TOP 15 new Instagram products for 2023

TOP 15 new Instagram products for 2023

For today Instagram — it is one of the most popular and widely used social networks all over the world. It is used by people of different ages, from children and teenagers to retirees. It has also become extremely popular for business representatives. Here they promote their products and services, massively attracting the target audience with minimal investment of money and time. In order to constantly maintain the interest of their audience and attract new customers, the developers of the social network pay a lot of attention to the development of the site.

And while the closest competitor Facebook is only talking about launching a large-scale rebranding and creating virtual metaverse, Instagram is already in action. So, now let’s look in more detail at the innovations that appeared in this social network in 2023. With this information, you can follow the latest trends and get the most out of your accounts. The information provided will be useful not only to those who promote their pages on Instagram for free, but also to those who invest in it and buy subscribers. We’ll also show you how to ensure the widest possible emotional opportunities and stability of work on a social network, avoid various regional restrictions and more.

Latest news on Instagram

We have already said that Instagram is developing very quickly and actively. Updates and improvements appear on this site several times a week. Some changes are more drastic, others — less. But we have now made a selection of 15 new products that everyone who has a personal account on the Instagram social network should know about. Let's look at each option in more detail.

Full desktop version

It was not in vain that we began our acquaintance with new products with this update, since Instagram users, and especially people who specialize in SMM promotion, have been expecting it for a long time. The fact is that despite Instagram’s fairly long history on the market, this social network practically did not go beyond the scope of a mobile application. Users on the desktop could only scroll through the feed, watch the news, write a message and reply to the incoming message. But publishing full-fledged content – there was no such possibility.

It turns out that in order to make a post, the same SMM people or designers, and even ordinary ordinary users, had to initially create material on a computer, and then transfer it to their phone and only then publish it.

After the full-fledged desktop version was launched, all these restrictions became a thing of the past. Now Instagram users can publish photo content, videos up to a minute in length to their main profile. This is something that will allow you to significantly reduce the time you spend working with your account.

Alternating 3D avatars and profile photos

Thanks to the latest changes, users no longer have to choose between the photo at the top of their profile and a 3D profile picture. You can use a dynamic profile image, which involves displaying both the photo and the avatar associated with it. These images can be switched as desired. To choose an avatar that suits you, just click on the “Edit Profile” button. and it will immediately be pulled up to your main photo. Both images will subsequently be scrolled through with swipes when opening a profile.

3D avatars first began to be used on Instagram about 3 years ago as a response to Snapchat But they came into general use not so long ago. Along with Instagram, similar avatars are already used in WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook.

Multi-select posts

On Instagram, the Explore section has become manageable. This allows the social network to learn and respond to what content will be more interesting for you. Based on the data received, Instagram will offer you the most relevant and educational posts. To fill in the appropriate settings, you need to click on the video or image and hold your finger for a few seconds. Until the “Not interested” button appears on the screen.

That is, by doing this you can quickly clear your Instagram Explore of content that is not interesting to you. Subsequently, you will no longer receive a selection of posts containing similar material.


Relatively recently, Instagram introduced such a feature as Collabs. It was she who laid the foundation for the development of collaboration in this social network. Thanks to this extension, 2 separate accounts can own the same publication in the feed or in Reels. That is, this is a kind of co-authorship: one account invites another to share a post. As a result, the prepared material will be simultaneously posted on both personal pages and, accordingly, will reach both audiences at once. In this case, users will be able to see general likes, comments, and two names of the authors will appear in the title of the post itself.

Not only owners of personal accounts who want to publish a joint photo, but also business representatives will be able to take advantage of this new product. Alternatively, two brands can launch common content, thereby collaborating to attract as many target audiences as possible to their pages.

Editing messages after sending

How often has it happened that you sent a message, but then decided that it was not quite suitable and it was advisable to replace it? Now you will have 15 minutes to complete these works. To implement this, you need to click on the sent message and hold it until an additional menu opens in it. From it, select the “Change” option. After this, the buttons will become active and you can adjust your message. Don’t forget to save your changes afterwards.

