actions. It is also important to think about the splash screen, links and active buttons that will be repeated in each video, which will increase the convenience of working with your channel for people.
  • We determine our own capabilities depending on the budget and free time. Subsequent work to support and promote the YouTube channel will require quite an impressive investment of time, and in some cases, material resources. It will be necessary to write a script for the videos, record them using special equipment, edit them, post them, etc. Determine your capabilities and, based on this, determine how often you will post your videos on the channel: every day, once a week, once a month, etc. .
  • Make a content plan for creating and posting videos on your YouTube channel. This will make it easier for you to structure your work and minimize the time spent on routine tasks to fill the channel.

Preparation and placement of material for the created channel — This is only part of the work that you will have to put into practice in the future. It is also important to devote time to maintaining and promoting your representation on video hosting.

The nuances of supporting a YouTube channel

After you launch a video representation of your brand on YouTube, you will need to regularly monitor the interest of visitors in the material you post. It will also be important to maintain contact with them and respond to comments. It will also be possible to periodically create surveys, inviting users to express their wishes regarding the content posted, etc. But it is still very important to make your channel recognizable. The more people visit it, the more subscriptions there are, the more effective its promotion will be.

In particular, in order to increase your brand awareness on video hosting, you can use the following recommendations:

  1. Provide a pop-up subscription window. It will appear on the video every time users move their mouse over it. To do this, you just need to add “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end of the channel URL.
  2. Place a watermark on your video. It is not necessary to do this on the entire screen, just make it small and lower it to the lower right side of the screen. It is optimal to use your brand logo as a watermark. This will not only improve your company’s recognition on the Internet, but will also prevent competitors from stealing video content for subsequent posting on their sites. To complete this work, you will need to go through your personal account to the Creative Studio, namely, click on the “Settings” menu, and in it select the “Branding” option.
  3. Add key queries. These are the phrases by which users can find your channel. They are basically no different from the expressions you used when creating content for your site. The only thing here is that you can add the word “video” to the main keys. You can also do this in the “Settings” menu. Next, from the vertical menu, select the “Channel” tab, then – "Video Manager."
  4. Create clickable banners at the end of the video on the splash screen. This means that all your videos will end with advertisements for other videos posted on your channel. This way you can interest your target audience and encourage them to watch other content. To implement this idea, you need to go to the settings of a specific video and click on the “Annotation End Screen” tab. Next, click on the “Add element” button, and then — "Create".

That's it now. The YouTube representation of your business has been created and launched. But its effectiveness directly depends on how many people regularly view your content and how actively they share it with their friends and acquaintances. This means that you need to pay attention to its promotion.

The nuances of promotion in YouTube videos through Google Advertising

We have already said that video hosting YouTube — A unique service of its kind, because it is in high demand both among users and advertisers. This is largely due to the fact that today there is no worthy alternative to it. This means that video promotion here will take place for you with minimal time and material investments. And one of the most convenient solutions — use of Google.Advertising. To accomplish this task, you initially need to link your video hosting account to this service. This is done through the settings in your personal account and takes literally a couple of minutes. Now let's pay more attention to how to directly promote your videos.

There is nothing complicated here either. You need to choose one of the videos that has currently won the most positive reviews from users, that is, they are interested. Next, you just need to follow our recommendations step by step:

  1. In your Google.Ads account, create a new ad group for the video that you want to promote at a given time. You will find this option in the “Settings” blog.
  2. In the window that opens, find the “Create an ad” block. and from the proposed options (text ad, image ad, display ad editor, video ad), select “Video ad” and mark it.
  3. Below in the “Keywords” block you will need to enter relevant queries. These are exactly the phrases that will redirect users to your channel.
  4. In the “Default rates” block you indicate the rate. This is the amount you are willing to pay to place your ad on Google Ads. Initially, it is recommended to set the minimum possible amount, and then increase it if it is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the ad.
  5. Choose a suitable template for promoted videos. This could be an inStream advertisement, a video that will be played when clicked, or a static image InVideo (will be permanently present on your video as an active link).
  6. Next step — come up with ad text that could interest your target audience and encourage people to switch to your channel. Here we write down the name of our ad, its title and a short description. We also indicate the path to the video you want to advertise. As a result, click on the “Save” button, recording the changes made.

This completes all work on launching video promotion on YouTube through Google.Advertising. Next comes the moderation stage, which often does not exceed 1-2 days. This means that literally the next day your advertisement will be active and will work to attract the target audience to your business channel and the website as a whole.

To summarize

As you can see, creating a vlog for your business on YouTube requires very little time and effort. Maintaining your channel, as well as promoting it by launching an advertising campaign in Google Advertising, will also not be particularly difficult. But still, in a number of countries the functionality for working with this video hosting is very limited. This is due to the presence of regional bans that are currently in force at the legislative level. As an example, in Russia you cannot use video promotion on YouTube. But this does not mean that you need to abandon this idea. All this can be implemented quickly and efficiently if you additionally connect mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service to the work.

With their help, you can change the display of your geolocation and IP address for the network. That is, instead of Russia, you can choose any other country where promoting videos on YouTube is not prohibited and work without any restrictions. Mobile proxies will also help you ensure the confidentiality of your Internet work and reliable protection from any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks and malicious software. You can also use programs that automate your actions and eliminate the same type of routine work.

You can find out more about the functionality of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service here. For a very reasonable price, you get a tool that will provide you with unlimited opportunities to work on the Internet, help you bypass various prohibitions and ensure the effective creation of videos for your brand and their promotion on the Internet. We would also like to draw your attention to the current tariffs: they differ depending on the region, as well as the period for which you buy them: what The longer this period is, the cheaper it will cost you to use it per day. If any difficulties arise in the work process, additional consultations and assistance from specialists will be required; MobileProxy.Space’s 24-hour technical support service is always in touch.

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