TOP browser extensions based on ChatGPT

TOP browser extensions based on ChatGPT

Every day artificial intelligence touches more and more areas of life of a modern person. If we talk about the most popular neural network today, in particular ChatGPT, here you can find many ready-made solutions for automating routine tasks, which will ultimately increase work productivity and significantly save time. This neural network can be safely entrusted with such tasks as smart Internet search, generating content, program code, checking facts using direct links to sources, preparing summaries for video content, including with a brief description and timing, extracting key points from long articles, etc. .

The capabilities of neural networks and ChatGPT, in particular, are really very, very wide. Moreover, artificial intelligence continues to develop, providing the user with even more unique opportunities for work and more every day. Now let’s take a closer look at the TOP 8 plugins in ChatGPT, using which you can solve various problems in different browsers. We'll show you how to organize this work without risks and restrictions.

Introduction to ChatGPT extensions

Today, in the Chrome online store you can find quite a lot of extensions based on artificial intelligence, in particular ChatGPT for different browsers developed based on Chromium. We are talking about Chrome, Opera, Yandex.Browser, Edge.

Now let's take a closer look at the eight best extensions based on ChatGPT for solving various tasks:

  1. WebChatGPT.
  2. Talk-to-ChatGPT.
  3. SciSpace Copilot.
  4. Merlin AI Chat GPT Chatbot.
  5. Wiseone.
  6. Bing Chat for All Browsers.
  7. ChatGPT Writer.
  8. Perplexity AI.

Let's look at all these options in more detail.

WebChatGPT: ChatGPT

This is an extension that has Internet access. You've probably heard that ChatGPT's knowledge is limited to 2021 data. No more updates or machine learning were observed. That is, you should initially understand that the answers you receive directly from ChatGPT in most areas will still be outdated. But this problem can be solved if you additionally use the WebChatGPT plugin. As soon as you enter a query, the artificial intelligence will go looking for publications not within its own system, but directly on the Internet. That is, you will receive answers to your questions that will be truly relevant today. It turns out that the plugin will find relevant information on the network, transmit it to the ChatGPT bot, and then formulate a single answer based on the data received and provide it to you.

Additionally, the extension allows you to enable such filters for work as the number of results, response language, and also specify the time interval for which the information will be selected. This could be the last day, which is important when collecting information about news, the last week, month, year. If you don’t need this extension in your work at some point in time, you can easily disable it by moving the toggle switch from active to inactive. This will return the basic functionality of ChatGPT.

Perplexity AI GPT-3 ChatGPT Open AI

This is a full-fledged search engine powered by artificial intelligence. It is based on version 3 of ChatGPT, which has access to the network. There is a fairly simple solution at work. As soon as you make a request, the plugin will select links corresponding to it and transmit it to the neural network. The system will combine the results obtained and its own set of data, process them and, based on the available data, give you an answer. One of the most significant advantages of ChatGPT is that this extension also provides links to sites where the information for processing was taken from. This means that if you are not sure about the relevance of the data obtained, you can go to the primary source sites, check their reliability and only then decide whether to accept the results provided by the neural network or not.

Another advantage of this plugin is that it can read content not entirely, but selectively. That is, you can show him a specific page of the site or the entire site and ask questions and communicate solely on the basis of the data presented here from all over the Internet. Moreover, you can ask neural network to make a conclusion on the content posted on specific page.

ChatGPT Writer. ChatGPT Writer

This plugin was created specifically for generating emails and messages on various sites, online documents, and social networks. It works completely autonomously and the only thing that requires is access to OpenAI.

The extension is quite simple and easy to use. You need to initially click on its icon. After this, a pop-up window will open in front of you. Here you need to indicate what exactly you want to generate. After that, click on the “Generate Response” button, and then “Create response”. If your communication with ChatGPT Writer is not limited to one request, you can specify additional context in the top field of the window, which will be considered a continuation of the previous conversation.

Bing Chat for All Browsers

This is a development by Microsoft Corporation, powered by artificial intelligence ChatGPT 4. Initially, this application was developed to work with the Edge browser, but now it can be used when working with any other browsers based on Chromium.

Anyone who has a Microsoft account and access to ChatGPT can use this product. The thing is that before joining this plugin, you will need to go to the waiting list and register there. After this, after a certain period of time, the system will automatically add you to the chat. In some cases, the wait can last up to a week or even more, but, according to experts, it’s worth it.

This neural network is equipped with all the functionality of ChatGPT 5, but receives information in real time, and not from OpenAI, whose training was suspended in September 2021. Until today, Bing AI users can use 3 conversation modes:

  1. Creative. Here the answers received will be distinguished by originality and creativity. A creative approach and logical development of thoughts will be observed. But at the same time, the reliability of the information presented may be somewhat distorted.
  2. Accurate. In this case, the neural network provides the most concise answers to the questions posed along with links to sites that were used as a source of information. Everything here is clear and to the point, without fluff or creativity.
  3. Balanced. It is a cross between creative and precision mode. The answers here will be quite clear and meaningful. They will be more expanded than in the case of fine mode, but much clearer than in creative mode. This mode is enabled by default, but if necessary, you can deactivate it and change it to another.

Another functionality of the neural network Bing Chat for All Browsers – generating images based on text description. You will be able to create original and unique graphic content with minimal time and effort.


For those who love to read, Wiseone will be a real find. This plugin based on the ChatGPT neural network can be implemented directly into the browser window, which will allow you to recognize all possible types of text.