Hidden words appear in the “Recommendations” block

With this new option, you can create the feed the way you would like it to be. That is, you will be able to hide comments or messages sent to direct messages based on certain stop words. That is, if a particular message contains a word that you added as “hidden”, then such material will not appear in recommendations. Thanks to this, you can significantly increase the comfort of your work and avoid contact with material that is unacceptable to you. Along with words directly, you can also add words to the “hidden” category. There are also emoticons expressing certain emotions. To access this functionality, you just need to go to the “Privacy Settings” block, and then select the “Hidden Words” tab.

Availability of stickers from photos in history

Today, this option is still at the testing stage, but in the near future it will be launched for general use. We are talking about the presence of a “CREATE” sticker, which works on the basis of artificial intelligence. Instagram developed it specifically so that users can create their own unique stickers using their own photos directly in the Stories and Reels editor.

Thanks to this, customized stickers are obtained from ordinary photographs or any other pictures from the Internet directly on the social network. That is, you no longer need to leave its boundaries. This tool is very simple and convenient to use:

  1. Initially, we go into the application and start creating our stories. Select the “Sticker Panel”, and in it click on the “CREATE” option. — icon with a picture of scissors.
  2. Select an image or photograph that you want to use as a basis. The main thing is that it is a media file stored on your device.
  3. The program will automatically perform the processing. You will just need to wait a few seconds.
  4. Place your custom stickers and publish stories.

That's it, the work is completed. Many people compare the action of this tool to removing the background from a photo. In a similar way, this tool will also work in Reels.

Welcome video

This is another tool that is appreciated by many users of the social network Instagram. With it, you can set up a welcome video that will come directly from your channel. She will tell you about the features of your company’s activities, advantages, and professional tricks. It will also be possible here to immediately announce the basic rules that your subscribers must follow in order not to get blocked. That is, in the greeting you should place the most important information about your account. This tool will be especially useful for business pages. Here you can talk about the uniqueness of your product or channel, tell why you created it, what goals are being pursued, gather a potential target audience to subscribe to the channel, share stories, ask questions, etc.

Just a couple of recommendations on how to create such a tool:

  1. We go to the channel, and then — in the "User Settings" menu. Here we select the “Welcome Video” option.
  2. After this, the camera will open in front of you and you can record your video. Its maximum duration — one and a half minutes. You can also upload a ready-made video if you wish.
  3. When the download process is complete, you need to click on the “Next” button. This will take you to the video publishing page. It is recommended to add a description, cover and other attributes that are typical for any other images. After clicking on the “Save” button your video is automatically published in the channel.

After completing this work, each visitor to your channel will be asked to watch a welcome video. For this tool to work as best as possible, you need to think through the content of your video down to the smallest detail.


Now on Instagram in the upper right corner there is a button with a plus sign, through which you can start a fundraiser. Just click on it to open a window for creating a post, stories, or uploading a video. After publishing such material, the collection will appear directly in the user’s feed. This decision was not made by the creators of Instagram by chance. The fact is that the developers of this social network actively support various charitable initiatives and now they want to extend this to their users. That is, along with the ability to raise funds directly on live broadcasts, it is now possible to perform this work directly and in a personal profile.

Creating chatbots

We have already said that Instagram is moving in many of its directions on the use of artificial intelligence. Thus, work is currently underway to test a chatbot endowed with individuality and the ability to answer any user questions.

By creating your own chatbot, you can set:

  • age and gender of your character;
  • its character by choosing 2 key features;
  • interests;
  • profile photo.

That is, everything here is quite simple and understandable on an intuitive level.

Add music to the post

Along with reels and stories, the classic feed containing text posts is becoming more and more popular. Every day more and more users of the social network pay attention to photos supplemented with small text or carousels and pictures with brief abstracts.

But today Instagram users have the opportunity to supplement such material with music. This option is designed to attract more attention from the target audience and increase the benefit of the post. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you do not have to abandon other formats, because they are also relevant today. Just adapt your content plan and expand your capabilities when working with a social network.

Formation of joint galleries

We already said above that now the social network Instagram allows you to create content in collaboration and post it on the personal pages of both participants. But there is another solution that many users will certainly appreciate. The point is that now the account owner can allow other users to send their own photos and videos to the carousel. This way, it will be possible to make original publications from the event by collecting a collage of photographs of all participants. But in any case, the account owner will have control over the posted material. It is he who will decide whether to accept or reject the content you offer.

Unlike co-authorship, in this case the material will be posted exclusively on the author’s profile, and not on the participants’ old pages. But under the post there will be a description and a link to the profiles of the users who provided this material. Anyone can go through them and get acquainted with the materials presented in the profile.

Such a solution will stimulate the emergence of closed private communication among a category of people with common interests. Although the coverage here will be lower, the motivation of users will be much higher.

Additions to reels

So, just recently, Instagram offered fans of Reels publications new tools that will use the effect to the beat of the posted track, and also display the lyrics of the song. That is, this is what allows you to expand the base of possibilities, giving users the opportunity to make their publications more vibrant, original, and individual. Teenagers will especially appreciate this new product. This step was not taken in vain, because over the past 5 years, the interest of young people in this social network has decreased significantly. The emergence of such tools is intended to regain the attention of younger audiences.

Moreover, reels authors can count on receiving one of the rewards after publishing content. In particular, it could be:

  • Trend guru. After this, you will be able to publish videos with popular effects and music.
  • Creative streak. Allows you to publish 2 reels within one week.
  • Co-author. Allows you to post a joint video.
  • Leader. A person who has such an award will be able to publish videos with stickers, run tests, polls, sliders.

To see your awards for each of the videos, you will need to click on the button with the image of three vertical dots, and then select the “Achievements” option.

Posting publications from verified accounts

We are talking about a feed in which Publications from users who have the coveted “blue checkmark” will be displayed. To switch to such a feed, you need to click on the social network logo in the application and select the desired option from the drop-down list.

This feature is currently in the testing stage, but the developers claim that it will be put into use soon. Such a feed is considered by the social network as an additional way to promote a paid subscription. The fact is that today the cost of that very cherished blue tick is about $12 per month for the desktop version and $15 per month — for mobile devices.

Silent mode and video circles

This is a fairly new functionality that is designed to allow users to set a period of time when they will not log into the social network. That is, by doing this you give yourself time to solve more important everyday tasks, relax, spend time with your family and loved ones. Today, this mode is available mainly to users from the USA and a number of other countries around the world. But the developers claim that in the near future the geography of the “quiet regime” will be expanded. will be significantly expanded.

As soon as you have it, you will see a special button on your profile screen, using which you can turn off all notifications. If someone tries to write to you while you are in “quiet mode”, they will receive an automatic message. That is, you set a time interval during which the application will not send any notifications, and other users will know that your account is on vacation at that moment. As soon as you return to the network again, you will receive all the messages, comments, mentions that were previously sent to you.

It cannot be said that video circles owe their appearance to the Telegram messenger, but there is still something in common between these video notes. They allow users to post video selfies in notes and also set them as their main profile photo. That is, now you can post not only text, but also video notes. One does not replace the other, but complements it.

To create such a video note, you just need to click on the “Create a note” icon, and then click on your avatar and activate the recording.

To summarize

As you can see, Instagram continues to actively develop, offering its users even more convenient, advanced modern solutions for work and entertainment. But, today in the Russian Federation this social network is blocked, as well as other products belonging to the META corporation (today in Russia it is called extremist).

But you have the opportunity to bypass all these restrictions and prohibitions. We are talking about additional connection to the work of mobile proxies, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. They will allow you to replace not only the personal IP address of your device, but also the geolocation. There is a huge variety of regions to choose from, where access to Instagram is not prohibited today. Follow the link to learn more about all the data functionality mobile proxies, current tariffs and make sure that you cannot find a better solution for working with Instagram today. You can also use mobile proxies to bypass any other regional blocking, anonymize your own network activities, ensure a high level of security and protection from hacker attacks.

The service also invites users to use built-in online tools, in particular to find out the IP-address and measure the speed Internet, etc. If technical difficulties or failures arise in your work, the support service is available at any time of the day or night.

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