Among the functionality of the plugin we highlight:

  • Discover. It can be translated as learning new things. Working in this mode, the plugin will be able to automatically select terms and complex text components. As soon as you hover your cursor over them, a window will open with explanations and more detailed context.
  • Ask Anything. Literally translated it sounds like “ask anything.” Designed to allow users to ask clarifying questions about the material they read. You choose what kind of answer you want to receive. This could be a brief summary of the article itself or an online search for similar information, citing identified data sources.
  • Cross-checking. In this case we are talking about cross-validation. Artificial intelligence can check the reliability of a fact by comparing the same information with data from several sources and sending them similar queries. Such a solution is highlighted in the text with a dark blue line in the margin of the article. If you hover your cursor over it or click directly on the proposal itself, a pop-up window will appear with a selection of current articles on this topic.
  • Summarize. This function will allow you to summarize the material presented in a particular article and draw conclusions.
  • Suggestions. This function is translated as “Suggestions”. If you use it, you will receive a selection of topical articles from various sources, which will allow you to plunge as deeply as possible into a certain topic, get to know it in detail and draw an appropriate conclusion.

It is noteworthy that this neural network is capable of working in different languages. But you should know that the result will be given exclusively in English. In some cases, it will be necessary to use an online translator.

Merlin AI Chat GPT Chatbot

Another Open AI plugin that works in conjunction with the Chat GPT neural network. It can be used in conjunction with any browsers in relation to various Internet pages, including those that are not in the search engine, that is, those that have not been indexed. One of the most significant advantages of this plugin is that it supports a large number of languages, among which Russian is also present. In this case, the correctness of text display will be quite high.

With it, you can generate quick comments, create emails, posts for social networks, and make selections from long articles. Another functionality of this plugin — creating a summary of videos posted on video hosting YouTube. At the same time, there will be timestamps and a condensed description of the content of the video content. Thanks to this function, you can quickly find the part of the video that will be most interesting to you and watch it without wasting time on something that does not have educational value for you.

SciSpace Copilot

Another Chrome extension from ChatGPT, with which you can break down complex explanations into simple and easy-to-understand ones. This product will be an excellent option for those who study scientific literature. With its help, technical language will be simpler and more understandable. In addition, this plugin provides simple explanations of abbreviations, jargon, and clarifies the content of complex paragraphs. To use the explanation, simply highlight the relevant phrase or paragraph.

SciSpace Copilot's functionality extends beyond text to mathematics and tables from scientific literature, including research papers, reports, and technical texts. The user can ask additional questions and receive answers to them without switching between tabs.

Using SciSpace Copilot, you can:

  • use the preset questions or ask your own if you have additional questions or difficulties while studying the material;
  • Easily and quickly understand math PDF files: just highlight unfamiliar equations or tables and get detailed information on their content;
  • any of the articles can be saved in the extensions tab, which will allow you to return to this file later if the need arises.


This is a browser extension, using which you can ask ChatGPT questions using voice commands and receive the same voice answers. This plugin is based on speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies developed by Google Chrome. To use this plugin, you need to open the ChatGPT home page, find the audio playback window in the upper right corner and click on the start button. In the field that appears in the same upper right corner of the screen, you can turn the microphone on or off, remove the bot's voice, if you are interested in converting text to speech or if you just want to dictate questions. You can also skip the current message and go to a new one.

Today, this extension supports absolutely all voice recognition and text conversion languages that are available in the Google Chrome API. That is, these are all the basic languages that are used in the world. If you think that the bot will read too slowly, you can go to the settings and choose the optimal speed for yourself.

To summarize

As you can see, today the Talk-to-ChatGPT neural network is highly functional. Additional plugins expand its capabilities even further. This is something that can make the work of a modern person more efficient with minimal time and effort. All this technology will develop in the future, which means that now we need to think about the need to use artificial intelligence in our work. Yes, there are many not entirely clear-cut points here that require deeper familiarization and an integrated approach. Also, in some cases, improvement of services may be required.

Another point that needs to be taken into account before moving on to working with browser plugins from ChatGPT is the need to anonymize your actions. The fact is that all these extensions are currently not available to residents of Russia and a number of other countries. This situation can only be corrected by accessing services from locations where these prohibitions do not apply. And the best solution in this situation would be mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service.

Here you get a personal dedicated channel that you will use exclusively. No third parties will work with you at the same time. This increases the safety, efficiency, and reliability of interaction with the Internet. Among other distinctive features of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Access to a huge pool of IP addresses. You can change them using a timer, setting the optimal interval for yourself in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour, or forcefully using a link from your personal account every time the need arises.
  2. Huge selection of geolocations. Today, clients of the MobileProxy.Space service are provided with access to GEOs in more than 30 countries and hundreds of regions. This means that you can effectively bypass any regional restrictions, thereby ensuring maximum functionality, stability and ease of browsing the Internet without any restrictions. For greater convenience, you can change geolocation even in the workflow literally every 10 minutes.
  3. Simultaneous operation on HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols. Guaranteed network security is provided, protection against all kinds of hacker attacks and any other unauthorized access, as well as a completely anonymous connection.
  4. The ability to organize multi-threaded work, including using programs that automate actions on the network. This will allow you to simultaneously promote a large number of accounts on social networks and more.
  5. 24-hour technical support service. Specialists instantly respond to user requests, solving problems that arise in the work process.

Follow the link to learn more about the features and the functionality of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of a two-hour test completely free of charge to make sure that this is the best solution not only for using ChatGPT plugins, but also for organizing multifunctional work on the Internet in general.

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